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Apogee Symphony I/O 2x6 Reviews

5.0 stars based on 5 customer reviews
  • from Brentwood, NY September 19, 2015


    This interface is where you want to be! I've had the pleasure of recording Hip Hop on lots of different interfaces and gear and there's truly something amazing about this thing that stands out way infront of anything I've ever used. I'm really impressed with the Soft Limit function! I've chained this interface with a Blue Robbie Pre and a Neumann TLM 103 and my recordings are coming out top notch! They're the type of recordings that have me feeling great about them the second I begin recording... You can just hear the stellar quality before the mix even begins!

  • from Bronx, NY May 29, 2015Music Background:
    Hip Hop, rap, RnB

    So Far it has taken my music to the next level, just what i was looking for. nick and the people from sweet water.com are so friendly and professional. i got my package in the mail in 2 days. thanks guys

  • from Oceanside, CA February 26, 2015Music Background:
    Recording Engineer, Recording Artist

    Best Purchase I Ever Made

    Simply put purchasing the Symphony I/O 2x6 is the best purchase I made in upgrading my personal recording studio. Many people worry about getting sound into their DAW at a high quality, but the sound come out of this box instantly improving your mixes because you can hear just that much more. The symphony is completely scalable for any setup to fit your budget needs and recording requirements. I've your not going to be recording a band or an orchestra you can scale it down to 2 inputs. Also if you ever need to expand your studio you can purchase the modules to add addition recording capability. It's also one of the quietest and coolest running interfaces I've used.

  • from alexandria, VA October 5, 2014Music Background:
    Pro musicians, project studio owner


    Iíve had my Symphony for over a year. I felt I needed to share my review, as reviews are so helpful to me in my purchases, especially big ones. Simply put, the Symphony is amazing. It is one of the best studio investments I have no made. The sound is stunning! I have a small project studio. I have tracked guitars (electric, acoustic), vocals, bass, percussion, mandolin, and violin, all with amazing results. The 3-D depth and the space between instruments in a mix is amazing. The low end is tight and clear. Mids and highs are never harsh but brilliant and clear. The sound youíre recorded is reproduced exactly as it was recorded. Operation and setup was easy. Love the strudy dual function metal knobs on the front panel to change modes or adjust volume. Aesthetics are beautiful with Mac style aluminum panels on both sides and bright metering. Nice Apogee LED light when the unit is powered but no in operation.

    Iíve been a long time apogee fan. I still own a Mini*Me and Rosetta 200, both are still working. I have a great sound with my rosetta 200, but this is on a WHOLE NEW LEVEL! It also seems to make my virtual instruments sound more realistic.

    The only con is the fan is surprisingly loud, but it only turns on when powering up the unit. Iíve never had it turn on in use. Also, for a normal size session (around 60 tracks) I did experience latency running USB mode. I have a Symphony PCI-64 card which is connected thunderbolt to my mac on a thunderbolt chassis, and this eliminated my latency. (I have under 3 ms running 24/48). Iíd say USB mode works fine for small sessions or tracking live in smaller sessions. I do like the metering better on my rosetta 200, very accurate LEDís. The symphony has more discret signal boxes that doesnít seem quite as accurate. However, if you how to track well, this has never been an issue for me. These cons are small, and will not degreade my love of this unit.

    Bottom line: Astounding sound quality and a complete joy to work with. A big purchase, but absolutely no regrets. Apogee knocked out of the ball park with this. World class sound quality. If youíre considering this unit, take the plunge. You wonít regret it.

  • from IL August 30, 2013Music Background:
    musisian, hobbiest

    Apogee symphony I/O

    Converters on symphony sound fantastic.
    Transparent sound on both direct recording and mic recording
    Cost many times more than a budget box, but sound of symphony I/O is more in line with a professional studio box.
    Fan on unit is super quiet.
    Symphony was easy to hook up and easy to use, I am glad i purchased it
    So far I don't need to take a class or workshop just to use it.

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