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Fender American Deluxe Strat V Neck - Surf Green Reviews

5.0 stars based on 13 customer reviews
  • from Denver, CO October 26, 2016Music Background:
    Weekend Warrior for 30+ years

    Love this guitar!

    My wife bought this for me in summer 2015 from Sweetwater. I put her down in front of the computer, gave her my specs and gig money and this is what arrived a week later. It is the best guitar that I have ever owned. I am the king of the $500 guitar that ends up with $700 of upgrades. I never knew what I was missing by not buying quality instruments. I play in a band most weekends around Denver and had always brought two guitars to gigs. Partly to get different sounds and partly in case one crapped out. I can get pretty much any sound out of this guitar with some knob twisting and pickup selection, and it never lets me down (because I have never taken it apart). I've never taken it apart because it does it all, and sounds great!. Saturday I played a four hour gig, covering styles from blues to funk to hard rock. All I brought was this guitar, a clip on tuner, my amp and a chord. Man did it sound GREAT!!! And I only used that tuner once! I love this guitar. The finish is pretty fragile and chips very easily, probably because of the way I play and I really don't like the strap locks.. But I promised, no modifications.

  • from Waukee , IA 50263 July 24, 2015Music Background:
    Played guitar for over 50 years. Many bands.

    Fender American Deluxe Strat V Neck-Surf Green

    I have been playing guitars for over fifty years Over this period , I have owned many makes and models.Each ,of course, have their own pros and cons.No guitar is perfect , but this one is simply unbelievably fantastic.Cosmetics: The Surf Green body color with the tinted vintage neck is simply beautiful to look at. You really can't fully appreciate it until you have it in your possession.Pride of ownership sets in immediately. How does it play? The soft V neck is perfect for my large hands. Chords are effortless to play Some guitars have shorter scale lengths but I can reach and stretch easier with this neck, because of it's design. I'm basically a lead player and this guitar plays like butter. The tone is just like the classic Fenders I owned in the 60's , but it has five switch positions and extra S-1 boost button , that allows you to customize the tone to your liking. If you use tremolo ,you will like the sweet and subtle sounds you can achieve with very little effort. The guitar came with a great case and was ready to play right out of the box. How was the service? Jeff Bohan at Sweetwater , is the most helpful , knowledgeable and sincere person I have ever worked with. He went way beyond the call of duty in helping me select the right instrument and follow up after the sale was excellent.I was so well treated , that I would not even consider dealing with anyone else. If you don't give Sweetwater and Jeff Bohan a try , you will be cheating yourself, especially if you have had bad experiences with other companies-which unfortunately , I have.

  • from Charlotte , NC March 4, 2015Music Background:

    Surf Green V Neck

    First, I considered dinging Fender a half star for something that really annoys me about their guitars, they ship with annoying shrink wrap protectant (which I COMPLETELY get) beneath the pick guard screws/pickup selector, and tone/volume knobs. To get it off entirely I have actually had to remove screws and knobs, other manufacturers seem to be able to wrap things without creating this problem.

    But---in terms of this guitar? Excellent, and too good for anything other than 5 stars.
    The guitars aren't cheap, but it's all relative, there are many other guitars with much higher price tags that don't come to the quality of the build, and of course, the tone of these guitars. I have two, one is a C shape neck that I purchased in 2011, which quickly became my go-to guitar and the one I generally reach for first when noodling around in the studio.
    Tuning is reliable unless you plan on dive bombing, and the PU's have that immediate recognizable bell tone with a little tweak and a decent tube amp. I have heard a few people complain, or worse, the N3 PU's----which I don't get. No, they do not sound like Texas Specials or other notable Fender PU's, but if you are going for a particular PU sound, adding 1, or 3, is something that doesn't really break the bank---and at that point I don't know that there is much you could say about these guitars, in terms of negative aspects.

    Have dealt for years with Jeff Hollman at Sweetwater, and you don't find better companies, or people to purchase your audio gear.
    From live sound, to studio, Jeff always has the knowledge and expertise to suggest the rest gear, while keeping the budget in mind. He is also very helpful with any follow up questions or concerns.
    Rare to find such companies these days, kudos to all the fine folks at SW.

  • from United States March 2, 2015Music Background:
    Home Studio Hobbyist

    Surf Green Deluxe!

    After much decision making my sales rep (Carson) and I both agreed this Fender American Deluxe Stratocaster in Surf Green was it! I wasn't aware just how beautiful this color was until it was in my possession. Let me just say that the V-Neck feels amazing to me and I have small hands. I can really get around the neck and become one with it. The tinted neck is also a great vintage look. I really like having the tried and true SSS pickup configuration. What's possibly more amazing than the guitar is the level of personal service I received from Carson at Sweetwater. I'm not an easy customer but Carson stuck with me and never waivered. Thanks for that! It's truly inspirational to have a guitar that is a piece of this great American guitar company. I'll be able to pass this guitar down to my son who has just started learning to play at 8 years old. The guitar was flawless and it came with the newer molded case along with a Fender strap, strap locks, and a Fender instrument cable. Nice touch as well. You won't be disappointed in this guitar and this configuration. Thanks to Sweetwater and to Carson especially for making this a "Five Star" sale all the way around!

    Matthew G.

  • from Rego Park, NY January 23, 2015Music Background:
    Seasoned Player

    A Legendary Instrument - Light and Punchy

    Finally I have a Strat!!! The Surf Green finish and neck tint are beautiful and go hand in hand. I am a Gibson Guy but I would say that a Strat feels easier to play and get used to than any of my Les Pauls and of course it is much lighter on my shoulder. The compound radius V neck fits my hand well and the Deluxe staggered locking tuners maintain the guitar in tune even after a decent amount of tremolo peppered playing. The S-1 switch complete the picture with 5 additional tone settings - single coil, all pick ups in series humbucker-like tone, parallel, out of phase, etc. - with added alternates when dialing tone knobs up and down. Sweetwater made it all possible to own this instrument with their easy 3 payment plan. Thanks Dustin Keesbury.

  • from Auburn, WA USA November 10, 2014Music Background:
    Lead/rhythm guitar

    Pure Stratocaster tone, superb neck, versatile

    This V neck Deluxe Strat is a perfect companion to my Gibson Les Paul Standard. Now I have that classic, unmistakeable Strat tone and a growling Les Paul. The Strat Deluxe V neck is for me, the perfect shape. It's a soft V, which means it fits perfectly in my large hands. The quality of the maple neck is superb; finished smooth, frets set just right.
    The N3 pickups are really good. Noiseless as advertised, but produce beautiful glassy/jingly cleans and screaming crunch. The S1 switching is really versatile. Engaged, I can get 5 completely new tones, geared more for lead/hard rock.
    My bandmates commented on how sweet this Strat sounds. It looks sweet too, the Surf Green with the tinted maple neck, pure awesome sauce.

  • from northern Nevada September 25, 2014Music Background:
    everything including acoustic, but woodwinds. Classic, pop and Jazz. A little electric. First time diving in for electric.

    Full powerful sound. Fast neck

    This guitar out of the box was about on the mark. Which is really saying something. The sound is very full and powerful. The neck is built well and clean. I've had other electric guitars owned and used. But they're incomparable to the professional build and strong sound powerful sound of this Stratocaster. For the money, it's a high quality and extremely functional 6 string guitar. I never get disappointed in the full sound. It's always solid regardless of the tone chosen. The neck is very fast. Very easy to travel.. The tone variations with the 5 way switch and S1 switch really add to this. The tone no matter what you select is classic, strong and powerful. What one thinks a Fender should be. If you like the Stratocaster sound, I don't believe this guitar will let you down.

  • from north west Nevada July 31, 2014Music Background:
    Played everything from drums, strings horn, keyboards, acousitc guitar and now electric.

    Strat American Deluxe Surf

    Quality is excellent from pick ups-which surprised to how well they sound. But the neck is especially impressive. Very fast, smooth-great spec tolerances from the first fret to the last. Overall quality is excellent. You'd expect an instrument to be like that-but they usually aren't. This Fender is excellent. Lived up to my standards and far exceeded my expectations on quality and the neck again is superb. The care for organization by Sweetwater is genuinely impressive. Only disappointment -Sweetwater was unable to put other strings on.

  • from Omaha, Ne USA July 30, 2014Music Background:
    Have played in bands, now a hobby player


    I had an American Deluxe about 10 years ago, the 50th anniversary, and it was a wonderful instrument. I ended up selling it, and I have never missed a guitar more.
    So, getting this has been really great. It is without question worth every penny of the price. The neck is effortless to play and the action setup by Sweetwater was perfect. The guitar is flawless, Fender is definitely making some of the best instruments that they have ever built. I would mention one thing to Fender. I rebuilt a MIM recently that does not even come close to this guitar, except for the tremolo that it put on it. The Super Vee Blade Runner that I put on it is the best non-locking tremolo on the market. That aside I love this guitar and I am enjoying getting to know what is will do. I will never sell this.

  • from Dublin, TX February 19, 2014Music Background:
    Semi-Pro Musician

    Truly Awe Inspiring!

    Excellent instrument with beautiful appointments and amazing details, I couldn't be more happy with this purchase. I own a Gibson Les Paul and have owned another Strat in the past, but this might be the new top dog. Its one of the most striking guitars I have ever seen due to the amazing Surf Green finish in combination with the vintage-tinted maple neck. Speaking of the neck, its lovely! The soft V lends itself to many different play styles. Coupled with its super low action, this guitar will let you pound out solos like there's no tomorrow! The N3 pickups are great as well, I had this beauty sitting there, volume all the way up on a super high gain channel and not one bit of hum; plus they sound good! The S-1 switch is also a super sweet thing to have, if you have a song that needs a tone the standard Strat wont make, the S-1 switch just might have you covered. In conclusion, even though its kinda pricey, its worth every penny, and as you play it you will realize that no matter what the price, this guitar is steal of a deal.

  • from Minnesota August 27, 2015Music Background:
    Bedroom Rockstar

    A sweet Strat

    Overall I love this guitar and am very happy with it. To attempt to help others, I figured I would share my experience with the guitar thus far. I purchased this guitar for several key reasons: 1. I like vintage tint necks, 2. I wanted an American Strat, 3. I wanted a classic color that is more unique (not sunburst, not black, not white). A few pleasant surprises: 1. IMO, the neck is nicer than an American standard, especially the compound radius and the fretwork (the American standard is certainly usable, no question, but I notice the difference), 2. The S1 switching provides great humbucker-esque options (especially for pushing your amp and pedals), but requires a few weeks/months to find your preferred settings, 3. The sculpted heel makes a difference, 4. The v-neck was an adjustment but after about a month I didn't notice it and prefer the "extra" wood to hang onto. A few knocks (your mileage may vary): 1. Finish is nice but not perfect (this is nitpicky, it's really very nice overall), 2. Even with locking tuners I find it can stray out of tune fairly easy (and I'm not hard on it, no divebombs), not as bad my MIM strat though, so it is an improvement but other brands have better locking tuners in my experience. Overall for the money this guitar does a lot right and in general is solid and well-made. I have a hard time finding another guitar in this price range that has these features at this level of quality. I would buy another, no question.

  • from Northern VA September 30, 2014Music Background:
    Gigging Musician, Hobbyist

    Nice Workhorse

    Was looking for a good strat, nothing too fancy, but something a step up from the American standard. This guitar fits the bill nicely. The V neck is very soft indeed (I wouldnt have minded a little harder V), feels more like a slightly thicker C neck. Plays as smooth as most Fenders. The guitar sounds great and there are a lot of iconic Fender tones under the hood - I like the S switching feature a lot. Ive gigged with it twice and it stays in tune well. Very stable. I gave it a 4.5 instead of a 5 because I did have to do quite a bit of set up/tweaking to dial the guitar in. I decked the bridge, lowered the action, etc. and now it really shines. I wouldnt say this is a huge upgrade from the standard but it is worth the extra loot. The neck is really smooth, though not as nice as the Clapton model neck or custom shop guitars. Also, I really like the new molded case, its light and roomy. Overall just a very solid strat that is fun to play!

  • from Lubbock, TX August 4, 2014Music Background:

    Best Strat Ever

    My guitar arrived from Sweetwater packaged very well and in good shape. I play with 11's, so I did a string change and some minor setup to suit my taste and was ready to go. I own 5 other American Strats, including an SRV, 60th Anniversary '54, '62 Hot Rod, etc., and have played for around 32 years, 20 in a working band. I'm a Strat fanatic. I play through several amps, but when I want that Fender tone, I go through my Hot Rod Deluxe.

    This Strat does everything a Strat is supposed to do, and does it all very well. I was quite pleased with the tonal options the S1 switching gave me with this guitar. I also have an American Deluxe Tele with S1, and never thought it did much for that guitar, but it works for this guitar.

    The neck is beautiful, nicely finished frets and the compound radius is just a pleasure to play. I like necks with a little more "chunk" than the C's, and this one is just plain sweet. Only slightly heftier than the C and very comfortable to hold on to.

    I love this guitar.

    I gave 4.5 stars for one little thing that's just a personal preference; the locking tuners. I've never been a fan of them. If I ever do anything to this guitar, that change would be it. They work fine like they're supposed to, just not my cup of tea.

    This Strat is now Numero Uno in my lineup. I just reach for it....it plays so nicely and the surf green is just awesome to look at with the blonde neck. I don't know how Fender could top this.

    Mark Chapman and Sweetwater have taken good care of me. I've probably bought 5 guitars from them and every purchase has been a good experience. I'll be coming back.

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