AIR Update to Strike 1.5 for Current Owners No Longer Available

Update to Version 1.5 of Virtual Drum Instrument Plug-in with Real-time Performance Engine; 1,500 Presets; and 20GB of 24-bit Samples — Mac/PC, RTAS
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AIR Update to Strike 1.5 for Current Owners image 1
AIR Update to Strike 1.5 for Current Owners image 1

Sorry, the AIR Update to Strike 1.5 for Current Owners is no longer available. We've left this page up for reference only. Check out the great alternatives on this page or call toll-free (800) 222-4700 to speak with a Sweetwater Sales Engineer about similar products.

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AIR Update to Strike 1.5 for Current Owners
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Your Pro Tools-ready Drum Solution!

Note: This is a specially priced update to Avid Strike 1.5 for current owners of Strike. Please call your Sales Engineer for details.

Get fully produced drum tracks in an instant! With Avid's Strike under your control, you can nail any kind of drum performance imaginable — from relaxed jazzy grooves to in-your-face rock slams to splashy pop jams. Think of Strike as the opposite of your standard drum-looping tool. Instead, it's like having a skilled drummer in an unbelievable room, with a world-class kit that's miked to perfection — and all under your control. You've got the power to tailor Strike's performance, so you can adjust the intensity, the complexity, and the dynamics of the grooves — and more. It's never been so easy to get drum tracks that fit the mood of every song you come across. If you've got Pro Tools, you've just got to have Strike!

Strike comes loaded with five high-resolution drum kits, each featuring up to 12 instruments with up to 300 individual samples per instrument, for an incredible range of detail. Whether you compose soundtracks or pop tunes, or just need a drummer to jam along with while you play your guitar, Strike delivers totally human results, with over 1,500 editable preset patterns in popular music styles. Strike lets you create your own custom patterns by using the onboard Style Editor, and it can also function as a drum module in Pro Tools software.

To help you get the perfect drum sound, Strike includes a built-in mixing console for full control over every aspect of the kit. Change virtual microphone settings — for example, room ambience and leakage — then take advantage of a dedicated 3-band EQ and two insert effects per channel. Strike's onboard effects range from dynamics and limiting to reverb and delay, and to such specialized tools as bit crusher and filter. The onboard mixer lets you easily adjust the overall level and panning for each drum, as well as route individual sounds to separate mixer channels in Pro Tools software.

When you want realistic drum tracks — whenever, wherever — launch into Strike, and you've got them!

Avid Strike Features at a Glance:
  • RTAS virtual drummer plug-in
  • Easily produce professional, highly realistic drum performances within Pro Tools
  • Full, real-time control of the virtual drummer's performance, including intensity, complexity, timing, groove, dynamics, and much more
  • Groundbreaking real-time performance engine allows for the gradual adjusting of the dynamics of a drum performance — without the typical machine gun effect or audible velocity-layer switching
  • Choose from 5 high-definition drum kits, each featuring up to 12 instruments per kit and up to 300 samples per instrument
  • Includes over 20GB of 24-bit audio stored in just 5GB of space via proprietary lossless compression
  • Over 1,500 editable preset drum patterns/performances covering dozens of musical styles and song structures
  • Intelligently mapped drum patterns and sounds allow for fast, interactive real-time arrangement and composition of drum parts
  • Doubles as a powerful MIDI drum module for use with your own drum patterns and sequences
  • Built-in virtual mixing console for full control over drum kit sound, including room ambience, microphone levels/leakage, EQ, dynamics, and more
  • A dedicated EQ and 2 insert effects processors per channel, including compressor, limiter, tube saturation, distortion, bit crusher, filter, ring modulator, delay, reverb, phaser, chorus and more
  • Supports for multichannel plug-in output for discrete routing and mixing of each drum kit component in the Pro Tools mixer
  • MIDI Learn functionality allows for the easy mapping of plug-in parameters to MIDI instruments, for hands-on control
  • Full support for Pro Tools automation and control via Avid control surfaces and ICON integrated consoles
  • Highly optimized RTAS instrument for Pro Tools HD, Pro Tools LE, and Pro Tools M-Powered software
Make Avid Strike your new drummer!

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Manufacturer Part Number 8115-61725-00

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