Millennia TD-1

Twin Topology Tube/Solid-state Channel Strip with a Wide Variety of Inputs, Outputs, and Patented REAMP Technology
Millennia TD-1 image 1
Millennia TD-1 image 1
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Millennia TD-1
Special Order

Audiophile Quality in a Portable Unit!

Millennia introduces the TD-1Recording Channel. TD-1 is a compact yet sophisticated analog "channel strip" for microphones, electric guitars and basses, acoustic instrument transducers, keyboards, DAWs, and all MIDI systems. TD-1 "Twin Direct" includes Millennia's acclaimed HV-3 microphone preamplifier, making TD-1 an uncompromised front-end for virtually any audio recording application. Some have called TD-1 a Mini-Origin.

Millennia TD-1 At-a-Glance:
  • Tube or Solid-state
  • Patented REAMP Outputs and Speaker Soak Technology
  • Discrete Circutiry with Parametric EQ and Wide Variety of I/O
Tube or Solid-state

Audio engineers no longer need to chose between tube front-end or solid state front-end. TD-1's instrument input employs Twin Topology - Millennia's innovative merging of vacuum tube and solid state circuit topologies. TD-1 offers a high voltage 100% vacuum tube instrument amplifier -or- transparent 100% discrete F.E.T. solid state instrument amplifier in the same indestructable military-grade chassis. Both topologies can be switch selected and musically tuned via three selectable input impedances (470K/2M/10M). Up to 65dB of adjustable microphone and instrument gain is available via front-panel control.

Patented REAMP Outputs and Speaker Soak Technology

A simultaneous pair of patented REAMP outputs allow TD-1 to emulate both Les Paul and Strat pickups (Les Paul himself plays through a Millennia Origin). REAMP causes the guitar amplifier to think it's connected to a high impedance passive guitar pickup, instead of a very low impedance (and much too clean) active tape recorder or digital workstation output. Millennia's uncompromised DIT-01 mic-level DI output transformer (Frequency Response -3dB @ 3Hz & 300kHz) is also included. Recording directly from any guitar amplifier is now possible with Millennia's innovative Speaker Soak technology. Simply connect any parallel speaker output (300W max) and start recording the authentic character of your guitar amplifier output under true dynamic speaker loading. An audiophile-grade headphone output with separate level control is also provided for pre-auditioning.

Discrete Circutiry with Parametric EQ and Wide Variety of I/O

A fully sweepable NSEQ-style parametric equalizer (20Hz - 25kHz) provides an unlimited range of adjustable tonality. NSEQ is the same equalizer used by top mastering facilities around the globe. Ultra-transparent NSEQ bands are provided for high-resolution audio sculpting of instruments such as guitars, bass, and keyboards, or artistic and corrective work - adding "air" and "punch," removing "mud," and so forth ~ all with the smooth and artifact-free audio qualities for which NSEQ is well respected. Use as much or as little signal processing as you desire. TD-1's main signal path employs 100% discrete circuitry from input to output for critical sonic transparency and wide dynamic range. Switch in any number of additional processing features for enhanced utility and innovative functionality. Useful features such as polarity reversal (on all inputs), relay controlled -20dB auto-balanced PAD (on all inputs), three ground lift switches + isolations (power / input / output), logic-controlled switch mutes, and worldwide internal toroidal power supply (user selectable 100V - 240V) provide enhanced versatility. TD-1 has four available audio inputs including Line Input (XLR), HV-3 Mic Preamp Input (XLR), DI Instrument Input (1/4"), and Power Amplifier/Speaker Soak Input (1/4"). All inputs are followed by the NSEQ parametric equalizer. Numerous routing, output, and grounding options round out the TD-1, including nine simultaneous audio outputs and distribution points:

  • REAMP Stratocaster (filtered) Guitar Simulation (1/4" phone)
  • REAMP Les Paul (linear) Guitar Simulation (1/4" phone)
  • Balanced Line Level Output (XLR)
  • Unbalanced Line Level Output (XLR)
  • Balanced Mic Level Output (XLR transformer-coupled)
  • Balanced Line Level Output (1/4" phone)
  • Unbalanced Line Level Output (1/4" phone)
  • Headphone Output (1/4" phone with gain control)
  • Direct "pass-through" Output (1/4" phone)
Millennia TD-1 Preamp Features:
  • Hv-3 Discrete Hybrid Microphone & Instrument Preamplifier (+65dB Gain)
  • High Voltage 100% Vacuum Tube Instrument Input + Variable Impedance (470k To 10m)
  • 100% Discrete Solid-State Instrument Input + Variable Impedance (470k To 10m)
  • Class-A, 100% Discrete, Dc-Coupled Line Output Amplifier Stage (-105dB Noise)
  • Nseq-Style Fully Parametric Dual Band Equalizer (Full Sweep 20Hz - 25kHz)
  • Millennia Dit-01 Di Output Transformer (-3dB @ 3Hz & 300kHz)
  • Patented Reamp Les Paul & Stratocaster Guitar Simulation Outputs (2)
  • Speaker Soak Direct Guitar Amplifier Input Technology
  • Internal 50v & 200v High Voltage Audio Path Rails (Less Than .0005% Thd)
  • Audiophile-Grade 1/4" Headphone Output With Individual Level Control
  • Musically Rich Vintage Di Vacuum Tube Available
  • Input / Output / Power Ground-Lift Switches ~ Total Hum Elimination
  • Indestructable Steel Chassis With (Removable) Leather Carrying Handle
  • Effortless, Lifelike Musical Performance At All Dynamic Levels (+32dB Output)
  • Oversize Rubber Feet (Removable) ~ Takes Big Abuse On Stage & Studio Floor
  • Built-In Coupling Hardware For Td-1 Stereo Pair In 19" Rack
  • Worldwide Internal Toroid Power, Switchable 100 / 120 / 220 / 240 Vac
  • Gold Connectors, Gold Tube Sockets, 100,000,000 Cycle Gold Relays
  • Silver / Teflon Power Wiring, Neglex Oxygen-Free Audio Wiring
  • Componentry Sourced From The World's Finest Manufacturers
  • Glove Fitted, Padded Cordura Nylon Logo Gig Bag Available
  • Constructed For Vintage Longevity, Cosmetically Appealing
The Millennia TD-1 - Portable Audiophile Quality!

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Studio Preamp Buying Guide

Tech Specs

Preamp Type Tube/Solid State (DI), Solid State (Mic)
Number of Channels 1
Frequency Response 3Hz-200kHz
Phantom Power Yes
EQ Yes
Analog Inputs 1 x XLR (Mic), 1 x XLR (Line), 1 x 1/4" (Hi-Z)
Analog Outputs 3 x XLR, 2 x 1/4", 1 x 1/4" (Direct), 1 x 1/4 (Headphone)
Other I/O 2 x 1/4" (Reamp Out)
Height 3.5"
Depth 13"
Width 8.5"
Weight 20 lbs.
Manufacturer Part Number TD1

Customer Reviews

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Great Front-End for several applications

I have had the TD-1 in my studio for nearly two years. It sees a tremendous amount of use. I love it on many things, especially Bass DI. However, my main reason for this review is to dispel rumors that this is a tube mic pre. IT IS NOT. The Tube/F.E.T. switch is for the DI ONLY! The preamp is "A discrete solid state HV-3 microphone preamplifier". There is no tube preamp in this unit so don't buy it if you're looking for a tube preamp. The preamp it does have is one of the best clean preamps out there. It is solid but transparent. I use it for AG, Classical stuff, Jazz, etc. It is NOT a colored preamp and should not be thought of as such. This said, the TD-1 is an awesome unit and a virtual Swiss army knife for the studio. Everything it does, it does well. The EQs are great and can be wide and musical or surgical. The Speaker soak is great and has so many fun and functional uses. The reamp functionality is superb and useful. Its triple impedance instrument DI is almost always the choice of my clients for Bass DI. The multiple outputs are great for getting different and unique sounds. I can't say enough about it. For the price, it rules.
Music background: Commercial Studio Owner, Engineer, Producer, Composer

Killer acoustic bass sound

I've used this thing together with several different piezo pickups on my acoustic upright (jazz gigs), and I have never been so pleased in my 10 year quest to find the right sound. The 10meg input impedance (perfect for a piezo) gives an absolutely stunning sound in both tube and solid state modes. I have run it into the return jack on three different amps and it kicks their internal pres all out of the water!
Music background: Music educator, Recording Engineer, Pro Musician

Awesome Channel Strip!

This box came highly recommended and was an expensive buy, but considering what I've been doing with it, and what's it's doing for me, it's been a bargain. I'm heavily into EG recording, the TD-1 seems like it was made for guitars, though its been equally pristine with microphones on vocals and EG cabinets. I've used the REAMP feature more than anything and the speaker soak input gives very TRUE TONE. Whats blown me away is the sound of this box - probably the most open, big, real sounding audio product I've ever used, especially with basses, EGs and vocal mics. Good EQ too, doesn't sound like weird EQ, just makes things sound more real. I'm going to get another TD-1 to record in stereo. My new fave.
Music background: guitar, bass, vocal, programming, live band

TD-1 is great but may not be for everyone

This preamp is probably the highest quality piece of gear I've ever owned. I can appreciate Millennia-Media's careful engineering and creativity in this preamp. It's certainly the "Rolls Royce" of front end design. However - if you want something that just records straight without having to tweak and adjust to find tone then this is probably not for you. If you want color, this preamp will not do it for you. It's amazing at capturing true and clean recordings (with almost too much headroom) but lacks any coloring you would expect from a tube mic pre. This is expected as Millennia does not advertise it as a vintage warm mic pre. That being said - you can get color if you tweak your recordings during the mixing but I have to say I really hate doing that as it takes time and requires an intuitive ear. It doesn't always turn out the way I like it - which is louder and more vintage sounding. However I used an SM 58s on my acoustic guitar rather than an expensive condenser and found that to have the quality I liked. Unless you want to spend time fiddling with speaker soak and re-amping, I don't recommend it. If you are recording anything acoustic i.e. guitar, violins, piano, cello etc... then you will get great accuracy and clean sound. But also, you may find that there is so much headroom that if you played quiet often - your recordings will not be very loud at all. Overall - this preamp is so nice when capturing accuracy with virtually no noise. But If I had an outboard limiter to turn up the amplitude I would probably like it more. Just be careful and know what kind of sound you want before buying this - it's not gonna give you vintage straight out of the box. But thank Millennia anyway. This thing is bulletproof!
Music background: Composer
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