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Squier Classic Vibe Stratocaster '50s - 2-tone Sunburst Reviews

5.0 stars based on 43 customer reviews
Questions about the Squier Classic Vibe Stratocaster '50s - 2-tone Sunburst?

Questions about the Squier Classic Vibe Stratocaster '50s - 2-tone Sunburst?

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  • from Greenwood, Indiana April 11, 2017Music Background:
    I have been playing the guitar on and off for over 20 years

    Squire Classic Vibe 50's Strat

    I've bought alot of gear and especially guitars from Sweetwater over the past couple of years. My salesman David M. is the best there is in my opinion. I've purchased high end guitars and this Squire Classic Vibe 50's Strat ranks right up there with some of the best I own! After changing out the strings and a quick setup it was ready for blues or metal. This also has one of the most beautiful flamed maple necks that I have ever seen and is very smooth and fast. The quality and build is great and at a fantastic price. You can't go wrong!

  • from March 31, 2017

    awesome guitar and service

    I am a beginner and this guitar is more than perfect for me. Buying experience was outstanding, too.

  • from Rochester, NY March 30, 2017Music Background:
    Hobby guitar player - 20+ years

    Great guitar - Awesome deal/support from Sweetwater

    This was my first experience ordering a guitar on-line (without seeing or playing it). Although I was hesitant at first, after reading multiple glowing reviews about this guitar and about Sweetwater, I decided to go ahead and purchase it - early Birthday present.

    I really wanted a Stratocaster (never had one before) and wanted to get a Classic Vibe series (based on lots of good reviews). I was debating about whether to get the Classic Vibe 50’s strat or 60’s strat. After reading many reviews, I decided on the 50’s (though I would have probably been just as happy with the 60’s).

    I worked with Stephen Oppenheim at Sweetwater and he was extremely helpful with explaining how the order/shipping process works and even matched competitive pricing as close as possible.

    The guitar had a full 55 point inspection and was set up really well when it arrived 2 days later.
    I made a few minor adjustments (to my liking), but really it was in great shape and didn't need much additional setup.

    I was also able to look at a variety of pictures of the guitars available and picked/ordered the exact one I like the most.

    Sweetwater also sent candy and a new set of Elixir strings (10’s) for free with the package.

    This guitar is really great! I’ve played it daily for almost 2 months now and I can’t believe how nice it is.
    Frets were nice, no buzzing, no sharp ends. It just looks, feels and plays great!

    Initially, I didn’t think I’d like the gloss neck, but it’s really nice and feels good. If I decide to modify it, I can easily just lightly sand it down a bit with 500 grit sandpaper. I’ve done this in the past on my MIM Fender butterscotch FSR Telecaster and it’s really nice now. Kind of like a matte finish.

    I love the pickups on this 50's strat and really just love the whole look/vibe of this thing.

    I may change the stock 9’s strings to the Elixir 10’s that I got free and see how that changes the feel and playability. I think I may like the 10’s more (personally) as I have 10’s on my Tele and like it a lot.

    Either way, this Squier Classic Vibe 50’s – 2 tone Sunburst strat is a joy to play, great deal and am very pleased both with the guitar and excellent service/price/value from Sweetwater.

  • from AZ March 7, 2017

    Exceeds expectations

    I have a squire Tele that I very pleased with and decided to add the Strat to my collection. While neither will replace my Ric 450, I'm really liking the Strat. It came in perfect condition - flawless. Tuned it up, lowered the action, replaced the jack and installed new locking tuners. I couldn't be happier with this guitar.

  • from TN - Tennessee September 25, 2016

    Just blown away.

    So this is my second phenomenal guitar purchase from Sweetwater. I've been playing guitar for 32 years. Whatever they are doing before they ship your guitar purchase, it's right. I have wanted a Strat for a while now but can't afford the "real deal". Besides that I'm a sucker for underdog gear that equals or bests it's more expensive counterpart. This is that instrument. I don't doubt that the best custom shop Strat is a finer instrument, but I doubt that it exceeds in an area that truly matters. This thing sounds, looks and most of all plays great.

    When mine arrived I cut the box open and pulled it out. I handed it off to my skeptic cousin who immediately placed his strobe tuner on it and checked intonation around the neck. Without touching a tuner.... after shipping and straight from the cardboard box it was damned near perfect.

    If you want a Strat that will do what Strats do but costs less than a boutique pedal..... Get this now.

    Love it. Love Sweetwater. I'll never buy a guitar from anyone else again so long as they continue to provide this level of service.
    I'm convinced that they make decent guitars phenomenal. And I'm thankful that they do.

  • from Cincinnati, OH March 14, 2016

    A Nice Little Treat

    I am quite happy with this purchase. I'm not even sure why or how I stumbled on to the Sweetwater website, but I'm glad I did. At the time I had 5 guitars ranging from a '77 Les Paul Custom to a Washburn 12 string acoustic I got in college 35 years ago. So this is the "new" guitar and it really sounds great through an old Super I acquired and just had a friend restore. Sweetwater's customer service is really excellent, I had a honest e-mail from my tech support person about this being the right guitar for the price point, and they hit it dead center. The guitar arrived ready to play, and I loved the little note on the box saying how it needs to acclimate to room temperature (it shipped in the winter) and to "trust us on this one".

  • from Wilmette, IL February 11, 2016

    Absolutely fantastic guitar at an unbelieveable price

    This guitar is great, played perfectly right out of the box (thank you Sweetwater techs!).

    All the great Stratocaster sound you would expect at a price that won't break the bank - grab one of these and you'll have plenty-O-gear fundage remaining to spend on that tube amp you've been eyeballing.

    The guitar is simply fun - comfortable to play, perfect action, no sharp fret ends, super resonant, great sustain - and stays in tune (I dig it when a guitar stays in tune, don't you?) - a quality guitar at a great price.

    No complaints at all - love this guitar - and thanks to my Sales Engineer David Snyder for ensuring that my order was shipped out as quickly as possible - no better place to shop than Sweetwater.

  • from Aiken SC January 9, 2016Music Background:
    Guitar is my zen

    sweet sweet sound

    Just today I put one of these head to head with a mim standard. The squier has a much sweeter, brighter sound. Not that the mim fender is bad, I have read it described as dead sounding or whatever but it is good. But the 50s cv squier? Just better. Also, important to note, the neck is fatter on the cv 50s. So, bottom line, give it a chance. Play one. I am sold, 100%.

  • from Rochester November 28, 2015

    Not your daddies Squier!

    So , evidently Squier is now making great instruments.No more Squier jokes from me.This guitar is nothing short of amazing.Trying to give an honest rating its not perfect though.The ONLY thing that seems like it could use a bridge upgrade with a decent sized trem block, even the tuners are excellent.and the pickups are way better than you get on MIM Strat and the overall quality of it is slightly above a MIM Strat.I would put the quality slightly below an American Standard Strat mainly due to the bridge.No pickup upgrade needed , these are Excellent ! Get one and you'll see........

  • from Chicago November 20, 2015Music Background:

    Big Bang for Buck

    I absolutely agree with positive remarks in the other reviews and will try not to repeat too much.
    Yes, the quality, fit, finish and initial set up from Sweetwater are all top notch.
    I fully expected to upgrade pickups to Fender Custom Shop, but found it unnecessary.
    The pickups on ohm meter registered: Neck = 5.81, Middle = 6.04, Bridge = 6.23.
    They produce the classic Strat shimmer and quack and were set up without Stratitis.
    While having the "vibe" of a vintage Strat, it does have the more modern medium jumbo frets, 9.5" radius and modern C profile neck. The neck is tinted and glossy. Mine was 7lbs.alder body, maple neck, sunburst (add glasses and skinny tie for Buddy Holly effect).
    It came set up with tremolo flush with body (3 claw springs in back), which is where I like it, as I do not use the tremolo. If you plan to float the tremolo, especially if you are going to pull up, I really recommend viewing instructional online video from Fender Custom Shop. If done properly, a Strat WILL stay in tune with a floating tremolo.
    I intended this guitar to be my #2 backup to my USA Tele, but has become my 1A because of its quality and useful tones.
    Of course, we all recognize Sweetwater's stellar quality control and customer service.
    I've been playing Fenders for 50 years and this one is a keeper and really worth the money.

  • from November 3, 2015

    Fender's Little Secret

    Made a mistake on my review...the guitar weighed 6 lbs. 14 oz. Sorry about that.

    Thanks, Bobby

  • from November 3, 2015

    Fender's Little Secret

    Made a mistake on my review...the guitar weighed 6 lbs. 14 oz. Sorry about that.

    Thanks, Bobby

  • from Texas November 3, 2015Music Background:
    Christian Praise and Worship

    Fender's little secret

    Got my first guitar in '56. Sorta gives my age away. Had some of the best Fender Strats and Teles from Squires to Strat plus and Tele plus and also an Eric Johnson. Best Fender ever for me was a MIJ Robben Ford. Throw in a couple of PRS Custom 24's. But now to the the Strat CV 50's Squire. For the price this is a most unusual guitar. Pros: One thing that has not been mentioned much is the shielding paint under the guard. My Eric Johnson did not HAVE THIS! This is a must for any quality guitar. Check. Next are the PU's. My Strat Plus's and my Strat Deluxe did not have superior sounding PU's. If you are a real player you can make these sing...if you are a shredder go get a Paul. These are very close to an original 56-57 Strat. Check. Third is the neck adjustment rod that can be adjusted without removing the neck. Check. Forth is the weight. Mine is 7 lbs. 14 oz. Weight to me is important. Probably my age but I don't like a boat anchor around my neck. Check. Fifth is the quality of fit and finish. This does not approach a PRS but it's about 2 grand less. I always check the neck joint fit at the body. Mine is tight. Check. This is quite a list of pros for a less than $400 guitar. I also love the 2 color sunburst. Cons: I would prefer the Am Std older stainless steel saddles. I may change the bent steel saddles out on this guitar. Only nit pick I have is the guitar came to me needing a bridge set up. Strings were way to high and the neck had to be adjusted. I do my own work so no problem. I also prefer a soft V neck. Last little secret Fender had was the Pro-Tone Series that they took off the market because the quality of the guitar was way to close to the American version for a lot less money. So is this one. This can be used as a professional or studio guitar. And if you need a back up...hey just get two of 'em. So enjoy.
    Hope this helps,

  • from October 18, 2015

    Squier Classic is awesome!

    I really like the new guitar. I think it's a prefect for beginner like me! I will keep practicing with it!

  • from Upstate, NY July 20, 2015Music Background:
    Semi-Pro, Worship Leader

    Simply Outstanding

    I'm a recovering gear snob. I have spent a whole lot of money and admittedly gotten into a whole lot of debt over the years buying - and eventually selling or trading - many incredible guitars. After wising up and examining my priorities, I've taken an intentionally more pragmatic approach to acquiring gear. Most recently I have constructed a collection of excellent imported guitars and upgraded them with outstanding pickups. Most of those guitars have been in the $900 range. When it was time for a Strat, I struggled to believe that a guitar less than half of that price-wise would be worth modding. Whoa was I wrong - dead wrong!

    I took a chance on this gem of a guitar, and even the stock pickups sound great! There's something that just seems so odd about such a great example of a guitar coming out of a cardboard box without a case. The guitar is literally flawless from a fit and finish perspective. I did eventually install an EMG DG20 (also purchased from Sweetwater) because I really wanted good, noiseless pickups and the unique tone shaping capabilities of this set, but I have to tell you that I have not had as much fun playing a Strat since my USA SRV. Fit and finish on this guitar is impeccable - even the fretwork, which is rare on any guitar in this price range.

    Also, for those who do wish to mod, I was happy to see that the pickup cavity is H-S-S and not the huge swimming pool route. For me, more wood is more better, but I know there are fans of the swimming pool. To each their own. The DG20's American Standard spec pick guard dropped right in, but, since the CV has the vintage screw mount holes I chose to go ahead and drill the two additional holes.

    This guitar is light, lively, plays like butter, sustains incredibly well and is an outstanding guitar at ANY price. I am now totally convinced that so many of the higher priced guitars are selling mostly because so many folks have to have a certain name on the head stock or a certain country of manufacture. By the way, I also modded a Squire Classic Vibe Tele Custom - also reviewed on Sweetwater - and I can attest to incredible consistency in quality of both instruments.

    Grab this guitar now and never look back!

  • from Texas June 19, 2015

    Really great player for the price!

    I already own a 2000 Fender custom shop relic 56 reissue strat, and have owned an old 1963 strat in the past and after reading the revues on this guitar I decided to take a chance on one of these classic vibe 50's strats. It is not a custom shop guitar but is definately an excellent value.
    I am not dissapointed...it is a really nice guitar for the price.
    Nice flamed quarter sawn neck, fret work is well done.
    Nice warm tones with clarity and the woody snap and springiness one should hear from a nice strat.
    I havn't had the chance to put a decent set of tens on it yet but right out of the box this guitar delivers nice tones and playability.

  • from Wyoming May 14, 2015Music Background:

    Can't beat this guitar, incredible!

    These Classic Vibe Stratocasters are one of the best buys out there. The fit and finish are excellent, the neck is super smooth and easy to play and the pickups put out excellent Stratocaster tones! I would not change a thing on this guitar. It sounds as good as any MIM or Made in USA Stratocaster I have ever owned. I am closing in on 60 years old and I have owned a lot of guitars in my day. This Classic Vibe is as good as any of them! This beautiful 2 tone sunburst guitar is a keeper. It was extremely well packaged by Sweetwater and was even still in tune when I unboxed it. It does need a new set of strings, but that would be true of any guitar you buy online. The tuners work very smoothly and the guitar stays in tune with no problem. If you are in the market for a Strat and don't want to spend $500 and up for a Mexican made or $1,000 and up for a made in America model, I guarantee you will not be disappointed at all in the Classic Vibe from Squier.

  • from Hickinthe Sticks, Va May 13, 2015Music Background:
    Multi-instruments, multi genre, current church PW band.

    A W E S O M E ! Amazing!

    Guys and Gals. Im a 64 year old whose owned enough gear in my life to fill a basketball court, EASILY.
    Ive owned/bought/sold PLAYED guitars for 50 years. THIS IS THE VERY FIRST ONE I am NOT GONNA
    TOUCH, PERIOD. And I ALWAYS tweak a new acquisition from end to end upon getting it. NOT THIS
    TIME. That being said WHAT A DEAL ! Is China the new mid 80's Japan production of Strats/Teles ?
    Anyways, Grab one before they are discontinued ! And people, Im not sure if it was Sweetwater's 55
    point inspection and setup or they are just that good out of the box. Oh, of important note : This particular
    guitar is very very very resonant unplugged even. Cheers

  • from Manville Wyo October 21, 2014Music Background:
    Working musician

    The best in it,s price range.

    This squire played perfect right out of the box. I feel this was due simply because of the 55 point check at the store. Sweetwater is an excellent company to deal with before and after the sale. Paul

  • from NYC September 8, 2014Music Background:
    Recording, Playing Live

    Eye Opening

    I am a recovering label snob. I have always laughed away Squires (and with good reason). But Squire caught up and I am shocked at the quality. I was hooked when I got the CV 50s Tele and then got the CV 50s Strat and I like it just as much as the Tele. If you are debating between the Classic Vibe and the Fender MIM you will find a greater value here. I found the neck, tuners, pickups (less hum!) better on the CVs. Even using the trem stays in tune. Again, if you haven't tried the CV do it. There is no reason to pay the extra $$$ just for the name.

  • from Fort Lauderdale, FL USA May 1, 2014Music Background:

    An Incredible Bargain

    I decided to get this model based on some other rave reviews I read, though I suspected they may have been a little hyped. But Wow - this truly is a fantastic guitar for this price. I can only vouch for the one I received, but the frets were perfect - with a little adjustment to the action for my own taste it plays beautifully. Sounds great and it's light, balanced and comfortable to play. I just play as a hobby, but I've been playing for over four decades and I've owned over a dozen guitars and played many more, and I can honestly say this little gem plays right up there with much more expensive instruments I've owned.

    Some of the hardware is not quite the quality you'd get on much more expensive guitars, but it all works fine and they've focused the quality where it matters most. You simply can't go wrong with this for the price.

  • from Washington D.C. suburb September 25, 2013Music Background:
    Musician/engineer 50+ yrs

    The Scourge of Squire is Gone

    The thought of owning a Squire was so below me that I almost missed out on a super find. I saw this guitar on Youtube and started reading the reviews. I already own a 60th anniversary American Deluxe Strat but wanted a 50's or 60's Strat for old times sake since I have been purchasing and using Fender guitars for 45 years. The reviews were so strong on these Classic Vibe models that I decided to spend the $399.00 for a "SQUIRE". I could always send it back, right? Wow! I was speechless. Build quality, sound and playability were as good as my American Strat. I bought the 50s FSR with gold hardware and it is gorgeous. It's not a PRS but I was so impressed with the 50s model that I ordered the 60s CV FSR model Strat , again from Sweetwater. It was as good if not better. Both have the distinctive Fender Strat sound. I have never regretted the purchases. What an incredible, under-the-radar, hidden jewel of a find to add to my collection. I told two friends about them and one friend bought 2 Squire CV Tele's and 1-60s model CV Strat. Another friend bought the CV Butterscotch Tele and they both rave about them and both are experienced musicians. On a recent visit, one friend brought his new CV Tele with him and it looked and sounded incredible, nailing that classic Tele sound. If you can rise above the fear of being seen with a "Squire" you will find a wonderful line of guitars at a great price with true-to-period styling. I cannot vouch for other Squire guitars but the Classic Vibe series is an outstanding bargain for the buck.

  • from brooklyn, NY August 11, 2013Music Background:
    42 years all around

    Dirty little Secret , Just a wonderful Surprise

    The Squire 50s vibe Strat ,one of those great surprises we all read about 10 years from know and are sorry we didn't buy one! The quality of the workmanship on this guitar far exceed MM Strats, and the standard . Even though we all seem to tend to shy away from China Production , it seems theses Crafted in China 50s Vibes worth every Penny and more .
    Right out of the box ,the feel and set up are there , very comfortable neck , and if you investigate this guitar further you will find that Tonerider Safaris are the chosen pickups ( similar to 54s , with a little more bite ) . This guitar is for Rock ,and Blues, so if your looking for a metal players guitar , Don't Look At This Guitar !
    Sound wise ,it's a beauty those 50s Strat tones , Surfing , Rockin and Smooth !
    The Guys at Sweatwater are the best , especial mention to Nick Church , Great help in choosing gear and always on top of the items ordered for extra care before it reaches your doorstep . I rate this guitar 5 stars and consider it to be legionary In the future as one of those flukes that just comes and goes with all it's greatness .

  • from grand blanc mi. June 17, 2013Music Background:
    saw first strat in 57' buddy holly rest is history

    dollar for dollar

    this CV STRAT is by far bang for the buck, the most playable,and the quality, superb for a sub 400$ guitar you can buy. period!

  • from Boyle Heights, CA March 24, 2013Music Background:
    Rock God

    The best strat for the money

    I've owned a handful of strats in many price ranges. I've had an affinity, MIM standard, Highway 1, and an American standard. My classic vibe strat I bought in 2008 is my #1. It is very light. It has a resonant body. The pickups sound great, no need to upgrade them. The playability is very good thanks to the medium jumbo frets. It stays in tune nicely. I picked this up and bonded with the instrument immediately. It's combination of modern specs, and 50's styling is what makes it special. I love the 2 tone sunburst finish, and the original kluson style tuners. This baby sings!

  • from Columbus, Ohio February 26, 2013Music Background:

    Top notch

    Don t forget to get yourself a classic vibe Telecaster. I have both the sixties and the fifties. Why would you buy anything else? These are better quality than my Knopfler American with runs in the finish. My Sweetwater Rep Chris leonard went above and beyond to see I received the best experience possible. Sweetwater has earned my business.

  • from Woodridge, IL December 13, 2012Music Background:
    Hobbyist. Been playing 'off and on' since 1963

    Unbelievabe! I'd buy another CV in a nanosecond.

    I wanted an 'everyday' Strat that was 'Grandchild Proof' so I didn't have to worry about 'my baby' -- an '86 Fender Strat -- if the kids popped over with our daughter. So I started doing my research and reading all the reviews here at Sweetwater. I was leaning towards a MIM Strat until I saw all the 5 Stars and comments about the Squire CV Strats. Those changed my mind and I haven't looked back since.

    This Squire Classic Vive 50's Stratocaster is FANTASTIC. It plays like a dream, sounds great, and the two-tone sunburst is breathtakingly beautiful. I've had it now since April and has become my 'go to' Strat (I now rarely play 'my baby').

    The setup from the factory was spot on, the intonation was perfect and the action was set just right (for me anyway). And thanks to my Sales Engineer, Andy Miller, the Techs did a quick double-check of the setup before it shipped. Even after the 55 point Evaluation was done. Everyone at Sweetwater are great!

    I've been shopping here since Dec of 2011 and Sweetwater is the only place I shop now, and I recommend it to everyone I know. Oh, I'm now looking for another Fender or Squire to be my everyday Strat. My CV 50's Strat is now 'mybaby2'.

  • from New Orleans, Louisiana December 3, 2012Music Background:
    46 years

    Mine was great, right out the box.

    I took a chance on this one. Stays in tune for days and vibratos easily.
    The top line Squiers are great guiars especially Classic Vibe Series.
    This is not a toy, even long time players will like this one.

  • from Las Vegas May 28, 2012Music Background:

    Squier Classic Vibe Strat '50s ( 2-Tone Sunburst)- Really Sweet!

    I love Strats. I own many Fenders--American as well as a few MIMs. I also own a number of G & L guitars -- Legacy's, and an S-500, plus I own a number of low end but decent Strat clones-- Samick Valley Arts, and a Samick Malibu. I also own a custom made Strat called the "Stardust" made by Neil Smith of Vegas Guitars (probably my favorite Strat type). But I am completely blown away by this Squire 50s Classic Vibe. To start with it has a quarter sawn neck (ala Eric Johnson Strat). Fit and finish--gorgeous! I put on #10 strings and did a basic set up. The neck was rather concave with the 10s but with a twist of the rod (pretty tight it was) it straightened right up. Now this thing plays almost like my high end strats. I had thought about changing out the PUs and pots, but these actually sound great as they are. This Strat out of the box is better than most Fender MIMs. This is really a great value. If I were a pro (I'm definitely not) I doubt I'd be doing shows with it, but for the hobbyist/weekend warrior type musician this is an outstanding guitar for the money. Hats off to Sweetwater--I picked this axe out of their Guitar Gallery and the pictures of it really showed it like it is. No problems or damage in shipping. Guitar Gallery is the best way to buy a guitar online. Also my sales rep (Brandon E.) always follows up on my purchases and has taken care of any issues that have come up (which isn't often).

  • from Reston, Virginia 20194 October 27, 2011Music Background:
    songwriter, local musician

    One of the best

    As close to the 57 strat as you can get for under $1500.

    I have an Eric Johnson Signature Strat modeled on the 57 strat.
    Obviously that is nicer but not by much tonally or how this feels to play..

    If you can afford this Squier guitar nothing is holding you back from becoming a great guitarist. I may get this as a backup to my EJ strat
    and to take on bar gigs where I don't want to take the EJ strat too. This Squier is that good!!!!

  • from Baltimore January 30, 2011Music Background:
    guitar and amp repair guy and small custom builder

    Best Strat value

    This is a great Stratocaster. Mine needed a little fret work around the 19 and 20, way up the neck, but basically at was great out of the box (or off the rack in my case). I wound up doing all the frets anyway, and installing a "mint green" pre wired pickgaurd with hotter ceramic magnet pickups, and replacing the stock trem block with a high mass brass block. Now I have a Strat that performs about equal to a MIM strat, or slightly outperforms one, for 50 dollars less, and that looks a mile cooler. I wouldnt hesitate to buy this guitar again, or recomend it to a familly member. If you like hotter pickups and snazzy pickgaurds you might consider getting the "60's vibe" though.

  • from Cumming, GA May 26, 2009Music Background:

    Beautiful Guitar

    My first guitar was an Affinity series stratocaster from Squier and people told me I'd be happy when I upgrade to a "real" guitar. Well, the fact is Squier guitars are real guitars and they're good guitars. So I upgraded my Squier to another Squier, the Classic Vibe '50s Stratocaster. Ordered online, was delivered unbelievably quickly, and came out of the box clean as a whistle, action was perfect, no fret buzz, high and low E strings are in perfect position. The finish is just gorgeous. The pick-ups are great. Roll off the tone in the neck position on a clean setting and you'd think you're in heaven. Surprisingly articulate while distorted.

    My biggest concern before purchasing was the glossy neck, I thought maybe it would be a little sticky and not as fast but I was proved wrong. Very smooth playing, very easy to chord, great for speedy lead lines, whatever you want to do.

    Also, I've heard people complain about the 1-ply pickguard but it looks fine to me! I don't get it.

    I can't even stop playing this thing, this is crazy.

  • from February 6, 2009

    Holly/Clapton Time Machine

    When I opened the box and first glanced upon this beauty, I was in awe. It's as if this guitar was stashed away in a vault 40 yrs ago.

    I researched Buddy Holly's and Clapton's strats and for the money this is dead on. Open up the Layla album and you will see this guitar-minus the Fender logo. Even the Squire headstock logo looks great. The aged p/u covers and pots look great on top of the single-ply white pickguard. The tinted maple neck is drop-dead beautiful. 2 color sunburst is of a honey-brown color. Pictures don't give it justice. Sweetwater should place this in its "Guitar Gallery" section, where the photos are clearer.

    Enough of the cosmetics. The sound is excellent. I had a MIM Strat and the neck p/u sounded muddy and I never used it. Not so with this Squire. I'm sure it has something to do with the Alnico III pick up and staggered pole configuration. Action was a tad too high-no biggie. Neck was straight and the vintage machine heads seem fine.

    Yes you can spend $1400 on a Vintage 1950's Fender Strat, however if Value is top on your priority list, buy this baby.

    And as usual, it's a pleasure working with my Sweetwater Sls. Rep-Jon Gillespie.

  • from Minturn, CO January 15, 2009Music Background:
    Engineer, Hobbyist

    Spot On..

    I am very impressed with this guitar. For the price, it's an unusual bargain. Sounds spot on with my "tech 21 blonde pedal" straight into the board. The fit and finish on this guitar is clean. The color and grain of the body and neck is attractive. I have been waiting for a custom shop model for a long time, but it's just not reasonable on my budget. The sound I'm hearing is nothing like what I expected from a Squier or a MIM Fender. The big bright single coil is here. I just found my "Robert Cray sound." Choosing Sweetwater was a given.

  • from July 1, 2015

    Worth it

    This is my first electric guitar so there is a learning curve. Fit and finish of the neck and body are wonderful. Sustain and playability are great for a "budget guitar." A few fret edges are a little more edgy that I'd like but they're not noticeable when playing so no harm no foul. Overall, these are great sounding/playing guitars for the price. I don't see myself having to buy another electric guitar for a long time.

  • from United States February 9, 2013Music Background:

    Really nice

    Great guitar for the money. Really nice finish and I love the neck. It really has that look. And of course you get the wonderful ability to pick your specific guitar using the Guitar Gallery. Love that feature!

  • from EGF, MN October 14, 2012Music Background:


    I've had this guitar for a few weeks now. Very nice! Fit, tone all highest quality. Played bass back in the day and have been playing an Ovation for a few years. Wanted to go electric and have always like Strats and Les Pauls. Looked at many reviews and liked the tone and the looks of this one. Fast shipping, well protected in two boxes. It was ready to play out of the box. Changed strings, tuned it up, play for a couple hours a day after work! It's all good! Good price, great tone, feels good in your hands. If you're looking for a nice playable Strat put this one on your list.

  • from Southern NH April 23, 2010Music Background:
    Hobbiest -- 31 years playing

    Beautiful guitar/Great Value

    Compared guitars for many months before selecting this model. Every CV 50's I tried was quite impressive: Better consistency in sound, workmanship and quality than most others (including mex strats and several others for more $$).

    It plays extremely well, sounds great -- as close to many of the american strats as anything else I tried. For the money, it's an excellent value: quality tuners, high quality maple neck and fingerboard, excellent resonance in the wood, and fine workmanship. It would be nice if the pickguard were not so thick, but that's a minor issue

  • from California April 1, 2017

    Squire Strat

    Great value. Stacks up against American made Strats any day. Get one!

  • from Ga. June 14, 2015Music Background:

    What a sound!!!

    The Squier Classic Vibe 50's is a beautiful sounding guitar. I've got it matched with a Fender Mustang II V2, and the sounds you can get from this guitar are amazing. The only complaints I have are the glossy finish causes some friction when sliding down the neck, and mine came with no plastic on the pickguard and some scratches on the pickguard, like it's been played some. I'd look at the pictures real close before you make your decision. I didn't look very close and choice mine from four guitars. I'm very happy with it though, like I said the sound is fantastico.

  • from Hickinthe Sticks, Va June 7, 2015Music Background:
    Multi-instruments, multi genre, current church PW band.

    Very Fine Choice ! Excellant Every Way

    Review readers : Ive had 2-4 of nearly EVERYTHING out there guitar, amp and gizmo wise
    At some point in my 64 years. Play one of these through a good F**der amp or or blues amp
    and it will sell itself to you. Two of my best guitar snob pals can NOT find ONE negative
    thing to say about this instrument. IPersonally think F**der shot themselves in
    the foot on the SCV Strats. And with Sweetwaters excellant 55 point check and setup and packaging YOU WONT GO WRONG. Ive prolly ordered from near every online dealer and walk-in dealer around. You cant beat Sweetwater
    "if" you aim to order a guitar youve never laid hands or eyes on. Enough rambling. BUY you one of these, even if you own a $1,400 one already, leave
    it in the case to age, use the krap out of ur new Squire. Fun, comfortable, classic, NO SETUP REQUIRED AT ALL. Nuff said ?

  • from St. Augustine, FL June 22, 2014Music Background:
    professional musician

    Can't beat it for the money

    If you are looking for a 50's style Strat then I highly recommend trying one of these before you spend a ton of money on other options. Let's face it, what matters is the neck and the body. You can always replace anything else to your liking. Both the body and neck on this guitar are superb. The neck is a comfortable medium C and the frets are done very well. Plus it's got a 9.5 inch radius and medium jumbo frets, which IMHO is the best combination. The body is a nice piece of alder and finished perfectly. I have been playing professionally for over 40 years and I wish they had something like this when I was growing up. I plan on getting the 60's model as soon as Sweetwater gets some back in stock.

  • from Ohio April 13, 2017

    Uhm....not really

    Lets not forget that this guitar is a copy. Out of the box i found the sound of the pickups to be unusable in any situation, clean or distorted. Component wise i like vintage tuners and traditional strat saddles....so thats it as far as parts, all that is left is the neck and body. Probly the thickest coat of poly ive ever seen on a guitar. Neck shape is identical to a 1957 right down to fretting out string bends from the 10th fret and up.
    Overall guitar weight seems fine, not heavy at all. So why did i buy this guitar? I want a relic strat with vintage appointments without breaking the bank. I sanded the back of the neck, relic'd the body and spent a few bucks upgrading the puckups. The project turned out to my liking except for the fretting out due to the low neck radius. Notice just about every guitar states what the neck radius is in the specs, but this one doesnt, hmmmm......i think this guitar is pricey for what you get. It was a fun project for me without spending $1k on a real strat.

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