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Fender Super Champ X2 Combo - FSR - Blonde Oxblood Reviews

4.5 stars based on 17 customer reviews
  • from Washington D.C. suburb August 25, 2013Music Background:
    Musician/engineer 50+ yrs

    Re-Review of the FSC X2 Amp

    I had to do a re-review on the Super Champ. This amp, as is, is one of my favorites. But it just got 10x better. I purchased a Rajin Cajin Eminence speaker to replace the stock speaker and WOW! Increased, rich tight bass, took away harsh treble and increased the volume substantially. Channel ONE sounds much better and the modeled amps in Channel TWO have all surprised me as to how much better they sound, even though they sounded good before. If you close your eyes and listen, this amp sounds like a much larger combo amp. This is a fanatic sounding and looking amp and with just adding a mere $70 Eminence speaker, you will have yourself a Super-Super Champ Amp. Can you tell I love this amp?

  • from Phoenix area July 17, 2013Music Background:
    Experienced Musician


    I've had the Champ for a number of months now and after playing for many years through a large amp, think Super Reverb, my expectations were not extremely high. However after having some discussion with my Sweetwater tech guy, I ordered and installed a 10" Eminence Rajun Cajun replacement speaker. This produced a significant improvement but I still was trying to capture the vibe of a Fender amp from the 50's & 60's. So after more conversation decided to add Tung Sol tubes to the amp. I used the Tung Sol 12AX7 re-issue for the preamp and Tung Sol 6V6 GT's for the power section. It now sounds much bigger, loud as all get out if you need it, and no quirky tonal stuff going on. Big improvement in head room. I'm very pleased with the amp, the Super Reverb is in the closet, and most of all the Sweetwater guys are incredibly helpful.

  • from grafton wisconsin March 23, 2013Music Background:
    pro luthier, pro musician,


    well, all I can say is, what an awesome little amp this is. no complaint's here. the price is right, fender did a stellar job with it's compact size, & the different sounds it creates. i'll use it for recording, & in my shop, but last night I did a small gig, & used it miked. it was really neat. it did the job very well. plus , I can always count on sweetwater if there was a problem. I just make that call to my personal dude Christopher geissler, who is the best at what he does , & everything would be taken care of. so, plus the fact that this amp rocks, do yourself a favor , buy with confidence at sweetwater you can't beat them for service , or price. my best , larry

  • from West Texas February 23, 2013Music Background:
    Home rock god


    Just like the others have mentioned this amp is the CHAMP. If you are on the fence don't be, it is everything everybody says it is. Combine the amp with sweetwater service and you won''t go wrong. I too have over 30 years of playing but young guns will love it too.

  • from Washington D.C. suburb February 17, 2013Music Background:
    Musician, engineer/mixer

    Fender Did It Again

    I stumbled over this sweet amp while looking for low wattage tube amps on the internet. I read the reviews and all were 5 stars or close to it. Just got my blond Super Champ two days ago and can't stop playing through it. I am a former professional musician with over 50 experience and have owned some really great Fender amps including the 60s Concert, the piggy-back Bandmaster and Tremolux, Showman, Dual Showman, Vibrolux, etc. I LOVE great amp tone and I can't believe the sounds that come out of this amp. Full rich bass and sweet treble and the digital effects aren't that bad. I love mostly cleaner to blues style tones with some crunch thrown into the mix and this amp has it all. It is great for a small studio and you can get great tone and tube saturation at low volumes even though this amp can crank. For the money this is worth every penny. Great job once again, Fender. (The classic blond vinyl and oxblood grill cloth make this amp look vintage Fender)

  • from Berlin, Maryland February 1, 2013Music Background:
    Part-time musician

    Purchase of Fender Super Champ X2 Combo - Sweetwater Service

    I've owned many amps over the past 40 years....this amp is another fine example of pure Fender quality and sound....I could go on and on how great it is! Hard to put guitar down when plugging into this amp!
    Would like to add that the service from Sweetwater was incredible...After receiving my amp a service tech and fellow musician (named Jim) called me to make sure I was happy and totally satisfied with the amp! I have never experienced this kind of personal attention and care from any company before. Sweetwater has got my business for sure and will pass the word to all my musician friends for sure!

  • from United States January 11, 2013Music Background:

    Awesome Little amp!

    Very nice tones from this little guy. Love the classic Fender clean channel, then I can dial up any number of modeled tones, plus add effects. For the money, this guy is a great addition to my studio.

  • from Indianapolis, IN December 5, 2012Music Background:
    5 years 8 months since I beat Guitar Hero

    The best practical tube amp

    I worked at a shop and within 5 minutes of pulling a combo SCx2 out of the box I sounded just like SRV and Jimi with no pedals etc... Then I changed the voicing and got an eric johnson/wes montgomery sound. SO good I had to buy another and decided on the Oxbloo/blonde combo. It looks much better. It seems ALL of these amps come with tubes rated 4-7 (mid breakup) but the SCx2 I pulled out of box from Fender Factory in April came with 9 rated 6v6 (much cleaner). I really like the higher rated groove tubes as the clean channel is crystal bright but the 4 rated tubes that came in my blonde are still excellent sounding. a must buy for anyone looking for that tube colored tone at a low volume/price.

  • from Holland Michigan November 30, 2012Music Background:
    Weekend Warrior

    Great Amp!

    This amp is loud and has sounds to fit anyone's tastes. I've owned and gigged with Fenders for 45 years...This one is a winner! It's great for home but will also work in a small gig.

  • from Indiana USA November 8, 2012Music Background:
    Guitar instructor, Local Bands

    Big bang for the buck

    I tried the Marshall Haze, Orange Tiny Terror, and a few other amps that were more expensive and just couldn't get myself to buy one. Up until now I was using my 77 Marshall JMP to practice on and it was getting to be too much of a hassle. I just wanted an amp that I could put in the living room for those moments when I felt like jamming with Joe Bonamassa on the big screen. I ended up at Guitar Center and one of the guys behind the counter told me about this amp. He said that he had one but sold it and wished he never got rid of it. I located one at Sweetwater, grabbed a yellow Ibanez Rg and plugged in. Right away it felt more similar to my live rig than the other amps in the way it responded to my picking. I was blown away by this and had to have one. I have been playing for about 20 years now and have had some great equiptment and let me tell you that this little amp doesn't feel like a toy. I like the way that the power amp is all tube and the built in fx are great. I read a lot of reviews that gave this amp bad marks for its high gain voicings I could see that if you are playing in drop C trying to pull off industrial music. That is not my thing. I like to play a lot of the hairband stuff and this amp does that very nicely. I like voicing 14 with a little delay for that Ratt sound. I read somewhere that Warren De Martini used one of these on the Back for More solo. Anyways I would call it the swiss army knife of amps. Fender cleans and great distortion. I bought it and showed it to a friend and he decided to buy one too. His is black and mine is oxblood so we can tell them apart. It is great. When we are messing with our amps and we find a cool setting we write them down and when we jam we can share our settings.

  • from Georgia USA November 5, 2012Music Background:

    So easy to dial in great tube tones

    I've had a lot of tube amps and some excellent non-tube amps like the Fender Mustang III, but I don't think that I've had another amp that was this easy to dial in great tones. I have this amp sitting next to my Deluxe Reverb Reissue and I can get really close to those rich sounds with the SCX2. I haven't tinkered with any Fuse software modifications yet, because I've been so happy with the '65 Deluxe and Twin settings.

    I think that this is a solid practice amp, and if you mic'ed it, I'm sure that it would be great in a band setting, as well. The blonde/oxblood look is killer, too!

  • from London, KY June 28, 2013

    Great practice/low volume amp.

    Love this amp. I can get a nice tube saturated sound without driving my neighbors crazy. I purchased the blonde version and am very happy. The only reason I took off star in my rating is the lack of gain on channel 1. But, as a practice amp it is a lot of fun and sounds great. Not only would I buy it again, I would recommend it to my best friends.

  • from North of Boston, MA March 25, 2013Music Background:


    Amp lived up to the reviews. It has a classic Fender sound. The effects are solid. The amp types hit and miss, but for the money this is a great amp.

    Cosmetics are a little sloppy, and to really use this you need to upgrade the speaker, but all in all a great purchase.

  • from Jacksonville, FL March 7, 2013Music Background:
    Amateur guitarist 12yr exp.

    Excellent Practice/Recording

    Picked this up for my first small tube combo - I don't gig and mostly record as a hobby. I bought a few weeks back and received it in 2 days! Plenty loud (or quiet) for getting your favorite tone just the way you want. Controls are intuitive and effects are pretty good. Good low and mid-gain for me with Nashville tele. Tubescreamer adds a nice boost for a little more on leads. The speaker voicing on this amp is great for all of their solid-state modes.

    I ran my 1960 cab from it and didn't sound that great through the celestions at first. I went into the computer settings and tweaked the cabinet style to "off" and then it sounded fine. Big wall of sound out of the 4-12 cab for only 15W! (I don't plan on playing this configuration much but I thought I'd try it out).

    IF yor're into high-gain stuff I wouldn't suggest using this amp for the distortion. IF you have a good distortion pedal it would be fine though.

    Deducted half a star for not coming with a mini-usb cable, luckily I had one laying around that I could use for computer connection.

  • from Howell NJ September 16, 2012Music Background:
    Musician / studio owner

    A change for the good

    This is my third Super Champ purchase in the last year. I compared this to both of my XD's in a side by test and the X2 wins hands down due to better voices on channel 2 than the XD. I feel that all of the 16 voices on the X2 are usable. I could not say that about the XD. In defense of the XD the clean channel is brighter and possible louder. But if you don't put them next to each other you won't miss the brightness of the XD. The X2's clean channel sounds great with a Stratocaster, Telecaster or a Les Paul. I have played all of them through the Super Champs. The tap tempo button is handy tool. I have not used the Fender Fuse software and I may never becasue I like what I am getting from this amp in the stock configuration. Kudos to Fender on the changes to this amp..

  • from michigan October 11, 2012Music Background:

    A great little amp

    I haven't bought a new amp in over 25 years. I wanted something small and light (it's both) but with that clean Fender tube sound for around the house, small get togethers and occasional recording sessions. This amp is a perfect fit. It won't fill a stadium, but it sure works great in the living room. I'd thought I needed a spring reverb and a true tube "vibrato" like the old Deluxe Reverb had, but I don't need that much power. I'm actually suprised by the quality and flexibility of the onboard digital effects. This really is a great little amp for the money! Hey, and the Blonde Oxblood version looks dang perty sittin' next to my old Tele ta boot! The rest of the family only wishes it came with a headphone jack.

  • from spencerville ohio December 17, 2012Music Background:

    fender super champ x2

    works well with strat at good volume. amp breakes up at 3 on volume and speaker buzz is bad with les paul.effects are ok .i would move up to blues jr. and forget the effects.don't think you will jam with anyone with this.

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