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Fender Super Champ X2 15-watt 1x10" Tube Combo Amp Reviews

4.5 stars based on 40 customer reviews
Questions about the Fender Super Champ X2 15-watt 1x10" Tube Combo Amp?

Questions about the Fender Super Champ X2 15-watt 1x10" Tube Combo Amp?

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Sweetwater Advice

  • Jeff Jent

    The Fender Super Champ X2 Combo is a tube tone monster! The regular clean channel offers your typical "Fender clean" tube tone. It really sounds just as good as some of the higher end Fenders of course with a little less volume/headroom. In my studio I don't need to have a lot of volume, so the Champ X2 is the perfect amp. (I upgraded the speaker in mine to a Eminence Ragin Cajun and wow what a different that made, really opened up the low end and improved an already great tone.) The 16 different amp types and effects on Channel 2 are simply the icing on the cake for me - I would have bought this amp just for the clean channel alone!

  • from Dallas, TX April 29, 2017

    Great little amp! Highly recommend it!1

    Fantastic Fender (and British) tones out of the amp models. The speaker gets better and better with use, as it breaks in. I was fully prepared to upgrade the speaker down the line, but after using this amp, I've decided to stick with the stock "Special Design" speaker.

    I upgraded the 12AX7 tube with a Tung Sol 12AX7, which to my ears, really improved the sound of the amp models. I've never been a fan of Fender's Groove Tubes, but that's a personal preference.

    The power section amplifies noise from "dirty" power. I moved the amp to another room in the house (without TVs and other electronic devices on the circuit) and it was much quieter. I plan to purchase a Furman PST-8 to clean and stabilize noisy AC circuits or incorrectly wired AC wall sockets. If you plan on taking this amp out, I recommend using a Furman PST-8. I expect the Furman to not only keep the amp quiet, but also to protect it and extend the life of the tubes and the entire amp.

    I'm having so much fun with this amp! I've taken it to Jazz jams (with numerous horn players), and while having to crank it up, it still cut through. I get compliments on how good my sound is with this amp. For bigger venues, I plan on adding the Fender external speaker cabinet made for this amp.

    I decided to give it a test. I flipped it to the Champ amp model (#1) and played Clapton's 'Layla', since he made the original studio recording on a 50s Tweed Champ. WOW!! It sounded fantastic!

    This amp impresses me more every day... ...and I've owned some great Fender amps over the decades.

  • from March 14, 2017

    Undisputed Super Champ of the world

    For the money this Amp cant be beat. It sounds amazing. Its features are perfect, simple, and easy to use. Its perfect period.

  • from NYC February 2, 2017

    Absolutely Love this Amp

    This was my first ever purchase from Sweetwater, and I've been coming back ever since. Outside of the amazing customer service, this amp has served me well since my first used tube amp from another retailer went down.

    Overall, although a modeling amp there are a plethora of inspiring tones-- I pretty much use all of them with the exception of the extremely high gain voices. At 15 watts it's loud enough for what I need as a relatively new player, and quiet enough to keep things respectable for the neighbours.

    The cleans on this thing are fantastic, especially the Twin Reverb, and the Marshall-like, Plexi voices i.e. 70's British are my favourite for a bit of grit/ dirt. I love the Deluxe Reverb and the '59 Bassman voice settings as well for brighter sounding guitars.

    I'll go out on a limb and say this has been one of the best investments I've made since starting my musical journey. An all tube amp with on-board effects, and so many tones has kept practice inspiring and has helped me learn a ton about EQ/ shaping tones as a guitarist.

    Huge thanks to my Sales Engineer, Will Newbill, who has worked with me since day one on all my gear from Sweetwater!

  • from USA January 29, 2017Music Background:
    Musician, Singer, Songwriter, Recording Artist

    Tone to the Bone!

    This Champ is one of my favorite amps! It's the perfect size and its respectably loud. Perfect for smaller venues and light enough to carry easily. The best part about this amp is it's rich clean tones. Did I say rich? Oh yes. It's rich and velvety for an amp this compact. Plus, it's packed with great features. Nothing beats a Fender! I have wanted one of these for years. I had the privilege of hearing one used by a talented, gigging musician. He dialed in some gorgeous tones. Add a looper and the sky's the limit. The big boys are spectacular, but having a go to amp that sounds amazing and doesn't need a truck just makes sense.

  • from mass. June 10, 2016

    fender super champ x2 15w tube amp

    This amp sounds great in the 1st channel very nice warm sounding,then channel 2 with the voicings and effects this amp is astounding,for myself I play for pure enjoyment this amp for myself is perfect.No pedals to buy. A.NOTHER GREAT BUY FROM SWEETWATER AGAIN Thanks again to my sales engineer JED ELLIOT

  • from Zen Mtn, OR December 4, 2015

    Super Champ

    where do you start when you have lost everything ?
    I ran into Sweetwater as much by accident. living on a mountain that doesn't boast of local music stores.
    Kyle Malone has been a great help in finding a good fit for my wants and needs ..He suggested I look in the Super Champ over a couple others I waschecking out at in the same wattage etc...I got the amp in just yesterday , sat down with it and with in minutes I had that" kid under the Christmas tree" grin on my face.
    The channel one is great & the channel 2 modeling was even better. Having that tube sound that you can pull out even in a smaller home studio is very nice. Then I went in to the Fender Fuse software , twelve hours later I finally gave the amp a rest. It's well worth the cash , it is a great fit for multi genre . Being able to reprogram FX and amp modeling to get thee right sound /voice(s) without a lot of effort/cash or space is pretty great . Not sure yet what it can do outside of the studio but it has plenty of room to spare so at least casual and smaller gigs should do fine and there is always upgrading the speaker. There is no stand by , but in a pinch , turn the vol down on channel 1 & switch it.

  • from Colorado November 16, 2015Music Background:
    Classic rock band; jazz; acoustic


    Love this amp. It's lightweight and the features are fantastic for my needs. The USB option is terrific to have making it well worth the investment upgrade.

  • from Central California November 13, 2015Music Background:
    Hobbyist/Performer for 20 years

    Superb Amp, Great Value!

    The SCX2 is an amazing amp. I have been fortunate enough to own many nice tube amps over the years from most of the major brands, and I absolutely love my Champ. I avoided buying one for a while because I didn't want a Mexican - made Fender. I was very wrong, I love this amp and use it almost every day. I purchased it primarily for the "Blackface" channel and it has not disappointed. It projects sound superbly - no "boxy" or "middy" tones. The "Blackface" channel takes all of my pedals very well and sounds excellent with my Gretsch and my Les Pauls. This amp really nails the classic Fender clean sound, and compares favorably to my vintage Deluxe Reverb. In addition, the amp models are better than I expected and I use them when I don't want to drag my board out. The effects are ok for practice, although I really like the reverb and think it enhances the clean tone significantly. I just ordered the 1x12 extension cab and can't wait to try it through that. Overall, I am still very happy with this amp - the Blackface channel alone makes it worthwhile. It's well made, sounds amazing, and is very affordable. Great job Fender!!

  • from USA October 5, 2015Music Background:
    Singer,Songwriter,Musician,Recording Artist

    Super Sweet Tube Tone

    This amp is oh so smooth. It emits some of the sweetest, warmest tones. Sound you would expect from an amplifier twice its size! I highly recommend this one. I think its a must have for any musician. It's pretty too. it's crystal clear clean tone is awesome! No sloppy playing ha.
    Fender has included modeling capabilities as well as software and USB cconnectivity.
    With all these features at a reasonable price you just cannot go wrong.

  • from rochester NY July 30, 2015

    that sweet Fender sound

    I had one of these amps fantastic combo for the money I have owned twin reverb's and this is right in there as all fenders played Pedal steel through it sounded great

  • from Indiana July 27, 2015Music Background:
    playing 35 yrs.

    Great Little Amp.

    This amp really is fantastic!
    I first bought the Peavey Viper 2, and it was alright, but we really didn't hit it off like I thought, so after messing around with it for a week I decided it was time to part company and see if the X2 was more to my taste.
    I play mostly Blues, Southern Rock and Classic Country and this amp really hits all those tones and more.
    Sweetwater took the Viper back with absolutely no hassle and brought out the X2 for me to try out, played all the rest of the week end.
    Fender Fuse is great for tweaking just the sound your looking for.
    Fender even included the USB cable which Peavey did not.
    Great service and a great little amp.

  • from Cleveland, Ohio July 25, 2015

    Great Amp

    Just what I wanted for a practice or small gig amp. A great tube overdrive blues and R&B sound without the weight of my Deluxe Reverb and without the price tag of my Deluxe. This amp is all I hoped it would be.

  • from greencastle, PA July 20, 2015Music Background:
    90s grunge

    Fender Super Champ X2

    AMAZING AMP. It beats the crap out of my old 2nd hand little excuse of an amp. It has great tone and so many different settings to give you whatever kind of sound you're looking for.

  • from Vinemont, Alabama June 26, 2015

    Tube Sound for this price is crazy...

    I love the Tube cleans and for what I need it is perfect...The sound will surprise you how it breaks up nicely at lower volumes. The "Channel 2" is a nice bonus and the "Tap Tempo" feature is awesome.I would like to thank Brendan Murphy my sales engineer for helping me decide on this amp...It is perfect for my musical needs...Thanks again ...

  • from East Greenville, Pa June 15, 2015Music Background:
    playing guitar 45 years....

    Sweet Amp!!!

    I never would have thought a little Fender amp would pack this much tone. I mostly use this at home for creating patches on my Line 6 HD500X.....My 1993 Blues Deluxe is at practice and i needed something that was as close as possible so didnt have to constantly tweak patches and this does the trick. Dont get me wrong.....there are plenty of times I just plug right into this little beauty just for its sound. Worth every penny and if I was playing a small club i would have no problem using this amp at all. Thanks Adam Bruce....once again you showed me why I love my rep at Sweetwater and the company itself!!!!

  • from Judsonia, AR USA September 18, 2014Music Background:
    Been Playing Guitar 50 Years, Hobbyist



  • from California July 15, 2014

    Great Amp

    I had heard that this is a great amp, and had seen it reviewed on YouTube. I was looking for something great sounding for recording and playing at home, and had looked at bigger amps, but finally settled on this one. I'm glad I did.

    First, this amp is not cheaply made. The build quality is what you would expect from Fender. The sound quality also does not suffer, and this thing is quite capable of playing LOUD if you so desire. It is a combo tube/modeling amp, and has the warm tube sound you would expect. The modeling part is where things get very interesting. There are 15 or so models that can be selected by the front knob, or by the optional foot pedal (which I recommend getting btw). If that was all there was too it, it would still sound great.

    But wait!, here's more!

    The amp has a usb port that interfaces with your computer, and runs a Fender supplied software title called "Fuse" (which you get for free from Fender) which allows you to further customize the models. The customizations include virtual stomp boxes that are before the amp, and virtual rack effects that are after the amp. There are also a bunch of community presets that can be obtained online from Fender.

    All in all, I'm very impressed with this amp. If you're looking for something small, but powerful, and has tubes, this one will do the job. Add in all the modeling capabilities, and you have one very, very interesting amp at a price that won't break the bank.

  • from Boise Idaho USA March 26, 2014Music Background:
    Playing for over 45 years

    Huge bang for the buck!

    The value is well beyond what I expected. I bought this amp with a Baja Tele and it's a great match. I find almost all of amp settings usable for my taste. Great amp for home practice and recording. If I did want to use it in a jam setting, I would just put a mic in front of it. Although it does have a good amount of volume.

    I downloaded the Fender Fuse software that lets you dial in the amp and effects parameters and save them to the amp. This is a really cool option, which adds to the value of the amp overall.

    This is my first "economy" priced amp. I wanted something small for practice that had that Fender sound. This amp fits the bill.

    I would say that it would be a great amp for a new player, the variety of sounds offered are large enough to experiment and cover some good ground, but now so much that it's overwhelming. Just plug in and go for it and you've got instant gratification.

    Again, This amp exceeds all expectations.
    I'd buy another one for my 13 year old if she continues her guitar lessons.

  • from Lagrange Ga. October 14, 2013Music Background:
    30+ year player

    Fender Super Champ X2 Combo

    Very flexible and worthy controls when used with my Ibanez and Les Paul. Have yet to use the software interface, but I'm certain the controls and functions will allow even more flexibility.

  • from McMinnville Tennessee October 14, 2013Music Background:
    Organist/Pianist/Guitarist Choir director/composer.

    One sweet little amp.

    I'v owned and used a number of Fender amps over the years; including Pro Reverb, Twin, deluxe, Princton and Super.
    This is the best amp I've ever used or owned. The utube demos do not give you a true demonstration of how good this amp sounds played clean. Distortion can be had in any stomp box. Listen to this baby without distortion and You'll hear how good it sounds.
    Thanks Alan Carter; I get all my gear from Sweetwater.

  • from Detroit, MI August 29, 2013Music Background:

    Great amp and great service!

    I love this amp. Great sound and versatility. I would highly recommend this amp for anyone who lives in an apartment (like myself) or anyone looking for a great practice amp at a great value. I have no doubt that this amp would also do the trick for smaller gigs.

    I would also highly recommend Sweetwater to anyone who is shopping around. Competitive pricing, fast shipping and customer service that is second to none. Overall a great shopping experience. I will definitely be back!

  • from cedar hill mo USA January 21, 2013Music Background:

    so happy i bought this amp

    i have a mustang 1 solid state amp that serves it's purpose well, but this super champ x2 combo has a great selection of tones and effects. the exeptional sound lets your guitar display it's capabilitys. i gvive myself four stars for not knowing it came in blond . i think i would have liked it better. my fault. bottom line , it's worth every dollar and more. thanks sweetwater and phil schwan.

  • from Fort Wayne, In.USA January 2, 2013

    1 tiny amp that has a ton of tone.

    I wanted to buy my daughter an amp that would stay with her for the rest of her life. This amp is it. The Champ with it's tube & amp modeling is awesome. I can't say enough about it. But if you want a small amp that does almost everything. You won't be disappointed.

  • from MO March 17, 2017

    Awesome amp!!

    I've had this amp for about 3 weeks now and I absolutely love it! This is my first tube amp and I'm very happy with my purchase. My one and only complaint is that the preamp tube rattles a little on some notes. It appears to be a common problem with combo tube amps. I'll probably order a new tube soon (they're pretty cheap), and see if that fixes it. There are a ton of awesome sounds you can get out of this amp, it has awesome cleans, you can get beautiful jazz tones, and it can get a nice crunch for AC/DC, Led Zeppelin, honestly any classic rock. I don't really use the metal voices but with the gain turned down low you can get a nice blues lead tone. Great experience with Sweetwater, fast shipping and very nice people!

  • from Monterey CA February 5, 2017Music Background:
    Rock, country, fusion, alt/folk, etc.

    Great value for the performance!

    I'm still pretty amazed at the versatility of this machine. I thought I was buying a good little practice amp; but I can get all kinds of very authentic sounds that are spot on for anything from gritty rock to country, jazz, etc, and various electric guitars. (I haven't tried it with an acoustic or a keyboard.) Great for recording, and mic'ed, for smaller venues. Fender really hit it out of the park with this little jewel.

  • from March 15, 2016

    Fender Super Champ X2 Combo Amplifier

    I’ll start out by saying that my sales representative Patrick Schaefer and the staff at Sweetwater were very professional, helpful and kept me informed as to the status of my order throughout its processing. All items were received promptly, well packaged, and all back-ordered items arrived considerably ahead of schedule. Thank you…

    This review is for the Fender Super Champ X2 Combo (SCX2), Fender Foot Switch, Fender SCX2 Cover and the Eminence Lil’ Buddy 10” speaker, which was purchased in combination to be used while my “Vintage unmodified 1965 Fender Deluxe Reverb” (DR) goes in for refurbishment. As one might imagine, I was looking for an amplifier that would sound similar to my DR without breaking the bank or require me to purchase a solid state modeling amplifier.

    After considerable research I settled on the SCX2 as it has a clean channel that utilizes a 12AX7 pre-amp and 6V6 output tubes driving a 10” speaker. The only initial reservations I had concerning the SCX2 were the additions of the digital front-end electronics, the digital effects, and the 10” speaker as there is a 12” speaker in my DR. As I prefer the smoother sounds of blues, Jazz and classic rock, my expectations of the 10” speaker were mixed, so I decided to research a replacement speaker right up front in the event that it was needed. I eventually settled on the Eminence Lil’ Buddy with another option being the Eminence Legend 1058 as an alternative. The basic goal was to match an amplifier and speaker that “out of the box” and within reason sounded similar to the DR.

    I received the SCX2 within a few days of purchase and immediately unpacked the amp. To my delight, I found the SCX2 build to be very solid, well assembled and looking like a classic Fender Black-Face -- nice job overall. I then proceeded to update the firmware using the Fender Fuse software and set the internal midrange control to center, “I must say that I wish there was a front panel midrange control”. The software was very easy to use and the upgrade completed without any issues, a very nice setup for the would-be guitar player and experienced musician alike, as you can tweak the digital front end in a variety of ways to suit ones taste, so far so good.

    After the firmware was upgraded, I proceeded to give the SCX2 a workout and start breaking-in the speaker. Out of the box I found the amp to be reasonably good sounding overall, so I continued to run through the effects, play with the voices and discover that with a little effort, one can get a broad range of tones from this little amp. As my goal was to get a pure tone similar to my DR, I switched back to the clean channel with the Fender Foot Switch, which is basic, well built and gets the job done. I played for several hours off-and-on and noticed a clear unevenness within the output level and overall tone as I ran through a variety of chords and progressions with my Fender Robben Ford Guitar; at this point I attributed the anomalies to the speaker being new and decided to give the amp a rest.

    After a few more days of playing and about 15 more hours or so of breaking-in the speaker, to my surprise the low-end showed signs of being a little loose and the high-end exhibited a tendency to be a little brittle. Hmmm… the speaker really didn’t show any signs of change for the number of hours played, and it didn’t sound all that bad for an amplifier in this price range; it was simply not the tone I was looking for. As sound and tone can be subjective, I felt a reference was required so I had the DR sitting in the same room for comparison, and while I realized it would be difficult to match the tone, I simply felt the SCX2 was able to get reasonably close with some effort.

    As it would be, the Eminence Lil’ Buddy had been back-ordered, but miraculously showed up early. I installed the Lil’ Buddy in the SCX2 that evening in less than 15 minutes and without any problems, it was a perfect fit and also added some weight to the amp, “now the SCX2 feels very substantial” and is a nice tight package.

    I started out playing on the clean channel and will say that the difference was immediate and undeniable, the low notes were round and full, the midrange was moderate and smooth, and the high end sparkled with definition. There was no loose, dark, muddy, unevenness or brittle sound through-out the playing range of my guitar, and the sensitivity was increased along with the output volume by about one-half a number on the volume dial. WOW! And to think the Lil’ Buddy isn’t even broken-in -- now we’re in business, the SCX2 sounds great!

    After a few more hours of playing through the clean channel, then using the Fender Deluxe voice along with the effects; especially the reverb and chorus, I will say that Fender has done a great job at creating the hybrid SCX2 and user friendly Fuse software. I can see this amplifier working well for practice, in the studio or in intimate small indoor venues, and while the tone of my SCX2 Combo is not quite the same as my DR, it’s reasonably close for the investment and clearly has its place as a compact, versatile and great sounding amplifier, especially with the addition of the Eminence Lil’ Buddy speaker onboard.

    As for the Fender Special Design Speaker, it has a doped surround and is very stiff, and maybe after 40-50 hours of hard playing and some age it will loosen up, but I honestly get the feeling that it may perform better with another type of music? Happily for now, my basic goal has been met with the SCX2 and Lil’ Buddy combination, so I’ll slip the Fender SCX2 Cover over the amp and contemplate adding the Super Champ SC112 1x12 Cabinet to my arsenal for a little more variety.

  • from September 7, 2015

    Super amp

    I was looking for a small amp that would sound good in my spare bedroom studio and that I could carry to a small low volume gig. The Super Champ is near perfect. The stock speaker sounds good but I replaced it with a P10R and it sounds better. In the house this is amp is perfect. I can get tones (I play mostly clean with a slight edge) that I could not get on my Vibrolux or my Mesa 525 because you have to turn them up too loud and the room interferes with the sound. The best setting for me was number 3 (Tweed Deluxe Distorted/Compressed). Just the right amount of compression with an edge. Played a gig with it last night with a loud drummer...the Champ could barely keep up..but when it did keep up it sounded fantastic. Next gig with that drummer I will bring the Vibrolux. Love the Super Champ.

  • from Northern Nevada August 29, 2015

    Super Duper Champ X2 Amp

    For what it is, and for the money invested and the features available on this amp, I can't see where you could go wrong! I would have liked to have had a standby switch and perhaps a headphone jack, but for a small amp for home studio or practice, I would rate it high! For gigs and working with a band,.... well, maybe I'd stick to the old Fender Twins or Super Reverbs. Fender has done a great job putting so many different amp "voices" in a small amp. The noise/hum level is a little high when close miking with a Sure SM 57, but after all, it is a tube amp! The highlight of the purchase,... as always,... is the service and efficiency offered when dealing with Sweetwater! It just don't get any better!! I would recommend this amp to anyone looking for a small,brand name, combo amp. It will surprise ya!!

  • from NY August 5, 2015

    Here's a simple honest review

    This amp has lots of great tone and can get dirty too without any pedals. Some of the voices on the amp that are meant to have a crunch gives off lots of buzz even when the gain knob is on 1 with the volume on 3. It's a great amp to jam with but tricky if your going to record with a mic. You would definitely have to put a noise gate when recording. I found if you use voice 14 with the gain on 2 and the volume from 3 to 4 you can get an amazing crunch tone with very minimal and close to no buzz at all. Overall a great amp for a decent price.

  • from July 28, 2015

    Excellent small practice amp with tube tone + versatility.

    I'm a tele player and have a Vox AC15C1 that I used to play with my band. However, I no longer play with them and wanted something smaller and more portable for practice in my apartment, jamming at friends' houses, and small coffee shop sized gigs if need be. I mainly play country and wanted to try a Fender since I had always used Vox. This amp seemed like a good choice so I purchased one. First off this amp is advertised as being full tube but is really like 3/4 tube: hybrid preamp, tube poweramp. This may be a turnoff for snobs and purists, but doesn't bother me considering the price point (this is why it costs $379 and not $700). There are also many features that make it great for a practice/apartment amp than only a hybrid style can provide, such as amp models and multi-effects.

    What I like about the amp:

    It looks very similar to other classic small Fender tube amps and doesn't visually advertise that it has modeling or effects, which I like.

    The separation between channels 1 and 2. Channel 1 is a simple clean channel with one volume knob and has that classic Fender tube tone that I wanted. Channel 2 is the modeling channel and has the ability to select between 16 different amp models (which can be configured using FUSE on your computer). Most of the models are very nice sounding, with the exception of the really distorted ones. Heavy distortion is not Fender's strong suit, so you might want to consider another amp if this is your style. The great thing is that you can remove the models you don't like and replace them with something else using FUSE. While the modeling channel sounds decent, I prefer Channel 1. It's simple and sounds great for my style of playing. Both channels are then sent through the equalizer (treble and bass controls on the front panel, middle control when connected with FUSE) and to the effects section, which can be turned on or off.

    The digital effects are as good as can be expected. The digital spring reverb is what I use most often and sounds pretty good. The delay is usable when just messing around or playing with friends, but pretty limited. I use MXR Carbon Copy if I need delay for a small gig. I don't use any of the other effects so I can't judge them, but you can adjust these as well in FUSE. I didn't buy the amp for it's effects, but it's nice knowing they're there.

    FUSE software allows you to change all kinds of things in your amp and customize the sounds you can get out of it. If you want it, it's there. If you don't, don't worry about it. I personally don't mess around with it much. I think the amp sounds good as is. Although I do have plans of removing the heavily distorted amp models and replacing them with something I can use.

    What I don't like:

    There is no headphone jack! I would have liked to see this considering many people will buy it for a practice amp to use in their homes. The only thing you can do is hook it up to a recording software like Garage Band through USB and use headphones through your computer.

    The knobs are fairly long and protrude out from the front panel more than I like. I think one day I'll knock one off carrying it around. Other than that I have no issues with the amp.

    Some people feel the need to swap out the stock Fender speaker and replace it (usually with an Eminence Ragin Cajun) which gives it more volume. I personally think this is unnecessary because I WANT THE AMP TO BE QUIET. This gives me good tone at low volumes. If you want a gigging amp, this is not the one.

    Overall, this is a great mostly tube practice, jamming, small venue amp that has classic Fender tube tone at a price well below a Blues Jr. I would buy it just for this fact alone. On top of that you get amp models, digital effects, and FUSE capability that makes it extremely versatile. It's a great amp for anyone who wants versatile Fender tube tone in a small package for low volume situations.

  • from East Greenville, Pa May 20, 2015Music Background:
    Been playing since 1970.....yeah...im old....lol

    This amp kicks it!!!

    Let me preface this by saying I was playing guitar when Black Sabbath was "Paranoid", Grand Funk Railroad was "Closer To Home" and Alice Cooper "Loved it to Death".....in other words I've been playing a long long time and I have to tell you I never expected that a little Fender amp would be able to pack so much Fender sound into it. I have owned a 68 Fender Deluxe Reverb (wish I had that back thats for sure) and I currently have a 93 Blues Deluxe (which is a sweetheart of an amp) but this little thing isnt going to take a complete backseat to anything. Channel 1 is my fav at the moment....just pure Fender tone. The one thing i like is if i go onto channel 2 and turn the gain all the way down I have quite a few different variations of Fender clean. Plenty of volume for my bedroom/studio. I didnt give it 5 stars because I am not blown away with the different chorus/tremelo/delays. The reverb is fabulous but the rest leave some things to be desired but thats ok.....I have my own to use. All in all if you're looking for Fender tone at a great price and you have limited space you wont go wrong checking out this little beauty. My sales rep Adam Bruce, as always, was a great help in answering all my questions and getting this out to me. How long did delivery take?....2 DAYS!!!!.....thats just freaking awesome!!!....Sweetwater rocks!!!

  • from Wake Forest, NC March 11, 2015Music Background:

    Excellent Amp!

    This amp is awesome! I have a Blues Deluxe (from Sweetwater) which I LOVE! and I really hate taking it to light duty stuff (50 pounds). I wanted a great amp for rehearsal, something where a lighter amp would be be better. This amp rocks! Practice. Rehearsal, and small gigging this Super Champ is a sure bet!

  • from Tallahassee, FL April 7, 2014Music Background:
    Longtime studio owner and one-time hot guitarist in South Florida

    A Pleasant Surprise!

    When lifting the Super Champ from its shipping container, the first thing that struck me was that it looked like a slightly undersized Fender knock-off. From the photos I expected the usual full-size Fender knobs, not these frail-looking, plasticky 3/4 size knobs. But the amp felt sufficiently robust weight-wize and so I reserved judgement. Note that in the past I have owned everything from a tweed Deluxe to a brown-panel Concert, to a black (and later silver-panel) Super Reverb. But hard times forced me to sell those over the years and now prevented me from purchasing the amp I truly wanted, so this had to do. Surprisingly, after some significant tweaking with Fender's FUSE software, I got some fairly hefty sounds. The speaker is actually the amp's weak point, but overall, despite my doubts, I found I could get the sounds I needed for both live use and (more often) recordings. I plan on upgrading to a hemp-coned 10-inch driver when funds allow. The bottom line is that the Super Champ X2 is a deceptively capable amp that will please most and with some editing (to access hidden features like midrange tone controls). With a chunkier-sounding speaker, this will actually turn out to be one of my favorite Fenders, particularly since I rarely gig much. At the price, it's a steal, too!

  • from Alabama May 16, 2012Music Background:

    Just right for my purposes.

    I bought this amp so I can use it in a stereo set up paired with my Pro Jr. (they are both light enough to carry to rehearsals). I was originally looking for another tweed Pro Jr, but for the money, this has the foot switchable effects and second channel with amp voicing. Although I haven't really tried the effects much yet, this works great using the channel switch in the "90's Metal" position for leads and channel one for clean. I also haven't yet tried any tweeking using the FUSE via USB. Maybe I'll post again after I've had more time to thoroughly test it out.

  • from Phila April 10, 2012Music Background:
    Pro Musician

    Great little amp with big sound.

    Small but very powerful and big sounding amp even at low levels. Plenty of voices for any kind of amp tone but the Marshall voice is really good on this amp. Plenty of great sounding effects and you can customize and access more hidden effects using Fender Fuse software. Clean channel is great for adding your own collection of stomp boxes or multi effect pedals. Very high quality made (of course it is a Fender). I do wish it had a standby switch on the front. I also wish the USB could be used to connect the amp as a VST plugin in my host software (Cubase). Righ now you can only use the USB as an AISO input. I am sure Fender is working on this.

  • from Largo, FL. March 11, 2012Music Background:
    38 years in the business

    It's everything I need

    I only gave it a 4.5 because of 2 reasons: effects and lack of a stand by switch. But, it is a rare thing when you get an amp that takes longer to unpack than find your sound! There are tons of stuff in here that I'll never use because I know what I like. Gain and fast delay with a tube sound thru a Marshall setting. I only play blues and blues rock so it is perfect for me. I can get a great sound at 1 1/2 on the volume on Channel 2. Quiet enough to play while my wife sleeps in the next room. But it doesn't really start to sing until the volume is up at 2. Although I'm sure it will get loud enough for small clubs. I only put 4 pedals in front of it: a Morley Bad Horsie, a Maxon OD808, a Decimator NR and a Korg Blackout tuner. I have finally found the PERFECT amp for me. Great for recording too! Remember, Clapton used an old Champ on Layla! This has many more features and much more power. Pre-order now!

  • from Washington April 28, 2015Music Background:
    professional solo musician


    Tone is really good. Not as good as my Peavey Classic 30, but close. It's also a lot lighter. It's not quite as loud as I was expecting. I had played an older XD and I don't know if it had mods done to it but it was a bit louder, not that that matters much for me. Oh yeah, and it's a deal for the price!!!

  • from Portland,OR March 9, 2015Music Background:
    Praise Team

    Line Out

    The amp has a nice range of sounds to choose from. The website din't work on my Mac, but the sounds it has to offer is enough for me. I particularly like the line out so I can run it through the PA and use the amp as a monitor. The other musicians can hear it as well since I have it coming from the side of the stage on top of a monitor for the bass. It sure helps hearing each other during worship. I sure hope HE likes it.

  • from Spokane, WA USA July 27, 2012Music Background:

    Big amp tone

    I bought this as my second amp for practice and generally making noise. With true tubes on the front end, it really does sound like a much bigger, more expensive tube amp. Very nice tonal quality and the volume would easily support gigs in a small venue. Nice effects built in, and with a USB connection to your laptop and Fender FUSE Software, the potential number of models could be limitless. I agree with other opinions posted that this amp's only points deduction is for a lack of a standby switch. If you are back and forth during the day playing your guitar intermittently, this can be mildly annoying as you wait a few minutes for the amp to warm up each time. Guessing that adding a standby switch couldn't add more than $10 to Fender's production cost to build these, I think they are missing the boat on an otherwise ideal practice amp.

  • from Pennsylvania July 3, 2012

    great little amp

    Got this for recording and small venues; the clean channel is dead-quiet,
    the modeling voices are very usable, it's PLENTY loud enough and it's light. Would have rated it a five if it had a standby switch.

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