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Griffin StudioConnect Reviews

3.5 stars based on 19 customer reviews
  • Customer
    from Portland, OR, USA September 1, 2015

    Great piece of hardware

    This is an awesome way to "dock" your iPad for use with MIDI and audio applications. I've been able to run the audio out to a mixer or soundcard, add MIDI IN for a controller, and run Loopy HD without a mess of cables and wires everywhere.

  • Chris
    from Las Vegas August 25, 2015Music Background:
    Jazz and Comp @ Univ North Texas

    A Steal At $39

    I was reluctant to buy this at the full retail price in previous years. Reviewers said it was overpriced at $150. I agree. But at $39 this is thing is a steal. It works with my iPad 2 and my iPad Air 2 with the lightning to 30-pin converter. This is not professional piece of hardware, but for the money it sure does everything I need.

  • Meku
    from Novaliches Quezon City, NCR, Manila April 3, 2015

    Perfect for home recording

    Could also serve as your charging dock. I bought one for my dad and he really likes it. Quality is decent enought. The price is really great for its worth. :D

  • Peter
    from Chicago March 17, 2015Music Background:
    I am a bass player with some keyboard ability.

    Griffin Studio Connect

    This is a nice sturdy unit for connecting to ipod or ipad with the 30 pin connector
    It is very firm on the surface and putting pressure on the ipad does not move the unit.
    I already had the, "30 pin to lightning" adaptor for my newer ipad.
    This unit works well with either connection.
    The headphone output has enough volume for any listening environment
    and it is very clear.
    The input signal is very clean and has a gain control with enough adjustment.
    I would recommend this as a great buy to make your ios device secure on a tabletop
    The Midi in and out, is a great feature for all of my midi controllers.
    The Alesis Vortex works well in a live performance with this unit. I can use a longer midi
    cable without the worry of the unit slipping.
    When I bought the Vortex from Sweetwater, I was using the irig midi and the cables were too short
    to feel comfortable with moving around and worrying about my ipad being pulled to the floor or breaking the input connection on the ipad.
    Two functions for the price of one, I love it !

  • Jude
    from Anaheim, CA December 27, 2013Music Background:

    Highly Recommended

    Love the Studio Connect. Works perfect with my iPad 3 and my guitars. For this price, it's a no-brainer.

  • soundog
    from Pacific Northwest November 29, 2013Music Background:
    performing and recording songwriter/musician

    Best Bang for the Buck!

    I've been really impressed by this iThing interface for audio and MIDI, especially given the price.

    * worked right out of the box, simple, no hassles, no manual needed!
    * pristine audio via 30-pin connector on pigtail cable
    * a Nuvoton NAU8822A audio chip (24-bit stereo ADCs and DACs)
    * a Cypress CY8C34 micro controller
    * gain control for mono audio input tweaking
    * MIDI in and out works without a hitch
    * uses an (included) international 5V DC power supply
    * charges your iThing during use
    * firmware is upgradeable via a free Griffin app, if needed
    * Griffin is still actively supporting the product line, and evolving it
    * works with iPads AND iPhones AND iPod Touches!
    * fairly compact
    * you can insert an iPad in vertical or horizontal position
    * serves as a weighted iPad stand, with a nice viewing angle


    * shiny black plastic housing (but it IS well built)
    * no XLR jacks or phantom power (workaround with cabling, mic pre, or mixer sends)
    * RCA audio out jacks (workaround via cabling or adapters)
    * overkill "chrome" knob with a glowing blue ring for headphone volume

    The bottom line, the audio and MIDI ins and outs work flawlessly with any app I throw at it. It sounds great. No frills, just the basics. An outstanding price. Highly recommended!

  • Larry Dunsmore
    from Minneapolis November 8, 2013Music Background:


    Really weaned an Alesis IO but as I am leaving the US for 8 months and it was out of stock, I settle;ed for the Studioconnect to tide me over. Glad I did - great little connection device, with the MIDI I/O making life easier! Highly recommended and yet again thanks to Tom Maxwell - little wonder why Sweetwater are the best and second to none in customer service. As someone once wrote, whether you are spending $10 or $10k, Sweetwater r=treats you with the same care, respect and service. Very rare these days...

  • Ethan
    from Nashville, TN May 11, 2012Music Background:
    Major record label background, hobbyist, artist management, music festival founder, technology addict

    So compact and easy!

    I really have been enjoying StudioConnect. Aside from the I/O features, I just love that I don't have to take my iPad out of it's case to play music with it. I have a large case too as my 2 year old also plays with the iPad.

    The volume knob on the front is very convenient and it glows blue which is just downright cool. I have all 3 versions of iPad and they all work great. I highly recommend this product if you love the idea of making REAL music with REAL instruments all on your iPad.

  • Ken Hardy, MD, PhD
    from Jackson, MS January 26, 2014Music Background:
    Vocalist, keyboardist, guitarist, recording technician.

    A Chinese Tou

    Have up-graded my earlier rating. Received my replacement Studio Connect.....and it works beautifully with my iPad air and 30pin-to-lightening adapter. Very quick charging, no detectable latency on audio-intensive multitrack recording, and high volume output as needed on the headphone output. Very nice, and extremely useful device, and well-priced especially if you already have the lightening adapter. Sweetwater couldn't have been any nicer in helping replace my first malfunctioning unit (which may have actually been caused by a glitch in my Ipad, rather than the studio connect itself. MY BAD!)

  • G
    from TX December 1, 2013

    Works great on iPad 4 with the Apple Lightning Adapter!

    StudioConnect is one of the few IOS interfaces that charges the iPad while you play. I took a half point off because it doesn't support USB MISI connectivity...although, if it did, this dock would easily get an 8.25 (out of 5)!!

    As noted in the product description, it works with the Apple 30-pin to Lightning adapter cable, allowing the dock to charge while you record. I have tested it with Cubasis and Auria, on my iPad 4, and both work perfectly.

    As always, Sweetwater took awesome care of me, and treated me like a king too. That's why I'll keep coming back, over and over!

  • James
    from Ann Arbor, Mi April 25, 2013Music Background:
    Producer, Engineer, Guitarist,

    Works great!

    I'm so glad that I found the StudioConnect! I can use it on the fly, I don't have to fire up my whole recording rig if I want to work on ideas and it sounds good too! I am writing and practicing more now than ever.

    It's easy to use! I'm glad that my iPad(s) can just sit in it, with a case on still it and I don't have to take the case off of it for it to work. And it sounds GREAT!

  • Dan Parmenter
    from Michigan, Son lives in Texas December 24, 2014Music Background:
    Bass player for 50 years, My son is in the band Quiet Company

    It was a gift

    I bought this for my son who is a professional musician and has a well equipped recording studio. He'll use this item for mixing while touring with his band or any time he can't be at the studio. He requested it for Christmas and appears he likes it's functions at first examination.

  • Customer
    from Seattle Washington December 24, 2013Music Background:
    Pro musician , sound designer , recording engineer

    Griffin studio connect

    This is a great interface for iOS devices and Sweetwaters price point as of late November is kinda unbeatable.. The only negatives here in my opinion are
    : a lack of headroom on the D-A (not a deal breaker)
    : the possible flimsiness of the connector cable (not a deal breaker)
    : the lack of stereo input volume control (not a big deal)
    : no master output volume control ( big deal )
    : RCA outputs ( 1/4inch or xlr would be better )

    That might seem like a lot but the reality is that nobody is making a fully pro connector for iPads that has pro level inputs , outputs , midi in/out , and great dedicated volume controls . And your even less likely to find one u can use without taking your iPad out of the case.
    So this is as close as your gonna get.. And honestly it's pretty close.

  • Eric Broviak
    from Youngstown, OH August 13, 2013Music Background:
    Recording engr / consultant

    Partial solution

    The device seems decently made and provides the advertised functions . However, due to Apple's insistence on total control, you must buy additional software to make this work. Think of it as buying a PT interface or MOTU ( which come bundled with needed software) and after you get the thing you find out it is not a complete solution. Not exactly Griffins fault but frustrating for the end user to have to cobble together their own package.

  • Kenneth J. Hardy, M.D., Ph.D
    from Jackson, MS January 21, 2014Music Background:
    Keyboardist, Vocalists, Guitarist, Recording enthusiast

    A Cheap Chinese Toy

    The idea of this interface is fantastic, unfortunately my arrived defective with nothing but distortion coming from the earphones. Also, this unit is in theory designed for use with ipads and their GarageBand apps.....but beware. The volume control appears to only control the mike level, with no effect whatsoever on the 1/8" stero input. This latter input is supported to import audio from any line level source, but nowhere in the single page manual or anywhere on-line is there any information telling you how to import audio from anything other than a guitar or a mic....Keyboard and mixer enthusiasts better be careful. No one at sweetwater seems to know how the 1/8" audio input works with Garageband, and you won't find any information anywhere on the internet. If you plan to input audio (as opposed to MIDI) from any source other than a mic or a guitar, be prepared to be frustrated. No one seems to know what "instrument" can be used to input audio via the stereo line input plug....nor how to control its volume.....very pathetic!! Of course mine didn't work at all so I didn't give it a fair trial and Sweetwater was very helpful in offering me a replacement in exchange. I've just got a bad taste in my mouth for this unit now.

  • Tommy Wilcox
    from Louisville, KY September 24, 2015

    Now I know......

    Now I know why there are hardly no negative reviews on Sweetwaters site. I wrote a review on this product and it is not listed here. Im sure this will not be listed here either. It was a negative review about the product. Where is it?

    After the review my phone rang quickly from Sweetwater to try and resolve the problem. First of all I must say that the staff and service at Sweetwater are the best I have ever encountered. Very friendly, helpful, everything positive a customer could ask for but I still can't play music through my iPad because of a defective product that continues to be sold even after the products very high failure rate. Do a search you will see its record.

    I got a defect. They told me to ship it back. I tried to ship it back. It is not there fault nor my fault that the package was stolen out of my mailbox while waiting on the FedEx man to come get it for return.

    Ofcourse there is nothing they can do about that I understand. My point is that a product with an insanely high failure rate is still being sold to people like me. They have 47 dollars of my fixed income. I had to save up 3 months just to buy a 40 dollar product. I have nothing to show for my money besides grief. If the low quality product was not offered for sale I would not be in this situation and Sweetwater would not have my money with a disappointed customer still not being able to make music. The one thing I can pass my time with.

    I contacted Griftin and they confirmed the high failure rate of this product and they also offered to swap it for a new one but as stated it was stolen from my parcel box.

    Where is my review I wrote when I got a product that was DOA? They will not post it. Would hurt sales. Don't know what else to say. You dropped the ball.

  • Customer
    from August 13, 2015

    Good while working.....

    Mine showed dead on arrival. Did some reading and found that these units have a very high failure rate.

  • Customer
    from August 11, 2015

    Audio inputs do not work/'if you have Newer iPad it's not worth it!!!!

    Audio inputs do not work, audio out out works sometimes ...
    It only comes with 30 pin cable built in for older I pads newer iPads just not worth it

  • Customer
    from July 2, 2015

    Hate to put a damper on the positive reviews...

    I purchased the StudioConnect (SC) about a month ago to use with my iPad 3. Initially it worked fine, but after about a week it stopped communicating with the iPad- didn't charge or acknowledge incoming Midi from my keyboard. After looking at FAQ's on the Griffin website, and contacting phone support (tech support was very prompt and very helpful) I discovered that I needed a firmware update. So I ran the upgrade and things were working OK most of the time. I say most of the time because sometimes I had to unplug and iPad and plug in back in a couple of times for SC to recognize the iPad.Then about a week ago, the audio out from SC headphone jack stopped working, even though the SC was still acknowledging Midi input. I did a google search and found that some other SC owners had the same problem.

    At this point, I felt that the SC unit, although great when working, was not operating reliably enough to meet my needs, so I've returned it to Sweetwater. I purchased a new iRigMidi (not Midi2) on Ebay for $43. I've been using that for the past couple of days. I really like the iRigMidi better because it has a much smaller footrpint (the SC was sitting precariously on the corner of my Casio PX-5 keyboard), and because like the SC, it keeps my iPad charged.

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