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Fender American Standard Stratocaster - Olympic White with Maple Fingerboard Reviews

5.0 stars based on 34 customer reviews
  • from December 11, 2016

    A work of art

    I really can't say enough great things about this guitar, or my Sweetwater experience. I was a little hesitant buying a guitar online, sight unseen, but it really couldn't have been any more pleasant. And I need to give a big shout-out to Kevin Spunde, who was super helpful and more than lived up to the great reputation for customer service Sweetwater has.

    As far as the guitar itself--it's exactly what I wanted, and more. The fit and finish are perfect, and it feels like it was built just for me.

    Thank you!

  • from Dallas,Tx October 9, 2016Music Background:
    Playing guitar and keyboard for over 50 years.

    Love My New American Standard Strat

    I have been playing Fender Stratocasters for over 50 years and own a '64 Blond and a '62 Sunburst. I wanted a Strat I could take to gigs that would get the job done without worrying about It breaking my heart if it somehow disappeared (stolen). I am originally from Austin, Tx and play mostly blues (SRV, Albert King, Hendrix and Clapton to name a few). My new American Strat (white with maple neck) from Sweetwater with the Custom Shop Fat 50's does not disappoint. It would sustain all day if I let it. The neck iplays fast and sounds great thru my vintage '68 Fender Twin (an old one). I was sold on it after talking to Nate Burkhardt, very knowledgeable and courteous (give him an A+). It came perfectly setup, quickly and double boxed. I loved the fact that I could pick the exact one I desired from among four online, it's a beauty!

  • from South Central Idaho September 23, 2016Music Background:
    playing for 40 years

    My New Strat (:

    Wow, so much American Quality, part of the Foundations of Rock & Roll , the Blues, and of course our modern genres we all enjoy today.
    My new Stratocaster is smooth and soft... plays like an angle and feel so natural.
    Sweetwater has great deals on the Fender American standard and I had to have one, with the Maple neck to match my Telecasters.
    Get one of these, you can't go wrong

  • from August 3, 2016

    Strat Purchase

    Great service, quick arrival, Love the guitar

  • from New York June 14, 2016Music Background:
    Drummer and guitar player for over 35 years

    LOVE this guitar

    I absolutely love this guitar. It arrived in two days thanks to Sweetwater's fantastic work. I usually need to get a guitar set up after buying it, but this arrived perfectly set up and after a quick stop at the tuner it was ready to play. I prefer playing .10s instead of the .09s it shipped with, so I elected to change the strings. That changed the tremolo just enough that I decided to add a spring, but that was a quick fix. I own 8 different guitar, between different types of electric and a couple of acoustics and can honestly say that this Strat plays better than any of them. I'm really glad I chose the maple neck, it's incredibly easy to play. The pick-ups sound fantastic, although I think I may try a humbucker in the bridge position down the road. It's my new favorite guitar and REALLY worth the money.

  • from Alabama June 8, 2016Music Background:

    American strat with custom shop pickups

    I've owned the Clapton strat and les Paul standard and studios. I love this guitar as much as the Clapton and more than the Paul standard. I believe the Paul is nicer looking but the sound and versatility of this strat is better in my opinion and I loved my les Paul's. The only thing I do not like about the strat is the buzz on the single coil in the 1,3 and 5 positions.. I don't remember the Clapton doing this. I can definitely deal with it because of the tone.

    I bought the fender 68 deluxe reverb with this guitar and it sounds beautiful. I'm not exaggerating. It sounds incredible matched together. I also bought the Mesa flux pedal for dirty and love it.

  • from Alabama April 29, 2016

    American Standard

    Fender American Standard with fat 50 Custom pups and all of the new technology this Strat offers is amazing... As usual it was set up to play right out of the box...Sweetwater's 55 point inspection is impressive...And again a big Thanks to Brendan Murphy for his advice and excellent customer service... You can't go wrong with Fender or Sweetwater...

  • from NC April 26, 2016Music Background:


    Love my strat and impressed by Sweetwater. Fat fifties are great. They have classic strat sounds. Sweetwater is detail orientated and their customer appreciation is second to none. Plan on purchasing a Taylor gs mini from them soon in the future. They made sure I was happy by the phone and even gave me a bag of candy. Its the little things that count. Hope to have this guitar till im 6ft under.

  • from March 9, 2016

    Great guitar

    Love this Strat, been holding out getting one for a long time but had to have this one. As always Sweetwaters setup was perfect, played great right out of the box. The custom shop pickups really shine here, signature 50's Strat tone with a more modern feel. Great guitar I highly recommend it.

  • from Utah January 22, 2016

    American Standard FTW!!!

    Every guitarist should own a Stratocaster. In my opinion, the American Standard is the quintessential Strat. The Olympic White with maple board is stunning and classic. Mojo.. Get one.

  • from September 6, 2015

    American Standard Stratocaster

    I've had many strats (8 before this one, at let count). This one is more refined than any before but still does not lose that Strat mojo or soul or whatever you want to call it. Really a sweet instrument. Highly recommended. Also have to comment on the Sweetwat buying experience. Justin went "above and beyond " ( by my standards ) to accommodate my questions and get m what I wanted. Packing was done with care and delivery was next day! A very pleasant buying experience.

  • from Falcon Co July 2, 2015Music Background:
    2.5 year student and working with a low level band and enjoying every minute.

    You won't believe it.

    It is all that I had hoped for, chord changes, ease to execute bar chords all the physical attributes you could want are there in spades. Tonal quality if you like 50's, 60's tones and a few other select tones are there too. The videos are all true on what you hear. They are not so processed that you need to buy a ton of peddles to get the job done. The guitar when you play it, comes alive, just like it should. you feel the tones vibrating from every fiber of the guitar. Many say don't buy unless your able to test drive it first. This is a safe exception through Sweetwater. Derek you did an exceptional job again. Even my instructor who plays professionally too, can't believe this came together so perfectly.The setup on the guitar was dead on. Great value, instrument, and experience.

  • from Havana, Florida May 14, 2015Music Background:
    40 + years..

    Great Guitar

    Every guitar player should own at least one strat... This is my first one..Wish I hadn't waited so long to get one but I'm glad I finally broke down and did it...You won't be disappointed in this guitar..The fat 50's pickups sound awesome, the neck is smooth and fast and the comfort of this guitar is unbelievable..This is my second purchase of a guitar from Sweetwater and just like the first one the shipping is fast, the guitar is well packed and ready to play when you get it...You won't go wrong buying this guitar and you definitely won't go wrong buying from Sweetwater...Love my strat .. This really is a great guitar ....

  • from April 16, 2015Music Background:
    player 25 years

    WOW!! pmfao

    Everything I hoped for! Olympic white with maple fretboard just like jimi at Woodstock. Fender is really got a fabulous product right now or maybe they always get it right out in California and I foolishly overlooked them. Either way these Fat50s pickups are the bomb. Im getting tones and pulling of riffs outta the box that makes me wonder why I've been lunking these Paul's around all my life. Packing was nice and stout. Setup is crazy perfect. Tone and sustain for days. Thanks Kyle and the rest of Sweetwater. My first mail order guitar and won't be the last now the I discovered Sweetwater. Buy one or your loss

  • from Jensen Beach Florida March 30, 2015Music Background:
    Been playing for >20 years

    Fender American Standard Strat

    Love the guitar. Has that great strat sound and plays smooth as silk. It is one good looking guitar! I have been wanting one for several years. Now that I have it, I am sorry I waited so long to pull the trigger!

  • from NMB March 30, 2015

    That Fender Magic

    Chances are if your reading these reviews your already seriously considering buying one of these guitars, Let me tell you, you won't be dissapointed.

    Besides all the obvious reasons, the look, feel, playability, or just the vibe that comes with owning a true American Fender Stratocaster, There are a few things that really stood out to me.

    Tuning stability, This thing stays in tune surprisingly well. Even with a lot of tremelo use and string bending I've only had to retune 3 Times in the last 2 months, and those were only very minor adjustments on G and B strings

    Fat 50s pickups. Who needs humbuckers when you got single coils that sound this fat? I guess they call em that for a reason. These things sound amazing through my tube amp, cleans sound heavenly, everything you'd expect of that classic Strat sound.

  • from Houston, TX November 5, 2014Music Background:

    2014 American Standard Strat

    The Guitar: I read positive things about the MIM Strat, but I decided rather than going that route now and upgrading later, to go straight for the one I really wanted! I chose a Olympic White American Standard with a Maple fret board. I am excited to own this great piece of music and American history. I am a novice, but boy do I enjoy playing it. Even when I'm done practicing I don't want to let it go. I like to admire it awile before I put it back in its great case. I really appreciate the American craftsmanship; something to admire. Here's to 60 more years of Fender success!

    Sweetwater: Wow. This site is a pleasure to browse and shop on. I really appreciate the insightful videos from the pros at Sweetwater, as well as their feedback on items. Also, the feedback from folks like you and me. The follow up by Sweetwater took me by surprise and made me feel like a valued customer and that my happiness with my purchase genuinely mattered to them. My gear arrived sooner than estimated. I spoke with Ben R. and he sent some photos of my actual guitar to hold me over until it arrived. The customer service at Sweetwater is a long lost art. I've already placed my second order due to the experience of the first. The site has everything I am looking for, educates me to solidify my plans in mind, and the team follows through with first class service. Zero issues, Zero complaints.

    Thank you Fender, Thank you Sweetwater, Rock and Roll

  • from San Diego, CA May 31, 2014Music Background:
    Play out weekly, Ever Learning

    Very Impressed...

    Let me start by saying I told myself long ago," I'll never buy a guitar without putting my hands on it first", much less a Strat. Never cared for em'. Well, with my first call to Brandon at Sweetwater my concerns were put to rest. At least regarding the purchase. I did spend time at the local" guitar mart" playing a few different Strats before landing on the American Standard. Also, I played a few different American Standard's after deciding on that model and found them to be consistant in sound and feel. I did waffle between the maple and rosewood fingerboard, but wanted something completely opposite from what I have been playing. You see, I've always been a Les Paul guy. When I called Brandon that first time, I told him that. To his credit, he tried to talk me out of it! Good salesman right? He wanted to make sure I knew the Strat wasn't going to sound anything like my LP. I assured him that's what I was going for and appreciated he wasn't just trying to sell me something... So, she arrived double boxed and unviolated by the deliverer. The only criticism I have is that the heavy duty staples on the factory box need to be removed or folded over. They will get you or the case on the way out of the box. It came nicely setup and without a finger print on it. All the case candy in there too!.. I've been playing it for a few weeks now and like it more each time I plug it in. Very easy to move along the fingerboard. It just feels "right" to me. Notes ring true and clear. I play through a 100w Mesa Dual Rec w/ 2x12 closed back cab. Not a great Strat rig as it doesn't get that chimey cean tone, but good for warm bluesy clean. Ch2 sounds fat to edgy. The 5way switch allows for lots of options and the tone controls are great for shaping the sound. I'm amazed at how versatile it is. Very responsive to input and right hand attack. I use a Blackstar 5w combo for practice. The classic Fender clean comes through the Fat 50"s real nice with it. The OD ch has that British tone. Nice drive and sustain... Never thought I'd own a Strat, but man am I liking it. What a fantastic instrument. Just a joy to play! I'm sure I've used too many words, but I'm very happy and glad I took the leap. Thanks Sweetwater.. I even got a phone call from Brandon a few days after it arrived to make sure I was happy with the new addition. The personal touch counts for a lot in my book!

  • from San Antonio, Texas May 28, 2014Music Background:
    Pro Musician

    My Favorite Strat

    This is my favorite Strat. I play with in live Performances every week. The Fender Custom Shop Pickups, Neck playability, Appearance,, and reliability get my sound out every time no matter if I am playing Blues,R&B, Gospel,Funk or Smooth Jazz.It loves pedals or plays great straight into my Amps. I don't leave home without it.

  • from Seattle April 8, 2014Music Background:
    Lifelong Student

    No Looking Back

    What can I say? I love this guitar. It's beautiful, the construction is flawless and the upgraded pickups sound awesome. I knew this would be a great guitar but wasn't ready for the rich sounds that come from it. I wasn't totally sold on Strat's until I got this one. I haven't put it down since it arrived.

  • from orofino idaho March 8, 2014Music Background:
    Reasonably competent guitarist.

    Excellent Fender

    Ive played fenders for nearly 30 years and Ive had a 50's reissue stratocaster as my main guitar for the last 13 years.
    This Olympic White Maple Neck American Standard is the best strat Ive ever played.I couldnt be happier.
    It resonate the Custom Shop 50's pick ups have a tone that is straight from Norman Petty's Clovis studio in 1958.
    The build and finish are flawless the nitro coated neck is a thing of beauty.
    Plus it came with my favorite Fender case of all time the mid- sixties black one.
    Sweetwaters service and their follow up support personel have no equal in the industry in my experience and I will order from them again without hesitation.

  • from January 26, 2014Music Background:
    Producer, composer, arranger and guitar player


    I've been a professional musician for 15 years and I always search and buy my things very carefully, so I know I'm buying the best.
    I was a little bit scared with this one because people say this and that, and I think now people just talk too much.
    I believe there's too much fear when buying this things, this guitar is awesome and I tell you I'm very strict with my guitars and I even felt overwhelmed by it.

    The finish is beautiful, hardware works impecable, playability is amazing (I'm even a metal guy and was like playing an ibanez) tuning stability is awesome (obviously be carefull, is not a floyd trem) and pickups sound amazing, you can hear every detail and finally, it made my pedals sound even better, I am amazed.

    I give it a perfect score

  • from United States January 24, 2014Music Background:
    Semi pro guitarist, Church worship leader.


    I've had them all. Now I have my Strat and a '59 Les Paul re-issue. I tend to gravitate to the Strat 90% of the time. It plays like butter and sounds amazing. I changed the strings once and the "B" string tuning was acting up. I went back to Fender Super Bullets..... problem solved. I recommend this one highly.

  • from Indianapolis IN January 1, 2014Music Background:
    Guitar Lover

    A perfect Strat!

    I own several Strats, & this one is one of the best. Everything a Strat should be, plus knock down gorgeous to boot! Highly recommended! You can't find a better dealer than Sweetwater!

  • from NYC December 20, 2013Music Background:

    Fender American Standard

    I'm a Gibson Les Paul man. My bassist broke my horns for (2) years to try a Strat. I used a Super Strat in the 90's so I thought "been there done that"
    So I tried the 2012 American Standard.
    That was a year ago.
    Hands down the most versatile guitar I've ever played.
    The Custom fat 50"s are a beautiful addition that made me change my mind,

  • from Dingmans Ferry, PA June 8, 2013Music Background:
    Long term recreational player

    Super Guitar!!

    More than fulfills the Strat legend. Super player, super sound and super finish, I couldn't be more pleased with the purchase!! Thanks to my CSR AJ for great service as always!!

  • from Falls Church, VA June 6, 2013Music Background:

    Excellent Guitar!

    I just got one of these wonderful guitars in the beautiful Olympic White finish, and I couldn't be happier. The fit and finish are flawless, and the three Fat 50s single-coil pickups sound amazing in every position. Out of the box, the guitar was set up very well, and exactly to my liking. I could write a book about this great guitar, but will just say that this will remain an integral part of my guitar collection for the rest of my life. A big thanks to the Sweetwater team for bringing me such a nice instrument at a very reasonable price. Sweetwater is the best!

  • from March 8, 2013

    American Standard Stratocaster 2012

    It's a classic for a reason. It sounds beautiful, and feels beautiful to play.

  • from Virginia, USA December 19, 2012Music Background:
    Formerly Pro Drummer /turned Guitarist


    OK, I have now found my ultimate favorite guitar of many that I've owned over the years. The American Standard Strat is a beautifully crafted instrument, and the set up was a perfect match for me right out of the box.
    It has HUGE versatility when played on my Hot Rod Deluxe III with an array of pedals. You can get almost any sound out of this that you want. HIGHLY recommended, with those new custom shop pickups! I love this thing, even more than my "twice as expensive" Taylor 614CE!

  • from Virginia August 25, 2014Music Background:

    Simply the best guitar I have ever played

    Easy to play, easy to setup. It is just the perfect music making machine. I can't put it down. It sounds terrific

    I took the stock 9s off and replaced with Original Bullet 10s. I did a setup using Fender's setup webpage. Once the strings broke in a little bit it just sings.

    I can't compare it to the Highway 1s or the American Deluxe. They may be slightly worse or a little better, I don't know. All I know is this is the best guitar I have ever played. I couldn't be happier.

  • from San Antonio, Tx February 8, 2014Music Background:
    Gigging classic rock band & weekly Contemporary Church Musician

    Spy vs Spy (Black & White Matching Axes)

    I've been Loving my Black 79 Strat with its rosewood fretboard since I bought it new in 1979. This new Strat has me believing in polygamy. It is slimmer in comparison, faster and sounds great through my Ax FX, my Line 6 and the G-DEC. I have been neglecting my other guitars since it arrived. I gave it a pretty good inspection and I am satisfied with the workmanship, quality and price I paid for this fine instrument. The only downside is the middle pickup tone control is a bit sticky (Mechanical rubbing) at 10 but nothing much to overcome. Now I have a Spy vs Spy guitar set, cool.

  • from Columbus, Ohio USA December 21, 2012Music Background:

    Still a great value

    Fender does a great job on these guitars. Set up well right out of the box, and the custom shop pickups sound great compared to other American standard strats I've used. As expensive as gear is these days, it's good to know you can still get a great guitar for a reasonable price.

  • from September 30, 2016

    Great Guitar

    Just added this Strat to my collection and it looks,plays and sounds great.Keep in mind that the guitar comes with 9's on it and the tremolo has only 3 springs so it doesn't have much resistance to it.It takes hardly any effort with one finger to send the tremolo crash diving .If you like heavier guage strings they will pull the back of the bridge high out of the cavity scince there's only 3 springs on the tremolo so you may have to tweak it a bit.It was an easy fix,added an extra spring and raised the string height a bit so now it's set up to my liking.My old Strat has 5 springs and tried that first but was too tight and the string holes on the block didn't line up with the hole in the backplate.It now has 4 springs and it's fine and is the only reason I didn't give this guitar 5 stars.

  • from St. Paul June 26, 2015Music Background:
    Player for 50+ years.

    Good ax

    The Strat has gone through many iterations. This new one has some plus points. The pickups are strong and not too distorted. The two point Vibrato works nicely. The spring block the strings route through,
    seems more solid material somewhat. Guitar has good sustain. Nice tonality as well.
    The frets are just a bit large for my taste, but certainly workable! The larger frets have an aspect that seems to lend a glassy tone to the guitar. Kind of like a scalloped neck, but not so egregious.
    I prefer a bit more woody tone, but it sounds good none the less.
    Definitely worth a play imo.
    The neck/edges feel natural and smooth. I like the older tuners they used to have though. Klusons I think.
    The body is a tad more sleek than it used to be, and fits like the proverbial glove.
    It came extremely well set up! A first for me outside my RIC 660 which also came ready to play.
    The build is very solid! Maple neck is THE way to go for me.
    Pretty close to the 62 reissue I had, but for the frets and maple neck.
    This is a very nice guitar overall, and anyone would enjoy playing AND listening to it in action!
    BTW, it was in better condition than most guitars I've ever bought direct from the music stores!
    Not so much as a fingerprint!
    The case is pretty std. issue, but they have improved the center latch over the older cases latch.
    The guitar neck also sits centered in the case; unlike my old Strat cases. I find I like it though!
    I could have bought a PRS or a number of others in this field, but there is a certain comfort playing a strat.
    Like visiting an old friend who had a successful plastic surgery job done!

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