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Yamaha SKRM-100 SubKick Reviews

4.0 stars based on 10 customer reviews
  • The caveman
    from Nashville, TN August 12, 2009Music Background:
    Recording Engineer

    Love it

    This is apart of my go to miking set-up now. I use it on just about everything. I put this on the out side a RE20 45 degree angle outside the hole and a beta 91 inside about 6" from the batter head. This setup works on everything from jazz to metal because I have my lows from the subkick, nice creamy mids from the RE20 and the attack from the beta. It is just beautiful thing.

  • Nate
    from Seattle,WA November 15, 2008Music Background:
    Recording Engineer, Musician


    I agree with what Sean wrote below. I have the same mic setup for kick drum. D6 on the inside and Subkick on the outside. Any sound is atainable. Not much positioning needed, automatic sweet spot. It's great not not have to use much compression or extreme equalization to get the low frequency punch that can at times seem so elusive. Alot of people say buying on of these is a waste of money and that you can build one of these yourself fairly easily. That has some truth, but this gives you a great mounting system as well instead of screws into two vertical brackets to position the speaker height. Aesthetically its much more pleasing as well, really makes the homemade ones look makeshift, sometimes people care about how things look so it's a nice side perk as well.

  • Jeff McRae
    from Fort Worth, TX February 20, 2012Music Background:
    Professional Audio Engineer (Live)


    Being the production Mgr on a huge High end charity event that included not one, but three Disco legends and one of the engineers requested the SKRM-100. The backline company didn't have one in their inventory, so to make it easy I purchased one from my salesman at Sweetwater (Paul Rowan). My purchased arrived on time and worked perfectly. The sub-kick gave the engineer that low-end disco tone that he needed. Thanks to Paul and the entire staff at Sweetwater, for making it super easy and NO STRESS when a Professional Engineer needs to buy equipment and doesn't want to go thru the dog and pony show at some of the huge chain stores.

  • Sean Edwards
    from Mesa, Az USA June 29, 2007Music Background:
    Student/Recording Engineer

    Best Kick Out Today

    This in combonation with a Audix D-6 is possibly the most versatile kick sound an engineer could possibly have. An amaizing peice of equipment.

  • Layne Tubbs
    from Heber Springs, AR June 3, 2014Music Background:
    Sound Engineer (Dr.) That means I practice (Student)

    Pretty Cool if you have to have it all!

    Finally able to get the thump we were looking for! The SubKick is pretty cool, it really does work well. If you are on a budget and don't have everything else you need, hold off. On the other hand, if your set is fine tuned, cymbals are great, toms are perfect, mics are just like you want them and you just got to have it all, this is a pretty cool mic to have. You could make one cheaper yourself, but there is no way you could make it look as good or make it happen as fast. The jack is perfectly placed, the stand is heavy duty, the quality is top shelf. The SubKick was EQ'd and and Thumping within 5 minutes of un-boxing.

  • Ron Perron
    from Denver, CO July 6, 2011Music Background:
    Bassist, recordist, semi-professional (which means I make money doing this, just not enough to support my lifestyle).

    A great augmentation for kick drum mic'ing

    We used the SKRM-100 in addition to good mics and great preamps on our latest 11 song recording session. Our favorite combination was the SubKick and an Audix D-6. We also tried it with a Neumann U-87, an AKG D-112 and one or 2 other mic's. The D-6 was the best combination we found for kick. It really enhanced the big woof on the bottom.

  • Owen Wheeler
    from July 22, 2012

    WAY too expensive!

    It's a good quality product. However, it's certainly not worth any where near $300. For a fraction of the cost you can get the EXACT same thing. All you need is a speaker, xlr cable, and a cheap piece of metal to stick the magnet to. The effect is the exact same! Because most people can find speakers laying around, essentially, you're looking at spending $15-$20 for an xlr cable. That's it!

  • David Brotherton
    from Los Angeles August 1, 2005


    Two years before this was introduced into the market by Yamaha, I used an NS-10 speaker mounted in a snare stand. It was good but there was some eq-ing involved. Now, it's totally dialed in, no eq-ing needed. This is such good deal for what you are getting, and with say a D 112 inside giving you some more attack and blended with the Subkick....Best kick drum sound you could ever get. Oh yeah, my Mom likes it too!

  • Eric
    from CT February 1, 2005

    Get the sound you want

    Get the sound you want out of your kick drum with this. This mic is great sounding, easy to use, flexible and durable. It's basically the biggest dynamic mic you've ever used on a drum set. Experimenting with it's sound is easy- either move it closer or further away from your kick. Team it with another dynamic mic and mix the signals to get a huge, deep and full body and a tight smack from the beater. This is great for people who don't have the room acoustics or time to fiddle with more complicated setups. And those that do, you might want to switch. Sounds great, easy to use, priced right-- and you get the most amazing low end on a kick. Stop torturing your condensers on kick drums. its not the best way to learn how to mic kick drum, but if you want results, get it.

  • W Kennard
    from College Station, TX February 1, 2005

    Great mic for not much dough

    This is a great mic for kick druks. I use it along with a beta91 for both live sound and recording. I have been able to get serious low end thump that I just didn't have with the 91 alone. However this mic is great on anything that you want great low-end on. Stick it on a bass cab and feel the stage rumble. This is a great mic for the money, you won't go wrong with it.

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