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PreSonus StudioLive 24.4.2 Reviews

4.5 stars based on 49 customer reviews

Sweetwater Advice

  • Tim Harrington

    What can I say, this is an awesome board! I left the 16 space FOH rack at home, because the PreSonus StudioLive 24.4.2 covers it all. Compressors, EQ, Gates and effects. I love the ability to record direct into my favorite DAW software via FireWire. What a timesaver and it sounds great!

  • from Owings Mills, MD October 14, 2013Music Background:
    Recording engineer, pro musician, vocalist, and live sound engineer.

    Presonus StudioLive 24.4.2

    I'm a little speechless at the versatility of the Presonus Studio Live digital mixer. And I'm still exploring the capabilities of this awesome gear!!!!! All I can say right now is "WOW" and "Thanks" to the creative minds that put this together.

  • from United States September 3, 2013Music Background:
    recording engineer



  • from West Los Angeles, CA July 17, 2013Music Background:
    Professional musician, and sound engineer

    This board is AMAZING

    I have a professional stage show. This board has enabled my 7 member band to control their on stage mixes remotely, and save those mixes.

    It cuts down on stage sound check time, as well as rehearsal set up. The board is supper easy to use and powerful.

    Our sound engineer also has the freedom to move around the room if he feels the need to.

    On a scale of 10.. I give it a Spinal Tap number of 11

  • from Texas July 16, 2013Music Background:
    Professional Audio Engineer, Producer.

    Not a mixer i would buy for professional use

    We bought one of this for a church.
    This guys at this particular church did not have 20,000 dollars to buy all the compressors 31 EQ and channels they needed so we went with this one because of the features it offered.

    When we first saw all the "features" i thought WOW .... Parametric equalization in each channel, Compression per channel, 8 channels of 31 band eq assignable to almost any output, 2 reverb dedicated EFX units , 10 auxiliaries and ALL for 3000 thousand Dollars ... ! wow i almost had a heart attack ! church finances are different than touring companies finances. I have been in the professional sound world for a long time.

    But when we set it up and started demanding nothing but what the Board claims to be able to do ! it was a whole different story. For the trained ear .... this thing sounds really bad. Creates almost a Phasing or delay sound if you demand (not a lot in my opinion) of the DSP.

    The sad part about this for me and the reason i wouldn't even recomend this board to my enemies is very simple.

    I have meetings with pastors or company owners that write checks and buy what i advice them to buy. they trust me to tell them what to buy .... and i am not the only guy out there writing sound systems list of gear.

    Its very sad that a company like presonus put a board out there that does not perform at the level they promaise it will

    Sorry to spoil the party .... I am pretty sure Sweetwater wont publish this review but if they do believe me If your budget is 3000 dlls Don't buy a digital board like this

  • from United States July 11, 2013Music Background:
    Pro Musician Producer & Recording Engineer

    Amazing Gear! Amazing Price!

    As always, Sweetwater delivers! I got the best price on this StudioLive24 and they've been GREAT at giving me a few pointers when I get stuck on anything I've ever bought from SweetWater. Hands down, they have the best customer service of any company I've ever worked with!

  • from WEST VIRGINIA July 5, 2013Music Background:
    I'm doing free DJ-ing for raisiing fund for the Church; Play Guitar; Piano; and Drum.

    Perfect for my home studio recording and live performances.. AWESOME!

    Since I'm not doing yet the real thing 'cause I'm still constructing my home studio recording .. but then when tested it with my existing gear... WOW ..!!it's great giving me a great good sound output.

  • from Broomfield, CO June 14, 2013Music Background:
    Pro Musician

    The perfect solution for a working band

    Application: I'm a musician in an active variety band, and we either self-mix, or have someone running the FOH mix. We play over 50 times per year at different venues, and have a wide range of instruments and different configurations.

    • Logical, intuitive layout
    • Great build quality
    • Great sounding mic pre's
    • Outstanding flexibility
    • iPad and iPhone (QMix) applications are fantastic
    • Very reliable
    • Huge number of Aux outs (10!)
    • Spectrogram and Smaart apps are killer

    • No motorized faders. Not a huge issue if you pay attention.
    • Lamp BNC mount is cheesy

  • from Chattahoochee, FL May 7, 2013Music Background:
    Church Administrator

    Great Board

    This is a great board; however, we are still learning how to use it.

  • from ID, USA May 3, 2013Music Background:
    Sound Tech, Musician

    Best Mixer Ever

    This thing can do anything and everything you can image. Not only that, the sound quality coming out of the board is incredible and full. We came from a VLZ3 Mackie to this, and I can't believe the difference in fidelity. This board is so complex that a studio tech can do whatever he wants, but so simple that an untrained sunday morning volunteer can move the sliders for you. Not to mention the 10 aux buses can be configured for personal monitor mixes, then controlled through iOS devices. Great Board!

  • from Owens Cross Roads, AL April 3, 2013Music Background:
    Hobbyist, Volunteer Worship Pastor

    Great board for the price!

    This is my first digital board for live sound, and I am very pleased with the layout and vast array of settings/options! We use a volunteer sound team and we do not have our own building. The StudioLive factory presets have instantly improved our sound by applying EQ and compression that we didn't have before. I was amazed at the improvement...I could hear it the first time we used the board!

    I haven't used Virtual Studio Live yet, but I'm excited about the remote control options as well. This will be helpful for our small team. This board has a TON of features for such a low price point!

  • from Rochester, NY January 23, 2013Music Background:
    Recording Engineer

    Fantastic Mixing Console for Recording

    I'm very impressed with this console. I gave it 5 stars because Its extremely well thought out including the software interfaces. Presonus has done an excellent job developing this board to work well for both Live and Studio. The learning curve is relatively easy and the flexibility is fantastic. The sound of the console is clean, quiet and very transparent. Having 5 stereo Aux sends and 2 additional FX sends is very helpful especially when you are tracking a band. I like to give the band some reverb in their headphone mix which is easy with the internal FX sends to the internal FX processors. I can also give each musician their own headphone mix and they can control it themselves with the ipod Qmix software provided. I haven't had a chance to put this console through all of the paces but so far I am extremely pleased.

  • from United States January 18, 2013

    If you can't fig it out you probably don't play instruments

    The Presonus boards and studiolive are the easiest most simple way to record or play live...I really don't need to say more...working in the music field and using so many other companies...this took about 20 minutes to do a walk through then it was on to record mode...way easy to use and after reading the other reviews I had to laugh and put something down! Way easy to use sounds great and probably the most fair price out there so get it!

  • from January 7, 2013Music Background:
    Live Sound/Recording Engineer

    A good console

    I have used this console after installing it for someone. Overall I enjoy its quality in audio and how easy it is to operate. Like any other console that I have worked on both digital and analog you have to learn how it is designed and once you learn it, it is a piece of cake. The only thing I don't like about this console really is the fact that you can't really record scenes the way I would like in a digital console, motorized faders would have helped a lot in my opinion. All the options that this console has is great, you can easily adjust and add or subtract what you need to make the mix sound great. All the compressors,gates,limiters,and eq's both parametric and graphic is pretty awesome in how small it truly is. Lots of bang for the buck.

  • from Baltimore, MD November 13, 2012Music Background:
    Pro Musician, Pro Recording Engineer, Vintage Synth Nut.

    Been Very Happy with my Studio Live boards

    I am an early adopter of the Presonus 24.4.2, having bought one just after release. I've, because of that, had an extended period of time to thoroughly assess and comment on the strengths and weaknesses of this unit (and it's relatives). I also have it's brother, a 16.4.2 that I purchased as a spare. I had owned a few other digital consoles in the lower-mid level price range and had experienced issues with most all of them after a while - mostly resets. Knowing this was going to be my first digital board running both FOH and monitors, I wanted a spare with a broad enough feature set that I could truly get thru the night - that was the 16.4.

    I am using this board solely with my own group (a 10 piece variety act). I do not rent it out, nor do I run sound for others. That fact minimizes some of my overall concerns about the board (issues that would've had a greater impact if I was using the board for multi band shows, etc.)

    - Insane amount of I/O and processing for the money. I eliminated 24 spaces of outboard, and ended up gaining a cleaner and more consistent sound.
    - decent effects
    - each channel has para EQ, Dynamics, etc.
    - Assignable 30 band "graphic" EQs (I use them on mains and on some of my aux sends (driving in ear monitors)
    - 10 aux send. I have a 10 piece variety group, so having access to sends for everyone is great.
    - right (non-afterthought) iPad integration. This seals the deal (for me). Everyone in our group has both an iPad and an iPhone/iPod Touch. Presomus' qMix app puts everyone's monitor mix at their fingertips; they get everything they want and I am freed from being distracted by monitor adjustments. (there are some smaller bookings where I am both performing and running sound, so eliminating that side of things is a huge deal). SLRemote immediately solved the "where do I put the board" quandary, allowing adjustments from anywhere in the room. Buyers love it, and, prior to the wider adoption of these boards and the now-general expectation that a professional group will have invested in one, won us some bookings in and of itself - no mixing station anywhere in the FOH area, but still full control and not limited to "stage sound". Consistent updates have further improved the functionality of the iPad control app.
    - The capture recording App has allowed our group to record numerous full albums and demos over the course of two + years. The recordings sound good - not as good as my dedicated live recording rig (but given that rig was 10x the price of the 24.4, I think it stacks up very well.)

    CONS -
    - the head amps are not programmable. This would be a major concern for me if I wasn't locked into a consistent set-up.
    - no moving faders. At the time I bought this, moving faders were only a dream at his price point alongside the I/O and processing power included. Now the field is wider.
    - Small screen. LOTS of paging around for layered functions. I find accessing the graphic eq's very fiddly without an iPad. If you were to need to use the board without an iPad control surface, it would be a headache or head scratcher, or both.
    - the limitations of the FireWire 400 protocol disallow a chain of two 24 channel units to form an integrated 48 channel super-console. You can chain two 16 channel units to have a 32 channel console, but you only have 6 auxes, which for me, is four to little.
    - channel naming doesn't stick as part of the scenes (sounds small, but is a fiddly thing having to repeat after each restart of the universal control app.)

    The couple of years after the introduction of this board have seen an explosion in digital consoles in this price range. To me, Presonus has proven itself, and therefore Im sticking with them. I have yet to be let down on a gig, and I see Presonus making tweaks to their control apps to further improve the user experience. Given that right now everything is working and is stable night-to-night, a change is scary (even though I am busting at the seams for more inputs). Once a truly road tested alternative comes out with 32 channels (or Presonus build a 32.4.2 with flying faders), with equal or more aux sends, and equal or better overall sound - I'll be sticking with what works... I find this a clean sounding board - well thought thru. Sure, you can find a fault in anything, but for my needs, it is a solid piece for the investment,

  • from United States October 18, 2012Music Background:
    Musician and sound guy helper

    A Great Piece

    Honestly, trying to figure this thing out has been like trying to learn how to fly the space shuttle! But, after some trial and error, our band sounds great! The digital board has a lot of capability that we have yet to discover, but it is a far cry better than the analog board we just replaced.

  • from Orlando, FL October 16, 2012Music Background:
    Full time musician, guitar/vocals, live sound engineer

    All you need and then some...

    Straight to the point. . . For this price, you simply cant get more high quality features. Very easy to use "analogue style" layout. The processing power in this board is insane. No more separate racks due to smoking hot 4 band fully parametric eq's, compressors, gating, adjustable hp filter, limiting - on every channel. Ten aux sends with 11 and 12 being great 32 bit fx processors, are more than enough to run most stages. Plus fat channel processing on every aux, bus, and main output. 8 geq's can be assigned to any outputs for further sound tweaking. No need to be afraid to switch to a digital board anymore. Try it and see. I dare you.

  • from Omaha, NE USA September 24, 2012Music Background:
    Technical Arts Director, Musician, Music Student

    For Digital Audio and Features on a Budget: The Buck Stops Here

    I am the technical arts director for a portable church, and when I designed our system, I knew we needed something that would be easy to use, flexible, affordable, and reliable. The PreSonus StudioLive is that, and more.

    First, the SL really bridges the gap between analog's ease and digital's power. The effects are top notch and match that of LS-9 and other high end digital consoles. The board is easy enough for analog users to pick up, but has features that are advanced enough for an engineer.

    SLRemote and Qmix are the PreSonus iOS apps that work phenomenally for mixing and monitor mixes. In theory, this could easily be an Aviom killer. The network for the console runs via FireWire through PreSonus' Universal Control program on the Mac or PC. The program uses few resources, so you don't need a dedicated computer for this operation.

    Overall, it is a good board. I sheared off a half of a star because live recording on this can be a pain, as the gain level for the live system is the same level for the FireWire recording interface. So, if you need more gain on the computer, you need to turn up the gain in the house (downright impractical).

  • from United States September 24, 2012Music Background:
    Live and Studio Sound Engineer, Pro Musician

    StudioLive 24.4.2 ROCKS!

    I couldn't be happier with my purchase. Not only a great live board but an awesome recording board as well. Makes recording in the studio AND live way too easy and the sound quality is outstanding! You will not find a board of this quality at this price. Buy one. You won't be sorry!

  • from Georgia August 29, 2012Music Background:
    Studio, FOH, Install and Design.

    Great Mic Pre

    I compared the mic pre on this console to the new X32 and hands down the PreSonus sounded better. Just saying. Always did love the PreSonus pic pres for the money. Now one builds a better cheap mic pre.

  • from Tampa, FL August 24, 2012Music Background:
    Live Sound Engineer

    Rock Solid and Sounds Killer!

    I've now used the StudioLive on probably 50 gigs. It is totally amazing how much value comes in the box. We are doing mostly club and some private gigs. I love the wireless control using SLRemote ipad app. And having all of my musicians on stage controlling their in-ear mix using the QMIX app on their phones is indispensable. We are recording most gigs using Capture and have released several videos that I mixed audio from StudioOne. People always comment on how great the audio sounds in our videos. All I can say is THANKS Presonus for an amazing solution!

  • from Kingfisher, OK August 16, 2012Music Background:


    Everyday I learn something new. Completely changed and dramatically improved our worship on the ability to superior sound control.

  • from Indianapolis July 9, 2012Music Background:
    Live Sound engineer

    Not perfect, but dang good

    I mixed a show on this board for the first time last Friday; it was a blast running it, though I would highly recommend using it in conjunction with the iPad remote app. First of all, because I found it to be a blast being able to walk around and mix from anywhere & everywhere. Secondly, if you're using the board by itself, the graphic EQ can be a bit clumsy to operate...since there's only 24 meters across the fat channel, you have to "scroll" across to access the highest/lowest frequencies. The iPad app makes it much more convenient to make any graphic EQ changes. I also love the fact that the app makes all your gate/compression/channel eq setting easily visible from the mix screen. The only functions I couldn't access with the app is adjusting the gain and setting the frequency to key the gates with.....but generally those aren't things you need to change too much on the fly anyways.

  • from Kaufman tx June 22, 2012Music Background:
    guitar player

    presonus 24.4.2

    best mixer we've ever owned. the recording software made a great deal even better, i'ts so easy to use and sounds great. my church and myself are very pleased. thank you p.s. the shipping was really fast to.

  • from Newburgh, IN USA June 18, 2012Music Background:
    Engineer, Worship Leader

    Excellent product - Great entry level digital mixer

    I was hesitant to invest this much money into a new mixer when analog mixers were 1/2 as much but I needed a setup that could easily be reconfigured without a lot technical expertise because we use an "all volunteer" sound booth team ranging in ages from teens to seniors. The ability to create scenes, recall them on the mixer and save them in the PC were the main selling points. We couldn't afford a $10,000 mixer but this one fit our budget. Andy at Sweetwater was a great help providing the information we needed to make the decision and was great at follow-up to make sure the mixer met our needs. Everyone here is truly "BLOWN AWAY" by the mixer's sound quality and the ease of use. PC and iPad control is a real plus we weren't necessarily expecting. We haven't used the recording software yet but plan to soon. Overall, an amazing and affordable product.

    The firewire interfaces are great but I've seen some other mixers that also with a simple USB interface for audio I/O (mainly output, I think). That might be nice since the firewire audio is a little "finicky". Still give it 5 stars!

  • from Erie, PA USA June 6, 2012Music Background:
    7yrs Live Sound/ 18yrs drums/ Recording Beginner

    Simple, Affordable, Versatile & Useful

    PreSonus got this right. I have zero experience recording, but I've had 7 years with live sound. The StudioLive mixer makes it so easy to record in any situation, even if you have minimal training.
    I personally was never interested in digital boards, but this one is so much like an analog mixer.
    There are too many features to write about, so I have to sum it up.
    24 channels, 10 auxes, 4 subgroups, 2 effects, "FAT Channel" on everything (Read about it), and Fire Wire Recording Interface + way more!
    The simplicity of analog with the features of digital.
    The only reccomendation that I have is... Look up video's about it if you have trouble with anything. AGAIN, I can not stress enough, that fact that this is an EASY board to use (especially for live sound), and I have very little experience with recording, AND I only have about 5 hours experience using this mixer. But so far, it is Great!
    P.S. The only thing that feels digital about this mixer is pressing the SELECT button before making adjustments on the FAT Channel and Aux mixes. -That's it

  • from Watertown, NY May 1, 2012Music Background:
    Recording Engineer, Live sound Engineer, and Guitarist.

    Many functions, And easy to use!

    I have been using the Presonus 24.4.2 for the last 6months. I am in awe of how easy it is to use and all the functions that it has! I have been an audio engineer for 16years and I have used many analog and digital boards and I have to say this is the best one (for the price) I have used it easily has the functions and sound quality of a $100,000 console! My main use for the board at this time is at my Church of 1000 Presonus 24.4.2 with QSC K12 series speakers and QSC K series 18" subs we get incredible sound! LOVE IT!

  • from Brewer, ME April 27, 2012Music Background:
    Live Sound Engineer


    We love this mixer. It's easy to install, easy to learn, and easy to use. The sound is great, and the integration with my Mac, iPad, and iPhone is flawless. It's price makes this board the best choice out there.

  • from Indiana April 26, 2012Music Background:
    Church Sound Technician

    Awesome Functionality Easy To Use

    This board is extremely easy to use. The fat channel puts everything right at your finger tips. Unlike other boards where a lot of the controls are buried in several menus.

    The sliders do feel a little cheaper than the rest of the components, and they aren't motorized, but no problems to complain about.

    All the buttons are backlit which make it very easy to use the board in the dark.

  • from DFW, TX April 10, 2012Music Background:
    Live sound engineer

    Best value I found!

    I was looking to replace an analog board my church had for many years. Was told about Presonus and I can't believe the amount of value this board brings. You can read all about the specs (replaces racks of equipment b/c of built-in features, many aux sends allowing you to get creative, apps for iOS for remote mixing of the mains/sends, create custom effects and scenes, etc), watch the numerous Youtube videos or read the site's blog for help and training. Bottom line - this board makes it so easy to get great sound, record all channels, replicate scenes and teach others to operate. Highly recommend.

  • from Texas April 6, 2012Music Background:
    Professional sound engineer

    I bought one

    I have been working in the industry for a looooong time
    THe features are good
    The board sounds god the problem is when you start using too much DSp then the quality starts to drop down and almos having a delay ....
    I dont recomend you to buy this board
    Go analog or buy the ral thing (digital)

  • from Palestine, Texas February 10, 2012Music Background:
    Worship Leader, Musician, Live Sound Engineer

    Very Very Pleased

    Our church recently purchased the PreSonus StudioLive 24 and I have been completely satisfied with it. Out sanctuary seats around 300-400 and we run a 5 piece worship band with 4-5 vocalists as well as choir and this board has allowed us to transform the sound. The key benefit for us is being able to set scenes that can be recalled during each service. This way, our volunteers (who sometimes lack in the ability to mix the sound correctly) are recalling the settings that I previously set. Also, the ability to run the entire board from my iPad and the ability for each monitor line to be individually mixed from each musician's iPhone is going to be invaluable! Fantastic system and outstanding value!

  • from Castle Rock, CO February 4, 2012Music Background:
    Pro Musician, Worship Pastor

    Solid Solution for Small-Mid Size Churches

    This is a powerhouse, as far as I'm concerned. I'll start with the two downsides, which are rather minor: First, the lack of motorized faders and pots is a bit of a hassle, but certainly no deal-breaker, especially considering the low cost of the mixer. The "locate" option makes it pretty easy to return things to where they were when saved. Second, the mixer may pack too many options into each channel. This is only a downside in the sense that many volunteer operators have no idea what to do with compressors, limiters, parametrics EQ's, etc. Apart from the fact that many of these feature may go overlooked, though, having these options is pretty nice for those who know what to do with them.

    Now, for the upsides: it sounds great, is easy to use and has dramatically improved the quality of our Sunday Morning services. The ability to recall scenes from previous weeks is an absolute godsend.

    The best part of this system, though, is probably the ability to connect to it using an iPad (full control) or other iDevices (Aux control). Let me be blunt, I had already placed an order for a new personal monitor mixing system and decided to use the new Qmix app (which lets band members control the mix going to any of the 10 Aux sends on this board) while waiting for the new system to ship. The first Sunday we tried this, I called Sweetwater between services and cancelled my order for the new monitor system. The Qmix app is that good. Yes, you need several i-Devices (iPod, iPad, iPhone) to give everyone access to their monitor mixes, but it was still cheaper to buy a few iPod Touches than an new monitor system. More importantly, this Qmix app lets you mix your monitor feed from every input on the board rather than just 12 or 16 which most peronsonal monitor systems are limited to. So my in-ears are now feeding me a mix that can be finetuned at any moment from a simple, straight-forward app on my phone sitting on my mic stand.

    In short, this is a fantastic board that is worth quite a bit more than the retail price.

  • from Rosario, Argentina January 12, 2012Music Background:
    Live Sound Engineer


    I mean, with a big budget can get the best, this is very simple, but for example here in Argentina it is not so simple, so i has to study very well what are going to buy, and this mixer widely covered all my expectations and more. I am very happy with their performance, cost / performance is simply extraordinary. I start to work with digital mixers on the 90΄s with the Yamaha 02/01rv very nice board and excelent pre amp, but to complicated for live shows, this mixer make all the live job very simple!!!
    I do not know who designed the mixer, but thank you very much!

  • from Wayne, NJ January 12, 2012Music Background:
    Musician/Sound Engineer

    Love This Board

    After getting used to a few new concepts of how the controls of the board are used, it was a delight to use for a school play/musical. Everything is within the board - compression, limiters, EQ, etc. No need to bring a box of outboard equipment, although I did, just in case. My only negative is that I wish that I could mate it up with a 16-channel Presonus rather than another 24-channel. Overall, the board was easy to use and gave everything a wonderful sound.

  • from Las Vegas, NV November 18, 2011Music Background:
    Live Sound Engineer - arena concerts to small gigs.

    The mixer of choice for any house of worship

    Having been a hard core analog sound engineer for decades, I was very skeptical of the claims people were making regarding the StudioLive 24.4.2 console. I am here today to back those claims up and then some!

    This console replaced both FOH and monitor (analog) consoles, 3 racks of processing gear and about a gazillion miles of cable. Sound booth no longer needed in the house with the iPad app. That means all you sound engineers can come down out of those balcony booths that architects love to design, sit in the congregation where the sound is and have the mix at your fingertips with an iPad. The iPad app is free at the iTunes store. AWESOME does not begin to describe this console.

    Musicians on the platform don't need to feel left out either as they can control their own monitor mix with another iPad. No wires needed, just turn it on, click to the wireless network and you're connected. Just make sure you are changing your own mix and not the guy next to you....YIKES .... :)

    The scene storing capacity is perfect for typical worship bands who change members frequently. You can save a scene for each group and just recall it when they are back together. Save scenes to your computer as well just in case the console memory gets wiped during any firmware updates which has been known to happen.

    I have been involved with live sound for over 3 decades and can safely say this little console is easy to use without being intimidating like some of the high end digital desks. It is cost effective, gives you 10 separate monitor mixes and oh yeah, you don't need anything extra to record those pastor sermons! Just open Capture, arm the Pastor channel, click the red button and forget about it..... PreSonus has created a wonderful product sold by Sweetwater at a fabulous price. You cannot get more bang for your buck than the StudioLive 24.4.2.

  • from Greenwood, In September 6, 2011Music Background:
    Performer, Pro Audio Engineer, Pro Studio Recording.

    Have made mixing FUN again.

    I have had my StudioLive 24 for about six months now and all I can say is that it takes the enjoyment of mixing to a whole new level.
    I have never had a digital board before and I literally took it out of the box at my show the evening I picked it up. With NO prior experience, I was able to easily find all I needed to run the mix for a 6 person band. Eq the room and each performer. Sound quality can not be beat even for 5 times the price. It was just amazing. I plan on a second (16.0.2) for my karaoke shows. I will NEVER buy any other mixer than PreSonus from now on.

  • from Detroit, MI August 22, 2011Music Background:
    Recording Engineer, Live Sound Engineer, Active Musician

    I can't wait to have one of my own.

    I use this mixer every day at UDetroit cafe' in Detroit for live music, radio broadcasts, and recording, and I must say that this mixer is insane!! This mixer is so easy to use and has so many features that it blows my mind. It's great how it has built in EQ's, compressors, noise gates, and tons of effects like reverb, chorus, etc. It's easy to set up and so easy to work with. The Presonus Studio Live 24 will be THE console in my studio some day. I cannot wait to have one myself some day.

  • from Chicago, IL August 3, 2011Music Background:
    Freelance Engineer

    Can't be beat!

    I love this board. I primarily use it for large corporate events and the versatility of this board is nothing short of amazing. I have watched other engineers use other digital boards and have to frantically flip through pages (or menus) to try and combat feedback form the presenter that didn't listen to the "do not walk here" rules. In my eyes, you need a fader for each channel of audio & and all the processing controls at your fingertips - it lessons the time to react. Plus it's a true 24 channel input board! Makes me crazy when manufacturers claim to be a certain number of channels and only have so many balanced and then populate the last few channels with stereo RCA inputs. This is the real deal. You're ready to go out of the box. No opening it up to find that you need a breakout cable, input box, or expansion card to actually use the full number of channels. So nice using the iPad interface for doing your own microphone checks too! No more waiting for a 2nd person to do the old "check one two." Plus you can record! Love this board. Yes, it would be nice to have motorized faders, but for what I paid & the equipment I don't have to lug around now - I'll forgive PreSonus.

  • from Inland Empire, CA USA June 3, 2011Music Background:

    Saves thousands of dollars. Literally.

    This board has completely changed the way my production company operates. We essentially a label, we produce the bands and give them tour support. Touring is a major pain in the neck, as we all know. But this board is like a massage to that neck. We used to rent everything, wedges, amps, boards, rack gear, etc. But most of that has been replaced with this board. Its cheap enough that we bought it, no more renting! Because of all the processing, we made the switch to IEMs, saving us a boat load. And we didn't have to buy a bunch of outboard gear! Another plus is when we get back from tour, this goes into the studio, mostly as a controller, but hey its earning its price! This board is constantly being used, and is an integral part of everything we do now. Considering the cost of the other digital board, and how well this achieves the same goal, its a no-brainer. And on top of all the cool features I just mentioned, the best by far is the fact that it makes the musicians more comfortable playing live. I don't need to tell you how important that is.

  • from Virginia, USA June 2, 2011Music Background:
    Live Sound Engineer, Musician, Production Technician

    Fantastic board out of the box

    After being an analogue guy for 10 years, the Studio Live is refreshingly easy to use and fully functional in high quality. one week after I received the board I had two gigs where space was an issue but the Studio Live stepped up to the plate when connected to my iPad and I mixed both shows completely from the iPad.

    I would Highly recommend any technician check this board out for the price point.

  • from New york NY May 1, 2011Music Background:

    Not very happy

    At first was really happy to add the presonus to my pile of gear. I currently have 3 yamaha dm-1000 and 1 dm-2000.
    I was not happy at all with the quality of the preamps in this board. plain and simple when what is goin into the board isnt great what is gunna come out isnt going to be great. Keep in mind though that I am using this board with 5 thousand dollar cabinets so I hear alot more than your average PA setup or little band.

  • from Brooklyn April 29, 2011Music Background:
    Owner Audiolust.com


    I wrote a review here when I first received the mixer but I would like to revisit the review with a more knowledgeable approach now that I have since adopted this board as the main tool in most of my FOH set-ups.

    Most reviews here are spot on so I will try to save you guys the redundancy in repeating some of the great features.

    Fist off, We threw a 3 day festival featuring almost 30 bands from around the world. Lot's of the bands we had play were chart toppers from Europe and we had roughly 1000 people per day in attendance. I was super skeptical in using this board for the job as I have just received it about a week prior to the event. I flipped through the manual while patching a CD player through the mixer to get a feel for the work flow, dynamics and routing features of the StudioLIve. What I thought would take at least a week to feel comfortable with took about 2 days to master and would have taken less had I spent more time on it the first day. Most of all the functionality came as second nature to the point where I was more referencing the manual to make sure that what I was already doing was actually the suggested way to do it. The board layout just makes sense. I was a purely analog mixer guy but this board has completely converted me. The board is strong in almost every way but of course with the fantastic price point comes a bit of a compromise, fortunately the compromises have nothing to do with sound as this board really shines when reproducing music and can easily be indistinguishable from the super expensive analog studio desks with $2000+ mic pre amps.
    One of the things one could wish for of course is motorized faders.
    Another thing which would rock would be to double the AUX and dynamics when you use 2 boards in tandem but after talking to the nice people at Presonus we have found that it is a limitation of the firewire cable as to how much information could be passed at one time. Still, with 10 dedicated aux channels plus 2 effects aux's and 2 insert aux channels you seriously have one of the most comprehensive boards available awhile also closing the gap between $10k+ mixers and something we could all afford. Ohh the 3 day festival... Went without a hitch! I was saving presets and scenes on the StudioLive as if I owned the board for years. a couple of the bands traveled with their own engineers and after running though the functionality of the board I had them creating their own scenes in minutes with thumbs up all around. I have unwittingly become like a spokesman for this board because I genuinely just love it. It almost feels like some weird club when I talk to other owners of this board, we all just glow when we discuss how great it is. The effects alone are great, I don't mean suitable, they really are great stand ins for my now dusty mix rack. It almost feels like you're cheating when you bring your SL, a snake and plug into the PA. It's really that easy.

    Again the non flying faders take a minute to get used to especially when engineering multiple bands and changing scenes while a DJ is playing through the SL 24. You just have to remember to keep your standard channels un-muted and gained right so the sound doesnt cut when you locate the faders and save that as a starting point to your other scenes. I had the DJ cut out when I was switching scenes but after 2 times of that happening I easily figured out my mistake.

  • from Baltimore, MD April 17, 2011Music Background:
    by J. lewis from Baltimore, MD MarchArranger, keyboard collector/programmer, pro musician, Bass player, engineering and mixing, production, and live sound.

    Reinvented my whole live rig

    Here's my ten thoughts after owning this unit for 8 months:

    1) I got rid of the outboard rack entirely
    2) I got rid of the monitor console
    3) everyone in my group (8 pieces) now has an iPad - so they each can control their in-ear mixes themselves (and I don't have to allocate additional channels on the monitor console to allow verb in the mix AND everyone gets their own dynamics & parametric EQ - and some even get a full graphic (there are 8 in the board - a pair is assigned to FOH, so only 6 people get individual 31's)
    4) there a so many additional inputs, calling it "just" a 24 channel board is an understatement. I run a click/cue mix in the phones - super easy to bring that in on an Auxillary and make it available to all monitor sends (well, everything on the board is available on the monitor sends). Plus, even with all 24 channels technically full, and an aux used for the click track, there's still room to plug in the inevitable client provided iPod without any fuss, and still more places to get signal into the unit. So flexible.
    5) I was able to sell my previous rig, buy one 24.4 for everyday use, plus a 16 channel version as an emergency backup (just nncase, I am a digital-phobe. If the board would die, I'd be done. It wouldn't be as simple as swapping a power supply. So - even with a spare board - we still come away far enough ahead to replace all the custom stage snakes as well.
    6) it sounds extremely clean - so much so that clients have commented on how great it sounds and wonder what we did differently (and it wasn't like we weren't already getting universal compliments on the mix already.). The mix is so controlled, so people didn't believe we were actually playing live, even though the group is 90% live with support tracks only used when necessary.
    7) the remote control app for iPad is outstanding. No more snakes to a FOH position - no more wires to trip over. Just walk around with an iPad, make the adjustments, and that's that. Given the work our group does is exclusively upper end weddings, corporate, and political gigs, having a compact, neat stage with no potential liabilities running out front is a big deal - clients love it (and old school party planners and other service providers who don't believe that a band can sound good without having a guy sit at a mixing desk out front) are put in their place quickly.
    8) the only "wonky" thing in the board is trying to deal with the 31 band eq's without a computer. I do use a MacBook Pro - so that makes it easy - I just wouldn't want to have to run the board without the computer . Also, without the computer - I'd lose all my remote control functionality.
    9) the recording features are outstanding. Our first night out with the board, we recorded the entire evening, and the negative connotation I always associated with the term "board tape" went out the window. I dragged the uncompressed audio right into ProTools when I got home, and was very pleased with the resultant quality. This alone is worth the price of admission. Granted, I certainly hear the difference between the impeccable front end I have in my recording facility and the presonus, but, man, the thing sounds strong and makes live recording easy. I'm not embarrassed at all to give out a recording made with the presonus... I get nothing but amazed compliments from others who can't believe the mix came off a regular night on stage with no special accommodation.
    10) the only thing "missing" - and the reason is obvious - price... is that the board doesn't have flying faders. If they ever release an update with flying faders - I'll be first in line. That still doesn't mean I'd give this board any less than 5 stars for the $3299 they sell for. It is just that, in a perfect world, flying faders would make the board, well, more perfect.

    I have never, in the 15 years I've been doing live sound, gotten questions about our set up EVERY night, especially when working with other audio professionals. It's amazing how many say "you've got all this super high-end gear, but you are running it with a presonus board?" - with that smirk of disdain.. That's cool - I'm not a snob about gear - if it works it works - they don't understand the simple fact is that the presonus fits everything I need like a glove. I could've bought anything I wanted (well, maybe not a 60k+ DIGI VENUE, but certainly anything sub 25k), but nothing did everything I needed - the only sacrifice being flying faders. Some companies are catching up - and I'm sure the next few years will prove very interesting, but as of right now, they're still a 3x the price and don't do everything for my situation...)

    Don't hesitate on this purchase. Presonus has been great to work with, no issues with the board after 8 months, and its the first time individual members of the band have been excited about the FOH equipment. Since we were already using iPads in lieu of paper charts , adding the presonus app was a natural fit - just had to buy an iPad for the drummer. Life has been improved significantly for me (the engineer), the musicians (instant control without having to either signal the engineer or run and make an adjustment themselves to a mix), party planners (who love the compact and very neat set up), clients(who didn't want a mixing desk in the middle of the room at the venue they spent 30k to rent for the night), and the audience (with truly outstanding audio quality).

    Home run.

  • from Iowa City, IA February 2, 2011Music Background:
    Owner, Iowa City Yacht Club

    PreSonus StudioLive 24.4.2

    We are a small live music venue and we wanted to be able to record our shows but had reservations about going digital - there was not one review that talked about the quality of the sound of this board, only it's functionality. We loved the way our Soundcraft board sounded and were going to spend around $1000 for a hacked together recording solution. We decided to bite the bullet and go fully digital and man have we all been amazed with this board. Not only does it sound amazing, the functionality will blow you away. There is no way a small live music venue could ever have 24 insertable compressors, or limiters, or gates. Plus you have 2 types of effects you can put on all channel and can EQ everything including all sub groups. It took 2 seconds to hook this up to our Mac and we can easily record 24 channels for all shows, you just need a big hard drive. The only drawback is the overall EQ is a little challenging but if you have a computer hooked up, it's a breeze. We upgraded to Studiolive Pro so we could burn to DVD. If anyone bad mouths this board, it's due to jealousy :)

  • from Birmingham, AL USA October 4, 2010Music Background:
    Recording Engineer, Songwriter, Guitarist, Keyboardist, Semipro Studio Owner

    Stunningly Simple Sophistication...

    I only needed a mixer to submix my keyboards/sound generators in the studio, but I was intrigued by the possibilities of the feature set on this wonderful piece of gear, so I thought perhaps I could streamline a lot of what I do in the studio and on the road.

    And, boy, did this thing answer the call. I dare say there's never been a digital mixer THIS sophisticated, THIS easy to operate out of the box, or THIS intuitive. Oh, it's powerful: there's feature after feature and TONS of digital FX to keep you busy for years, but a sound professional won't need the manual for much of anything. It's all VERY straightforward.

    And it sounds like a $5000 mic pre. Seriously. And you have 24 channels of 'em, WITH inserts and TRS and XLR inputs. AND on top of that, it just WORKS as both an interface AND a mixer. And it works well.

    I won't belabor the point. Several really good reviews have already been written. I just wanted to point out how nice a value this machine is, and it will "melt away" and allow you to work on the road and in the studio without being complicated. In fact, if you're playing a house that provides the amplification, this could take the place of your whole rack.

    It's good. Not just "a little good", but "world class good".

    Color me impressed. And just a little bit excited over the possibilities of this thing.

  • from Boston, MA September 2, 2010Music Background:
    Professional Musician, Recording and Live Sound Engineer.

    Very happy with my Presonus StudioLive 24.4.2

    I was tired of lugging around a rack case full of gear to get a decent sound. Before buying this mixer.. I was using a Mackie Onyx 1640 (which as a great board as well)... and a rack full of DBX compressors.. reverb units.. EQs.. etc.

    One day I did a gig at a venue that was using a digital yamaha console.. and it sounded incredible. Sooo... I started doing my research on digital mixers. The presonus mixer had lots of great reviews.. and looked very user friendly. I decided to wait until the 24 channel board was released before making the switch from analog to digital.

    I love this board. It does everything my old rig did... x1000. It's packed with great compressors.. limiters... gates... reverbs... delays... etc. It also has a really musical, fully parametric EQ.. as well as 8 mono or 4 stereo 31 band graphic EQs. The upgrade to the EQ section was the biggest factor in my decision to get the 24 channel over the 16.

    After spending a few hours at home.. playing with the features.. and watching some YouTube tutorial videos... learning the board was relatively easy. The presets are a great starting point to get a quick mix.. and tweaking them are as easy as can be.

    The mic pres sound very nice... clean and quite. The firewire works great... and integrates nicely with Apple Logic Pro.

    Overall... I'm very happy with my decision to go digital. I've lighted up my load by over 100lbs.. and my band sounds better then ever. You'll be very pleased if you buy this mixer.

  • from portugal August 8, 2010

    EngΊ Miguel Lameiro

    for me this desk whould be a perfect digital desk, if it whould have ADAT Protocool, because if we want to use better converters or if the clients already have better converters and wants only the desk to mix or daw control whould be the perfect desk. A mix between this, DM4800 tascam and smart av control with multitoutch screen of a ipad would be the digital of the century. this is very usable desk, smart av good daw control, and 4800 good conectivity and many inputs desk and cheap.

  • from Idaho July 21, 2010Music Background:
    Pro Musician, Recording Engineer

    PreSonus has done it again!

    This board, hands down, is one of the best and most intuitive boards on the planet. The PreSonus StudioLive 24.4.2 is a multidimensional board with several layers of access and control. After only a couple of days working with the mixer, I was flying through the setup and menus. The pres on this board are phenomenal and sound great with virtually any microphone. But wait, there's more! Not only can you setup and save "Scenes" for the board, with the new VSL software, changing the board from rehearsal mode, to recording particular instruments, to a live setup is as simple as drag-and-drop. There are virtually endless ways to use the StudioLive. For my group, Foolsbane, it is imperative that we be able to quickly record rehearsal and analyze various aspects of a song. With the bundled Capture software, it's as easy as opening the software, arming the tracks, and hitting record. The PreSonus StudioLive 24.4.2 has quickly become an indispensable tool for both the studio and on the road. Hurry and get yours today! I guarantee you won't be disappointed.

  • from NYC June 12, 2010Music Background:
    Owner of Audiolust LLC Audiolust.com


    I have been anticipating the arrival of this mixer for months, I almost thought it was a dream. I haven't used it live yet so I will have to re-write this review once I experience it in more stringent environments where time is of great importance and the first take is the only take.

    As far as build quality goes, it seems solid, the knobs are tight and have a great feel to them as do the faders. There is nothing that feels cheap here. Fans of the 16 channel version will take to this with zero learning curve.

    No need to go into great detail about what makes this an amazing product, just read all the glowing reviews on the previous model and rest assured that all the things that people love about the Studiolive have just been expanded and made all the better.

    The real winners are the Sweetwater staff for periodically keeping tabs on their customers who have pre-ordered the Studiolive. Putting $3,300 down on a product and waiting for months just to see it, is a bit rough for some but Sweetwater managed to turn it into a pleasant experience. I can't stress enough how helpful they have all been.

    Seriously, what other company sends candy with your order to show customer appreciation? I am very impressed.

    Thank you Sweetwater and staff.

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