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JHS Sweet Tea 2-in-1 Dual Overdrive Pedal Reviews

4.5 stars based on 17 customer reviews
Questions about the JHS Sweet Tea 2-in-1 Dual Overdrive Pedal?

Questions about the JHS Sweet Tea 2-in-1 Dual Overdrive Pedal?

Or call us at (800) 222-4700

  • from Istanbul March 14, 2017Music Background:
    Professional musician

    The most versatile OD & DIST Pedal !!!

    My stage and recording life has changed in a very positive vay after I bought this pedal. I am using this pedal in every possible way. Has the best transparent overdrive and clean boost sound you can get. The Angry Charlie almost sounds like a modded JCM 800 but you can get retro distortion pedal sounds if you want to. Simply a best buy. Worths every penny.

  • from PA January 9, 2016


    Superb!!! Worth every cent!!!

  • from December 29, 2015

    Gain pedal solution

    This is about as good as it gets for combining 808 style medium gain with the paint peeling Angry Charlie. Both are extremely useful on their own and can be stacked provide virtually an unlimited number of ultra high gain sounds. I particularly like how the tone controls on the Charlie side work- they make it easy to dial in really powerful tones with no ice pickiness.

  • from NJ December 24, 2015Music Background:
    Weekend Gigger


    This has to be the best distortion / overdrive pedal I have ever owned. The angry Charlie side is insane and the screamer side is super adjustable. Both of channels together is simply bliss. Yeah the price is a bit steep, but I think it's totally worth it considering all the pedals I've purchased over the years that didn't even come close to this one. Thanks you Nick Church.

  • from Oregon December 22, 2015Music Background:
    Guitarist, Worship Leader

    All the Drive You Need

    Another home run from JHS. This pedal covers all my overdrive/ distortion needs. The TS808 side is perfect for anything you would use a tubescreamer style overdrive for. The Angry Charlie side is by far the best sounding distortion pedal I have ever owned. Sweetwater and my Sales Rep Bart Amburn get 5 stars as well for outstanding customer service.

  • from Texas October 21, 2015Music Background:
    Gigging lead guitar enthusiast here!

    It's Sweet.

    The JHS Sweet Tea is nearly the perfect overdrive/distortion pedal for me. I like the sound of the 808 side enough to be able to take my trusty Lovepedal Kanji 9 off the board. The Angry Charlie side sounds better than my Orange Tiny Terror amp distortion does. To be able to power what is essientially two great sounding pedals with only a single 9volt plug saves space on my board for other effects. I love this. My only complaint is that when I am playing live (high volume), the Angry Charlie is an annoying hummer. That kind of thing is to be expected from a high gain pedal and is mostly unavoidable. (I don't like the cut-off of a noise gate for the kind of songs this pedal is for. I like the noise gate on the Tone Tattoo)

    If you are searching for a great overdrive-distortion combo pedal, this is the one to get.

  • from Chicago, IL April 1, 2015Music Background:
    Pro Musician

    High Quality Dirt

    Replaced my OCD and Fulldrive 3 (both rock solid pedals) with this bad boy about a year ago and it hasn't left my pedalboard since. The 808 circuit is nasty. In addition to sounding great, it's solidly constructed. My band plays 100+ gigs a year so reliability is the most important factor for me. Can't say enough good things about this pedal.

  • from kansas city, mo December 27, 2014Music Background:
    musician/recording artist

    Gut busting tones

    The right side of the sweet tea is JHS' take on the classic Maxxon 808 circuit (originally built for Ibanez in the TS808 here in the US)

    The left side is JHS' take on a Marshall-y brown type distortion

    The ability to toggle which is first in the chain is a nice bonus feature, the versatility of the two individually is the selling point.
    The 808 side is hands down the best TS808/maxxon 808 I have ever heard. It also has 3 (gain stages?) for a wide variety of driven tones
    The Charlie side is literally the most versatile and best sounding distortion I've ever used (I've had them all from DOD-Digitech-Boss etc)
    It doesn't get too muddy in the mix and can do everything from light distorted rock tones to a more full on tight metal sound

    The two together is beautiful to the ears, running the 808 first gives me some drive on my marshall's clean channel, not too much for verses and chorus but enough to get the riffs rocking, kicking in the Charlie side after the 808 puts you in full in finger licking goodness.

    But that's just one of the many ways I have mine set up, the possibilities are endless, I can get anything from thick bluesy warmth to tight ear slitting metal on this stomp my head still can't wrap around how that's possible

    I now understand why so many musicians swear by "boutique" companies over the mass produced brands, not saying there's anything wrong with those, I have many mass produced pedals from many companies like boss etc. but it's like comparing a great line assembled Ford or Chevy muscle car to an amazing hand built American professional race car.

    Buy this pedal you will not regret it!

  • from United States September 15, 2014

    Great Pedal!!

    I was looking for a dual overdrive pedal and there are not too many worth buying. This pedal was recommended to me by my sweetwater agent and he was right! You are able to get such a wide range of heavy distortion to subtle crunch.

  • from Southwest Georgia August 10, 2014Music Background:
    Educator, Musician, Pedal Addict

    Sweet Tea so cool it doesn't need ice...

    I've had mine about 6 months, and this is a stellar piece of gear. The TS side does live up to the "best TS" hype...and this is gonna sound TOTALLY against the grain but IMHO it is quite transparent! The Angry Charlie side is nice and juicy, and blends very well with the TS side. The best thing about it is that it has a refined, HD quality that just sounds beautiful and natural, more so than a number other high-end, boutique dirt boxes that I have. BTW, Would it be too much to ask of JHS to build a new version that has a Morning Glory in it, too???

    I think the paint job is kinda ugly in the pictures (I get it, it looks like tea), but it's quite a pretty finish in person with nice texturing.

    Also, an EHX Soul Food put in front of the TS side is quite a good combo, as well!

  • from Illinois June 3, 2014Music Background:
    guitar player

    Sweet Indeed!

    I've played a few JHS pedals locally, and have been blown away by the sounds. I got an email from my sales engineer (Richard Whittington) letting me know Sweetwater was now a JHS dealer, I pulled the trigger on the Sweet Tea the next day. Basically, it's 2 OD pedals in one. A lower gain tube screamer type circuit, and a hi gain JCM 800 type circuit. Both are awesome. Plus you can run them both at the same time, and switch the order, TS into Angry Charlie, or vice versa. So in away, it's like 4 pedals in one. How does it sound? Well, I was able to take a Zvez Distortron AND a Way Huge Green Rhino off my pedal board. So that speaks volumes right there. The Angry Charlie (JCM 800) side of the pedal is totally addicting. The TS side is perfect, literally best tube screamer I've ever played, the tone control is magical.

  • from Wilmington, NC June 16, 2015

    Goes without saying....

    ...that JHS makes excellent pedals, and this one is no exception. In fact, this is probably the only pedal I would recommend someone use in place of an amp's gain. It's that good. The 808 side is, as many have already stated, better than the classic 808's (in my opinion, at least). And as for the "Angry Charlie" side, well, Andy Timmons has allegedly started using it as his main dirty sound onstage. And when a guy like that who has access to plenty of much more expensive options chooses a pedal, you know it's gotta be good. I can certainly attest that it IS good. Not only is there plenty of gain on tap, but it's natural, organic, open sounding gain, just like a modded Marshall, or JCM 800. Add the 808 side as a boost to the Charlie side, and you have an exceptional, muscular lead tone!

    Until I can afford my own Friedman JJ, this will be all I use for overdrive and distortion tones!

    I'll also just add that Sweetwater, as per usual, was excellent with my order. Mine was actually on demo sale, but it still arrived in perfect condition, with it's original packaging! Sweetwater is the only online retailer I turn to!

  • from March 10, 2016

    Don't waste your money

    This pedal is ok. The angry charlie side is AWESOME!!!! But my only take away is the 808 side. I'll be straight up with you about this: You are much better off buying the Angry Charlie pedal for 150 bucks on eBay and then buying an Ibanez tube screamer. The 808 side is too bright, and is more of a boost pedal than an actual overdrive, IMHO. Save your money, get the Angry charlie and keep your cheap tube screamer. After two weeks of playing my Sweet Tea along side with my Ts9, I think the ts9 sounded better for blues soloing, while the JHS 808 sounded better for rhythm and power chords.

  • from April 28, 2015

    This pedal sings

    I just bought this pedal and used it live last week. I had a lot of compliments on my tone. It gave my Princeton Reverb a couple more channels. It was prone to hum on the left side, but I expected that. It really gave me great usable tones and sustain. The Princeton lacks sustain on its own. I now have a great Fender clean and nice overdrives.

  • from Twin Cities August 20, 2015Music Background:
    Player for a very long time.

    Sweeet Tea

    Pretty cool overdrive pedal! The two sides are on left the high gain over drive, and on the right, the tube screamer. (w/gain input selector switch)
    Tube screamer seems to suck tone just a bit, but the high gain side is the shining star here imo.
    The tube screamer by itself didn't do much for me honestly. Too much tone loss as compared to the bypassed sound. Even using the tone controls didn't seem to help this aspect enough.
    But the high gain side is pretty cool, and lends the sound of a Marshall amp pretty well.
    If I had to do it over I'd just get the 'Angry Charlie' pedal, which is the High gain unit without the screamer.
    However using both sides together in a chain, can also impart some nice textures as well, so it's a mixed bag imo.
    Not a bad pedal at all.

  • from Twin Cities August 14, 2015Music Background:
    Player for a very long time.

    JHS Sweet Tea

    Nice pedal. Two separate pedals in one housing.
    The tube screamer overdrive side seems to suck some tone from the guitar imo. But works pretty well overall.
    The high gain side seems not to suck tone at all.
    So I'm sold on half of the pedal anyway.
    The high Gain side was called an Angry Charlie in a single pedal version.
    Guess I would have done the single pedal (instead of the dual) had I known the tube screamer alters the tone so drastically.
    Still, it's a pretty good tone and gain driver and I can get a nice Marshall type tone from it.
    So using with a Fender Tube amp, it sounds like a better distortion.
    Overall, not a bad pedal at all. It IS a rather versatile tone device.
    It reacts with your volume control on the guitar VERY nicely and backs off to clean up real pretty like!
    Definitely worth a try imo.

  • from Clarksville, IN December 7, 2016

    More Brown Noise Than Brown Sound

    I got this pedal expecting it would help me extend my nighttime practice sessions and let me keep the fantastic tone of a cranked Plexi. With a new baby in the house even a 1-watt Marshall DSL is too much. However, I'm more than a little disappointed with this one: it's noisy, it's muddy, and it doesn't play well with other effects at all.

    I expected a bit of noise from a high-gain OD, but even at low volume levels (Vol 9 o'clock/Drive noon), the Sweet Tea practically turns humbuckers into single-coils. The tone itself isn't that bad—it will certainly Marshallize a clean Fender amp—but the passive tone stack coupled with humbuckers is a bowl of mud. Wah and other filter effects lose their entire dynamic range regardless of the signal chain, but phaser/chorus modulation works pretty well.

    The 808 side is fine, but it's certainly nothing spectacular in a world of Tubescreamer clones. All-in-all, I rated this a bit lower than I normally would because of its extraordinary cost. It seems like it's physically built well, but it just doesn't have the engineering it needs in order to command such a premium price. I'd also like to commend Sweetwater for their excellent return policy, and to Drew Foster in particular for recommending some alternatives!

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