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Taylor T5 Classic Reviews

5.0 stars based on 16 customer reviews
  • from IN March 3, 2013Music Background:
    Pro, Recording, Solo

    Simply Great

    I've had this guitar for three days and have not been able to put it down. The tone, the options, the quality... it's all there. It is extremely easy to play, made in America and it's a Taylor. I run it through my Fender tube amp and it sounds great and very different on every setting. The sound without an amp is what you'd expect from a hollowbody, very full and clear. This is a great guitar.

  • from San Mateo, CA January 25, 2013Music Background:
    Praise Team band

    sweetest guitar I've ever played

    Have been playing guitar since I was a kid, but not an expert by any means....just love music and guitars. This is the sweetest feeling and sounding guitar I have ever laid hands on. And thanks for the hi-res pictures! I brag to my guitar-loving friends about it. And it was delivered flat-out in a couple days, just in time for our holiday gig. Definitely a keeper!

  • from Gering, Nebraska January 7, 2013Music Background:

    Still Lovin it!

    This is an update to what I had written almost a year ago on the T5.

    Yes, I am still amazed with this little gem. I’ve gone strictly with using extra-light acoustic strings on this guitar (without adding the expensive “acoustic bridge” that Bob Taylor advises to use) I must have gotten a great model… because I have no intonation problems whatsoever. I have upgraded my pedal-board to mostly TC Electronic products and the sounds are amazing. I gig with this as my primary guitar, without even loading my Martin D41 or my Taylor 814CE… or even any of my electrics for that matter. Don’t need them. Oh, and another thing… I did order the hard-shell case (yes, I spent the extra money) but it only makes sense if you’re gigging and hauling things.

    Get this… every time I play this guitar, and I mean “every time” I get tons of compliments on how it sounds… and also how it looks. The Ovangkol Top is so beautiful that everyone comments about it. So, I don’t miss the koa model one bit. Again, I perform with it at least three weekends a month and it has held up really well, both outside (summer gigs) as well as indoor.

    Only once did I have a buzzing sound, so I new exactly what it was... I took the back plate off and gently pulled the wire that leads to the cable jack, it was simply touching the face of the guitar and would vibrate with certain pitches. totally fixed it!

    Listen... Run with it… you won’t be disappointed… understand… It's not my Martin D41 (amazing earthy sound), or my Taylor 814CE (clear, unmatched acoustic sound)... it's just fun to play...

  • from Huntsville, AL December 24, 2012Music Background:
    Past worship leader, composer/songwriter

    Taylor T5 Classic ... beautiful and flexible

    What a versatile and beautiful instrument! As all the reviews say, the T5 covers a lot of tones/genres in one easy to handle guitar. This is the largest body guitar I've owned, but due to the thin frame it handles as nice as a light-weight acoustic. I also have a Taylor GS Mini Mahogany, and together with the T5, all styles of playing are covered. The T5 interfaces so well with my DAW and recording setup. I run it thru Guitar Rig 5 for varying the electric tones, and thru Presonus's 44VSL for clean/acoustic sound. I've not gigged with it yet. My one tiny nit about the T5 is that there no way to turn it off without removing patchcords, an on/off switch would come in handy and save batteies as it will drain the 9v's if you forget to pull the cords out. Other than that, this instrument will give hours and hours of playing and fun... love it! A shout out to Chris who's always helped me with my gear needs!

  • from Northern Nevada May 1, 2012Music Background:
    just starting out

    Taylor T5x

    I knew from reading reviews about this guitar that it was what I was looking for, but not having held or played one I didn't really know what to expect. In all truth,"I am blown away with it". I would have loved to have bought the Koa, but at the reduced price of about 50% I could not resist.

    Thanks again Andy

  • from Gering, NE March 19, 2012Music Background:
    40+ yrs playing, Pro Musician, Worship Leader, Music Educator

    Love this T5X... NOW! Love Sweetwater too...

    I purchased my Taylor T5X a month ago from Sweetwater... (btw, they were awesome... thanks guys) and have gigged with it (4 hour gigs… straight playing) twice. I’m in a band that has a playlist of about 185 songs… everything from James Taylor, Billy Joel, Eric Clapton, to the Eagles… all the old time rock and roll stuff… actually, anything from soup to nuts. We gig at smaller venues like coffee houses all the way to large (2000+) street dances. For gear, I use a tube screamer, digital delay, chorus box… and a bit of reverb. Run it through a LR Baggs para DI… PA and Electric Vypyr Peavey amp. Btw…The PA helps bring out the acoustic highs.

    When I ordered the T5… I wanted something that would play both electric and acoustic guitar sounds with an occasional lead thrown in for added spice. THE PROBLEM was with the 3rd string…would flat out... not stay in tune for me… at my second gig… I got so frustrated right before the gig that I tore off the Elixir G String… and through on a .026 gage Slinky electric…I know... its too large but this was 10 minutes before we went on and I didn’t have time to play around with a (plain) 3rd string… with the stretching and tuning it up. So, that night the heavy gage 3rd string got me through.

    BUT, here’s your answer… (Bob Taylor)… D’Addario EXL 110W (wound 3rd string) or the EXL 115W. Before using these strings (with the wound 3rd) I was so disappointed with the T5 that I was considering sending it back. I mean, you're only great if your guitar's in tune, right? But, after trying these strings… I have literally fallen in love with the little gem of a guitar. Btw, you can still bend the 3rd string… for your best Johnny B. Goode leads…and the like. So, don’t waste your time trying to keep the plain 3rd string in tune… and also, it would (on occasion) sound so tinny and thin. But with the wound 3rd, it sounds more natural and the T5’s pickups represent the natural tone of the string while playing both chords and leads.

    Love this guitar… thanks to the wound 3rd string. Next, I might try Elixir Extra Lights (.010 - .046) I’m interested what acoustic strings might sound like… yes... I know Bob Taylor thinks I need a different saddle for the acoustic strings... but we'll just have to see now... won't we.

  • from New London, CT February 27, 2012Music Background:

    Taylor T-5

    Taylor knocked it out of the park with this one. You get the best of both worlds, acoustic and electric. It does it all. Very comfortable neck which makes it very comfortable to play.
    The only down side is it comes with a soft case. A guitar of this quality and top dollar should come with a hard case...certainly not a deal breaker though.

  • from Illinois, USA December 28, 2011Music Background:

    T5 Classic is a Classic

    I have played both acoustic and electric for thirty years. I have long searched for an instrument that bridged the gap between the two and it's here. The T5 electronics give you so much versatility that it's impossible to cover all the ground in a month. The acoustic sound of position one just comes to life through an acoustic amp. It has a big and vibrant sound that just pours out of the amp, sounding like a real acoustic guitar not the piezo sound we have become so familiar with. Position two covers much of the single coil tones that you could ever want, yet retaining a personality of it's own. Position three covers any kind of rear humbucking sound that you could ever want. In fact, adjusting the controls you can dial in about any bridge sound that you want. The remaining two positions are very nice variations of humbucking sounds that can approximate any humbucking sound you can imagine, while retaining it's own personality. The controls are in the perfect place. You can adjust them on the fly with your thumb and never miss a beat while you are playing away. The controls also offer a tremendous amount of control. When you add bass or treble it doesn't just muffle or clear up but changes the overall tone making it thicker or thinner. I have found that you can dial in about any sound that you might like, acoustic or electric.

    From a build standpoint, this guitar is masterful. Everything is perfect. The frets are perfectly fitted and dressed, inlays are perfect,
    and the woods are perfectly finished in a wonderful feeling and looking satin finish. The neck feels perfect in the hand. The acoustic sound is lively and loud enough to practice acoustically without compromise.

    Overall, this guitar has become my go to guitar. It is an instant classic for anyone who wants to play both acoustic and electric sounds from one guitar.

  • from Florida November 16, 2011Music Background:

    Taylor T-5

    I had 2 acoutic/electric guitars before I bought the T-5. I bought the T-5 because I wanted to go electric, but still have that acoutic option. The T-5 fits the bill to perfection. It is much more than just an acoutic/electric. I bought a Fender Mustang III to go along with the T-5 and what sounds I get. The T-5 sounds like a full electric guitar (it rocks), but when I play it with an acoutic amp (I have a Fischman Loudbox) it sounds like an acoutic guitar. I truly have the best of both worlds with the T-5 & am more than just happy with this guitar, I'm blown away. IT IS ABSOLUTLEY FANTASTIC AND LOOKS GREAT TO BOOT. I'm so glad I bought it.

  • from Greenville, OH January 8, 2011Music Background:
    Worship Leader, Guitar Player

    Taylor T5 Classic = A+

    I have owned my T5 classic for almost 4 months, and it seems I cannot put it down. I purchased it at a Road Show after hearing the Taylor Representatives put another T5 through all of it's paces. As I spoke with the one rep, he mentioned that the dealer had a classic in stock, and I spent 45 minutes playing (falling in love with) the guitar. He told me that this is the T5 he looks for when he goes to dealers to play. It's understated looks with the black binding and satin finish, make it blend in, but also stand out, and the electronics are fantastic. I play weekly on a worship team at church, and my T5 classic has replaced my 614ce as my go to guitar. Being able to go from warm acoustic tones, to snappy Gretsch-type rhythms, to Strat/LP bridge lead tones with the flick of a switch is priceless! This guitar is the most harmonically rich one that I own! You can't go wrong with the T5. It is several hundred dollars less than the nearest Standard model, and personally I love the Ovankol top! As Dave mentioned in the previous review, it would have been nice to have a hardshell case included. I called Taylor Customer Service though, and they set me up with scratch and dent case, which was actually brand new, for a fraction of the new cost. All in all, this is an incredible value for a Taylor, and it is an amazingly versatile guitar! I highly recommend checking this one out if you are in the market for a T5!

  • from Oklahoma March 2, 2010Music Background:
    Pro Musician

    Taylor T5 Classic

    I mainly play electric guitar, always have, always will. I needed a guitar that could get good amped acoustic sounds and jazz tones that would be easy to play. This does all of thee above and then some. Great acoustic tones, great jazz tones, it even gets good electric sounds. I originally tried the higher end T5's and the T5 Standard. This model attracted me because of the lower cost. In My opinion this model sounds better than the standard, even unplugged. It feels great, great neck and light weight. Impeccable quality and craftsmanship. I love this guitar. A real case would've been nice though.

  • from Gering, Nebraska December 12, 2013Music Background:
    Pro Musician, Music Educator, Worship Leader

    Third Review for the T5

    This is my second follow-up on the T5. I have found what works best for me is using Super Light Acoustic strings. Yes, I burn through the wound 3rd string pretty rapidly if I’m bending it a lot with lead playing. I keep extra 20 gauge wound 3rd stings in the case… so I don’t have to change them all every time the third needs changed.
    One thing that I might try is putting a “under-saddle” pickup in the T5 so that it will bring more acoustic tone in the 5th and 6th strings. When I’m digging out bass runs, with the T5 on the first setting… the most acoustic… it comes out quietly… not as clear and loud as a normal acoustic with the use of acoustic strings. I find that while jamming in a band setting, I usually keep it on position one… so that the clarity can cut through the mix… kind of like using a tele.
    I absolutely love the feel of the guitar and the short scale neck. I literally gig with it for 4 to 5 hours straight with little breaks. Every so often I will cramp up in my left hand… those of us that are more “seasoned” players (40 yrs. plus) know of the cramping problems that come with long gigs. The T5 has come to really help in this. I play primarily 814CE Taylor for electronic acoustic gigs only … and when playing JUST acoustic gigs… I’ll play my Martin D41… I love the sounds of a Strat too… but for setting and gigging for hours and hours… it’s just too easy to pick between the 5 pick-up selections on the T5. I run one signal through my PA… driven with two Mackie 18” subs… four JBL 15’s and horns… with four JBL12” monitors. I have a pedal board with the OCD overdrive, Flashback Delay, Hall of Fame Reverb, Corona Chorus. Jam Man Looper, Digitech Vocalize 3... and an Eterna (Mr. Black). With a bit of compression through the board… the ultimate sounds the T5 generates is respectable. I also run it all through LR Baggs Para Acoustic DI.
    Still, with all of this… I’m gonna try an under-saddle pick-up… probably a Fishman… I have the “Blended Fishman” in my older Taylor 814CE and I actually like more than Bob Taylor’s Expression System. I miss the clarity and crisp sounds from the bass strings. Anyway, I’ll let you know how it works later..
    Thus the 4.5 stars... not enough tone with Extra-Light acoustic strings in the 5th and 6th strings... actually miss the piezo pickup here.

  • from SLC April 3, 2013Music Background:

    Musical Honey

    Excellent fit and finish, great action, sweet sound. A bit overpriced, but what isn't. Not a big Taylor guy, but this guitar is right for me.
    Got a good deal and great service through Sweetwater, maybe the best company on the planet, and Kal is the best sales rep. Thanks for a great buying experience.

  • from August 29, 2012

    Great Guitar

    I love my T5 Classic. I have coveted the T5 ever since Taylor introduced it. Finally came up with the cash and bought it. These tone woods sound wonderfull and I really like the matt finish. The finish of the neck is so snoothe your hand just glides effortlessly wherever you want it to go. The action is outstanding. I can't say enough about the great feel of the neck.
    Plus, it's gorgeous to look at.
    I also own a Taylor 514 which I love. But this is a whole other animal.

  • from Jonesboro, AR USA August 14, 2012Music Background:
    Hobbyist used to be pro musician

    Ovankol T5

    I've had my Taylor Ovankol T5 for 5 years now. It's very easy to play and it's very light. The sound is good and the best part is the cost was very good (got mine at a roadshow where Bob signed it for $1200.00). It looks just like the one on the right. If I go to a family reunion I take this onw for the electric.

  • from Alabama March 31, 2013Music Background:
    Pro Musician

    Great guitar for its niche

    I've had this guitar for 2 weeks now and have gigged with it 5 times. I was looking for a solution to not have to bring an acoustic and an electric to every gig, and to not have to switch between them. So now I use the T5 with an A/B switch going to Marshall AS50R w/ my mic, DI'd out to PA system, and B-switch to Fender 100W 212 for when I want to use overdrive (be careful, as the high output from this guitar can murder an acoustic amp - I blew the tweeter in my Marshall on it's first use with Blues Driver pedal - forgot to hit pedal from "A" to "B"! Doh!) OK, here goes...it's not a great acoustic sound, and it won't replace your acoustic (nor is it designed to), and it's not a spectacular electric guitar, as I still much prefer my SG. That being said, this is an incredible guitar nonetheless. I play to make money. I am not a "tone junkie" who will cart around every heavy tube amp and effect pedal known to man just so I can nail that one sound in that one solo. Let's be real here. The T5 has a decent acoustic sound, and I'm sure with different equipment, I could probably improve it even more, but it suits me just fine on position 1 sent thru my Marshall. On the electric side, it does its job well, with just a little motivation from a Blues Driver and Carbon Copy delay (I don't play metal, but why would you with this guitar???)- can't comment on sound with heavy distortion. It's probably the nicest all-around guitar for ease-of-playing that I've ever played (in 20+ years of doing this). Here's my bottom line: play Bluegrass/Folk? Stick with your acoustic. Like to shred? You're probably better off with a solidbody with humbuckers. Need to do a little bit of everything in between with one great-sounding, sweet-as-honey to play guitar. This is your guitar right here.

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