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Fender American Standard Stratocaster - Sienna Sunburst with Maple Fingerboard Reviews

5.0 stars based on 22 customer reviews
  • from December 6, 2016

    Fantastic Guitar!

    I received the HSS version and with rosewood fretboard of this guitar yesterday and must say that I am very pleased with its feel and versatility of great sounds. The build quality is exceptional and honestly rivals my Suhr Standard HSS in that regard which is saying a lot. I love the Fat 50 single coils in the neck and middle positions and the Shawbucker in the bridge. All 5 positions sound good and are very well balanced which is often not the case with HSS strat guitars. The setup out of the box was great.....I simply just had to make some minor tuning adjustments and viola! Ii just want to send a Big Thank You to my Sweetwater Sales Engineer, Danielle Cummins for sending me this great guitar. Loving it!

  • from Easthampton, MA July 3, 2016

    Classic Perfection!

    This was my third guitar purchase from Sweetwater, and I'm sure it won't be my last! It arrived in pristine condition and the set-up was perfect. It plays like a dream and sounds fantastic. The Sienna Sunburst finish is gorgeous! I couldn't be happier with this beautiful Strat. Many thanks to Clint Bransteter, Sales Engineer, for making this purchase a smooth and happy experience. If you're thinking about buying an American Standard Strat from Sweetwater--just do it; you won't be sorry!

  • from Idaho June 20, 2016Music Background:
    Playing guitar is my therapy.

    American Strat

    I've wanted one for years. Its my dream guitar. I love it.

  • from Crown Point, IN June 8, 2016Music Background:
    Still learning after all these years


    First, let's talk about the customer service at Sweetwater. Everyone was incredibly helpful and I felt like I was talking to an old friend rather than a Rep. Very personal service. Awesome! Now, the guitar. You cannot get this nice of a guitar for this price. The tone with the ash body is jest plain off the chart. I was thinking of doing an HSS configuration this time around but opted for another SSS and this one has so much range that I am glad I went in the direction I went. The Custom Shop pickups have great sound and really give you a classic Strat sound but with so much more tonal scope. Honestly, I would pay $2000-2500 for this guitar and still be really happy. Buy the guitar. Really. Just buy the guitar and tell everyone you won the lottery. It's that nice!

  • from Philadelphia May 9, 2016

    American Strat

    I have had my one on one of these beauties for over a year and finally pulled the trigger last week. This guitar is more beautiful in person than the photos give it credit for. Also it sounds wonderful. The service at Sweetwater is phenomenal. I changed my mind and chose a different guitar and they were able to swap it out for me without a problem. This was my third guitar from sweet water and each experience just gets better.

  • from Bloomington, IN April 3, 2016

    The Genuine Article

    I've been waiting to write this review for a couple months. I wanted to take a little while to become acquainted with this beauty before I provided an opinion and all I have to say is WOW. A soon as you open the box you will be blown away.... and just wait til you plug it in!!! I could not have been happier with my Sweetwater experience. Chris Sanders hooked me up with the guitar of my dreams. I had been holding out for a while and finally pulled the trigger. I can honestly say that I will never buy a guitar from another place. The quality of service and product is second to none, absolutely no regrets. I would highly recommend not only this guitar but Sweetwater itself. You cannot go wrong buying anything from this place. Truly a one stop shop to happiness.

  • from Lex KY December 30, 2015

    Excellent Guitar with great tone!!

    I ordered this guitar day before yesterday and it arrived today, Absolutely great service from Sweetwater. I unboxed it, took it out of the case...spent about 1 minute tuning the strings and plugged it in my amp. Wow!! The tone was incredible.....the guitar was so easy to play......the neck was great......I am totally impressed. I have been playing guitar for years and I have a small collection of major brand guitars.....but this is now my favorite guitar. The Fat 50's Custom Shop pick-ups are excellent. After playing for about 3 hours...I finally decided to stop and really look at the fit and finish.......this guitar is absolutely stunning. I am very. very happy with this guitar. I want you to know that you can feel confident purchasing from Sweetwater. This has been a great experience. Thank you Chris for your help and excellent service!! Anyway, buy your guitar from Sweetwater....if you can...get one of these!!!

  • from San Francisco November 13, 2015Music Background:
    Amateur Guitarist

    Amazingly Good Guitar

    First, Ryan helped me pick this out. He owns strats and after playing this one at sweetwater he declared he was going to buy one. I'm sure glad I did. The sienna finish is breathtaking. But the sound, fingering, feel, weight, everything really gets a perfect 5. I had Ryan replace the pickups with 1954s from the custom shop because I am also using mine as an ambient guitar. The 54s make it so beautifully mellow. I am not kidding my octaves sound nearly as good as Wes Montgomery's. Believe it or not. It's missing the strat funk but it's still there a bit. I also added emerson electronics for the switches again improving the mellow tone. Get one of these if you are remotely interested. You will be happy. Call Ryan.

  • from Kenilworth N.J. April 11, 2014Music Background:

    I love this guitar

    Browsing around for my first electric I found this American Standard in Sienna Sunburst/Maple neck and had to have it. 2 days later it arrived well packed & in perfect condition. Being it is my first, I would say the set up out of the box was fine as I find it much easier to play than my acoustic. The finish is great, the tones with the Fat 50`s are magic and this thing is just beautiful to look at too. Since you can pick the guitar (by serial #) you want when buying, once purchased the photos are no longer of any use to SW and Adam sent me mine (a nice touch). I am very happy with my SW purchase experience.

  • from Kane County, IL January 6, 2014Music Background:
    Going Pro

    Fender American Standard Strat

    This guitar is amazingly beautiful! It plays awesome. Although the stock pickups are nice, I am swapping them out for Fender Custom '69s, which is a sound I prefer from my Strats. Sweetwater gave me a "sweet" price that beat out the competition. I received the guitar well packaged the following day. Very pleased, again, with Sweetwater.

  • from Oklahoma City, OK December 25, 2013Music Background:
    22+ years of music


    I can't express in words how wonderful this guitar is. I have a Les Paul Black Beauty with a Bigsby Tailpiece makes it out of tune a lot, and an SG, as well as a crummy mexican strat which broke down still got to get it fixed. This baby is sexy, sounds great, my profiency in guitar skills has improved exponentially just in a day of having it it really makes playing much easier and funner. the action is set just right. the tremolo bar is so freaking fun to mess with (just don't leave it on when you close the case) even the case is probably a $300 value the case alone is sexy! OMG people if you want your ultimate guitar and I've been playing for 22 years or so i've owned lots of sg's, les paul's, you name it except an AMERICAN MADE STRAT. DO NOT GO FOR ANYTHING OTHER THAN MADE IN THE USA! Okay got to get back to playing again :)

  • from West Lafayette IN July 27, 2013Music Background:
    Student, Hobbyist

    Excellent guitar

    I got it from Sweetwater today and I can't tell you how happy I am with the service provided by Sweetwater and the guitar I received. I had a tough decision choosing between an American Deluxe Strat and the American Standard Strat, but the custom shop coils on the Standard tipped the balance in favor of the Standard. Sienna Sunburst is absolutely the most beautiful finish on a Standard. The maple fretboard and neck is smooth and plays like a butter. Its a top quality instrument by all means.

  • from Dingmans Ferry, PA June 8, 2013Music Background:
    Long term recreational player

    Super Guitar!!

    More than fulfills the Strat legend. Super player, super sound and super finish, I couldn't be more pleased with the purchase!! Thanks to my CSR AJ for great service as always!!

  • from Northridge, California June 7, 2013Music Background:

    Love this Guitar.

    It's everything I expected and more. It is beautiful and plays great. The color is impeccable. Won't buy a guitar anywhere else. No tax and no delivery charge.. Are you kidding? How great is that.

  • from Phoenix, AZ April 10, 2013Music Background:


    Amazing musical instrument, beauty mixed with modern technology. Even though, I had to wait a bit for my guitar (back ordered), it was well worth the wait. Dennis (my customer rep) was great, always keeping me posted about my order status, assuring that I am comfortable with my decision to purchase. This is my second guitar from Sweetwater this year, and I definitely know, from where my next one will be. GO SWEETWATER.

  • from March 8, 2013

    American Standard Stratocaster 2012

    It's a classic for a reason. It sounds beautiful, and feels beautiful to play.

  • from United States January 24, 2013Music Background:
    long time wanna be

    Love this thing...

    Not much more to say. What's not to love? Strat with custom pickups and pretty too. Dealing with Sweetwater was, well, sweet. Great folks. Wouldn't hesitate to do it again or recommend them.

  • from Virginia, USA December 19, 2012Music Background:
    Formerly Pro Drummer /turned Guitarist


    OK, I have now found my ultimate favorite guitar of many that I've owned over the years. The American Standard Strat is a beautifully crafted instrument, and the set up was a perfect match for me right out of the box.
    It has HUGE versatility when played on my Hot Rod Deluxe III with an array of pedals. You can get almost any sound out of this that you want. HIGHLY recommended, with those new custom shop pickups! I love this thing, even more than my "twice as expensive" Taylor 614CE!

  • from Canon Georgia July 26, 2012

    What a sound and what a great deal !

    All I'll say is when you get ready for your next guitar, just ask for Tharon ! He will treat you right ! I'd never deal with anyone but him. I have purchased lots of stuff from Tharon and Sweetwater and there is no one else to compare the service I get from them. The guitar screems ! I'll always stick with tem for any musical needs I have. Total satisfaction every time !

  • from Windsor, CT January 26, 2014Music Background:
    Gigging musician.

    Beautiful Classic Stratocaster

    Mine was an impulse buy late one night while browsing Sweetwater's Guitar Gallery. The grain coming through the Sienna Burst was too much for me to resist. As usual, Sweetwater did a great job getting it set up and in my hands quickly.

    He guitar arrived ready to gig, but with a couple of minor issues. The Fender employee who attached the hardware on this guitar was asleep at the wheel. One of he strap buttons was spinning loose and the chrome finish on it was striped and flaking; it looked like someone used too large a Phillips head and stopped short of finishing the installation. Sweetwater took care of it by sending me a replacement set of strap buttons very quickly. I installed it and problem solved. The other issue was the two long screws that hold the tremolo claws to the body were not screwed in to the same depth. I backed one out a bit and tightened the other one up to bring them to the same level, bring very careful not to split the wood. I am very disappointed that these easy-to-see mistakes were not caught by Fende's qaulity control.

    Now on to the good stuff. The finish on this guitar is outstanding. Beautiful to see. Mine appears to be a very carefully matched two-piece body. The guitar plays superbly and holds tuning very well, thouh I do not use the tremolo. The pickups sound great, bright when needed and controllable with the tone control when I want to dial it back. When rolling back on themguitar voluem, I do notice that I lose more hih end than ideal, but I can adjust to this.

    Overall, a fantastic playing, looking, and sound Stratocaster. Just make sure you check for the hit or miss Fender QC. But ordering from Sweetwater means you won't be on your own if there are issues.

  • from Columbus, Ohio USA December 21, 2012Music Background:

    Still a great value

    Fender does a great job on these guitars. Set up well right out of the box, and the custom shop pickups sound great compared to other American standard strats I've used. As expensive as gear is these days, it's good to know you can still get a great guitar for a reasonable price.

  • from Houston, TX July 10, 2013Music Background:
    Musician, Worship Leader

    Beautifully Made

    Love this guitar. The playability is superb. I love the rich, warm tone brought by the custom shop single-coil Pickups.

    I have played many electric guitars and feel like I've had to fiddle with them to get them sounding right. This guitar has sounded right from the get go.

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