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Fender Standard Stratocaster HSS with Floyd Rose - Olympic White with Rosewood Fingerboard Reviews

4.5 stars based on 3 customer reviews
Questions about the Fender Standard Stratocaster HSS with Floyd Rose - Olympic White with Rosewood Fingerboard?

Questions about the Fender Standard Stratocaster HSS with Floyd Rose - Olympic White with Rosewood Fingerboard?

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  • from GTA Canada February 11, 2017

    My First Fender Guitar Ever

    I've always been a Gibson guy, decided to expand my horizons and this Strat sounded like a perfect place to start. I love this guitar !!! It stays in tune, feels and sounds great !!! I usually like to tinker with pups and pots, caps, etc but these pups sound great.

  • from Daytona Beach Shores, FL June 14, 2017Music Background:

    Fender Floyd Rose

    After having and letting go a few Fender USA Floyd Rose strats, I decided to go get another Floyd Rose strat. This time, I went with the standard MIM Stratocaster HSS with Floyd Rose in Olympic White. I ordered from Sweetwater since they actually had multiple ones to choose from and listed the weights of each one. That Guitar Gallery was a huge reason I choose Sweetwater. This one was listed at 8# even and my old USA versions were both around 9# so I was happy to shed the weight.

    Normally I have to play a guitar for a while before buying, but finding one local (Floyd Rose equipped strat) to play is hard, so I took a chance on ordering from Sweetwater. I ordered it and was immediately contacted by Jacob, my Sweetwater tech. His communication was outstanding, and he double checked the guitar for me before it shipped. It was nice to have someone lay eyes on it before it went out, and he was outstanding in communicating throughout the entire process of ordering, shipping and even followed up after delivery to make sure it met expectations.

    Guitar arrived flawlessly setup, in every sense it was perfect from setup to finish. The 55 point process they do is really great and something that makes a big difference. On this guitar, the frets were smooth on edges, tremolo was set up just right for me, pickup height was correct, and it plays fantastic. The feel this guitar has is amazing, on par with the older USA versions I have played. I LOVE the satin finish on back of the neck, makes for fast and easy playing! It seems the MIM products have made great strides in quality over the years. I am hard pressed to say this one performs or feels any differently that the USA versions I have played, but time will tell. The FR tremolo is fairly solid and holds tuning well after heavy use. While the tremolo version is not a Schaller made in Germany, it seems to perform very well but I do wish it at least was the 1000 version Floyd.

    As for the electronics, everything works well, and it sounds very good, I would likely switch out the pickups at some point but that is a personal preference thing more than any performance issue. Only reason I give it a 4.5 and not a 5 is I would prefer different pickups, and a FR Original trem (in a perfect world...:), but for the money, this is definitely a keeper! I have used it on a few recording and videos already and it sounds great straight into amp, through a Focusrite Scarlett into computer, with or without effects. Very happy!!

  • from PA May 2, 2017Music Background:
    Home studio engineer, and freelance metal and rock guitarist

    Versatile, clean and mean.

    For my style of music, I could've chose a myriad of different axes in this price range with an HSS set-up but they wouldn't have been a Fender. Ever since playing my friend's Mexican strat years ago, I've always wanted my own because the feel and playability were amazing, but with a humbucker in the bridge so I could get more of a warm crunchy sound. I was skeptical to buy one of the standard strats for many years because most of the Fender's available have a standard tremolo, and if you're like me and you value divebombs and squeal harmonics, you want something that will sound great and keep it in tune. That and it being a Fender, even though it won't be super hot, but you are going to get every bit of tone that makes a great Fender guitar and more.

    The pickups sparkle very nicely on a clean channel especially with some flange and delay, and gives an excellent bluesy hard rock sound when overdriven. Even though the pickups aren't really face melting, the feel, the price, the classic tone and the tremolo were exactly what I was looking for and that to me was worth the price I paid for the instrument. As an added bonus that drew me even more to the guitar, the bridge pickup has a coil-split; which means you can also enjoy sparkling standard strat goodness in a 3 single config as well as a HSS when not activated.

    As far as a modern metal tone is concerned, it sounds killer with my Dunlop EQ and my EHX OD Glove in my signal chain going into my Marshall; which is what I use all the time. Even though I plan on switching out the pickups in the future, I'm happy with it and the crunch that they provide sounds decent even without FX (Judas Priest anyone?). The only flaws that I notice with this guitar is the fact that it's a little bit on the heavy side weight wise; which surprised me seeing as it has an alder body. Also, even though the Floyd Rose Special is a very good tremolo, it isn't perfect. I do find myself slightly going out of tune on my high e string after dive bombing and putting it through it's paces after a while but it's really that bad, maybe a few cents flat. So far it doesn't go flatter than that. Overall, I am very happy with the purchase I made. Sweetwater also did very well with customer service and shipping it out to me. I can see getting a lot of years out of this instrument.

Questions about the Fender Standard Stratocaster HSS with Floyd Rose - Olympic White with Rosewood Fingerboard?

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