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Sweetwater Mic Locker to Go Starter Pack Reviews

4.0 stars based on 5 customer reviews
  • Robert
    from Manasquan, NJ July 17, 2012Music Background:
    Hobbyist/Recording Engineer

    Excellent Starter Kit

    For the price you cant beat this. These mics have many applications, and even in the future you decide to upgrade to higher quality microphones, you will still find uses for the microphones in this pack. If your starting out or even just looking for some extra microphones to have around the studio this is for you.

  • Scott W
    from New York, NY September 10, 2010Music Background:
    Recording Engineer


    For the money, this is a great deal. If you're just getting into buying you're first mics, these are a perfect starting point. The case is sturdy and rock solid and I definitely wouldn't have bought this had it not came with it.
    As for the mics, I think they are great starter mics.
    The AT2020 has decent clarity, nothing amazing, but considering it's price it performs well. I've used it on a variety of applications and really have no complaints. I've paired it with the e609 Silver and a sm57 on a guitar cabinet in my home studio and it was wonderful. I was quite surprised at it's performance. Clearly it's not a U67 or a 251, but hell, for 100 dollars, the thing does what it needs to do.
    The CO2 mics are good. If you need overheads and you don't want to spend a fortune these are great. They are a bit brittle nothing catastrophic that an eq couldn't fix) in my opinion when I used them as overheads but they PERFORMED WELL. It's not like people who have heard them in recordings say "Hey are those CO2s? They sound pretty bad." I recommend better Pencil Condensers for overheads but once again, these are a good place to start for newcomers. They performed well on Acoustic Guitars as well and even worked as an experimental-strangely-placed room mic.
    As for the Sennheiser e609 SILVER, I don't know how anyone can say anything bad about it. It's great right out of the box, when placed correctly on a guitar cabinet, this thing works wonders. I often found myself not eq'ing the e609 due to the pure goodness it picks out of the guitar signal. I've used it on the bottom and top of snares and also on toms and it sounded magical. The e906 (609's more expensive bigger brother) is a little more versatile as it comes with presence filters, but once again, for a Starter Pack, the e609 is perfect. My only suggestion is to get a Shure sm57 as well and you'll be set.

    I recommend this to anyone buying their first Mics, they will definitely perform the way you need especially if you're running something like an MBox or a FastTrack.

  • Thomas Walker
    from LR, AR June 20, 2012Music Background:
    vocal hobbyist

    SW Mic locker

    They all work great! Great value. Just wish there was room in the case for the mic cords.

  • Christopher Portman
    from Houston, TX July 15, 2010Music Background:
    Recording Engineer, Live Sound Engineer, Session Musician, Producer

    Not a Bad Deal

    The previous reviewer makes some very good points regarding the quality and versatility of an AT4040 paired with an SM57 (the latter of which you really should have if you've been recording anything. And even if you haven't, then an SM57 is an absolute must-have.)
    There are a few microphones that match and/or exceed the quality of an AT4040 at a bit better price point—though this is admittedly purely a matter of opinion because any recording engineer knows that $$$ means zilch when it comes to getting the 'right' sound. It's about 'what sounds right for what you're doing,' not the moolah spent to buy it. Heck, Bono sang into an SM58 on U2's most recent album! Thom Yorke prefers an Electrovoice RE20 dynamic (broadcasting) mic. A far cry from an esoteric $8,000 vintage Neumann U87! So, go with your ear. Always.
    I've played some live venues with these same pencil condensers offered by Samson, and I was pleasantly surprised by their sound. Particularly at this price point. And my personal preference for drum overheads when recording is Royer ribbons, Neumann U87s, and lately AKG 414s. So, I know what sounds good. I've used 'em all. Or at least the ones that matter. And the Samsons truly are a decent bang for the buck. I imagine they'd likely do an acoustic guitar justice when miked up as a stereo pair.
    The Sennheiser e609 is a very popular microphone for use on electric guitar amps and toms. I've seen Mick Fleetwood use them on his toms and they sounded fantastic. This is a mic that could be thrown into the 'must have' category alongside the SM57 if one plans on miking guitar amps.
    I've had a little experience with the AT2020 and it's a surprisingly solid and versatile large-diaphragm condenser that's usable for everything from tracking vocals to acoustic guitars, and can even even serve as a nice 'ambience room mic' for adding fullness to a drum kit or, well, really anything.
    If you're truly new to microphones it's incredibly easy to get bogged down in the details. If possible, I recommend talking to people whose ear you can trust or, even better, audition the mikes yourself and see what you think. And remember, a great sounding preamp can make any mic sound richer and fuller. I've used some RODE valve microphones combined with my Avalon 737 and Trident channel strips while recording my $6,000 Taylor acoustic guitar, and it trumped a producer/friend's U87 with his esoteric pre.
    Overall, if you're truly a beginner, this really is a great starting point. You can't go wrong here. If however you've already amassed even a few mikes, like say an SM57, and a decent large diaphragm condenser, then talking to a Sweetwater representative about how to best expand your mic collection further while saving the most money is my highest recommendation.

  • Tyler Thomas
    from knoxville TN May 13, 2010Music Background:
    recording engineer

    Don't be mislead..

    First of all, this is an amazing deal! I think when you buy the package you save around 30 dollars off what you would pay for each item individually plus you get a super nice carrying case, but sadly that's when the deal stops for me. The AT2020 is an "OK" microphone worth 100 dollars but will not give you a clear vocal response. I got average results on hi-hats and an acoustic guitar with it but that's it. The e609 is TERRIBLE! don't believe any other reviews! I can't stress it enough buy an sm-57 and be done with it. The only saving quality is the samson overheads. they are suprisingly good for the money and actually with a little mixing can make your drums, or acoustic guitar sound beautiful.

    What I would recommend instead.
    save up 400 dollars and buy an Audio-Technica AT4040, and an sm-57. it will be 100 dollars and you will sacrifice one microphone but you will be glad you did. the AT4040 is AMAZING! AT: acoustic guitar, vocals, overheads, and electric guitar. also when paired with the sm-57 you bought your guitar tracks will be changed forever. The sm-57 by itself will handle any acoustic drum. Tom, snare etc, acoustic guitar (great paired with the AT4040) and electric guitar!

    Save your money get the good stuff.

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