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Fender FSR American Standard Stratocaster "V" Neck Mystic 3-Color Sunburst, Rosewood Reviews

5.0 stars based on 8 customer reviews
  • from UC Mich March 5, 2015Music Background:
    Vocalist, Live Sound Engineer, Guitar Hobbyist

    FSR "V" Mystic 3 color

    OKAY so what already has been mentioned is first on my mind about this guitar. The pictures in Sweetwater's Guitar Gallery or any picture you might see of this guitar can NOT capture the true beauty of this instrument. When you open up that case (Which in itself is REALLY cool) your eyes will dance and it for real almost took my breath away. The "mystic" part of the 3 color sunburst is metal flake and it is beautiful. I have never been a fan of 3 color sunburst which is why I never carefully examined this guitar when searching for another Strat. But I am SO glad I did. The gold anodized pickguard can not be photographed and capture the beauty of it. It is special, hence the "S" in FSR. OK next this is the first "V" neck I've ever held in my hand and it is a thing you must try. It is a different feel that just fits my hand as good if not better than a modern C profile that is so common to Strats and Teles. The change is subtle but noticeable in a great way for me.Chords are easier it seems and with the compound radius neck you can bend easier than you ever have before I can almost guarantee it. This guitar has everything that a Deluxe American Strat has except for the locking tuners and the pop in tremelo arm. The p'ups are not noiseless and that is just fine with me. I think the fat 50's are great sounding. And this baby is $400 LESS than an American Deluxe. I bought some Fender locking tuners for it I'll slap on there the first time I need to change the strings and I still saved money. If your thinking about a Stratocaster and a "V" neck works for you this is a thing of pure excellence! Fender really knocked it out of the park with this guitar. Get it while you can. Dave Brow is fantastic and so knowledgeable .I am lucky to have him and Sweetwater for all my gear needs!

  • from Wenatchee, WA December 16, 2014Music Background:
    Worship Leader, Music Teacher

    This is truly "The One"...

    I've owned this beautiful Strat for 6 months. Hands down the best guitar purchase I've ever made. What does it feel like, you ask? It feels like your favorite guitarist just walked off the stage and handed you their guitar. It comes flat-out PERFECTLY setup from Sweetwater. Unbelievably smooth and buttery feel. From the quality of materials, to the experience and painstakingly precise detail put in by the folks that build these here in the good 'ol USA, it will continue to grow on you day in and day out as you play it. The v-neck is subtle, but inspiring. It's my first v-neck but I found it very comfortable. I cannot explain how good the fat 50's pups sound. And I'm telling ya... the mystic sunburst finish is gorgeous... it just "glows" in the light, and I've gotten a TON of comments about the finish...

    Honestly, in my opinion it comes down to 3 things when guitarists are in the hunt- How it looks, how it feels, and how it sounds. This one's a winner. Way above average in every category.

    Thanks to Ben Porter, as usual, for the best customer service around! Call him if you don't already have a Sweetwater rep!

  • from Kennewick WA October 16, 2014Music Background:
    Playing for 40+ years, both professionally and just for fun.


    I was just about ready to order a custom made guitar from Fender, for lots of $$$$, and then saw this. It has everything I wanted. A 9 1/2 - 14 radius rosewood V-neck (All other Fender V-Necks only come in maple), and the Fat 50's pickups (which I think are the best sounding pups that Fender makes). The paint job and bent saddles are just a bonus.

    The V-neck on this model is not as chunky as the V-neck on a Classic Player Tele, but it has a nice fast feel to it. Most people who play a modern C shape neck probably wouldn't notice this was a V-neck unless you pointed it out. It's subtle, but definitely a V shape.

    Overall Great Guitar!

  • from Camarillo, CA USA July 3, 2014Music Background:
    Singer, songwriter

    Amazing Guitar!,

    I ordered this guitar needing a more "utilitarian" Strat (my other is a bit fragile...), and was struck by the amount of red in the sunburst of this FSR . I as unaware that the "mystic" finish meant very VERY metallic. For me, the look of his guitar is mesmerizing! Only had it less than a week, but played it two nights ago, and the tone is incredlble! Kudos to Patrick S. at Sweetwater as well, for his amazing customer service, and help with my crazy questions! I couldn't be happier; can't wait to play this guitar out again!

  • from Westland, Michigan April 25, 2014Music Background:
    Working Musician and Teacher

    A True Strartocaster

    The pictures don't do this Strat justice. It is simply beautiful. And it sounds and plays as good as it looks. The soft V neck is in my opinion the best playing neck on any Stratocaster that I have played. The custom shop pickups are warm and full sounding. And I love the aluminumized pickguard. I have trouble here in Michigan in the winter time with static electricity but with the aluminum pickguard that is no longer a problem. This really is a very well made and thought out guitar and I choose it over many of the more expensive one's there was just something about it that stood out to me. Do yourself a favor if your thinking about buying a good Strat. Give this one a test drive you won't regret it. Thanks again to Brandon Eden for all his help. The setup on the guitar was perfect.

  • from Chicago burbs February 12, 2014Music Background:
    Weekly worship band member

    Stunning guitar to look at, hold and play

    An absolutely stunning guitar to look at. The pictures don't do it justice. The soft vee neck with the compound radius is very comfortable to grab and play. The case is a vintage styled black tolex covered thing of beauty as well. The 50's custom shop pickups have a certain chime to them. The only thing Fender forgot in to include we're strap locks and locking tuners.

  • from Wyoming April 17, 2015Music Background:
    Blues and soul guitar

    Fender FSR American Standard strat

    Easiest transaction I ever made. Fantastic guitar fantastic finish. 4 out of5 stars only because when I strum and pick my fingernails drag on the rough aluminum pick guard. Almost in perfect tune right out of the box! V neck is easy to play and very comfortable .

  • from So Cal November 29, 2014Music Background:

    Quite a nice strat !

    I guess photos just can't really capture metal flake paint ; really looks allot better in person as they did a great job of bursting the three colors . The gold part is ever so little yellowish and it comes out very well. I'm not really sure if I'll stick with the gold anodized PG .. the texture feels a little funny after years of plastic PG's under your fingers. ( easy fix )

    The neck has good quality rosewood and the fretwork is good . My only complaint here is that the fret polish could be better . The V shape isn't as drastic as you might think and the lack of any shoulder makes using your thumb to fret the low E quite easy if you like . I guess that some of the early J.Beck models where a little bit ridiculous in the baseball like department and this isn't in that zip code at all .Really prefer the satin finish they used too. Overall it's a great player !

    The PU's are bright and are not noiselessless so that's sort of an issue if you loath 60Hz hum .. Not locking tuners but they are staggered to help get the strings to break over the nut . Comes with a real nice case which has compartments on BOTH side of the neck ( why more cases don't do that is beyond me !)

    I asked my Sales associate ( A.J. Becerra - a top notch fella to work with !!) to have the techs set it up a half step down and the set up was perfect ; intonation was spot on !!

    As usual , a great buying experience from SWEETWATER !!

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