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PreSonus Studio 192 Reviews

4.5 stars based on 18 customer reviews
Questions about the PreSonus Studio 192?

Questions about the PreSonus Studio 192?

Or call us at (800) 222-4700

  • from Baton Rouge, LA May 24, 2017Music Background:
    Rap, Hip Hop, R & B

    Studio 192

    Incredible Interface!! period!!!!

  • from Salem, Oregon March 20, 2017

    A beginners view

    It’s not like I have a lot of experience with this sort of thing… but I have a calling that won’t leave me be. I purchased the entry level StudioOne USB kit/ interface, and it was awesome right out of the box. As I advanced, I felt I needed more depth and purchased a couple pre-amps to learn, that little USB box wasn’t designed for that sort of thing. Thus contacted Sweetwater and graduated up to the 192, as I had experience with Presonus and feel good about them.

    There is a learning curve for us beginners, but doable.

    As for the performance… It’s incredible quality. I could use this without the Avalon 737 preamp or the Studio Channel, but they compliment each other beautifully. I’ve elbow room to grow and will not likely outgrow this unit’s expandability.

    Last note… I had a 192 unit that did not seem to have signal coming out the first four outputs. Tech support walked me through a couple checks and once they determined I had a possible faulty unit, they shipped me another 192 without hesitation. I really appreciate the no-hassle, make-it-right attitude. Once I had the new unit, I put my faulty unit back in the box they sent with the return label... easy.

  • from Georgia November 14, 2016Music Background:
    DJ Production Recording


    I was very shocked along with other producers who run UA....
    Presonus is stepping WAY up....

  • from May 2, 2016

    Awesome Interface

    I had been looking to upgrade from my old Akai EIE for a while and debating between the 192 (or any other a USB 3.0 interface) or building a new computer with a PCIE interface. I called Delvin at Sweetwater and he spent some time on the phone, asking me about my studio setup, recording needs, and future gear plans before recommending the Studio 192 and I couldnt be happier. The preamps sound great, latency is almost nonexistent, setup was relatively easy, drivers and software are super stable, and the unit itself feels really sturdy and well made. Id recommend this to anyone , especially those in need of top quality I/O with a good number of pre-amps, ins and outs. Great Purchase, and great service from the sweetwater team as always

  • from Los Scandalous, California April 20, 2016Music Background:
    Been doing this since 1981!

    Great Unit, Great Price

    This unit is absolutely incredible. Coming from a RME 800 I thought this was going to be a downgrade in quality. I have also owned a 003 and the Apogee Ensemble. I am pleasantly surprised when we tracked and mixed our first session.

    Today's technology really has evened the playing field in DAW technology and Presonus (and others) have proven that you dont have to overly pay for great equipment. Latency is non-existent to the human ear with 3.0. And best of all I can use it with any operating system unlike Thunderbolt which is just for Mac.

    Presonus really hit the mark with this one. I will be adding 2 DigiMax DP88's in a month or two.

  • from Hilton Head Island April 10, 2016Music Background:
    Bassist, songwriting and live sound for 30+ years

    Amazing, Reliable Unit

    This is an amazing unit. I am not a veteran studio mix/tracking engineer, however I have a clear understanding of signal chains and computer system specifications and requirements. I use this 97% of the time with Studio One 3 and Cubase 8.5 or Reaper for some other tasks. The hardware integration with Studio One is exceptional. The implementation of Fat Channels, Zero Latency (direct monitoring) and on board plugs are extremely clever. I can control the preamp levels, solos, mutes, cues and levels all within Studio One. UC Surface on a second monitor and you have complete control. I could put my 192 in a service room and never touch it.

    I hook it via USB3 to a I7-6700k, 32gb of 3GHz RAM, and 2 NVMe Pro SSDs. I run many plugs, bus often and have no problems with latency. None, nadda, zero, zip. Even when tracking guitars/bass via Amplitube 4 with 3.5gb of Superior Drummer 2.4 cached in memory. I/O reports (an responds) 4ms at 44.1 or 96. You have to treat computers/IO devices like a pickup truck. If you load it PROPERLY and do not over load it, it will serve you well. Load it 8' high with concrete block and you are in trouble. Be smart and take multiple trips. Same goes for these computers/interfaces. Track/Load/Unload/Render smartly and this will serve you well.

    I cannot speak for the clarity or quality level of the onboard preamps, however for the vocals I have tracked with my Sennheisers, it is fantastic for what I am doing.

    I highly recommend this interface, especially if you use Studio One. I am not rich and this is a major purchase to me but knowing what I know about it now, I would do it again in a NY second. It is extremely well made and I have been using it for 3 months (almost daily) and have NOT HAD ONE SINGLE glitch. Again, I am not using it to it's fullest potential yet, but I am confident based on current performance that it will serve me well for years to come.

    Sweetwater? You will not find better service and support in this galaxy. Period. But we all know that. :)

  • from Baton Rouge LA March 25, 2016Music Background:
    Singer/Songwriter, Producer

    Presonus Studio 192

    I've always been an Apogee fan and user so when my Duet busted I thought it would be a no brainer to upgrade to an Ensemble. But a friend told me I should hold off on dropping that much cash until I checked out the 192. I was really hesitant to do that because of the experience I had with the Firestudio. As a part of my loop rig it was ok but the converters never convinced me it would work in my studio.
    But man Im glad I listened to him. With the Studio 192 the boys at Presonus made significant strides and have given us an incredible product. Not to mention at a fraction of the price. The USB 3.0 interface and fat channel processing are great improvements over the 1818vsl. The converters are light speeds ahead from what they used to be. Even with a USB 2 chord you experience low latency. Do yourself a favor and get this piece of gear.

  • from Seattle, WA March 24, 2016Music Background:
    Musician, Vocalist, Producer, Creative Arts/Worship Pastor

    Studio 192 Has Changed The Way I Do Sound

    I recently just switched over from the 1818VSL since the new OSX doesn't support the VSL software, which is what I was using for live purposes for my in ear setup and running loops etc. Loved the 1818VSL, but now that things are updated so frequently I decided I needed something that would allow me to do what I do week and and week out, but still had the same feel in way of GUI. The Studio 192 has changed my life. No only is the sound from just the preamps amazing and will blow you away, but the fact that I don't have to even think about what the last preset I used was. Everytime I open up the UC Surface Control DSP it remembers every gain structure for each input and output and master volume. IT'S FREAKING AMAZING!! I also tried it with Studio One 3.0 and couldn't believe how effortless intergrated they work together and allo me to recall each session exactly how I was recording it (i.e. what my gain structure was for each song on all inputs) the thing just pops and remembers everything!! I've always been a HUGE PreSonus fan and user, but this has changed the way I do sound and life when it comes to music. Thank you PreSonus for making such an amazing interface that kills all the competition out there to date. Love the convertors and the 192khz is amazing!!

  • from March 16, 2016

    Studio 192 and DP88

    I have been operating an advanced home studio for almost a decade and have to say that the recent addition of the Presonus Studio 192 and DP88 has been the best investment I have made ever. I was looking for roughly 16 inputs with the option to expand in the future, but at the same time to get the best sound quality I could afford. Luckily I came across a blind test that compared the 192 to the UAD and Apogee interfaces and unbelievably to my ears the 192 beat the UAD and was almost impossible to hear the difference between the Apogee and 192. It was that moment I simply ordered the 192 / DP88. After owning this combo for a couple months and using them in full band recordings I can say they are all I could have hoped for. Sound quality is impeccable and the integration with Presonus Studio one is amazing. Being able to track with Zero latency inside your DAW is virtually unheard of, and on top of that being able to give every musician an iPad to individually control their headphone mix is the icing on the cake. Stability has been absolutely perfect with not a single dropout or crash of any type on my iMac.

    Presonus has raised the bar with these interfaces, I'm sure other companies are looking at them trying to figure out how to catch up!

  • from February 23, 2016Music Background:


    I bought this unit to upgrade my studio gear, and I have to say I underestimate the power of usb, I was about all Firewire and thunderbolt. The converters on this unit are amazing, the sound is superb, the digital, I used it to transfer recording label dat tapes, which are all digital so I needed the right converters to capture every nuance on those tapes. This thing did it, no noise, just pure. The zero latency is incredible. I doubt any interface can put up with the capabilities of this unit

  • from usa November 28, 2015Music Background:

    PreSonus Studio 192

    This unit replaced my trusty PreSonus 1818vsl. The two reasons I upgraded was to achieve better resolution and lower latency. The result was 8 channels live at 32/192 with zero latency. I doubt that any other DAW could put up those kind of numbers. It just gets out of the way and lets musicians be musicians. My set up is mobile so that I can capture the room (sorry, I'm all about the room) along with the performance. The USB 3.0 interface and fat channel processing are significant improvements over the 1818vsl. To be fair this unit requires an up to date computer rig (USB 3.0, 16 GB ram. external hard drive, etc.) to get all of the upgraded benefits. Well, back to the studio.

  • from Houston Texas June 6, 2017Music Background:
    Keyboards and recording Eng....

    PreSonus 192

    This unit is good has a lot in it.. and clean love the the use of mic pre or use as a stand alone,,,,,LOOK OUT AVID. A New Kid on the block...and cost less...... I love it.........

  • from Michigan June 23, 2016Music Background:
    non professional power user?

    More than Satisfied

    Purchased in spring of 2016 as an upgrade from what was my 4th audio interface, used with Studio One DAW (this review does not reflect my opinion of Studio One) on a windows ten 2.6cpu usb 3.0 laptop.

    Pros: Exellent sound quality, easy to set up, pleasing appearance. Inputs and outputs feel solid in the unit, nobs are high quality and unit is expandable.

    Cons: no midi out. (midi out available with expansion hardware, I believe)

    Keeping in mind that I needed a rack mount unit and am not trying to use this with non-Presonus DAW, I am very satisfied with my purchase of this product. I was able to set up and use the unit and make a stereo recording via Studio One in what was only a few minutes and I am not the smartest guy to try and run audio. Presonus could do more with thier DAW in my opinion, but what they have done seems to work very well. Sweetwater shipping and customer service was/is excellent, which is also worth mentioning.

  • from Tujunga, CA May 18, 2016Music Background:
    Recording engineer and studio owner

    Preamp and fat Channels are great

    I just finished the test with the drum set because I bought this for drum set.
    And sound was great and fat channels were functioning very well.
    I compared studio 192 with Yamaha 01V BCM and focusrite octo pre, the studio 192 is better than both for me.
    My only 2 complains are number of fat channals. And number of Out put buses. They said it has fat Channel on every inputs, but it only has 16 fat channel, which means at 48k Second ADAT channels does not have fat channels. So if you think about adding 2 DP 88 forget it.
    Also UCsurface controller has only 9 stereo bus Outputs
    But if I use with studio one it has no problems
    Anyway this is very good interface/mixer
    However mine comes with broken talkback microphone .

  • from Tennessee May 13, 2017Music Background:
    10+ years recording

    great features. bad drivers/support

    Have had this for quite some time now. (6+ months)

    The good: great preamps. Decent control software. DSP effects are good and DSP mixer monitoring works really well for vocals.

    The bad: driver are bad for low latancy (like for running VSTi's). if you intend on running VSTi's and playing them in real time, do not buy this. It will disappoint you.

    For straight audio recording, this thing is a great interface. I'd say it's even still worth the money. For VSTi's, it's really bad.

    Also, ever since version 2.0 drivers my ipad will no longer connect to my device for the control app. I have to continually roll back to 1.8 drivers if I want to use that feature (and that was a very important feature for me). They are on driver 2.0.2 now and still no luck.

    I submitted a ticket, sent the tech support folks all the required info and system scans. They said it was a "connection issue" and that hopefully it would be resolved in a future driver update. The fact that it works with 1.8 drivers but not 2.0+ drivers is a bit nonsensical to me. It still hasn't been resolved.

    who knows, maybe the 2.0.2 drivers improved the latency. I will never be able to find out because I can't use them.

  • from Bradford, PA November 3, 2016

    Not stable in USB 3.0 Windows 10

    I have been running a small project studio with my own buolt PCs for over 8 years now. I was using a Line 6 Tone Port 8 as my interface for amny of those years, and with the lack up updates for it heading into the Windows 10 life cycle, I felt it might be time for an upgrade.

    I went with the Studio 192 which is of course advertised as a USB 3.0 interface. Around the time I received the interface, I did not know that my motherboard was on the fritz. Wasn't expecting it, as it was only 3 months old, but none the less...

    When I got the studio 192 I had issues with both my Sony Vegas Pro 13 program and Reaper which is my audio DAW. I would plug the interface into a 3.0 USB port, and everything seemsed ok until I made any changes in the Presonus User Control app. If I made a latency setting change, a smaple rate change, ect it would bog down my system horribly. When using the interface in a USB 2.0 port, Reaper would run fun, but Sony Vegas would only run some what stable if I jacked the latency settings all the way. Shortly after this, I discovered my motherboard need an RMA set up.

    Now, the motherboard that died on me was an MSI board running an Intel core i7 6800k processor with 32 gigs of ram. When I found out it was a dead board, I figured this was what was causing the Studio 192 to not function correctly when plugged into a USB 3.0. But it turns out, this was NOT the case.

    I reverted back to a Gigabyte brand motherboard with a completely different AMD processor and chipset. The processor is a FX 8350 8 core. The results with the Studio 192 in the USB 3.0 ports on that system was the EXACT as the Intel/MSI board. Everyting worked fine in USB 3.0 until I made any changes in the Presonus app, but worked find in USB 2.0.

    Talking with Sweetwater techs and reps, we all seemed to come to the conclusion that this is a Presonus driver issue. The interface was great when it worked, but it is NOT Stable in USB 3.0 on Windows 10. I changed up for a Focusrite unit.

  • from CA August 19, 2016

    Don't expect much from Presonus customer support

    The audio quality is on par with some of the units in this price range, but lacks some fundamental features of the competition. The Presonus customer service site is a joke.
    If you are an experienced DAW user, you can use the 192 but without common features like an audio matrix for assignments. I guess they expect you to use ONLY their DAW program.

  • from October 28, 2016

    Horrible interface

    Most likely this interface is nice for some people. However it promises integration with Studio One.

    This integration hardly works. Some of the promised features took a year to actually be released, and others are still not released.
    On top of that Presonus support is extremely unhelpful.

    So Studio One users stay away from this unit.

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