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Fender American Standard Stratocaster - Olympic White with Rosewood Fingerboard Reviews

5.0 stars based on 8 customer reviews
  • from October 9, 2016

    Great product and service

    I purchased my new American Standard Stratocaster from Jason Kovach just a few weeks ago. Time was tight because i was leaving in three days for an important tour. I selected the guitar and asked Jason if they could set it up with 10-46 strings and get it to me in time and it had to be "gig ready" right out of the box. Jason recommended D'addario NYXL 10-46 strings on this guitar. I trusted him and I'm so glad I did. The strings are all he said they would be. The guitar arrived and I hit the road the next morning. This American Standard is the best playing, best sounding Stratocaster I think Ive ever owned, and I've owned a bunch of them. I am a very happy Sweetwater customer. Thanks Jason.

  • from July 18, 2016


    Exactly what you'd expect for a flagship product. Pickups are fantastic custom shop pups, fit and finish are great. Highly recommended.

  • from June 2, 2016

    Great guitar

    Plays like a charm and shipped a day earlier than expected. Great customer service and followup by Sweetwater to ensure a great ordering experience.

  • from Seattle, Shanghai February 1, 2016Music Background:
    Played for many years, but more seriously in recent years.

    Great Strat

    This Strat is awesome. All aspects of sound and finish were impeccable. I really love the sound of the Fat 50s, you get everything from super sweet cleans to some nasty snarls with it cranked up. This guitar is very versatile. It was nice and light, everything was perfect with the body, you can see the attention paid to the details. I really recommend this to anyone.

    Thanks to Jason Koons and his crew for all the great service and setup. Can't wait to buy from them again!

  • from Ohio November 30, 2015

    Everything You Would Expect

    I ordered the Olympic White Strat on a Friday at approximately 3:30PM and the Guitar arrived before noon on Saturday, I pulled the guitar from the case and it was beautiful not a scratch or blemish anywhere, the guitar needed the g string tuned...that was it...the instrument is quality through and through and the sound is unmistakably Stratocaster, the fat 50's are terrific and the guitar plays like butter...so smooth classic tone.

  • from Rome, Georgia USA February 27, 2015Music Background:

    Fender American Standard Stratocaster - Olympic White, Rosewood Fretboard

    This Fender is all you will ever need. It is bright, sweet, and the sustain is wonderful. Hurry! and get yourself one.

  • from Detroit Suburbs Area July 5, 2014Music Background:
    Home Hobbiest.DAW setup.

    American Standard Stratocaster - Olympic White

    This guitar is a piece of art. There inst a rough edge or burr anywhere on it. It really really smooth, much attention to detail. It plays awesome and sounds awesome. Pickups are sweet and have that traditional sound. Now if I could play like Clapton.. I have an EPI Les Paul and Ibanez Roadstar (Strat knockoff) circa 1984. Blows them both away. in terms on workmanship.
    In a way i feel i have my first real guitar. I suppose its like owning a Harley, i had to own a Gibson Les Paul or a Fender Strat eventually.

  • from Union City, IN January 15, 2014Music Background:
    Student aspiring to create great, new, exciting music

    This guitar can do anything

    For the longest time I couldn't decide whether I should get the Strat or the SG. My favorite type of music is the blending of the electronic and rock world, which made me lean more towards the SG because of the humbuckers. I always associated the Strat with blues(which I'm not a huge fan of), but I kept hearing that it can do anything you want it to. After playing the Strat I learned just how true that was. If I dialed the tone and EQ right I can get a heavy, humbucking sound with huge ***** and still have that amazing strat tone. Also there was practically no 60 cycle hum in any of the pickup positions which was great. When I saw my favorite band in the world, Linkin Park, using a Strat in some of their heaviest experimental/electronic tracks, I learned just how much the guitar could do. For some reason the Strat sounds amazing in an experimental electronic sound scape. Linkin Park, especially from Minutes to Midnight to present, are my biggest inspiration because nobody else is doing what they do. Their guitar lines may be simple, but they're probably the most creative musicians I've never had the pleasure of meeting (yet). Hopefully I can work in the studio and learn from the band personally one day. My goal is to create music just as great, new, and exciting as them, and this wonderful combo of wood and strings is my first step to that goal. I'm only 18 right now and I've a lot to learn and a lot of studio gear to get before I can really get out there, but this beauty will stick with through my whole life. If I ever give any more reviews forgive me for extensively talking about Linkin Park because I know I will in every single one. If you read all of this, congratulations; you have won my respect and trust, but most of all my love.

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