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Taylor T5z Custom - Koa Shaded Edgeburst Reviews

5.0 stars based on 11 customer reviews
Questions about the Taylor T5z Custom - Koa Shaded Edgeburst?

Questions about the Taylor T5z Custom - Koa Shaded Edgeburst?

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  • from Alabama May 27, 2017

    Amazing Guitar

    I ordered my T5z Wednesday morning and it was delivered at 2:15 Friday afternoon!!!!
    I love that I could choose the exact guitar I wanted....Thanks Sweetwater!!! I own 4 Martins, a vintage Gibson and a Yamaha silent guitar. This is my first Taylor and it's gorgeous! Honestly the pictures did not do it justice and as beautiful as it is, it sound even better than it looks! Very versatile and it will
    be a pleasure to explore all the possibilities! A special THANK YOU to Matt Kreager for making my purchase quick and easy!!!

  • from Los Angleles April 5, 2017Music Background:
    50 years of playing.

    Fantastic Guitar

    It's not like I don't already own 10 guitars, including several $5000 Martins and a few Fender electrics etc.
    This is just wonderful to play, and I like using the Fishman amp. Everything about it is great.

  • from September 9, 2015

    Taylor T5z Custom Koa

    The Taylor T5z Custom Koa sounds as beautiful as it looks. And Sweetwater is the best online place to order. Such quick and wonderful service, you need to give them a try!

  • from Philadelphia, Pa March 7, 2015Music Background:
    Hobbyist, occasional gig here and there

    The most versatile guitar I own - after almost 50 years of playing

    When you combine versatility and Taylor quality, the only result could be excellence. This is now my prize guitar. Beautiful Koa top, light weight, smooth neck, and tremendous electronics combine to provide the most versatile sounds I have ever gotten from a single guitar - and I have owned 40+ guitars in my lifetime.

    No buyer's remorse here. My only regret is not getting this gem sooner.

  • from Hudson, FL July 29, 2014Music Background:

    T5z Custom - Could be My Last Guitar

    This guitar is beautiful! The workmanship is flawless. I love the way Sweetwater allows you to pick the actual guitar that you purchase from the photo gallery. I fell in love with the T5z at a Taylor Roadshow in Clearwater, FL and ordered this one a few days later. The variety of tones available from this guitar make it so versatile. If I could have only one guitar it would be the T5z.

  • from Reston, VA July 13, 2014Music Background:
    Hobbyist, Home Recording

    Very Expensive, But Worth Every Penny!

    I've only had my Taylor T5z Custom Koa for 24 hours, but am already blown away by it. I've been wanting one ever since they came out and demoed several of them at my local guitar stores. Taylor indicates that the T5z is a "hybrid" guitar that will give you both acoustic guitar and electric guitar tones, which is absolutely true. I've owned many guitars over the years, but this one is by far the most versatile and best quality instrument I've ever owned. I could go on for days about the amazing tones I get from the five-way tone switch, but I'll just say that I can cover just about any style of music with this guitar. The overall craftsmanship of the guitar is of the highest quality, and is practically a work of art. The Koa top is absolutely beautiful, and I look forward to hearing how the guitar sounds as the wood begins to open up over time. This is a very expensive guitar, but is well worth the investment. A special thanks to Mark Magdich and the rest of the folks at Sweetwater for providing me with such great customer service -- as usual!

  • from Florida July 8, 2014Music Background:
    45 yrs playing and gigs. Previous experience with Les Pauls, Strats, ES-150, ES-175

    T5z Experience

    Absolutely love it. When I play gigs now I don't need to bring an acoustic and my Strat. I just bring this guitar...it does it all. I tend to play pure and clean tones. This has the best sound since I played ES-335's and ES-175's in the 1970's. If you are looking for a sweet sounding guitar this is it. Also it fits me better that most guitars. The neck is very comfortable. I have worn my T5z for 4-hour gigs and my shoulder feels great.

  • from San Angelo,Texas June 24, 2014Music Background:
    a humble student


    Best purchase yet its awesome Impressive sound ease of play and a work of Art my first Taylor but wont be my last. The service at Sweetwater can't be beat, they are dedicated to customer service.

  • from Covington, LA June 24, 2014Music Background:

    Perfect for my needs!

    I play primarily acoustic at home with the family. I have three young children and I have to be sensitive to volume--especially late at night.

    I also wanted something that had a little more of an electric feel. I had played various models of the T5 in the past and I believed it was a good crossover for me. However, after trying a few, if I closed my eyes, it still FELT like I was playing a Taylor acoustic guitar--not a bad thing, mind you. It's just that I wanted something with a different feel.

    Enter the T5z. 12" fretboard radius, jumbo frets, smaller (LP-like) body... the first time I played one, I knew I would own one. I was already sold on the idea of the T5, but slanting the style more towards an electric feel--It was exactly what I was looking for.

    I made a great deal with Brent (here @ Sweetwater) on a Custom Koa and I couldn't be happier. Playing it unplugged is great! Has a full acoustic sound, not as boomy of course, but still warm and balanced. However, I can play it late into the night without bothering anyone because it's not loud--it's just loud enough.

    Plugged in is where it really shines though. This thing can run the gamut from solo acoustic work, to lead runs with overdrive, to jazzy chords--you name it! Even Taylor reps will tell you that the T5z will not replace the Strat or a Les Paul, but if you're looking for something with some serious versatility that will allow you to cover a ton of styles with one guitar, give this one a hard look.

    I absolutely love playing it. I love the way it looks (my Koa is highly figured). I even love the way it smells. If you're like me and you're on the fence about making a full blown dive into an electric rig because you mostly play acoustic... the T5z might be for you.

    Plus, it's a Taylor. The design, the electronics, the easy-playing neck, the quality hard-shell case... it's what you expect from Taylor.

  • from Cedartown, Georgia, USA March 26, 2014Music Background:
    Church and another band just for fun.

    It's a keeper!

    Just received my T5z custom Koa. Beautiful wood grain, plays and sounds great. The neck has a really good feel to it and I really like the new smaller size of the body. I also own a T5 standard and the t5z has a little crisper tone than the T5 standard. T5z custom - looks and sounds great. Get it, you will not be disappointed. HAPPY, HAPPY HAPPY!

  • from Holden Beach, NC November 21, 2016

    Love the guitar but....

    The koa T5zvis my 4th Taylor! I absolutely love this guitars feel and sound but.......I can't believe that the good folks at Taylor defiled these guitars with stickers on the top and side. I've had the guitar for almost a month and am yet to find something to remove the adhesive residue without ruining the finish on my beautiful guitar.

Questions about the Taylor T5z Custom - Koa Shaded Edgeburst?

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