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Toontrack Superior Drummer 2.0 New York Studios Collection (Boxed) Reviews

5.0 stars based on 4 customer reviews
Questions about the Toontrack Superior Drummer 2.0 New York Studios Collection (Boxed)?

Questions about the Toontrack Superior Drummer 2.0 New York Studios Collection (Boxed)?

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  • from April 24, 2016


    Absolutely Great!

  • from Florida June 1, 2015Music Background:
    Classical piano/ guitar, Pro Tools, synths, etc self-taught

    not a drummer?? NO PROBLEM !!

    I am NOT a drummer, but I DO know good sound when I hear it. This software is GREAT!!! Although I've been a songwriter for many years, I must admit that laying down drum tracks was not my favorite thing to do. I recently got Superior, and ... at the advice of Brian VanDeKeere, I use EZ Drummer2 in CONJUNCTION WITH Superior2. Just the Song Creator and Edit Play Mode in EZ grants me the best of both worlds. I've seen numerous reviews asking ... "EZ2 or Superior2??" My answer is ... GET BOTH !! (Perhaps a future upgrade of Superior may include the EZ features just mentioned, but until then this is my recommendation). I AM SO PLEASED WITH THESE TOONTRACK PRODUCTS.

  • from Geneva May 22, 2015

    Simply amazing - I still can't believe it!

    I'm a drummer. I'm picky to the point of being neurotic about quality drum sounds. If it's tinny sounding - off balance with too much thwack or hollow sounding - I go nuts. Good drums, no matter what tone or sound you prefer should sound like good drums. Good software should sound like good drums.

    Superior drummer sounds like I have borrowed kits from renown drummers and put them in my mix. It's crazy. The sonic quality of the samples, the nuances, the responsiveness is insane! I knew they had a good reputation - and yeah - I listened to the demo tracks online. But let's face it - a lot of times those demos are doctored or at the very least - they are the absolute max / best you'll ever get out of the product.

    Not this. When I got superior drummer loaded up, it was easy to select kits and mixes within seconds. It sounded 10x better than the online demo songs. I dialed up a gated kit and it sounded like I had Phil Collins playing.

    Then I got it set up to trigger from my Roland Td20 kit. It was super easy - made some midi note adjustments for my extended kit and it brought my EDrums to life. It made the Roland internal sounds seem downright crappy. I'm playing rolls and rim shots and flams on the snare - digging into the toms with light to heavy fills and superior drummer is tracking it with immeasurable delay. One note: it takes about 30 min to set up your hi-hats to track the way you play, which is a common thing mentioned on any forum - but take the time - it's worth it. Once it's set up - you're golden!

    I haven't barely touched what this thing is capable of, but I'm having the most fun with it. A couple other notes; 1. The midi files you get with it will blow you away. They did a great job capturing a real drummer in these midi files. 2. This blows away native instruments drum packs. I have Komplete 10 with the 50's thru 80's drummers and more - and none of them come close to superior drummer.

    Last note. I had a tough time deciding between EZ drummer and superior drummer. I found out EZ is 16 bit, superior is 24. EZ will only let you install the EZ expansion packs - and superior will let you install BOTH the EZ packs AND the SDX packs which are simply awesome. Even if you don't care about 16 vs 24 bit - the expansion abilities are worth getting superior. There's so much more control - and if you load the preset mixes - it's just as easy as EZ. But the deep controls are there if you wanna tinker.

    Hope this helps you decide!

    All the best!

  • from May 3, 2013


    okay i have a hybrid electronic drum set (roland/alesis) and after carefully testing 1) Addictive Drums 2) BFD2 3) Steve Slate Drums 4) EZ Drummer (toontrack) 5) The drum sets in Logic 6) Finally Toontrack's Superior Drummer. You can make whatever you want for your triggers. You want 3 rides instead of 1? go right ahead and the gain settings allow for the drum/cymbal to sound loud and clear. After you get the hang of mapping the darn thing, then you will for sure love this software. I really thought SSD was the answer but the truth is SD is SO much better you have SO many more options. Listen I've spent tons of money on all these virtual drum software programs, and now I know for SURE SD is the BEST way to go unless you can get an acoustic drum set and know HOW TO MIC IT.

Questions about the Toontrack Superior Drummer 2.0 New York Studios Collection (Boxed)?

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