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Shure Super 55 Deluxe Reviews

4.5 stars based on 34 customer reviews
Questions about the Shure Super 55 Deluxe?

Questions about the Shure Super 55 Deluxe?

Or call us at (800) 222-4700

  • from KING CITY, CA February 16, 2017Music Background:
    Regional Mexicano

    Magic Mic

    My first ever microphone! Love it! Delivers excellent sound! Just awesome!

  • from Hanover January 13, 2017

    Best Mic EVER!!!!!!

    Used the mic for the first time at a gig last night and it made all the difference!!! was using a SM58 that I love and this mic is like 4 steps above that. This mic delivers!!!!!

  • from West Palm Beach, Florida January 4, 2017Music Background:
    I play multiple instruments and have toured Europe in fusion bands.

    Great Buy

    This mike, not only looks great, it sounds great. It is very quiet. It is also very sensitive and has the right sound for live vocal work. I bought it for my daughter and she will not put it down. Once again Andy is the guy to go to for info. Thanks

  • from Lansing December 23, 2016Music Background:
    Musician and Audiophile

    Great All-Around Mic

    Great low end punch, decent volume handling, perfect for recording acoustic guitar or male rock vocals.

  • from Los Angeles California September 5, 2016Music Background:

    Outstanding mic.

    Outstanding mic for live performances. Amazing feedback rejection. Love the service from Sweetwater, and their followup call to make sure all was great with my order. Keep up the good work Sweetwater.

  • from April 23, 2016Music Background:
    Busker aka

    This mic...got me a ticket to The Blue Man Group.

    Here's the true story.

    Tyler (and Chris)...Sweetwater Sales Engineer Extraordinaire s...got this mic to me within 2 days of my ordering it online.

    Crazy, I know...but they did.

    I take it out for it's inaugural debut, busking Dayton Ohio's prestigious Schuster Center.
    It was the opening night of three shows for The Blue Man Group.

    A large crowd strolled by..they listened for a while. Tips were dropped and plenty of smiles were beaming.

    Melody and Harmony filled the air..

    A lady boldly steps forward from the crowd.

    With ticket in hand she spoke.. "You are awesome..Would you like a ticket to tonight's performance? We have an extra one and would love for you to join us.."

    I thanked her cordially...made my salutations to those still listening...packed-up my gear and after delivery it to my truck, enjoyed the show with them.

    A true night to remember.

    I know the real reason for receiving the free ticket...it wasn't me at all...

    It was the angelic tone and the iconic, sleek-styling of the Shure Super 55 Deluxe.

    That's what got the free ticket...I'm Shure of it.

    What are you waiting for...? Contact Tyler B. at Sweetwater and GET ONE!!!

  • from Goleta, CA February 25, 2016Music Background:
    Rock, Funk and Blues for over 30 yrs.

    Awesome Mic!!

    I'm a Pro Drummer that sings in two bands.
    I was looking to upgrade my Shure SM57 to a Beta 58A. Then I saw this little gem.
    This mic is a Beta 58A in an old school classic body!! Much cooler and looks great with my kit.
    Due to it's weight, be sure to have a nice sturdy mic stand, I modified my existing mic stand and replaced the legs with a double braced Cymbal Stand. It's rock solid.
    The sound is awesome and it has great isolation against unwanted bleed through and feedback.
    My Salesman Ed Nystrom got me a killer deal and always the best Customer Service!
    Get it, you won't be sorry!!

  • from Colorado Springs February 1, 2016Music Background:
    Wild Tass Outlaw Chicken Spank

    Super 55 Delux

    The mic was crafted very well, looked awsome, if your not a rock star you SHURE felt like one .
    I used it at pratice , first i rang out the pa system went pretty fast , i use a close mic vocal technique
    sometimes i back off the mic and it responds with a very smooth curve, other times i need to put the growl on and get that energy into the mic and it instantly lights up with a slight boost .
    I think this mic is excellent for vocals , dont be afraid to get in close thats were the magic takes place .

  • from November 18, 2015

    shure 55

    great 50's style mic

  • from Verona Wi. May 31, 2015Music Background:
    Singer Songwriter performer.

    Completely Satisfied

    I was certainly skeptical about this purchase, I have been an SM58 fan all of my career. However being a soloist now, I actually wanted it for the stage presence, having the nostalgic look. The 1st show I did was outside, overlooking the beautiful Wisconsin River at a Resort, and I was very concerned about it picking up wind noise on a very blistery day! This microphone exceeded my expectations, and I was thrilled with the sound I was,( and am) getting! Its crisp and clear, and seems to completely focus on the voice and no surrounding noise. And it looks great and I receive many compliments from patrons who come out to see me play, they notice it right away. If you want the sound and the look at a good price, I highly recommend this microphone !

  • from NY January 15, 2015Music Background:

    Rocking the Shure Super 55 Deluxe!!

    Really enjoying my new Shure Super 55 Deluxe mic! It's everything I hoped it would be both performance and aesthetics-wise! Can't wait to show it off at our Valentine's Day gig, crooning out those Motown and Rock and Roll tunes into the Super 55 Deluxe will just have a neater "vibe" now!

  • from Los Alamos, Ca. September 24, 2014Music Background:


    This is an awesome mike, love the style, I had to buy another one for my wife, because it reminded her of the one Elvis used in the Sun Studio, I use one for gigs and the other one in my music room.

  • from June 26, 2014Music Background:
    Pro Muso

    Awesome mic

    Changed from a headset to this mic. Wonderful looks, sound and responsiveness . Within a couple of hours I got my mic "technique" back!
    I really like this piece of kit. It's quite hard to find negatives about this mic on the net and I bought it without seeing or trying it

  • from Huntington Beach, CA January 7, 2014Music Background:

    Looks, Attitude. Performace.

    I held out, didn't want to follow the trend and look pretentious. Then I saw some update pics of one of my favorite singers using this thing and though, ah hell, I'll give it a shot. From the minute I plugged this baby in I haven't been happier with the performance. Firstly, this mic is HOT. Lots of low end, lots of boosted output. I ended up cutting back the faders on the PA at rehearsal a full number as compared to using my other mics. I play border line hard rock-alternative metal and the Super 55 sounds excellent for quiet verses and shines in booming choruses. No feedback issues what-so-ever. With this baby I can crush the mix and hear myself without monitors if need be- which ****** my bandmates off a bit but hell, vocal chords cannot be replaced, right? Looks sleek and sexy, though I wish Shure could've paid a little more attention to their machining process as there is a slight bevel where the edges meet on the face caps meets with the mic base, but I can live with it. This mic blows my Beta 58 and 57a out of the water. Feels great in your hand, with a nice hefty weight. Be careful you don't knock your teeth our cause this ain't your standard run-of-the-mill lame, American Idol type mic, it's a beast and you'll be amped to sing through it!

  • from Southern New Hampshire, USA October 18, 2013Music Background:
    amateur sound engineer, stand up bass and fiddle player

    Super 55 Deluxe

    Bought this for my daughter Sarah to use in when she sings with our string band. Sounds great. No problems with feedback. Looks good with our old timey folk band ensemble.

  • from September 3, 2013Music Background:

    Best mic ever

    I've had this mic for a couple of months now and used it live and at rehearsals. It's a ver good mic, good voicing, great sound and dynamic.

    I'm loving this mic.

  • from Daytona Beach, Fl. USA December 18, 2012Music Background:
    Pro Musician/Vocalist

    Old school look with modern high tech performance.

    If that's what you want you will get your moneys worth and then some with this great Shure mic. Sometimes the manufacturer oversells a product, not in this case. Shure recreated the exact vintage mic housing around a very clean and crisp mic sound. This sounds much better than an SM 58 and much better than it's counterpart the cheaper 55. I returned that one. If you are a quality sound freak you will be happy with this mic. Don't worry about the lack of an on off switch it doesn't need it.

  • from MD June 6, 2017Music Background:
    FOH Engineer

    Fun and Well Behaved

    I purchased this mic more as a prop for a Malt Shop/Barbershop Quartet show where I was providing the audio. It was center-front of stage and quartets and the Emcee would approach and speak or sing from 3-5ft away. I had this mic set pretty hot to accommodate and it behaved very nicely. Used a parametric EQ to notch out the two problem areas and still got warm, clear vocals. I am very, very pleased with this mic.

  • from Wisconsin February 27, 2017Music Background:
    Vocalist Performer

    It's Good To Be Shure

    The physical design of the Super 55 Deluxe is iconic and speaks to an entire history of music generation. The impact of this mic on stage creates a flavor of its own to those who anticipate a unique vocal presentation. But be mindful, it is only a shell, a look, a costume. The heart of the Super 55 Deluxe is the sound and flavor that it captures. You can whisper into it like a secret, you can bark at it with a little air space and it remains crisp and clear, uniquely designed for your delivery. Whether it is cupped or cradled or just left to stand there and deliver, it is a performer's finest dream. It is THAT mic and, updated for all of today's musical challenges, it does indeed deliver.

  • from Hemet Ca June 29, 2016Music Background:
    Self taught acoustic/electric guitar player 30+ years

    50's Greatness, New technology

    If you like the 50's look and the dependability of today's technology, you will not be disappointed! Great look and feel and very sensitive to direct vocal input!! Does not pickup sound from behind the mic... Nice pairing to my Yamaha PA system... And as always, Great input and advice from my long time musical tech Ed!!! Shout out to Sweetwater for all their help and support...

  • from United States January 26, 2015Music Background:
    Fulltime professional musician/singer

    Awesome Mic - Built Like A Tank

    Great quality, love the sound, excellent feedback rejection. This mic is simply built the way a mic should be built, solid. The looks are exactly what I was looking for.

    The only thing you need to be aware of is the way it mounts to your stand. The XLR jack and the mic stand threads are very close to each other, so using a locking washer is pretty much not an option. I had to get a 6" gooseneck extender to mount to the stand first, now it works like a dream. That extender allows me to lock the mic in tight, and just rotate my stand. If the two connections where a bit farther apart, a locking washer would allow you to tighten the mic to the stand in any position, hence the 4.5 stars.

  • from Grayslake, IL March 12, 2014Music Background:
    Recording engineer, Live sound engineer, Musician. Producer.


    I've had a 55 on stage at all of my shows since the 60's. It was a vintage 55 then. Most of the time it sat on stage with a cast mic flag under it's own spotlight, as a signature. Updated to a 55MkII in the early 90's. And used that for lead vocals, or Announce vocals during live broadcasts. Stumbled across the Super 55 a few years ago, and found that it solved many problems. First, as a supercard, it was more feedback resistant in live situations. With it's vocal tailored capsule, it warmed up higher voices, added ear pleasing detail, without EQ in most cases. I produced a female trio, and the Super 55 brought real life to their performances, with very little touchup needed. Male voices are clean and detailed, warm and smooth. Vintage good looks add to the stage presence, and the sound encourages performers to reach for new depths in their energy on stage. For a price that's well within reach. I have a case full of these, now. And they get a workout nearly every show. They do pop a bit more than a comparable Beta 58. All it takes is good mic technique to overcome this. . Highly recommend this mic.

  • from Salt Lake City, UT November 15, 2013Music Background:
    Gigging jazz crooner

    Beautiful mic with only one caveat

    I want to address two points made by several other reviewers.

    1- The Super 55 Deluxe sounds just like the Shure SM-58. This is definitely NOT true. I bought the mic on the chance that it could be the case because I love my 58 and have used it exclusively for a long, long time. The 55 has a really good, full-spectrum sound, and if you have a nice EQ unit and know how to use it you could probably get it to sound similar to the SM-58, but to be clear, this is an entirely different instrument from the 58. Don't get me wrong—it's a very well built unit with a fine sound, just not like the SM-58.

    2- The Super 55 Deluxe is way too sensitive to “plosives”. This point is kind of true...sort of. It took me about an hour of practice to revise my diction and mic technique, but I was able to manage the problem. Side-by-side comparison with the SM-58 shows this mic significantly louder on the *pop* of hard consonant sounds. You'll have to learn to soften your P's.

    Summary: This mic is GORGEOUS!!! I croon the jazz standards and love having a mic I can hold like a woman I'm kissing. The sound is a very good, clean, full-range, accurate reproduction of whatever you put into it. If you can learn to manage your “plosives” with a mic that doesn't manage them for you, I'm sure you will love this beautiful instrument!

    I penalized a half star for the *pop*.

  • from Bangor, ME February 28, 2013Music Background:
    Recording Engineer, Live Sound Engineer, Pro Musician, College Level Audio Instructor

    Cool Mic!

    I'd be hard pressed to give any piece of gear a 5 star rating but this one is close. It's Shure so you know it's tough. Cool vintage look we wanted for our Rockabilly band. Sound is great. Nice and clear and takes less juice from the preamp than a 57 or 58. The supercard pattern makes it MUCH less likely to feedback and therefore much easier to deal with as a sound guy. You can push it harder with less fear, and that is excellent. The new blue foam is cool too. Style coupled with function. Can't beat it.

  • from Texas June 22, 2017Music Background:
    Professional musician

    About the "plosives"

    A good singer that is well seasoned will know how to handle the "plosives" in a positive manner.

    "P's" become "D's" - "S's" become "Z's" - etc

    Also turning your head slightly away from the mic at these times - not allowing the consonant to blow directly into the pickup element helps also.

    Pulling back at these times also - especially with a close mic technique - with minimize this affect - consciously not blowing your "P's" into the diaphragm.

    The more you operate like a professional singer the less problems with "plosives" will occur and you will sound better. This device goes for all mics - not just the Shure Super 55.

  • from Texas January 30, 2017Music Background:
    CRAS Graduate + 10 Years Experience

    Great but watch the 'plosives

    Used this mic in a recording session and it makes vocals sound smooth and natural with a touch of old school flavor. However, the 'plosives (p and b) sounds are very pronounced. EQ-ing them out doesn't really work. I used a pop-filter for my session and it did great but with no pop you need to have the vocal talent back off a bit. One last plus about this mic is that it is super quiet and has great rejection. In my last session with it the vocal talent was also playing a ukulele and the Super 55 gave me great separation. So if you record a lot of people singing with guitar it is great in that application. Gave it 4 Stars because of the plosive problem but other than that this thing is worth adding to your arsenal.

  • from Indiana September 13, 2016

    The real deal!

    Just look at it! Sounds great too. Makes singing effortless because you aren't fighting with a lesser quality mics limitations.

  • from Nevada May 14, 2015Music Background:
    Country rock Band leader

    Shure super 55

    Love the mic but wish it had an on/ off switch. I bought an adapter switch but it did not work very well. I also bought a cable with a built in switch, it works but is a pain.
    I would have galdly paid the few extra buck that Shure saved by not putting a switch on this otherwise great mic.

  • from St Augustine, FL February 25, 2015Music Background:
    Working Musician - Vocalist - Songwriter

    This is definitely an upgrade from the Shure SM58

    There are three helpful things you should know: 1. You will need a sturdy mic stand, especially if you use a boom stand. This is a heavy mic. 2. The XLR input and the mic stand mount are side by side on the mic. You will most likely not be able to use a typical boom stand without an adapter. I use the On-Stage Stands QK-2B Quik-Release Mic Adapter, which works perfectly. 3. This is definitely an upgrade from the Shure SM58. You will hear the exceptional clarity of the 55-S immediately, I’m in a band situation and it does a good job of isolating the sound. You literally "KISS" this mic to get that sweet-spot sound, but that's to be expected. I have had good results in the dozen performances I have used the 55-S in so far, although I am dealing with a bit of distortion from time to time, but I'm hopeful I will work that out in time with sound adjustments.

  • from Findlay, Oh October 30, 2013Music Background:

    Looks as good as it sounds and sounds as good as it looks.

    Sounds every bit as good as the standard with just a little more presence. Looks so good I keep it mounted on a desk stand just to look at when it is not in use. A working piece4 of art :)

  • from United States May 29, 2012Music Background:
    Production Demi-god

    Missing ONE thing....

    Love this mic but it is missing an On/Off Switch! Need to get this rectified for SHURE! LOL

  • from Waldport OR June 1, 2011Music Background:
    Recording Engineer, Musician

    Super 55 Deluxe

    The Super 55 Deluxe provides a crisp clean output that is great for vocal tracks where you want the vocals to have low cut frequency eq'ing. I can really push the gain without feedback in a live room sound set up, so it is also great for live performance It is built like a tank as with all Shure Microphones and is a solid Microphone that will last a lifetime. I am happy to have it in my arsenal of Mic's.

  • from January 3, 2017

    Super 55 Deluxe

    Mic works very well and I love the blue screen.

    Only issue is NO on/off switch. The other Shure of earlier vintage 55 do.

    No big whoop.


  • from Northeast Tennessee April 29, 2013Music Background:
    Live Sound Engineer, recording engineer

    Beware of "plosives" with this mic!

    Beautiful, well constructed, cool looking mic. You just can't wait to sing into it. Warm, full sound, then you sing a word with a "B" or a "P" in it and hear your subwoofers nearly jump out of their cabinets. Even singing off axis, the "plosives" are just too much. Had been using an EV RE410 condenser, and never had any trouble like that. Going to stick with what works and sacrifice the cool factor.

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