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Fender American Vintage '59 Stratocaster - 3-color Sunburst with Rosewood Fingerboard Reviews

4.5 stars based on 4 customer reviews
Questions about the Fender American Vintage '59 Stratocaster - 3-color Sunburst with Rosewood Fingerboard?

Questions about the Fender American Vintage '59 Stratocaster - 3-color Sunburst with Rosewood Fingerboard?

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  • from Tucson, AZ August 28, 2013Music Background:
    Hobbyist and Teacher

    59 American Vintage Series - Stratocaster

    Let me just say that Ryan H. is an amazing sales engineer! Every time I purchase something, he makes sure that I am happy with it and answers all my questions. Best customer service! On to the guitar..The moment I opened the case, my body went numb and a smile came to my face. Playing it was a whole other experience. I have 3 Strats already, this being the 4th. Hands down, the best one. The neck is so smooth and plays like butter. The vintage frets are easy to make bends. The tone is sweet! It plays well and it's a work of art. Love it. Worth every cent.

  • from Austin Texas February 1, 2013Music Background:

    Fender 59 American vintage Strat

    I really love my new sunburst 59 reissue Strat that I acquired a few weeks ago from Sweetwater.I randomly was on their site and saw this gorgeous Strat.I already own a sonic blue 59 one and love that guitar but have not been so impressed with some sunburst ones I have seen so far because I found their sunburst lacking sufficient black(too much brown).I know bursts all vary somewhat but for the money I am paying it has to right.This one on the site had a really nice burst with sufficient black(which is typical for a 1959-60 era Strat that commonly had lot's of black).It was a little over 7LBS which is how I like them.I rarely order a guitar without playing it first but since my sonic Blue one is so great I figured I'd get this one too....I trusted Fender and took the chance.The salesguy was really cool and helpful and within a few days I recieved the guitar.I was immediately seduced by her as I opened the case.Her body is one of the sleekest I have ever seen on a Strat with very rounded edges...whoever sanded that body at Fender deserves a raise!The burst is really pretty with sufficient black which fades into a light brown and into a bright yellowish/brown center...gorgeous.Sweetwater did a nice setup but I have my own personal way of setting up my guitars and now after a few weeks of playing her live I have tweaked her perfectly to my liking.The pickups sound awesome....great authentic early 60s era slab-board Strat tone that is low output and detailed.They remind me a bit of the fat 50s pickups but with the lower output and detail of the custom 69s....a cross between those two in some ways where the high mids are slightly scooped but the lower mids command the tone.The neck plays great and though Fender says the frets are small vintage ones they seem easier to play than some previous reissues I have owned.I recommend these guitars to anyone who wants a great slab-board early 60s era Strat that will age like the original ones did.This guitar is great brand new but I know with hard gigging the tone will mature and that thin nitro lacquer will relic beautifully and acquire great mojo and patina...I can't wait!!!

  • from Corona, California September 16, 2013Music Background:
    Pro Musician; Part Time

    Great Strat: Great Tone: Great Looks

    Received the start a month ago. I have put about 80 hours on it in live recording and rehearsals. It a 59 strat with a factory warranty and a comparatively low price tag. The guitar is very playable and comfortable like your favorite jeans. As for most players who get a high end guitar, I had to make a few adjustments to make it mine: 1.) the neck gets really sticky. i left it for three weeks then took some steel wool to remove the sticky stuff. Now its very nice! 2.) Trem was set about 1/4" off the body, the springs were too loose and went out of tune on simple bends. I adjusted in the spring claw so the stings were in tune with the bridge 1/8" off the body. Perfect! 3.) Frets were a little crunchy. Some aggressive playing smoothed this out.

    This is a pro guitar that is solid and now plays in tune and projects with confidence. Nearly a perfect vintage start. This will only get closer to perfect with age. Finish is flawless, simple but elegant. Nice work Fender!

  • from hampton, VA August 11, 2016

    New American Vintage '59 Stratocaster

    First , the good : the nitro finish is flawless , the fretwork is done well as one would expect from a guitar of this caliber . The neck profile fits my hand perfectly . The guitar is beautiful to behold with a vintage correct sunburst . The pick ups have the right amount glass and bark , the controls work smoothly and are straightforward without any nonsense .The guitar is dead quiet , no crackles , buzzes , or hums . It is a prime example of a vintage replica guitar , complete with an updated 5 way switch .
    Now , the nit picky detraction's : the setup left something to be desired ; when tuned to pitch , the bridge was up at about a 30-40 degree angle . The tremolo came with only 3 springs (really ?) , the neck had a small amount of back-bow that needed a truss-rod adjustment to correct and the intonation was off by more than a little . The weight was also off by a quarter of a pound , being heavier than advertised . The rosewood on the fretboard was slightly disappointing as it is streaked , not as richly colored as I would expect from a $2300 instrument . Also , the finish on the back of the neck gets tacky after about 20 minutes of play .
    I really wanted to give this guitar 5 stars , but for the money spent , there were too many , albeit minor , issues that added up .
    All that being said , I'm ok with the guitar . Soon , the guitar will be what I initially expected . A little 4-0 steel wool will correct the tacky finish on the back of the neck , a set-up has corrected the bridge angle , intonation , and truss rod issues .
    The service from Sweetwater was excellent . I had to wait 2 weeks for the guitar to be shipped as it was out of stock when I ordered , but Jason K. kept me informed as to the status . Shipping was on time and all in all , I've had a good experience here .
    I'm a craftsman by trade and I believe something is either 'right' or it is not . 'Close enough' is not an option .

Questions about the Fender American Vintage '59 Stratocaster - 3-color Sunburst with Rosewood Fingerboard?

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