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Toontrack Superior Drummer 2.0 - Crossgrade from EZdrummer Reviews

4.5 stars based on 18 customer reviews
Questions about the Toontrack Superior Drummer 2.0 - Crossgrade from EZdrummer?

Questions about the Toontrack Superior Drummer 2.0 - Crossgrade from EZdrummer?

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  • Aaron Rom

    I rely on Toontrack Superior Drummer 2 for all of my in-the-box work, whether I'm writing demos for my band or programming drums for other people. As a drummer, the ability to shape the sounds, and come up with a kit that "sounds like me" is absolutely crucial. This is simply a must-have product.

  • from May 3, 2013


    okay i have a hybrid electronic drum set (roland/alesis) and after carefully testing 1) Addictive Drums 2) BFD2 3) Steve Slate Drums 4) EZ Drummer (toontrack) 5) The drum sets in Logic 6) Finally Toontrack's Superior Drummer. You can make whatever you want for your triggers. You want 3 rides instead of 1? go right ahead and the gain settings allow for the drum/cymbal to sound loud and clear. After you get the hang of mapping the darn thing, then you will for sure love this software. I really thought SSD was the answer but the truth is SD is SO much better you have SO many more options. Listen I've spent tons of money on all these virtual drum software programs, and now I know for SURE SD is the BEST way to go unless you can get an acoustic drum set and know HOW TO MIC IT.

  • from Fremont, Ohio May 1, 2013Music Background:

    Thank you Toontrack

    I am very satisfied with this software and I'm soon adding the metal foundry and andy sneap producer preset midi pack!.

  • from San Francisco April 28, 2013Music Background:
    producer, engineer, composer, professional musician

    Killer Drum App!

    This program was the first drum program I have used that didn't break my creative flow. It is intuitive and sounds great!!! My drummer was blown away when he heard the tracks which is the ultimate test for me. Highly Recommended

  • from January 25, 2013

    Superior Drummer

    Superior Drummer is awesome! Incredibly realistic. Drums sounds amazing!

  • from January 10, 2013Music Background:

    Superior Drummer 2.0

    I am totally blown away. great companion to jam with ! easy 5 stars

  • from erie,pa January 1, 2013Music Background:

    superior drummer

    It's BAD***

  • from Ky, USA January 1, 2013Music Background:
    Creative Musician

    Toontrack Superior Drummer 2.0

    This is one of my best purchase of the year, Love it!!!!!!!

  • from Binhamton, NY December 27, 2012Music Background:
    Ccomposer for TV and Film

    Superior Drummer Crossgrade

    I went from EZ Drummer to Superior. My drum sounds and options have gotten much better and I still keep the expansion packs from EZ Drummer! Also the drum mixing is much easier, it's all done in Superior drummer.

  • from lousiana December 22, 2012Music Background:
    hobbyist and retired



  • from Colorado December 21, 2012Music Background:
    Guitar teacher

    Superior drummer 2.0

    This upgrade from EZ drummer is just what I needed. The sound were nice out of the box and needed less tweaking. The mixer is very handy. Just like with EZ drummer though, I would recommend getting some of the midi packs such as pop or song writer midi packs to really add some punch to your songs.

  • from Clinton Twp. Michigan, USA December 18, 2012Music Background:
    Hobbyist - home recording musician

    Awesome Sound - Easy To Use

    This software is great! Not only is it easy to use, it sounds awesome. The expansion packs are getting better and better. It's really opening things up for me being a solo recording musician. It's like having a pro drummer at your disposal.....without him hitting on your girlfriend!!!

  • from Orlando, FL May 28, 2014Music Background:
    Pro musician/worship pastor/studio engineer & producer

    Pretty much everything you need...

    Main thing: the quality is brilliant. The level of detail is incredible. With so many options, this particular virtual instrument is hard to beat. I like to make sure my programmed drum parts are as natural-sounding as possible, and EZdrummer took me most of the way there. Superior Drummer allowed me to really dig in deep and capture additional sounds (rim strikes, different kinds of flams and rim shots, alternate cymbal strikes, etc.) that I've been looking for to make my tracked drum performances even more real-to-life. People find it hard to believe I didn't sit down in a live room with a fully mic'd kit.

    My only complaints are the interface is sometimes too small, even for my liking. It would be nice to be able to resize the GUI window. Also, I found that some of the sounds tend to take their time to load up occasionally when playing back your track, especially if you have a lot of the channels enabled. It would likely help to run this software in a 64-bit environment rather than 32-bit for that reason. I get a lot of my other instrumentation from Reason 4, which can only Rewire to other DAW programs also running 32-bit. Need to upgrade that at some point.

    Other than that, brilliant software. Well worth the investment.

  • from Browns Mills, Nj April 10, 2014Music Background:
    Home studio, working musician

    Best drum software period

    Get it. That easy. Of all the drum software I have tried, hands down the best. I also have ez drummer so this is a natural upgrade. Nice to be able to use my old kits with more control. The sdx packs are noticeably fuller and you will quickly find yourself leaving the old ezx drum kits alone. Love it.

  • from Reading, PA January 24, 2013Music Background:
    Professional musician/bandleader/songwriter/engineer

    Superior is definitely the right title for this software!

    Was tempted to give SD 2.3 a 5-star rating, but I suppose there are a few little niggles with the interface that I would like to see improved upon. Honestly, I really don't know how I would do them better though...

    I already owned EZ Drummer, Steven Slate 3.5 Platinum and now 4.0 Platinum, and NI Battery and their Vintage Drums and Session Drums and Studio Drums, as well as lots of drum machines going all the way back to the original LINNdrum, so I guess I've had some experience with these.

    As well as having my own full-time band, I make an income programming sequences for clients who need songs produced on a budget, or live performers in need of custom background tracks for their shows - Vegas/Atlantic City quality stuff, so I do a LOT of drum programming. I go way out of my way to program accurate parts, with the best sounds I can, so my tracks will sound REAL and not 'programmed'.

    Until Superior Drummer, my favorite was SSD 3.5 and 4. Stevens drum sounds are top shelf of course, and no criticism of him, but he's all about ROCK. Even the jazz kits in the new SSD 4 didn't light my fire and no brush swirls are anything to really program a convincing jazz part.

    EZ Drummer was truly the quickest and easiest to program, but the sounds leave much to be desired and I would usually program a part in EZ and then swap out the sounds with SSD for my final production.

    Enter the dragon: Superior 2.3 has every bit of SSD's sound quality - no question, and is MUCH, MUCH easier to program and customize. But the kicker is their SDX expansion kits. SSD comes with everything and that's great, but there's no where to go for different sounds, while Superior gives you a couple of great middle of the road sounding kits with the option to load in others. The SDX expansions range from REAL Jazz (Yes! Finally!) to country, rock, metal (I don't do metal music at all) and their new Custom and Vintage kits which have a sound all their own.

    I now own four of the SDX's, which are expensive - no doubt. Not as good a deal as SSD 4, but WOW do they ever sound!

    Between the kits and the presets they offer, I can now program a tune quickly using the standard kit (unless it's jazz) and then simply switch between all the kits with the tracks playing, until I find the one that lights me up. It's also very easy to swap out individual kit pieces with their system, and NO CRASHES - something I have to deal with regularly with SSD.

    So kids, if you really want great sounds and easy programability, Superior 2 has got you covered, but you may have to wait for a sale to really expand your kits since it's quite expensive.

    If you're only interested in rock, then SSD 4 will cover you in spades, and it's always on sale somewhere. Just make sure you have LOTS of RAM or you'll spend mondo time rebooting your system.

    NI is not in the league with the above two, but if you get Komplete, their drums sound very good and you won't have to spend extra money.

    Superior also comes with lots of usable grooves to get you started when fleshing out ideas for a new tune or production. SSD falls far short in the groove department, and since the mapping is so different between the two programs, you'll spend lots of time reprogramming if you try and go between the two.

    Finally, I can program intricate, believable drum parts in just a few hours and the end product is indistinguishable from the real thing - even to the drummers I've worked with!

    If you have the bucks, SD 2.3 is the way to go. For less bucks or rock/metal, SSD4 will get you there. NI if you need more versatility for less money, and EZ if you're interested in workable, down and dirty parts and not a fanatic about pristine sound quality.

    Hope that's helpful! :-)

  • from August 23, 2013

    Simple install. Cheap for crossgrade and what you get.

    No one I play these for has a clue that they are not real drums. They sound great. The interface is so simple to use. I use in PT and Cubase. No problems.

  • from Indiana January 23, 2013

    Very Comprehensive Drum Software!

    I didn't give this a 5 star because there is just so much that I have yet to learn!! Lots of options, lots of tweakable parameters. Sounds amazing. Love the entire "EZ" line!!!

  • from Tustin Ca. October 25, 2012Music Background:

    Superior Drummer

    I had a hard time downloading software but ted support help a lot.I still have some issues with the operation of Superior Drummer.

  • from Chicago December 21, 2012

    Not What I'd hoped

    I think this program has a lot of potential, but I'm experiencing a lot of problems with it. I've consulted the Sweetwater Tech Support crew, and they were helpful in helping me understand how to get better performance out of it. My computer is plenty powerful, and, though it doesn't show that it's using up too many system resources, it seems like this program is too much for my computer. There are a lot of performance glitches. It's almost a useless program.

Questions about the Toontrack Superior Drummer 2.0 - Crossgrade from EZdrummer?

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