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Way Huge Supa-Puss Analog Delay Pedal with Tap Tempo Reviews

4.0 stars based on 8 customer reviews
Questions about the Way Huge Supa-Puss Analog Delay Pedal with Tap Tempo?

Questions about the Way Huge Supa-Puss Analog Delay Pedal with Tap Tempo?

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  • Lui
    from San Diego March 15, 2017Music Background:
    Guitarist/ Experimentalist

    A very crazy delay for the connoisseur

    This is definitely the craziest analog delay pedal that i I have ever played.
    Now, I also own the Aqua Puss amd Echo Puss, since the Echo Puss is basically an improved Aqua Puss (or at least that is what I understand) the echo puss has the modulation controls in the front of the pedal along with others like tone I think. Now, these two pedals sound great! They have an amazing warmth and just really good analog tone.
    Not so much with the Supa Puss. Now, the Supa Puss has the most amount of features, it's the longest but it doesn't sound the same... even with the gain (grit) knob all the way down you still hear that kind of concrete room type dynamics. Very lo fi. I don't say this as a bas thibg because some of you might like the lo fi wuality of the repeats or like me, you just have so many other great soundig pedals that it's ok to play somethig as gritty and lo fi ish as the supa pus.
    But that is just the tip.
    The supa has modulation controls depth, rate. Gain which adds grit or distortion and tone ... also when you press the feedback button you select a different sibdivision... there is something about the J Tripps subdivisions for me that are incredibly musical and rythmic, even on the echo puss it has that dotted 8th rythmic tone it dmsounds great. But anyways the supa sounds great in any subdivision you choose. It goes up to 900 ms a serious lenghth for an analog delay!!! It has a tap tempo button , another unexpected feature for an analog delay and it can go up to 3 or 4 seconds with the tap tenpo button and it creates an extremely degraded, bit crushed signal that is , oh my god... heavenly... all of this can only be done with digital control... and trips came out with the "Digital Brain , Analog Heart" a lot before chase bliss... but hey, I love chase bliss... not knocking it.
    All of this is incredibly inspiring and you can come up with very weirs textures, oscillation and just crazy sounding repeats. Oh but when you press and hold the feedback button the subdivisions start to sequence. So they move feom one to the other making this glitchy, tremolo like effect... you have to hear it to understand .
    You can chance the speed, the order of the sequence it can go one way, backwards, random, two on one side two on thw other... man did George put a lot of thought and love into this pedal and it might be one of the most underrated pedals in the way huge line.
    Hook it up to an expression pedal for extra fun!
    Bottom line, this pedal does what most pedals don't. Even digital ones. It's a little hard to tame at the beggining with the mix knob and gain , but you get used to it quickly... people takong off 2 stars because of something like that seems a little harsh but everybody can judge the gear however they want.
    This oedal can be a ver simple delay, just select the time and repeats. Or it can be a more complicated beast. But not too complicated. But your choice.
    I think this pedal is definitely worth having. It's very unique, very high quality, very fun, very good, by the way the guy that made this George Trips has also made the aqua puss, carbon copy, helped with the line 6 , and many ither delays. He is the delay master!

  • Omer Harnak
    from Istanbul March 14, 2017Music Background:
    Professional musician

    Another amazing analog delay

    This is an awesome analog delay which you can create some crazy custom patterns. Worths every penny. Welcome to the world of inspiration.

  • -jim
    from Nashville/NYC December 28, 2016Music Background:
    Pro (30+years)


    I have lots of other delay pedals but there's something about this that brings out different ways of playing. It has some grit so it's not a super clean digital delay. While it doesn't have presets it has that immediacy of hands on knobs. The modulation and tone controls give a surprising amount of flexibility. The delay knob gives up to 900 ms delay and you can stretch it up to 3 seconds using the tap tempo but that results in some wild aliasing (like ring modulation) effects, which are either really annoying or maybe interesting (your call, right). It is kind of pricey and I got mine used but I was comparing it to a deluxe memory man and it won (and I love EHX stuff)...

  • Andrew
    from Utah June 4, 2015

    One Delay Pedal to Rule Them All

    Wow. Wow. This is a fantastic delay pedal that sounds so good and has so many features. It has an exquisite analog sound w/ low noise, delays that decay with such character and texture, and a long list of features: expression pedal input, very easily-accessible battery compartment, tap tempo, 4 time divisions plus some crazy "Chase" modes that cycle through the note divisions as you play, modulation that gives you some really cool sounds to blend in with the delayed signal, drive control to add some crunch to the delayed signal, tone control to make the delayed signal sound dark to bright, and the choice to instantly kill the delays when the pedal is bypassed or have them trail off naturally. Like the Sweetwater product description says, you can get everything from short slap-back delays to massively wide-sounding swells. Add just a little bit of a delay from this pedal to anything to give your guitar sound a little extra depth and richness, or crank up the delay and the modulation to get some gnarly sounds! The ONLY thing I would change about this pedal is make it possible to control multiple parameters with an expression pedal. You will not be disappointed with the beautiful tones from this pedal. Worth every penny!

  • Casey Scott
    from Central IL November 10, 2012Music Background:
    Serious hobbyist / gear nerd.

    The only analog delay pedal you'll ever need.

    Full Disclosure: I don't work for Way Huge/MXR/Dunlop, and am not getting paid for this review; but I REALLY love Way Huge! I own the Swollen Pickle, the Fat Sandwich, the Green Rhino, and the Pork Loin. When it comes to pedals, if Jorge Tripps designed it, I want it. With that in mind...

    This pedal = MIND: BLOWN! A schedule conflict took me away from it, and now over 7 hours later, I can't stop thinking about the killer tones I was getting. This pedal has the richest feature set of any analog delay (and most digital ones) on the market (AFAIK). I won't waste your time rehashing the description. But I will tell you a few things you won't find in the description:

    1. Like all Way Huge products, the build quality is crazy good. Everything feels solid and built to withstand the rigors of regular gigging or a lifetime of getting stepped on.

    2. Dimensionally, this pedal is the same length and height as the others in the line, but it is a bit wider.

    3. The "Gain" knob is VERY sensitive. Just a little dab'll do ya. Unless you WANT a crazy, out-of-control-noise-feedback-freakout, then go for it.

    4. The modulation is awesome. I was able to add just enough to get a very convincing U2 "Bad" / "Unforgettable Fire" sound. Again, lots of range on these knobs, go slow.

    5. The "Tone" knob is very helpful in getting the perfect amount of dark "grunt" out of your delayed notes.

    6. Sounds great after a good OD pedal. Plays nice with other pedals.

    7. For as much as it does, it's exceptionally user friendly.

    I've used or owned most of the other delays on the market: Boss, Line 6, TC Electronic, Digitech. If I could only take one delay with me on a world tour, it would be the Supa Puss. It's that good.

  • Henry Larsen
    from Oakland CA November 16, 2012Music Background:
    Audio Engineer, pro audio sales, circuit designer

    Awesome Delay

    Awesome modulation, great controls. Some people say the sound is a bit bright like a surf slap but it gets really cool underwater sounding crazy feedback etc.

  • Steve Wood
    from Laguna Beach, CA August 3, 2015Music Background:
    Film composer, producer and occasional gigging musician

    Beautiful sound, very fussy balance control

    Sonically I am very happy with this. In the most basic settings, it makes you want to play music which is the highest compliment. As you will see in other reviews there are many levels beyond basic settings that allow for unanticipated inspiration, another big plus. On the minus side the wet/dry control goes from totally dry to 50% dry and 50% wet within the first little teeny bit of rotation. It is quite difficult to fine tune anything in between. Then you have most of the rest of the travel of the knob without much change until you reach all the other side where you suddenly slam to no dry and all wet. Fine for the studio but if you want to grab a knob in a live setting and adjust the balance it's really hit or miss (a lot of miss). If it had a normal intuitive and user friendly mix knob this would get 5 stars from me.

  • Bob Hoffnar
    from Austin, Tx June 17, 2016

    not for me

    I am still looking for the right delay. I am a pedalsteel player and a big fan of analog delays. I would like to have a tap tempo feature though. I don't like the modeling delays. They sound amazing until you start being able to hear the algorithm or "wow and flutter" sample. So I was very excited about the supa puss.
    The IMD (Intermodulation distortion) makes it unusable for steel guitar. It becomes a problem with the tight moving intervals I use regularly. Makes the sound too big and muddy. There are analog pedals I love the sound of but they don't have the tap feature. Oh well.... the search continues

    I bought mine here at Sweetwater and returned it with no problems.

Questions about the Way Huge Supa-Puss Analog Delay Pedal with Tap Tempo?

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