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Fender Stevie Ray Vaughan Stratocaster - 3-tone Sunburst Reviews

5.0 stars based on 18 customer reviews
Questions about the Fender Stevie Ray Vaughan Stratocaster - 3-tone Sunburst?

Questions about the Fender Stevie Ray Vaughan Stratocaster - 3-tone Sunburst?

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  • from NorCal January 27, 2017


    I bought mine in 1992. Was very lucky to get one with the Brazilian rosewood. Never had a problem and everyone who has played it loves it. An XLNT guitar. It has made me a better player. Still havn't found how far she will go.

  • from December 17, 2016

    Best Strat I've ever owned

    I recently purchased a SRV Stratocaster from Sweetwater. After a few months of use, I can honestly say that this is one of if not THEE best I've owned. Run this guitar thru a quality tube/Fender amp/quality pedals and you have the classic "Fender sound" that can handle just about any style of music. I find the Texas special pickups to be full sounding and beefy single coil pick ups. They are thicker sounding than vintage reissues but they still retain their clarity and cut thru the mix well. The neck is a beefier one than what is on a standard Strat but very comfortable. I have larger than average hands, so it fits me like a glove. If you have average or small hands though..it isn't like it is so big that you couldn't get comfortable with it. It is nowhere near as big as, for example, the older Jeff Beck signature Strat or current Richie Kotzen Tele necks. The frets are larger too but are very comfortable and nicely dressed. A good Stratocaster like this is really hard to beat. Too me, this an old fashioned, quality built, 62/63 reissue Stratocaster with a few mods and upgrades. Left hand tremolo being one mod, larger frets, 21 frets as apposed to 22, gold hardware, and Texas special pickups. You really can't go wrong with this guitar if you are in the market for a Stratocaster. It costs a little more than the U.S. standard but worth it if you want a more "traditonal" Stratocaster. 5 stars.

  • from Heagar Al November 1, 2016Music Background:
    Classic Rock, Country, Worship, Blues.

    New SRV Strat

    New SRV STRAT is everything I had hoped it would be. With a little fine tuning (which is normal for me) she plays great and sounds great. I think I will try a set of fender lite strings though since I am not really used to playing the heavier strings. Overall I give my SRV a AAA+++

  • from Nashville April 13, 2016


    I recently came across a 2013 for sale at a local music store. I had a 2014 Gibson LP Classic at the time worth about $1500. The SRV was $999 and was in brand new condition, plastic on the pick guard! Anyway I played it and WOW! It is hands down the best strat or strat style guitar I've ever played. I've owed Clapton, Jeff Bescks, Eric Johnsons, Deluxes, Vintage RIs, Nash ect. I traded my LP for it I didn't care what the difference in value was. I've never regretted it! Hats off to Fender for such a work of art. Running this through a Fender Super Sonic 22 I get that perfect blues sound I've been searching for!

  • from Tennessee March 21, 2016Music Background:
    Blues and Jazz

    Awesome Guitar

    I got my guitar in two shipping days. Aric Brenner is my sales engineer and he is awesome. The guitar was double boxed and was set up to go out of the box. It was even in tune. I play gospel and the guitar has a bluesy vibe and is very expressive throughout the finger board. Using a Fender Evil Twin amp 100 watt on the 25 watt low power setting.

  • from Austin, IN January 13, 2016Music Background:
    Music Producer/Audio Engineer

    An outstanding instrument

    This guitar has TONE! That's to say the least. I love the play ability and the tone. It is incredible. However, when I received my guitar, the nut had a burr in it. Causing my g-string to pop when bent downward. This is a Fender issue, not Sweetwater. However, this being roughly a $2,000 guitar, the "55 point inspection" from Sweetwater should have caught that. Luckily, it was a cheap fix.

  • from OKC November 16, 2015

    SRV strat purchase

    Love this guitar and the folks at Sweetwater are a pleasure to deal with!! WILL DEFINITELY BE BACK!

  • from Tempe, AZ April 21, 2015Music Background:
    40 year player, open mic nights, blues band

    A guitar the Legend would be proud to carry his name!

    Wanted one of these since they first came out. Never pulled the trigger due to my own stupidity. When I finally did, I was so sorry I waited so long! This is one amazing axe. Fender really pulled out all the stops and Stevie would be proud to see his signature model turn out so well. I love the playability of this guitar. Action was perfect, as delivered. The tones I get with any of my amps are unbelievable. This is my #1 guitar from now on. I just hate to think of taking it out to a club and having someone spill a beer on it. So I will guard it more intensely than the Secret Service does the president! Bob Mondock, my sales consultant for 7 years, was great in helping me both decide and make the purchase happen. The Sweetwater 3 payment plan rocks!

  • from Clinton, ME April 8, 2015Music Background:
    novice getting better by the day, guitar hoarder too


    I'm a HUGE SRV fan so have been looking at these for a long time. The prices keep going up on them so figured it's now or never.
    I also own (purchased from Sweetwater) a Gibson Lucille, now signed by Mr King and displayed in my living room. I could wait to get this one and figured I'd enjoy and play it.
    As usual, it arrived quickly and in perfect condition in a very nice custom Fender hard case. Then I opened the case......OMG, over the top gorgeous Stratocaster with more case candy than I've ever received with any other guitar. The guitar fit snugly, everything you can imagine was included, even a strap.
    I only had one problem with the guitar......I don't have the heart to play it, it's that perfect. This one will eventually go on the wall too as soon as I find the perfect display case. I do own 9 other American Fenders so I don't "need" to play this. I'd like to say this is an investment piece as the value will never go down (check used prices), it will only appreciate in value. But, I am keeping this one. The attention to detail and finish on this is remarkable.
    If you're a fan of SRV, you'll love this. I am positive it plays like a dream as Sweetwater always does a great job setting up guitars I purchase from them. Thank you again to my Rep Ryan Holquist, he is the best. If you've never purchased through Sweetwater, you're missing out. They treat every customer as an individual and give personal attention to every customer, unlike some of the other large retailers. Ask for Ryan, you will be glad you did!!!!

  • from Durham, United Kingdom August 2, 2014Music Background:
    Semi pro musician

    SRV Strat

    I have recently bought myself an SRV strat. I absolutely made the right choice! Build quality is superb and it plays extremely well right out of the case. The sound range is huge with the guitar sounding fantastic clean and awesome in terms of power when set to rip!! Best guitar I've had the privilege to own. I have been playing for almost 30 years and this is now my go to guitar.

  • from Augusta, Georgia June 14, 2014Music Background:
    54 years - played electric bass virtually all of the about 20+ bands. Opened Chuck Berry in '58 at the old Pepsi Arena near the Dallas, Texas State Fair Grounds (long since razed to the ground) with Tommy Hutson and the Savoys and laer with Kris Kristoph

    My SRV Sweetthang

    Sweethang was a purchase in 2004 for then $1,1K. I then had it sent to Kansas City where the bridge was dropped among other things so I could use my very light and fast touch ( I use 9 gauge strings).. I play out of a "66 Princeton Reverb tube amp. The sound is pure in every register.. I had sold a real rough-book Gretsch Tennessean for $500 and just saved the rest the rest until l I had enough to get the SRV. Never regret my buy!

  • from Warrenton, Oregon USA August 8, 2009Music Background:
    Producer, Recording Engineer, Live Sound Engineer, Musician

    My Review of The Stevie Ray Vaughan Stratocaster

    I have one of these guitars I bought mine in 95
    it is one of the finest musical instrument I have ever owned it plays like a dream and the craftsmanship is second to none. I feel like SRV when
    I play it the sound is just awesome the three Texas Special pickups just blow me away. If you want Stevie's signature sound this guitar is a must, Well and a lot of practice. But it's worth every penny if not more I'm just glad I bought mine when it was cheaper!!!!

  • from chehalis wa January 29, 2009Music Background:


    well i just got a 92 SRV
    strat. it has a verry fast neck feels great and
    has great sustain. it also sounds great threw my marshal vintage modern 100w powering 4 12s

  • from Abilene,Texas July 2, 2007Music Background:
    Tube amp tech and guitarist

    SRV Strat

    I cannot believe it! I finally fleabayed my way to be able to buy one of these and am blown away!The tone and harmonics are outstanding and the neck is solid as a rock! None of that yawing out of tune when you put pressure on it. Just grab is an play hard. It likes it and even sounds good on a stock Valve Jr head with 2 10's.
    I can't wait to get it on something decent. I'm putting the DRRI back together in the morning because I can't handle waiting to hear this guitar. The only thing negative is my lack of skills because this axe does it all right now off the shelf. Might try a .047 cap later on but it is great like it is. And the case is nice also. Good quality!

  • from Houston September 20, 2016Music Background:

    One of a kind guitar

    This guitar is exactly what I was looking for. I had been wanting/searching for a functional, vintage style guitar in modern production and I believe I have found what I was looking for. All pickup positions are great, and despite popular opinion these pickups though marketed as high-output, are actually low output in terms of volume. By comparison to an american standard these pickups to me feel lower in volume, but have a more gnarly bite to them. The bridge though does go out of tune with use of the whammy, but is by far better than the previous MIM bridge I had used which was also vintage style. The guitar itself in terms of wood is actually surprisingly light, even though the neck is fat in comparison to modern "C" shaped strats. I had choose sweetwater because I was able to hand select the specific model I wanted and couldn't be happier, the finish/wood grain is beautiful, and was exactly what I wanted in a strat.

    The only downfall was the nut/string spacing. I find it to do this day difficult to vibrato heavily on the b-string because the string will fall off the fretboard, likewise then nut wasn't filed correctly and I had to have it replaced because the low e was falling off the fretboard. I wasn't angry or totally turned off by either of these issues, but the vintage style spacing definitely creates some issues if you vibrato very heavily on the high strings. I'd say be prepared and expect this, as I've tried another srv strat and it was exactly the same way, it's just apart of the design for better or worse.

    That said the guitar gets 4.5 stars because it's such a superb and unique strat, I only have good things to say about it. More so, I am a bit of a stickler when it comes to finish/wood grain when buying a new guitar, and it was important for me to see what I was buying. In that respect I am very glad with the purchase. In the future I'll definitely be testing out the guitar and watching if the string spacing works for me or not, as it is bothersome when I bend heavily on the b-string and the string falls off the fretboard. I have learned to compensate by not bending down as hard, but I feel that's really stupid and not necessary, Fender should fix this by now, but it's not a complete deal breaker. I think more than anything it's the fact the string spacing is 2 7/32's which is a bit wider than modern string spacing, but I digress. Point is, this is a modern production of a vintage strat that's cheaper than the 59-65 reissues. That I believe is this guitars best selling point, and reason to buy it, besides the fact its just a great guitar.

  • from philadelphia, pa usa September 29, 2013Music Background:

    Stevie Ray Vaughn Fender Stratocaster

    This is a really nice guitar. The materials and parts are all very nice quality. The neck is a thick oval type very similar to the 59 reissue except with a modern 12" fretboard radius which I like better than the 7.25" radius on the reissue guitars. The pao ferro fretboard is also very nice, a little harder and brighter than rosewood, similar to maple.

    The finish was meticulously done and is a verithane type, not lacquer so it will not settle into the grain like lacquer does(I like that about lacquer); but the sound on this thing is so on par with the reissues that I really don't see a problem here. In fact the sound is quite unique in that it does not sound like a typical strat. It's got brightness with a lot of bottom. The tones consist of a unique kind of jazzy warmth with a nice high end sparkle. Overdriven tones are different too, kind of warm and smooth but can be driven into that notorious SRV stinging tone as well; very versatile.

    At 600 dollars less than the new reissues, this thing is right on par with them but less expensive. Note that I had a 65 reissue and the paint started to fall off after three days! The high teck flash lacquer that they are now using on the new reissues seems of dubious quality to me; but the SRV finish seems real stand-up.

    A couple of bothersome things about the SRV are: 1) The guitar came with 10's but the nut slots were clearly cut for 9's so I had tuning stability problems and the strings would zing and creek when tuning so I had to get the slots re-filed. 2) Some of the frets in the upper register were not polished properly and therefore felt gritty on bends, I corrected this with a fret polish now they are nice.

    That reminds me, the medium tall frets are awesome. The vintage slotted tuners are nice and the synthetic bone nut doesn't seem to detract from the great sound.

    In short, I really like the SRV strat, I would have given a 5 had it not been for the points noted above and the neck was shifted on arrival, loosening the neck bolts a little and a quick jerk upward fixed that.

    One last note, buying the texas special pickups and throwing them in your Highway 1 / mexican standard / any other lower quality strat will not come close to approximating the sound of the SRV! it must be the woods or the thicker neck I don't know but there is a real difference.

  • from Maine March 12, 2006

    stevie ray vaughan strat

    Best guitar ive ever owned. this thing really rips. the jumbo frets let you bend to any note and the three texas speacials really give it that edge.

  • from Santa Cruz August 1, 2004

    fender srv strat

    These guitars are awsome I have never heard a bad tone out of one of these guitars I just had a tbx tone control installed in mine and it sounds great try tuning down to C# it helps the tone I will never sell it I give it a 100

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