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Fender Modern Player Stratocaster HSH - Crimson Red Transparent Reviews

4.5 stars based on 9 customer reviews
  • from Midwest December 30, 2014Music Background:
    Living room jammer

    The Fender Modern Player Stratocaster HSH - Crimson Red

    First off, I don't play in a band or play out. I am an experienced amateur. Guitars have come and gone over the years.
    I like rock n roll & blues and play just for fun.

    I looked long and hard for a reason NOT to buy this guitar. After I bought it I looked long and hard to find something wrong with it. I read
    quite a few various posting about why people felt they needed to upgrade parts of it. All three times I came away with no reason not to buy. Dug real deep into the nut & tuners. Pickups are too much a mix of hardware and amp settings for me to understand so no comment except I like humbuckers and don't use a whammy bar so good enough in the bridge department. What I can tell you is that this guitar is everything I was expecting. The grain of the wood shows through the finish excellent. There is LOTS of grain. The neck is fast and the tuners are 15:1 so I really don't feel the need to upgrade. It tuned easy. I use a meter. The more I researched the more posts I found that did not care for locking tuners anyway because their strings were breaking so why upgrade. I use VOX tube amps and it sounds great to me. I am no expert on tone and I hate solid state so take it for what is worth.

    I bought the SKB Pro Series Guitar Case - Stratocaster/Telecaster Fit and it has dead on perfect shaped fit. The clasps are real big which I
    think is kinda cool and it seems real protective but at the same time really light weight.

    So to wrap it up I think this is a great fit for me. A beginner would love it and it seems to be plenty upgradeable if you want to go far without shelling out for a high end guitar. Hope this helps you make a good decision on whether to buy it or not.

  • from Pennsylvania January 2, 2014Music Background:
    Have played in bands for 45 years, mixed sound and recorded. Nobody important!

    A fine guitar worth twice what it cost!

    Got mine today with the assistance of my incomparable sales person, Andy Miller.. This guitar is way more than I hoped for or expected. Straight away I was floored by the beauty of this guitar. Then, I found the frets to be really more to my liking than any other Strat (or Les Paul) that I have played. This guitar is a joy to play. Right out of the box the guitar was EXACTLY what I have wanted. The pickup configuration has a bucket full of tones to choose from. Any of the pickups alone sound great! The 2 and 4 positions with combinations are really amazing. The tone controls are very good with lots of serious tweaking option. The action all over the neck is more than I had hoped for and every note seems to ring out brightly. This is only after two hours of playing. The whammy is very good, and I didn't notice any problems with keeping it in tune. I highly recommend this guitar to anyone. Thank you FENDER, SWEETWATER and ANDY MILLER!

  • from United States December 1, 2013Music Background:
    guitar player/collector

    awesome guitar

    this guitar plays absolutely great the sound and tone from this beast is worth the money sweetwater is fast and deals with top of the line equipment customer service staff is second to none im sold on these guys

  • from Texas August 30, 2013Music Background:
    Weekend Couch Jammer

    Great Guitar at a Great Price

    Guitar feels great and is such a pleasure to play. The different tones you can get from all the pickup combinations is amazing. Fender is on the head stock, and Fender it is. Couldn't find one finish flaw and set up was great. Thanks Sweetwater!!!

  • from Portland, Oregon USA June 14, 2014Music Background:
    Semi-Retired pro musician, Bassist, Guitarist,Student of Recording

    Fender Modern Player Stratocaster HSH

    This guitar is hands down the finest playing guitar Iv'e ever played. Right out of the box it was almost perfect. The only thing I had to do to it was lower the action about a mm and then check the intonation. The finish is impeccable, absolutely beautiful. The tuners are tight ,smooth and accurate. All of the frets were level and true. The only thing that keeps it from 5 stars are the pickups.They actually sound pretty good overall,it seems like they might not be as strong as they could be. This guitar is an absolute pleasure to play,and it sounds great. Some people might not even consider this guitar because it's made in China, too bad, because this is a very high quality instrument that deserves to be played by as many people as possible, I absolutely love this guitar.

  • from Kentucky/Indiana June 6, 2014Music Background:
    Nonpracticing Recording Engineer :), Weekend Warrior

    Fantastic guitar - don't be put off by made in China!

    All of the reviews I read were very positive - most saying that it's a great guitar for the money and even one saying it's a great guitar PERIOD.

    I can only agree. I wanted an inexpensive but nice guitar to travel with and thought this might fit the bill. Not only has it exceeded my expectations...this is just a joy to play, period. This is far better than the Made in Mexico one I had to travel with for awhile. It reminds me more of a MIJ model I had.

    I've owned seven or eight Strats over the years. I've never kept one for more than a year or two. This one might just get to stay...and that's rare company considering the last one I sold was a 2013 USA Strat! I think since my first love is and will always be Les Pauls, having the humbuckers makes it a little more of what I like...thicker sound yet still retaining some of that Strat brightness.

    My only deduction is I wish it were available with a maple fretboard.

  • from United States May 22, 2014Music Background:
    Acoustic Designer/Guitar Geek

    well built great value

    The guitar it's self is really nicely made. fit and finish are great.
    Its important to note where they are saving the cash on these.
    Pick ups are good but the switching and pots are cheapo's..
    the bridge is just shy of worthless. there is no mass in it and for an extra hundy you can install an american standard trem.
    if you're willing to add 200 to this thing and up grade a pick up and the trem its a stunner.
    i replaced the bridge and the bridge pick up and couldn't be happier.

  • from Waynesburg Pa August 29, 2013Music Background:
    Hobbyist, Play the bars on weekends.

    Fender Modern Player Strat HSH

    Great entry level guitar that any new player should be happy to own. The one I received looks very nice with only a small finish flaw on the body, I had to make some minor saddle height adjustments and minor intonation adjustments, For the money I am more that happy to do a little work. By the way I own many other guitars that cost a lot more than this one and I have had to do at least this much work on them, The only complaint I have is that the factory could have polished the frets a bit, not a big deal they should play in and smooth out nicely. If you are a seasoned player this might not be the guitar for you unless you are looking to make some pickup upgrades. The pickups are what you would expect in most entry level guitars, I will be upgrading the PU's in mine soon. I would recommend this guitar to new players as well as seasoned players who aren't afraid to set up and work on their own guitars.

  • from Seattle, WA USA March 7, 2014Music Background:
    Pro Musician, Luthier-guitar electronics

    Fender Modern Player Stratocaster HSH - Crimson Red

    Great Neck, finish and decent quality mahogany body. Dislike the pickups but didn't expect much at this price. Bridge is OK, but switching out to a larger steel or brass block would help frequency response and sustain. For the tone tweak-er experienced with a soldering iron, better pickups would make this a challenge to American Strats. Deep red transparent finish is reminiscent of Gibson SG's 'Heritage Cherry' and is very nice. The tuners and warm tinted neck give the guitar a vintage vibe. The neck plays nice, albeit a few dead spots above the 12th fret. It's definitely a keeper at this price. Note: if you're looking for a light-weight strat, Mahogany is heavier as is this guitar. However if you're looking for deep tone wood resonance and can sacrifice the weight, this is the one. It sounds great unplugged, late at night when your spouse wants your amp < OFF.

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