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Fender Standard Stratocaster - Brown Sunburst with Rosewood Fingerboard Reviews

4.5 stars based on 13 customer reviews
Questions about the Fender Standard Stratocaster - Brown Sunburst with Rosewood Fingerboard?

Questions about the Fender Standard Stratocaster - Brown Sunburst with Rosewood Fingerboard?

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  • from Florida March 10, 2017


    I am very happy with my purchase. The guitar came double packed and was flawless. As someone just starting out I'm happy to say that it plays very well. My friends told me about Sweetwater. And now all by again.

  • from chicaggo April 12, 2016Music Background:
    play out on harp

    can't put her down

    I play in bands on harmonica.I play WITH the guitar.My band mates won't let me play guitar!! But since my wife got me this Sweet guitar!!! Now my Mission Chicago Harp amp (at home) only gets this awesome guitar played through it !!! I can not put it down!!! I will be playing out on it! can't stop!

  • from Houston October 28, 2015Music Background:

    Favorite Guitar

    I've played many guitars, and this is definitely "my guitar", it feels good, plays good, and sounds great. That said, I think this guitar is a great "template" instrument, that can far surpass it's MIA counterparts. It's good stock, but with a few modifications you can make this guitar go from sweet singing to a pleasing biting snarl.

    So my rating stock, it's fabulous, I really think this guitar outshines many competitors guitars, and even guitars within fender's lineup. The neck is very, very comfortable & easy to play.

    A modification I did was completely rewire the guitar with "cloth wiring" (vintage-style) & stuck in D'Allen Voodoo 69 pickups. That really made this guitar transition into what I wanted, something that was smooth & crystalline, but can rip & roar with a little bit of overdrive. To clear up some vagueness, I was going for the SRV tone, and ended up being able to do it with a pickup swap.

    Along with this I totally removed all the stock pots and replaced with CTS pots, this made the volume & tone controls more linear from 0-10, where before almost all the entire dynamic range were from 9-10 on the volume control.

    Also the tuners stock are okay, but they've become increasingly difficult with thicker gauge strings, which I now play .11 gauge strings. I purchased Wilkinson direct replacement tuners, but they haven't come in yet so time will tell.

    I know I didn't make a real "applicable" review based on stock components, but the point I'm making is that it's a superb instrument, and has the potential to be a contender to the custom shop guitars in a heartbeat with just a few modifications. I think the guitar will speak for itself, if you decide to buy it, I'm sure you'll be just as happy as I've been with the guitar.

  • from Union Grove, WI USA July 18, 2014Music Background:
    Lead Guitarist

    Fender Strat Review

    I love this guitar, from the moment I first started playing it until now it has been by my side. Thank you so much for giving me the convenience to purchase it online, I really appreciate it. Words do not describe what I feel, keep up the good work, what you guys are doing to make sure every individual customer is happy is just astounding. Again, I thank you, Brendon.

  • from AL September 7, 2013Music Background:


    THESE GUYS ARE JUST AMAZING!!! Very cool store ready to help, the strat iis blowing me away their quality, very resonant and attetion to detail they turn around the industry, the wood is very good, I have no complaints, yes the pickups are noisy but also the American strat so to stay away of that you need to install noiseless pickups... Very nice guitar.

  • from Landover, MD November 6, 2012Music Background:

    my friend loves it

    I bought this guitar as a gift to my friend who is part of this band I joined up with. He said he always wanted a fender so got him one ever since his playing style has been evolving it's so sick. Til this day he can't stop thanking me for it, I heard for myself and I was blown away by it's sound. In short it's a perfect guitar for anyone to own.

  • from Woonsocket,R.I. June 4, 2007Music Background:
    Active Musician

    This Is Too Good To Be A Mex Strat!

    I bought this 4 months ago.After playing Ibanez's for the last several years,I needed a change of pace.So,I went out and bought this little bundle of joy.I would put this up against a American Standard any day of the week.The upgrades that Fender has put on this guitar really make it stand out.The jumbo frets make string bending a breeze,and the thicker trem block allows for more sustain,while the shielded compartment gets rid of that annoying hum that used to be so prevailent on the older models.I do own and play other brands besides Fender,but this is the best guitar that I have ever owned.It stays in tune really good,no fret buzz,and most of all,the string height is perfect.I didn't have to do any adjustments at all,which is unusual.Most other guitars that I've bought in the past had needed some type of adjustment to them in order to suit me,but this one,hell no.She's a keeper,and is my no. 1!

  • from California June 13, 2017


    Arrived when they said it would and in tune. Great customer service. Will be my first choice in my next purchase.

  • from Ormond Beach, FL January 23, 2015Music Background:


    This Guitar is exactly what iI expected.
    Plays great, sounds great a good value!

  • from March 22, 2017

    A battle axe

    Well worth the $!!!!

  • from NC December 22, 2016Music Background:

    Very nice

    I have been tormented over getting a MIM or digging deep in my pocket for a US made. Went with the MIM and I am so far very satisfied. This guitar appears to be very high quality and the sound is pure Stratocaster. I replaced the string guide and was going to replace the tuners with fender locking but so far no issues, guitar stays in tune. I put on heavier strings (48-11) and had to tighten the bridge. I play jazz and have a hollow body and this guitar is good for the more bluesy and pop type songs.They should give a gig bag or offer one with reduced price.

  • from NC November 22, 2009Music Background:
    Hobbyist/Active Musician

    Great Versatile Guitar

    I recieved this guitar as a gift a few years ago and was blown away how good of a guitar it was (especially since I have heard bad things about mex. strats). I didn't even need to have it set up; it was ready for play right off the shelf. This guitar has a great overall tone, and soulds great clean or dirty. However, I have 2 warnings for this guitar: 1) Each individual model is different. I have played many different identical models but they all feel, sound, and play differently. With this said, you may want to play it before you buy it. 2) The single coils can be a bit noisy, especially with a long chain of effects, or with a highly distorted amp, so you may also want to invest in a quality noise reduction pedal like a G-String, etc. /// Overall this is a great guitar to have.

  • from HONOLULU@AOL.COM October 17, 2006Music Background:


    When I hop on my Strat, I imagine all the great players who have layed down such great tunes...Clapton, Hendrix, Stevie Ray Vaughn and the list is endless....such a classic sound; it just makes you inspired to try to get to that level of guitar playing....is it impossible? yeah maybe,but they too once started out as a youngling, Padawan then Jedi to finally reach..... Jedi Master!!!

Questions about the Fender Standard Stratocaster - Brown Sunburst with Rosewood Fingerboard?

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