Peterson StroboSoft2 Deluxe Suite

Tuning Software with 0.1 Cent Accuracy, Two Interface Modes, and Customizable Presets - Mac/PC AU, VST
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Peterson StroboSoft2 Deluxe Suite image 1
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Peterson StroboSoft2 Deluxe Suite
Special Order

Incredibly Accurate and Flexible Software Tuner

Peterson is the oldest tuner manufacturer in the world but they've come up with a digital-age tuner - StroboSoft! Using Peterson's Virtual Strobe technology, StroboSoft is the first true software strobe tuner with unique features for stringed instruments.

Peterson StroboSoft at a Glance:
  • Two interfaces - chromatic and instrument
  • Accurate to within 0.1 cent, with customizable tunings
  • Define and store instrument-specific presets

Two interfaces - chromatic and instrument
StroboSoft offers two interfaces, a Standard Chromatic Strobe Tuner as well as an Exclusive Instrument Tuner featuring nearly 30 custom sweetened tunings for fretted and unfretted instruments including instruments featuring the Buzz Feiten Tuning System.

Accurate to within 0.1 cent, with customizable tunings
StroboSoft uses the power of your computer and its high resolution to accurately display the pitch of your instrument as compared to either traditional tuning standards, Peterson Sweetened settings, other companies' tunings, or contributor settings. With the 0.1 cents accuracy and sophistication of StroboSoft, Peterson's 55+ years of tuning experience has now taken tuning from plain black and white to the world of high-definition color.

Define and store instrument-specific presets
StroboSoft is simple to use in its chromatic tune mode and also has an exclusive instrument mode that allows you to define your instrument to StroboSoft and store those settings in presets to be quickly recalled at any time. After storing your presets, tuning multiple instruments with StroboSoft is quick and easy. Create a library of tunings for one instrument or better yet, all of your instruments!

Peterson StroboSoft Features:
  • Pitch Accuracy: 0.001 semitone (0.1 cents)
  • Note Range: Eb0 (MIDI note 15) to Eb8 (MIDI note 111)
  • Frequency Accuracy: 0.005Hz
  • Frequency Range*: 20Hz - 5000Hz
  • Sampling Rate: Supports 11.025, 22.05, 44.1, 88.2, 12, 24, 48, 96kHz sample rates
  • Input Calibration Signal: Accepts any calibrated signal in the range 80.0Hz to 2080.0Hz. The calibrated frequency value can be set in 0.1Hz steps
  • Calibration Factor: 90.000% to 110.000% in 0.001% steps (manually entered or by measurement)
  • Global Cents Offset: -50.0 cents to +50.0 cents in 0.1 cent steps
  • A440 Reference Frequency: 340.0Hz to 540.0Hz in 0.1Hz steps
  • Transpose/Drop/Capo: -12 semitones to +12 semitones in 1 semitone steps
  • Manual Note Select: C0 to C8
  • Measured/Target Frequency: displayed to 0.01Hz (up to 999.99Hz), 0.1Hz (1000.0 and above)
  • Measured/Target Cents: displayed to 0.1 cent, or 1 cent, depending on user setting
  • Temperaments: Contains 12 built-in temperaments (including Equal Tempered)
  • Instruments: Contains 25 predefined instruments
  • Tunings: 54 built-in tunings, unlimited user tunings
  • Sweeteners: 27 built-in sweeteners including Peterson Sweetened Tunings and BFTS settings, unlimited user sweeteners

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Tech Specs

Software Type Tuning
Platform Mac, PC
Upgrade/Full Full
Download/Boxed Boxed
Format AU, VST
Hardware Requirements - Mac G4 Processor, 256MB of RAM
Hardware Requirements - PC 1GHz Pentium or equivalent, 256MB of RAM
OS Requirements - Mac OS X 10.4 or later
OS Requirements - PC Windows 2000 or later
Manufacturer Part Number 403856

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THE Must Have for the nitty gritty on whats happening with your axe

this is probably going to be the biggest thing going for Peterson. it does just about every thing you need for measuring sound. the help file thingy is the best i've *EVER* seen, i just watch the answers happen... the only wish-for is some way to freeze and save the oscilloscope screens for later comparison. like changing strings on your axe. then you would have a measured result, not a subjective simulated wild *** guess, (SWAG).
Music background: amateur luthier, instrument Freak
See also: Peterson, Peterson Utility & Other Software