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Bugera T50 Infinium 50-watt 2-channel Class-A Tube Head Reviews

4.5 stars based on 41 customer reviews
Questions about the Bugera T50 Infinium 50-watt 2-channel Class-A Tube Head?

Questions about the Bugera T50 Infinium 50-watt 2-channel Class-A Tube Head?

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  • from Michigan May 13, 2017

    Great amp and great price

    I have had this amp for awhile now,I just switched the tubes to 6l6's because that's what I'm used to playing through and it's just what I wanted. Very nice amp.

  • from Las Vegas April 16, 2017Music Background:
    Former Professional, still gig occasionally

    Great Amp at a Great Price

    Just got this a week ago and I'm loving the amp. Back in the day I played an Ampeg V4, a Marshall 50 watt and a Peavey Classic 30. I tried various modeling amps to try and relive those sounds with no success. From the first note out of the T50 I knew I had found the sound I was looking for. Playing a Les Paul Traditional, an American Standaed Strat and a Road Worn Telecaster. The clean channel is great and unlike solid state amps it has a roundness and body that solid state can't achieve. Crank it up and you get that sweet start of break up. The gain channel takes me right back to standing in front of my cranked V4 with that great midrange 70's crunch I love. I got the 1x12 speaker cab and it is great too. I have a Celestion Greenback laying around and thought maybe I would swap it out with the Turbosound, but after playing it, I'm leaving it stock. Looking forward to trying out different power tubes for even more sounds. I know Bugera gets a bad rap for past QC problems but this thing is built like a tank and time will tell, but I'm looking forward to a long relationship with this amp. I looked all over for a used one, but no one seems to be selling and I can understand why...sweet amp at a sweet price. If you're on the fence on this one go ahead and pull the trigger, you won't regret it.

  • from Las Vegas February 12, 2017


    I got this amp head in may of last year and I love the clean channel and how good it sounds the dirty channel was ok until yesterday then I swapped out the stock el34 tubes with tung-sol 6l6 tubes and wow what a difference it made this thing sounds great on the dirty channel now for the price you can't go wrong with it

  • from Cameron Park, CA January 30, 2017Music Background:
    A performing musician since the '80s

    Exactly what I wanted

    I love the look and sound of this amp! I am using with a 1x12 Bugera cabinet with the stock TS speaker in a stereo rig with a Bugera V22 1x12 combo on the other channel. Adding this amp with the beautiful clean tones it produces is providing exactly the tonal balance I wanted out of my rig. I am running both amps on the clean channels, but I have the V22 clean preamp cranked up pretty high with the T50 gain relatively low - using the bright channel on the V22 with a little hi-cut on the T50. Together, I get a complex and warm, yet surprisingly detailed clean tone. Driven with a JHS AT for rock, I'm struck by the richness of the tone. A tube screamer sounds amazing pushing the rig, as well.

    Currently, I'm using this rig in small clubs with all components stacked such that I take up as little space as possible. This is optimal for full creative control of feedback, and I'm having a blast with that. However, the stacked configuration creates significant on/off axis coloration of the tone from the perspective of the audience. I am really looking forward to festival season when I'll be able to spread these out well behind me and create a wider sound... I'm especially looking forward to hearing how it reacts when using stereo effects on a big stage.

    The bottom line is that I can't imagine getting a better amp for the price. I'm 100% satisfied.

  • from January 29, 2017

    Diamond in the Rough?

    I'm a steel player. Using this on the clean channel mainly. I've been playing for 40 years. I've had many amps, Webb, Fender, Peavey, class D, etc.... some pedal steel specific, some not. I've only had this out for 4-5 full night gigs, so I cannot address reliability. It sounds beautiful, driving an Emminence 15 inch Neo steel guitar speaker, 4ohm. I initially used it with the supplied EL34 power tubes. I swapped them out for 6L6's and gained more air, clarity and headroom top to bottom. Left the original small tubes in. My signal goes through a Keeley compressor, Hilton volume pedal and TC electronics reverb. This amp has a nice reverb built in, but it's not really deep enough for steel. I've had two other steel players come in just to hear it, and they both really loved it. It's very musical and sweet sounding. For $.... It's just ridiculous how nice it is. Build quality seems generally fine. Looks great on stage too. I run it in the AB mode, more body.

    A couple of small issues for Bugera to deal with. If you are going to do much tube swapping, the screws holding the chrome cage on the amp body are really tiny, all ten of em. The threads are very very fine, and striping them could be easily done, I had to be careful. I gently bent the cage inward to not put out pressure on them in order to get them back in. This would be an easy fix and make it so much more user friendly, larger screws, more durable threads. Secondly, the on off,standyby switches are vulnerable sticking out far on front right corner and seem kind of funky. Mine punched two holes through the inner packing box into the outer shipping box layer in transit. Mini toggles would be less vulnerable and much more solid.

    These aside, the amp is a diamond in the rough. I would think jazz guitars would love this thing. I thought for this price it would be an interesting experiment. For it to sound this good, at this price...is really quite amazing. If it is reliable, it will be one of the best steel sounds I've had. And I've had many. I've not addressed the lead channel and the overdriven qualities, I'm not qualified. But for what I am using it for, it's excellent. The ability to swap power tubes without biasing is really nice. And.....$! From Sweetwater. Great service.

  • from CA December 12, 2016

    Bugera T50 Infinium

    This Amp has Great Tone, I changed the tubes in it to JJ and the sound really came alive! The overdrive channel sucks as far as I am concerned but I use the Clean Channel And Run Pedals! It Takes Pedal Really well! The Clean channel is very Good And this amp has a real good Tube sound! The Amp Comes With EL34s and sound good out of the box but changing to different tubes really help the sound! I am going to put some 6L6s tubes in it to warm it up more ! It Is All Preference But This Amp Performs! I Bought This Amp As A Backup To My Ceriatone JTM 45 but play I have no problem leaving the JTM 45 at home! If You Like Tube Amps You Should Check Out Bugera Amps! There Built Well And Worth Every Penny! Don't Go By Reviews , Try It For Yourself, You Will Be Surpriced! I am a pro player of 35 years full time! Country, Rock, Pop!

  • from Atmore, Alabama December 7, 2016Music Background:
    I have been playing clubs for over 30 years

    t50 tube amp

    Ist tube amp for me in 15 years ...I have had Carvin, Marshall and this one holds its owm for a great price Sweetwater Rocks


  • from Winson-Salem November 17, 2016

    Perfect Amp for me

    Up front, I'm not a professional but a hobbyist. I started out with modeling amps who's names I won't mention that just provided many different tones that just wasn't up my alley. I was looking for something with a nice clean channel with that warm tube sound. The modelers didn't do it for me. They were also limiting on interfacing to my computer. If it was a USB, I had no real control of the levels. This T50 was the answer: Nice clean tone and a DI that is absolutely superb. I record straight from the Amp , through a Scarlett to Reaper or video. No need to mic up. I have had professional teachers give much praise to the quality of tone from my measly Epiphone when using this amps' DI output. The ability to switch between a 2x12 or 4x12 emulation is great too. I also love the class A/AB switch, very versatile . The fact that the clean and lead channels have separate tone controls was the final reason I pulled the proverbial trigger. You just can't beat it for the price. Sweetwater again was fantastic. I could have bought this amp a little cheaper elsewhere but consider the customer support and 2 yr Sweet warranty without having to contend with Bugera themselves should it fail.

  • from Blue Island, IL October 15, 2016Music Background:
    Guitar and Bass Player, Rock, R&B, Funk, Jazz

    Bugera T50

    This is my first tube amp. It sounds great. The Crunch Channel sounds so good i don't use a OD pedel.
    The footswitch that comes with it is great. Both Clean and Crunch are sweet. I use the T50 with no effects and it does the job. It does get very Very HOT. But i hear that's normal for tube amps. I'm using It with a 2x12 8ohm cabinet and it rocks

  • from Wisconsin September 30, 2016

    My Baby Bugera

    Well I purchased a T50 Bugera amp from Sweetwater about 1 month ago, I have been a Acpustic/ Marshall guy since 1974! I am genuinely impressed with both my Bugera's, I also have a 6262. The T50 has very good and clear tone and nice function's that work Well! I would buy another.


    Anthony Ferrara Sr.

  • from FL September 10, 2016

    A good amp

    Just received mine and connected to my cabinet and put a good 2 hrs of play time in I real enjoy the tones coming out of it from clean to crunch A +++++

  • from SNELLVILLE GA. September 1, 2016


    You Can't Go wrong With this head!!!!!!!!!!!! Tried over 50 heads.
    Love it. Just Make sure You get the right cab for what you do.

  • from Kansas August 21, 2016


    This was a good buy! Just put 6l6 tubes and the sound is getting even better. I had to wait for mine for a month on back order, but i got a call at soon as it was in and it was delivered right before the weekend. The customer service within this company is outstanding. They made me feel like it was home!!

  • from arkansas July 19, 2016

    amazing value

    This is a pure tube amp, and can get pretty close to my F-nder B-ssman in tone. I am running it through 2 c-lestions. I love the reverb, I don't use the dirty channel too much. thats not my style. I would rather put a blues buster on the front for distortion. My twin is still the best but really loud.

  • from washington state July 9, 2016Music Background:
    25+ years playing teaching and recording

    BUGERA T 50

    FIRST OFF THANKS TO THE SWEETWATER TEAM FOR IT BEING A FAST EASY EXPERIENCE! it came quick and well packed and is amazing!!!
    OK i have owned/own three bugera amps this one is the best so far! it sounded great right from the start and works great too its lighter then om other amps and it loud and buttery like a Marshall but nice clean sound like a vox... speaking of which i have a nighttrain this is has good and then some! the reverb is stellar and roomy, and the distorted channel is simple perfect...so next a set of ruby tubes and then its show time!!!

  • from South July 1, 2016Music Background:
    Road and Studio

    Great Amp

    This little gal is amazing. The clean channel took me back to the day when clean meant something. The gain channel isn't quite there but very close. This amp takes pedals better than any I have owned and I have a few. The best $300 I have ever spent ... except for one night in Vegas ... but that is another story. This is a great amp ... how they do this for the money compared to the "Boutique" stuff shall remain a mystery. Buy the amp ...

  • from Charlotte, NC June 23, 2016

    Bugera Rocks!

    The Bugera T50 is my fifth Bugera amp and I love them all. I have a 6260, 6262, 333XL, BC-30 and now the T50. I even had to have the 6260 serviced under warranty and had no issues whatsoever with the timeliness or outcome.

    I purchased this T50 mainly as a more portable head which I can directly plug into a PA system so the DI port was an important feature for me. IMO, you simply can't beat an all tube amp for sound (I play primarily Les Pauls with Seymour Duncan pickups) and the clean and lead channels on this amp do exactly as you expect. The clean is really clean but has a gain allowing you to dirty things up a bit and the lead has all the gain to play anything from 70's & 80's rock to full metal and everything in between. The only knock I'd give is the modern Chinese tubes - they don't sound bad but I prefer vintage tubes.

    The great thing about Bugera amps (and why I own so many) is that the value is unreal. Why spend $900-$4,000 for a similar chassis, power supply and wiring with a different label on it when what really matters is the tubes you put in a tube amp? I prefer spending the $400 or so it takes to buy a Bugera and go find the best RCA, Sylvania, GE, RFT, etc tubes I can find to put in it and have a sound that just can't be matched by modern tubes manufactured today IMO. The other cool thing with Bugera is they make it so easy to re-bias the amp - so switching out tubes is no problem at all. This T50 adjusts it's own bias so it literally is as easy as unplugging the existing tube and plugging in the new one. Again IMO, the tubes in your amp, the speakers in your cabinet and the pickups in your guitar have a lot more to do with your sound than the name on your amp.

    I highly recommend this T50 and other Bugera amps. I know this sounds like a Bugera commercial but many of us don't want to spend thousands of dollars for a good tube amp and this and the other Bugera amps I've mentioned prove you don't have to. If you haven't owned an all tube amp before, the T50 is a great one to start with.

  • from Las vegas nv May 27, 2016

    So far so good

    I got this amp for the features tells you when you have a bad tube,has a line out for recording,you can switch from a to a/b setting, you can swap tubes with out having to mess with the bias on it. I have played it though my 1x10 with rajun Cajun speaker, my 2x10 panama boca, and my randall 2x12 cabinet and it's sounds great with all three.the clean chanel sounds great and the dirty channel sounds good too. you can always add pedals, if you need more gain but finding a good clean tube with no hiss is the trick. so far I am very happy with this amp, only time will tell and I have three year warranty,so we will see

  • from Ohio May 20, 2016

    Awesome amp!

    This really is a great amp! I have been looking for a gigging amp that won't break my back but has the power I need. I play punk mostly, but also do noise stuff and post rock guitar work. This amp really has it all... Very versatile. It is definitely loud enough for any situation you'd need. Gain sounds great and natural, cleans are very chimey and reverb sounds fantastic from added texture to surf territory.
    I have owned Marshall jcms, peavey 5150 and 6505, fender Deville, Mesa dual rec, orange terror and cr120h, but my go to amps are my new bugera t50, and my trusty v22 head. They never let me down and sound incredible for the price.

    Buy this amp, no matter what you play you will not be disappointed!

  • from bainbridge, ny March 15, 2016

    update to previous review

    Replaced the stock tubes with ruby tubes and wow what a difference. the amp is so quiet and the tube distortion is great.

  • from New York January 22, 2016Music Background:
    Gigging and recording professional lead guitarist

    Best Value 50 Watt Tube Head by FAR

    I am extremely experienced with both gigging and recording. I have done and played it all. Wow, just wow; both in the sound and looks department. The Infinium technology and the warranty make this a no brainer. I have always played tubes, but hey, if you play a solid state head and especially if you got with it. Do yourself a favor and throw it in the trash immediately! Pick up this beautiful head and be blown away with the time and design. Sweetwater's service is absolutely the best, hands down, no questions asked, in every way. They said two day free shipping and it seemed more like 1 1/2 day shipping. Ed Needler is great too, especially calling to check in with me.
    Between the service and the amp -
    10 ******* stars. Buy it nimrod. I know what I'm talking about. My Gibsons sound great out of this and I'm using it to gig and record.
    Looks great on a 4x12 - only Orange has a design just as good and cool-looking in my opinion, but for way more cash. Thanks for reading!

  • from November 28, 2015Music Background:
    composer, synth, piano, guitar, progressive rock

    Very refined amplifier

    The first thing noticed was how quiet it is. Quiet signal/noise wise. Plenty of roar to clean. 4 preamp tubes has a lot of variety at hand. Looks well made and the transformer for power is huge. When fedex delivered it he said this is heavy. The other output transformer is big also for a 50 watt amp. The video Bugera made says you can put in even a mix tubes. Or go to 6L6 or a few others due to the auto tube biasing. 3 year warranty is great also. There is no multi power setting but because of the way the volume control is phase driven it behaves excellent with full tone low or loud. Have a few others bogner, marshall, carvin, blackstar and this is really a deal for the low cost.
    Effects loop even though would of liked a level for that over say the high cut control it works great so far with effects that have tried with it. No added noise at all. A lot of great sound for very little cash.

  • from middle island, NY October 17, 2015Music Background:
    25 years guitar and bass.

    bugera T50 infinium and beyond

    Awesome amplifier !The lead channel can get real dirty and handle anything from classic rock to overdriven blues and heavy metal no problem. And I mean heavy metal no problem. the clean channel is nice and crisp and will drive pretty well at higher volumes. The construction is hefty and well put together. I bought this head and the 212 TS cabinet together. both products arrived undamaged in any way (well packaged) and the customer service from my Sweetwater rep (Ken Davis) was exceptional. A real professional company to deal with.

  • from Indiana April 29, 2017Music Background:

    Tone for $$$

    First off, im no pro, Im a bedroom jammer. Played with a band 15 years ago or so and started playing again the last few years. I prefer playing blues, classic rock type stuff but listen to about everything. Country to metal. Playing the Bugera T50 with an Epi Les Paul pro, into a 1x12 open back cab with a g12t75.

    Ive had quite a few amps over the past few years just trying different gear. Ive had a couple Marshalls, DSL40 (2 of them, loved clean/classic gain, ultra not so much, and terrible reverb) and a DSL100 (same), a couple Blackstars, ht5 metal (went back right away) and a htStudio 20 (slightly wet blanket, could have been the speaker), and a Jet City 20 (harsh), a Peavey 6505 combo (no clean channel at all) and a 6505mh (awesome, but barely a clean channel) for tube amps. A Marshall Mg100 (not bad for SS), Orange CR60 (dark, a little flubby low end but a decent crunch), a Peavey Vypyr VIP (toy), a Rocktron Velocity and Digitech 2112 rack system in stereo (to many menus but loved stereo with cabs spaced) and a Line 6 flextone 3 for solid state amps. No amp seems to do everything i want it to do on its own and im sure never will. So theres my comparison criteria.

    The Bugera T50.

    Clean channel. I was looking for a head that had a great clean channel. As long as an amp has good cleans i can make do with pedals if need be. It certainly has a great clean channel. Very clean and crisp. I havent had any of the Fender vintage amps to compare cleans, but i would guess even a vintage Fender guy would be happy with the clean channel, especially for the price. A few reviews Ive seen online talked about the tone knob, i find it useful on the clean channel to tame some highs when used appropriately. Crank the gain and it gives a mild drive on this channel.

    Drive channel. Also great. The drive channel leaves right where the clean ended gain wise. It does have a slight fuzz to it, its kind of gritty, and i like that. A lot. It gets a little muddy at full gain, but excellent gain channel for classic rock. Metal is going to need a pedal for me but Im not very good at metal anyway and i have that pedal. Comparing to other tube amps Ive had, it beats out all of them except maybe the 6505mh, but has a better low end. The 6505mh need an eq pedal to boost the low end.

    Reverb is excellent, not over the top at full but still more than plenty.

    When you consider the price, which is spectacular for what you get, independent channel eq's, great reverb, an effects loop, 4-16 ohm capability and an emulated out, its a steal. It sounds "real". No wet blankets, not harsh, good eq's, good reverb. I may get another one to run a stereo rig. Stereo is just so huge and full sounding with stereo chorus and delay. Forget the fact that the T50 is self biasing, no more trips to a tech or hooking up a meter, it accepts different power tubes, and it looks awesome.

    Cant say for reliability, but with Sweetwater's superb customer service, 2 year warranty, and the price, Im not worried about it. It seems well built and is definitely sturdy, cant say Ive opened it up and I have no need to. Thanks Nick Church for the amp, and the service. May get another T50 or maybe try a G5 soon to do a stereo rig, but for now, Im completely satisfied with the T50. Get one and get it from Sweetwater.

  • from Royal oak Michigan March 26, 2017

    Amazing tone

    So I used a fender hot rod deluxe 3 for quite a while with a vintage 30 speaker, got this and run it through a half stack I built with the refurbished speakers I got at Sweetwater and must admit the tone and sound is just as good if not better than the fender. I don't picture the price lasting very long at all.Great amp and for the price I doubt you will find better. Sweatwater is a good company and this is a great amp.

  • from Los Angeles December 19, 2016Music Background:
    65 year old dying player

    Bugera T50 Infinium Tube Head

    This is really a cool head and probably the best value out there bar none for looks and performance. It has great clarity almost a "Fender like sparkle" Very well laid out controls on front panel, on/off and standby switch where they make sense.. Great illumination on the channels. The drive channel sounds really good and the amp comes with the pedal for the channel switching. Really attractive chrome cage, the amp is light weight, compact and delivers enough punch unless you are a metal "groove monster" and are looking for the "beyond". I will buy another one, just as a spare, buy the cover that goes for the head, shame to get dust on something this pretty. The only negative on the entire amp is the "tone cut" control. I don't know what they were thinking or what use this control is to anybody but it just dials you in to a muted muddy sound like taking a wet towel and throwing it over your speaker cabinet. Bugera, please replace it with a chorus, or something useful! That's the only negative in the whole enchilada.
    otherwise it would have gotten a WOW! for price, performance and looks.

  • from October 9, 2016

    Very good amp

    I have read about 40 reviews from different dealer sights. I would say 38 of them were excellent. I have owned Mesa, Marshall, Fender, Crate, HiWatt and others. After about 40 years on stages I know what a good electric guitar should sound like through a good amp. This amp sounds great. It's not a $2,000.00 Mesa but it puts most amps between $800-$1200 to shame. Just because of price. The tonal pallet this amp has far exceeds ANY equally priced amp and is equal or better than many amps between $800-$1200. It's light, it's very cool to look at, it has a 17 inch foot print and still drives a 4x12 V30 loaded cab like a major league hitter to left field. I admit. I put 4 Groove Tube 12ax7a/b/c's in the preamp but left the Bugera el34's in the power section...playplayplay.....Then I put in a pair of GT6L6's and it still sounded great. With no techy needed GREAT! Then, w/o tech, I put back in the Bugera el34s. Still great sound. Great company to buy from. Tim and Sweetwater are the best....now I say Bugera is one of the best too. If you don't want to drop $1.5K try this amp or (I'd bet) one of the 100+ watters from Bugera. Thanks.

  • from Jaffrey, NH January 6, 2016

    Great little tube amp!

    Love the look and sound of this amp on the clean channel the drive channel is
    More of a fuzz than distortion. I use the distortion on my pedal board and the drive channel with the gain at 30/40%for a nice blues break up so I can cover a wide range of music. I would have given this amp five stars if the distortion had a little bit more ***** to it. Overall I'm very happy.

  • from December 14, 2015

    Bugera T50 Infinium review

    This is a very sharp looking and sounding amp. Nowhere near as heavy as the other Bugera heads due to the metal vs wood enclosure. Heavy duty construction and nice leather handle. Clean channel does a great job. Crunch channel has a very unique sound. Nothing like my Bugera 333XL which has more gain. This amp has more of a vintage breakup sound. The Phat switch adds more low end giving a fuller sound. Reverb is good and adds a nice color to the tone. Heavy duty Footswitch controls channel switch and reverb. Only thing missing is a boost. For $349 it is a great bargain. Arrived double boxed and securely packed. Bugera gives a lot of bang for the buck and is of good quality. There's a lot of "haters" out there. I personally have never had any issues with my Bugeras. 3 year warranty so I know I have nothing to worry about down the road. Highly recommend.

  • from February 9, 2017

    Great amp!

    This amp has super cleans and as loud as you need them. Gain channel took some know turning but when I 2as done I found every tone I needed. The price is great and it looks as good as it sounds. Changing tubes is a no Brainerd with the infinitum system. The guys at Sweetwater are on the ball and always very helpful. Thanks again Sweetwater!

  • from Great Falls, Montana October 17, 2016

    Darn Good Amp

    Purchased the T50 as a backup for an Egnater Renegade. While it doesn't come close to matching the versatility of the Renegade, it wasn't meant to and I didn't expect it to. This is a much simpler British-style tube amp with a couple of nice extra features (reverb and an effects loop), and for the price, I expect it is very hard to beat.

    The clean channel sounds great. The onboard reverb is very good. Running a TC Nova System though the effects loop sounds great. The amp can get pretty bright depending on the cabinet/guitar/environment, so having the Tone Cut option is, to me, useful. Having a one knob solution to cut some high end is easier than messing with the EQ on each channel, though so far I see no reason to ever need to turn it past about a third up. The footswitch may look plastic and cheesy, but except for the switches themselves, it's metal, solid, and works great. So long as you don't go dropping elbows from the top rope on it, it should last as long as the amp does.

    The gain channel is good for most rock music, but I expect the metal guys are unlikely to be impressed by it. It's more a 70s-type high-gain fuzz than a tight, modern metal distortion. That said, if you happen to have a good ol' Tube Screamer (I use an 808 clone), throw it in front of the gain channel with its drive down and level up. This tightens the distortion right up and gives you some mid boost while the amp provides the necessary sustain, landing you square in metalsville. If you run the Tube Screamer in front of the clean channel with its gain up, the pedal's drive up and the level around half way, pushing single coils, you can get very close to SRV tone out of it. In other words, the T50 and a Tube Screamer get along very nicely and make the amp versatile enough for any style of music.

    Overall, I can recommend the Infinium T50 for players of pretty much any style, though out of the box, it is not an ideal amp for metal. There are solutions to make it workable for metal, but I expect metal-only guys will be better served with another amp. It is however particularly well-suited for 70s-era rock tones. Personally, I am satisfied with the purchase.

  • from September 21, 2016

    T50 Infinium amp

    Very nice amp for the price !Has good output and very light weight.Would buy again!!Thanks

  • from Atlanta August 3, 2016

    Cool Amp

    Nice Amp. Just depends on your needs. Will not blow you away on the
    Clean channel but you can get the volume you need on the lead side.

  • from California June 5, 2016

    My T50 has worked out well!

    I ordered mine before the price drop. My first impressions were good, but I felt the amp was just a little one dimensional and just a little on the quiet side. First I played it a few days with my Epiphone ES-339 P90 Pro. It had me thinking I needed new pickups. When I played my Strat with active pickups through it, it lit up.

    The clean channel would get a little hairy at about 12 on the gain for that channel.

    Back to the Epi, I put a compressor and booster in front of the amp, it lit up and the Epi grew a pair. So far so good.

    Then for my birthday I received a gift card and bought a pair of JJ 6L6 power amp tubes. Installed those and installed a JJ ecc 83s in the 12AX7b position. I placed the 12ax7b into the first 12AX7c position . Now it sounds rich and smooth on clean. On the lead channel it became "buttery." The Epi's P90 pickups sounded much better now, without the compressor or boost. The tube swap has improved headroom on the clean channel.

    I run the head through a 2x12 ported cabinet. I think this head would sound excellent through an Eminence Texas heat or Legend 1218 in a 1x12 setup.

    At 300 dollars, this is a fantastic deal. The stock tubes are OK. But, for a small investment in tubes the amp transforms into a sweet and versatile hunk of iron.

    BTW, I also received a TC Electronics MojoMojo overdrive for my birthday. Played that in front of the amp today. Awesome, just awesome - on both channels.

    Oh, and I like the reverb.

  • from ny,ny March 12, 2016

    Alittle disappointed

    After two months of limited use one of the power tubes burnt out. It gave off a burning smell and then the front power light started blinking and the tube lite in back was glowing. Gonner try some ruby tubes to see if that helps. What would happen if I used it everyday. Shame on you bugera.

  • from Bainbridge, N.Y. December 29, 2015Music Background:

    Nice amp

    Nicely built, heavy amp. Clean channel is nice, lead channel is a little fuzzy. Reverb is alittle weak. Time will tell.

  • from Midwest May 17, 2017Music Background:
    Clasically Trained Pro

    Unbeatable at this price

    I'm a professional musician that's been playing for over 30 years. I have a LOT of gear. My purpose in buying this was so that I didn't have to bring anything expensive to a 'for fun' jam. And let me tell you, that you will not find a better head anywhere near this price point. Out of the box, it gets an excellent clean tone and the lead channel is pretty nice. I gave 3.5 stars because, it's listed as being 'modern' high gain in pentode mode. Well, modern high gain in my mind means it gets over the top. It falls a little short if you're into shred or heavier music. I push it over the top with an overdrive and it sounds phenomenal on either channel. You just need to dial it in. If you want over the top, go with a 333xl or 6262. Those get there and then some. The 'Chinese' stigma is WAY over played by brand name amp snobs. As a former brand snob, I can tell you nothing irritates them more than something inexpensive achieving their tone. I can tell stories about people I play with who bring boutique stuff to jams and get seriously annoyed that my tone is equal and in some cases better. This is my 2nd Bugera, and I've never had ANY issues. The stock EL34's are fine. However, I changed the 12ax7's to new Tungsol's and the difference was huge. Another reason I gave 3.5 stars instead of 4. The stock pre-amp tubes lack gain.

  • from Pa. December 12, 2016Music Background:
    50 years playing and counting

    Great Bang for the Buck

    The sound of this amp is really good. I love the fact that it has full eg on both channels, and it has a great look. the reverb is not bad either. The class A/AB switch has little effect on the sound [ not a deal breaker]. I am very pleased with the amp, and the price can't be beat. It was at my door in just 2 days,wow!

  • from WV January 24, 2017

    T50 + JJ's = Awesome

    Out of the box this amp is very good. Overall, a very versatile amp. But, there's room for improvement. Though the tubes it comes with (Chinese made) are OK, they really don't do this amp any justice. Replacing them (I use and swear by JJ's) will make this amp totally awesome! I've put in matched pairs of JJ E34L's, JJ 6L6's and JJ 6V6's along with JJ 12AX6's in the pre-amp and this thing handles them without any problems! These better tubes really make a difference in sound (both Clean and Drive). For a little more in cost, it puzzles me why manufacturers use low quality components. If this would have come with better tubes, I would have given it 5 *****'s.

  • from New England August 21, 2016

    Averge guitar amp

    Don't get me wrong I own and play a bugera 6262 which one of the most affordable high gain heads on the market! This one has a great looking chassis. but that's about it. the circuit needs to be re engineered because it should have that nice over tight distortion with 3 pre-amp tubes and two power tube for 50 watts and really doesn't...it just doesn't have that sound. constantly adjusting the eq to find that sweet spot but it's just not there...it's more like a cheaper small amp with 1 pre-amp tube instead of 3 which it has...basically it's a vox night clone. but I think the vox sounds much better...if your looking for a small amp evh 50w or the lbx totally blow this one away!!!

  • from September 6, 2016

    Buger amp

    Worked for precisely 5 rehearsals and 2 shows. Then one day in rehearsal, it started giving deep low frequency pops. Volume dropped way down, then after 3 minutes of trying to trouble shoot everything... just no more sound. LED power light was blinking. Repeat the whole process... same results.

    They lowered price down to 299. I thought I was getting a great deal but... too good to be true. Good thing Sweetwater is the S....T!! Matt Masek takes care of me, is all what I'll say.

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