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Fender Super Bassman Head - Blonde/Oxblood Reviews

5.0 stars based on 3 customer reviews
  • from Athens Ga USA March 27, 2014Music Background:
    I was a Music Major in college, took private lessons for 12 years, I have played in numerous bands and styles.

    HOLY @#$%!!!!!

    Just played my first gig with this head last night. I used an EDEN 410 XLT cab to go with it. WOW! This is the best amp I have heard. I back lined my bass rig so I could hear what the amp sounds like when other bands were using it, and really get the 3rd person perspective on it from the audience POV. It is soooo CLEAN. Its cuts str8 through the mix and yet it doesnt overbear and mask the rest of the band or mud things up. It hits hard when you need it and grooves when you need it. The responsiveness of this amp CANNOT be matched. You can make swells really easily just by plucking harder with your fingers/pick. Just pluck softer and you fade to the background, pluck slowly harder and it moves to the front and takes over the room. When you mute a note and are playing staccato notes it is so tight I cannot put it in words. W e have a few songs where we have a build up and a pause then cut back in then a cut to drum solo and then bass comes in, and my god the crowd cannot get enough.

    A quote from some rando in the crowd that yelled during our set : "But Dat Bass Though!" hahaha talk about a great feeling when the audience cant stop keeping their jaws dropped drooling all over themselves.

    The other bands that used this amp:
    Hearing it from 3rd person, same story. I moved around the room to see the volume and blend of the bass in the mix from different ares of the venue and it just blends right in without being a powerhouse unless the bassist was going for that and laid on his heavy thumpin. It sounds incredilble. The Clean tones on this amp are unbelievable. You cannot find a video anywhere online with a Clean tone to listen to. But let me tell you right now, THE CLEAN tone is where its at. Something about a CLEAN TUBE tone that just makes people smile. The crowd when I was moving around kept talking about how awesome the bass sounds and gave credit to the bassist on stage(granted he was pretty good), but that sound was coming from this head. It it a very full tone that cuts through like a hot knife through butter. I was curious of the overdrive tones from the crowds POV as well. I sure as %$# enjoy the overdrive tone when Im on stage or in practice but from the audience it was even cooler. It beautiful, not dirty and distorted, Im talking perfect Overdrive. You can still hear the rhythm of the bass beat even though the overdrive was cranked, It AMAZING. There was this one song where the band on stage is playing this heavy break down with the bassist doing a walkdown with Overdrive blasting, right as the reach the end of the breakdown the bassist stepped on the channel switch to get that CLEAN tone and cut through the mix with this super tasty beat. this amp is perfect.

    the Breakdown:
    -Easy to figure out, yet endless possibility
    I figured out my tones in minutes
    -The Tone Control is amazing
    pull push pots to make the tones deeper or brighter actually make a clear as day deference in your tone. YOU CAN ACTUALLY HEAR THE DIFFERENCE. The overdrive tone is easy to figure out as well, with the gain and blend knob you set how mush grit you want with the Gain knob, then choose how much of the Grit you want to mix with your clean tone with the Blend knob
    nobody talks about the Clean channel on this thing. It is AMAZING, absolutely beautiful sounding.Very responsive and tubelicious.
    Guess what you can turn the blend knob to 1 and you now have 2 CLEAN channels, the overdrive channel can also be clean. SO you can have to preset clean channels with one being super bassy and the other really treble and bright and switch with the channel switch. The overdrive tone is amazing though and I normally dont like over drive but damn it isnt ugly sounding with this amp.
    -Throw away your BigMuff PI you dont need it anymore
    -Its easy to carry, the handles are great.
    -The Automatic Bias System
    you can change the Bias to make the tubes run hotter or cooler by pressing the arrows on the back of the amp until you get the desired tone. The hotter the tubes the grittier and more gain sounding you get, the cooler the tubes are the cleaner your tone gets. AND you have a total of 10 different levels of Bias to choose from.
    -I cannot say enough about this amp, just go buy one and stop shopping around.


  • from St. Louis, MO, USA January 25, 2014Music Background:
    Pianist, guitarist

    Not just a base amp

    Not a lot of amps out there designed specifically for 8 string guitars. I had always been a little disappointed in the amp speaker combos for regular guitars. So I embarked on a journey to find great sound and tone for all of the strings on my guitar, up and down the fret board.

    I was blown away by this amp head with both my 8 string and my regular six string guitars. Can you say more clean headroom than anything by a mile? Amazing crunch, and distortion that beats any pedal I have found. The "BLEND" knob is absolutely a great tool, and one of the reasons I did not choose the Super Sonic, and am truly glad I got the Super Bassman. If you ever felt like your distortion was not heavy enough, but when you upped your signal, you lost the musicality, this BLEND knob is the answer, really slick.

    I can't help but wonder how long this will stay a secret to guitar players. This may be the best guitar amp on the planet for the money, I can't believe my ears. The most beautiful lush cleans I have ever heard, and the second channel gives amazing flexibility form crunch to heavy distortion. The master volume allows you to explore many of these tones at semi-sane volume. The two inputs cover passive and active pickups quite well. This amp is the real deal. No reverb on this amp, but a Wampler Spring Reverb sounds amazing and solved that issue.

    For anyone who plays bass and guitar or anything in between this amp is worth a close look. Highly recommended.

  • from San Diego CA July 27, 2013Music Background:
    BA in Music, Pro Musician, live performance, recording

    Great Blend of Old and New

    Excellent amp combines vintage tech and sound with new. I've used this amp with several different speaker configurations (Avatar TB153 alone, Avatar (2) 10 alone and in combination with an Avatar (1) 15) in rehearsals and club gigs (medium to large rooms and outdoor venues) with 3 and 4 piece blues rock bands and a 20 piece big band and have found great usable tones and I'm still finding more. The sounds I'm getting using this head are well worth the 65 pound weight of the amp. I've been playing bass professionally for 40 plus years and this is an excellent amp. Great look and versatile sound, punchy - clean or dirty. Also Thanks to Robert Williams at Sweetwater for good advise and a great deal.

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