Graph Tech Tusq Bi-Angle 2.0mm Pick - Bright 4-Pack

4-pack of 2.0mm TUSQ Guitar Picks - Bi-angle Shape, Bright Tone
Graph Tech Tusq Bi-Angle 2.0mm Pick - Bright 4-Pack image 1
Graph Tech Tusq Bi-Angle 2.0mm Pick - Bright 4-Pack image 1
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Graph Tech Tusq Bi-Angle 2.0mm Pick - Bright 4-Pack
In Stock!

Tone Starts with Your Pick - Great Tone Starts with TUSQ Picks

Boasting an amazingly high stiffness-to-thickness ratio, TUSQ guitar picks coax a clean, articulate attack from your electric or acoustic guitar and have a smooth, balanced feel. And Graph Tech's three distinct pick formulas give you three different tones - bright, warm, or deep. Whichever shape you choose, you'll immediately notice enhanced detail and response from your amplifier when you play your guitar with a Graph Tech TUSQ guitar pick.

This is a 4-pack of 2.0mm Graph Tech TUSQ guitar picks. These are the bi-angle shape, formulated for bright tone.

Graph Tech TUSQ Guitar Picks Features:
  • 4-pack of TUSQ guitar picks
  • Bi-angle shape
  • "Bright" tone formula
  • Thickness: 2.0mm
  • High stiffness-to-thickness ratio, just like tortoise shell
  • Clean, articulate attack
Get an instant tonal upgrade from Graph Tech TUSQ guitar picks!

Tech Specs

Shape Bi-angle
Gauge 2.0mm
Material Tusq
Quantity 4
Manufacturer Part Number PQP-0402-W4

Customer Reviews

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Excellent pick that needs sanding to be perfect

Okay, I bought all three materials and all are great and unique. The picks need finishing and then they are equal to much more expensive picks. i beveled the edges like a Dunlop Primetone pick and he end result is excellent. They are not very good without some pimple preparation. You'll need some sandpaper, for sure. I really like the sound of all three. the Deep version is the mellowest. The 2.0mm thickness feels great and the logo adds a nice grip. They are better than the more expensive Primetone and are equivalent to Red Bear IMHO.

Outstanding pick, but...

I usually use a thick pick of this in this triangular shape. But when I opened the box, I saw that these are nearly twice the size of the ones I currently use. However, when I played with one I found that this is probably the best pick material I have ever used. These are extremely articulate and expressive in tone. The attack can be so dynamic, changing from digging in hard to very, very light. This seems to be due to the built-in lubrication that's part of the "Tusq" formula. The only other complaint I have other than the quite large size is the lack of finishing. I currently use a hand-finised pick, and with these, the edges are a little rougher than I would like.
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