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On-Stage Stands SB9600 Tripod Studio Boom Microphone Stand Reviews

4.5 stars based on 15 customer reviews
Questions about the On-Stage Stands SB9600 Tripod Studio Boom Microphone Stand?

Questions about the On-Stage Stands SB9600 Tripod Studio Boom Microphone Stand?

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  • from April 7, 2015

    Nothing comparable in this price range.

    Generally, stands that can get a mic 10+ feet in the air cost many hundreds of dollars. This stand is the only exception I've found. While others may be somewhat more robust and easier to adjust, this is still quite sturdy, and a completely professional piece of gear. Another nice feature is that it's somewhat modular; that is, you can remove the counterweight and one of the booms when you don't need as much height, but still need a fairly tall, sturdy stand.

  • from Riverton, WY May 6, 2014Music Background:
    HAA Level II Certified/ Live sound engineer/ Guitar-man

    A Real Pro Set-up

    This is a very well built professional boom. I employed it in an overhead configuration for our chancel choir at church, utilizing a fairly heavy single point stereo microphone. It can be a bit unwieldy and not always easy to manipulate, but the plethora of adjustments and the extremely stable support allow me to achieve high quality results in a less than perfect acoustic environment. This is a well built boom that provides a solid solution to a challenging microphone set up. Recommended!

  • from Chicago April 3, 2014Music Background:
    worship lider and recording - producer for over 10 years

    Producer and recording engineer at Recording Style 7 Studio

    Great stand for my Rode and Bluebird mic.
    Very solid and flexible in the same time.

  • from United States October 2, 2013Music Background:
    Recording Engineer, Choir singer and conductor, musician, fan, hobbyist

    Excellent Stands!

    Love these! They came in so handy on our choir's premier tour. I love the construction of them and their stability and portability. They are now standard kit in my traveling studio!

  • from Michigan March 2, 2012Music Background:
    Professional musician

    Strong and sturdy

    I bought this for my home studio and it is stronger and sturdier than I expected. Lots of adjustment possibilities as well. Looking for a great mic stand, buy this one with confidence.

  • from USA January 8, 2012Music Background:
    soloist,guitar,vocal,home recording

    Very Sturdy

    I bought this along with a very large, very heavy, and very expensive studio condenser mic. This stand will hold any mic you put on it. It is very stable and very sturdy so no worries about the ultimate catastrophe ! It folds up nicely so you can stow it out if the way if you are in a small studio like me. Worth every penny.

  • from December 1, 2011


    So much better than one of their other versions that requires a weighted base and sandbags. Now I can get rid of both while having a huge (tall) stand. And it's so much lighter

  • from United States September 25, 2011Music Background:
    Pro musician

    Outstanding value, versatile

    I was expecting to have to pay a lot more to get a stand to hold up a new mic that I just got. Previous stands were not up to the task of holding up my latest mic, which weighs in at more than 7 lbs. The versatility of this stand is it's selling point, as I cannot imagine having difficulty finding just the right spot for your mic to be positioned at with this thing. The counterweight is a huge bonus as well.

    It should be mentioned that the interlocking teeth mechanisms within each boom will keep them from being pulled down by the weight of any mic, so you don't need to worry about the hassles of constantly adjusting the boom--lesser mic stands would gradually be pulled down by the weight of a mic, making for troublesome constant readjustment.

  • from Lowell, IN USA July 14, 2011Music Background:
    Pro Musician

    Best Mic Stand for the Money

    It couldn't be any sturdier! I purchased a lower cost stand from the same manufacturer, but it had an issue with the adjustment on the main shaft, so I opted to upgrade and get the better stand. I only spent about $50 more, but it is night and day - this stand is HUGE, but awesome and sturdy. Going to purchase another.

  • from April 27, 2016

    On stage SB9600

    Good product , essential for large diaphragm microphones ,,, the counter wieght make balance for these heavy mics ,,, i recommend this product *****

  • from Ft Wayne September 10, 2015Music Background:
    Songwriter, Recording Hobbyist

    Big and Sturdy

    This thing is very big, very sturdy with a great counter weight. Maybe just a tad TOO bid for the home studio. It's very tall and has a lot of reach. Even "broken down" it takes up a good deal of space. If you're in a limited space home studio, maybe look for something a bit less unwieldy. But if you have oodles of room, ain't nothing to complain about this bad boy.

  • from North Carolina June 18, 2014Music Background:
    Pro Musician - Studio Engineer - Live Sound Engineer

    Versatility Plus

    This stand is like a crane for your studio. It can reach about anywhere, up and over acoustic barriers, over a drum kit to any position for the drummer, any place you could dream to fly your room mic, etc. The adjustable footprint gives you whatever space/stability position you could possibly need, and the long boom with adjustable counter weight will handle the heaviest of studio mics.

    Instead of clutch pivot adjustments it has heavy steel teeth that lock in place - no sagging or any need to crank the adjustments to the point of wearing them out for extended positions. This is a stout tool for the job.

  • from Orem, Utah January 27, 2016

    Great stand

    Knew I needed a strong sturdy far reaching mike stand and this one did the job. It was exactly what I was hoping for when I bought it. Sturdy base and the counter weight were just perfect. Great investment. I had bought others but the didn't have the stamina this stand has.

  • from grand isle, vermont October 25, 2011Music Background:
    live sound dude, pro player

    on-stage boom mic stand sb9600

    got this to position a zoom h4n (also from sweetwater & awesome) for live recording of my band either in the studio or on a gig & it works perfectly in that application...the boom is long enough to reach the sweet spot keeping the base out of the way...on a gig screwing the 2 piece boom together takes just a bit of time & care...for transport i found that the boom top section will slide into the central tube of the base providing some protection for the threads...this is an excellent mic stand...i didnt give it a 5 because hey its a mic stand & if youre "blown away" by a mic stand you need to expand your frame of reference!...LOL...

  • from northern idaho February 2, 2013Music Background:
    part time musician, new recording engineer

    built like a tank

    this is one sturdy stand. very stable and can easily perform the duty of what I bought it for, namely for overheads for recording drums. I gave it a 3.5 because one of the stands has a coupling that unduly spins in the end of the boom, so the microphone never snugs up totally and hangs somewhat crooked, but it doesnt seem to impair what I am doing

Questions about the On-Stage Stands SB9600 Tripod Studio Boom Microphone Stand?

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