Crane Song Syren Microphone Preamp

500 Series Tube Preamp with Dual Gain Stage Circuit, Open/Color Switch, DI Input, Highpass Filter and Reverse-phase Switches, 15/25db Pad, and 48V Phantom Power
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Crane Song Syren Microphone Preamp image 1
Crane Song Syren Microphone Preamp image 1
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Crane Song Syren Microphone Preamp
Special Order

Classic-sounding, Seriously Versatile 500 Series Pre

With their considerable studio experience, the Sales Engineers here at Sweetwater know that sometimes you want the classic, euphonic sound tubes can produce; sometimes you want more accuracy. The Crane Song Syren gives you both. This 500 Series tube preamp sports an Open/Color switch which lets you apply negative feedback to its second stage tube circuit, altering the interaction of the tube stages for a more accurate, wider-frequency response. The full feature set also includes a DI input, highpass filter, and dual gain stage circuit that allows overdrive effects. Equip your studio with a seriously versatile preamp - the Crane Song Syren.

Crane Song Syren 500 Series Tube Preamp at a Glance:
  • Immense sonic versatility
  • A full, modern feature set
Immense sonic versatility

Having a split personality can be a good thing. The Crane Song Syren 500 Series preamp is driven by a single single 12AX7 tube, but it sports a unique switch that gives you two distinct sonic characteristics, letting you choose between classic tube coloration or a more accurate and open-sounding signal path. Take it from us - this feature is real handy to have, especially when used in tandem with the Syren's dual gain stage circuit, which lets you dial up varying degrees of overdrive.

A full, modern feature set

The Syren gives you everything you expect from a modern, high-end 500 Series preamp. The feature set includes a switch that engages a 24db/octave highpass filter at 90Hz, so you can roll off unwanted low-frequency garbage and rumble. Naturally, you also get phase-reversal and phantom power switches, as well as a 15/25db pad. Combine all these cool features with great sound, and the Syren becomes a must-have for your 500 Series rack.

Crane Song Syren 500 Series Tube Preamp Features:
  • A classic-sounding tube preamp in the convenient 500 series format
  • Open/Color switch gives you serious sonic versatility
  • Dual gain stage circuit lets you dial up creamy tube overdrive
  • Highpass filter (90Hz, 24db/octave)
  • Front-panel DI input; Mic/DI switch
  • 48-volt phantom power
  • Phase-reversal switch
Equip your studio with a seriously versatile preamp - the Crane Song Syren!

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Additional Media

500 Series Buying Guide
Syren User Manual

Tech Specs

Preamp Type Tube
Number of Channels 1
Phantom Power Yes
EQ Yes

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