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Bugera T5 Infinium 5-watt Class-A Tube Head Reviews

4.5 stars based on 11 customer reviews
Questions about the Bugera T5 Infinium 5-watt Class-A Tube Head?

Questions about the Bugera T5 Infinium 5-watt Class-A Tube Head?

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  • from Tx February 16, 2017Music Background:
    Intermediate Guitarrist

    Bugera T5 for keeps

    Welll skeptical about buying it I still pull the trigger on this one. When it arrived I was blown away by how it sounds. Great cleans, good headroom. And when fat switch is on, wow!!! This one is a keeper. I didn't try it with a band but this little one is loud. Used a 1x12 than tried a 1x8 cab, still sounded good. Great service from sweetwater as always. I would defenetly encourage friends to buy one.

  • from connecticut February 2, 2017

    Got to have one.

    I bought 2 and used them as mono blocks with original Nos Genelex el84's for a stereo. I have thousands in stereo tube amps. These are super sounding amps. They sound as good as any of my thousand dollar Stereo amps. Running a long black plate Rca 12ax7 in each of them. Super amp and they will make my Nos Genelex last 10 times longer.

  • from LA June 8, 2016

    Yeah buddy

    I love this little head. I bought it because I wanted to get tube tone in a small package (and affordable price) so I could practice at home without upsetting everyone around me haha. My other amp is a Super Reverb, so I needed something smaller. This amp has met my needs so far. At home a play through a small orange 1x8 cab. Perfect for practice and gets pretty loud when cranked. However, plug into a larger cabinet and YEAH BUDDY. This amp does it.

    I took it to a rehearsal and plugged into a cabinet that I think had 4x8?!?! Never seen one in the 15 years I've been playing but none the less it sounded good! Loud enough to be heard over the drummer, however this was a reggae band lol BUT it was loud enough with clean headroom, so if you plug it into a 4x12 and turn it up all the way, I think you would be heard. Not as loud as we as guitarist would like perhaps but from an engineer standpoint you'd sit comfortably in the mix.

    Long story short- great amp. Nice cleans, nice when cranked, good sounding reverb, and looks awesome! It's lovely to have for practice and you can use it for rehearsal/gigs with the proper cabinet/mic setup.

  • from Not yet retired in Florida February 6, 2016Music Background:
    Playing since I heard the Everly Bros.

    Awesome Toaster

    Sweetwater - Brilliant customer service and provide me with this outstanding little amp for just under $200. If you have read the reviews on the V5 and the other review on this T5 you've got a really good frame of reference the amp. I am running through two 12's and the tones are awesome. I get the Tele cleans and the Les Paul crunch, and even nice jazz and blues - did I say awesome. There is actually a great reverb included (hard to find on these small amps). Fun, fun, fun. I do really like what comes through head phones as well. Bugera didn't even find it necessary to hide the circuity in epoxy.

  • from January 8, 2016Music Background:
    Been playing and recording for 15 years.

    Amazing Bedroom/Recording Amp!

    This amp is phenomenal! It gives you amazing cleans, somewhere between Vox and Fender style cleans which I kind of dig. It gets decently loud, not loud enough for a drummer but loud enough to annoy roommates. The phat switch is the best. It seems to bypass the tone controls, and it's much louder! The tone controls sound fine, but with the way I run my stuff I just keep the phat switch on all the time.

    One thing that might be disappointing to some people is how much headroom this amp has. For a little 5w amp, I can't believe it has this much headroom! I love it! I run my pedalboard into it, and I can get loud enough to enjoy it before it starts breaking up! Which I've always had trouble with when it comes to low-watt tube amps. People who rely solely on their amp for their dirt might be disappointed, but I have no idea. I run five dirt pedals with at least two on all the time. So, I don't need amp dirt to keep me going. One thing I will say is that it's almost impossible to get that super-saturated, blown out tube sound with this. I've cranked everything on it; and yeah, it gets a little dirty but you're not going to playing any stoner metal with this on its own. I might change out the tubes and see how that changes things.

    The reverb sounds really good too! It's a lot more spacious than I'd expect, it's not an emulation of spring reverb at all. But if it's an emulation anyway, why stick with an emulation of spring anyway? I'd say this sounds like a really deep hallway, and I really like it.

    The headphone out's pretty nice. It's very articulate, but really sounds a lot more like a direct output. I mean, I don't really sense any cab emulation when I use it. As much as you can "sense" something like that.

    If you want something to get you some sweet-sounding tube tone at studio/bedroom volumes this'll get you there and it'll sound great!

  • from NEW ENGLAND USA December 15, 2016


    I am not a "tube snob". However, I do recognize the advantage of at least a few tubes in an amp. I do not just mean a "hybrid" amp. Hybrids only have a tube in the pre-amp section. A true tube amp must have a pre-amp tube and a power tube. The T5 Infinium DOES. I only own three guitars: 1)a 1999 Godin Grand Concert Multiac SA (which is an acoustic-electric nylon string guitar); 2) a recent Gibson SG Special and
    3)a cool Vintage Modified Squier 51 with an added ROLLING B-BENDER. I don't need anymore than those and having more only makes me indecisive for which one to play (LOL). The Gibson and the Fender SING thru this amp. It is a very quiet amp for the most part. Simple to operate and not difficult to get a singing, thick sound on either guitar. I teamed it up with a Peavy 6505 Piranha speaker with an Eminence driver and I am more than satisfied. Small footprint/easy to carry/quick to set up (I only use a delay pedal at times). This is loud even with a "Ringo" style drummer playing along. My band (vocals/elec. gtr./elec. bass/keyboards) does not require a Neil Peart or Ginger Baker. Most of the times we play coffee houses and drums are not utilized. As long as this amp holds up I will not need to buy "up". I am satisfied with this little gem.

  • from MO October 24, 2016

    It's a winner

    The Bugera T5 Infinium is a great practice amp. Exactly what I needed and sounds great from very clean to fat to nasty.

  • from Victoria, BC September 13, 2016

    Very Nice

    Sweetwater is the best! I have never had service from a vendor as complete and professional as I have from Sweetwater. Then to top it off, the Bugera T5 Infinium is amazing. Tone and control to die for and when combined with pedals...perfection! I have been running the T5 at one watt and can't get over the performance. I tried several guitars on the T5 and each one seemed to blossom.

    Many thanks Sweetwater! You all are the best.

  • from May 4, 2017

    Hits the mark

    The amp has a great, warm tone and has all of those tonal characteristics that you want in a tube amp. I really like the switch on the back that lets me pick between low, medium(1W) and full (5W) power. A really good practice or studio amp in a small package price.

  • from April 19, 2017Music Background:
    Lifetime player

    Awesome little amp

    This little amp rocks for the price. The circuit is nice and quiet, the tone is really great. The amp is surprisingly touch sensitive. Using it straight up it has a nice organic sound. Excellent for blues, jazz, rock ... can easily cover clean punchy BB King to growling ZZ Top. No problem digging in and finding the over tones and harmonics. So much better than some other small heads I've tried named after fruit. Not giving a "5" because the tone controls could be more effective.

    Sure you could spend $1k more and get a better amp but at $ these little beauties should fly out the door.

  • from March 9, 2017Music Background:
    Part time professional musician / home studio owner

    Sweet Litte Amp!

    I was looking for a micro head to pair with a custom 10" speaker cabinet that I built. This head made a perfectly sized "micro half stack" with my cab! I used this on a full band gig mic'd thru the house PA on the 1 watt setting and it sounded great coming back to me thru in ear monitors!

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