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Vox StompLab IG Modeling Effects Pedal Reviews

4.5 stars based on 19 customer reviews
Questions about the Vox StompLab IG Modeling Effects Pedal?

Questions about the Vox StompLab IG Modeling Effects Pedal?

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  • from ATX October 12, 2016

    A Fun Pedal

    Easy to enjoy what it does in front of a simple tube amp. Plain and simple design; solid model and effect options. Inexpensive way to carry around your own personal sound from gig to gig,excellent practice unit. Fits in a gig bag pocket. Has the VOX sound,translating pretty well alongside a VOX VT20X we use to record with. This pedal is all plus.

  • from May 19, 2016Music Background:
    I have been a Musician for 50 years. I have been in bands, church, and teaching guitar.

    Oh, Yes

    I ordered this pedal last Friday and received it Monday. Great service, guys.
    This pedal is giving me the exact type of sound that I have looked for for many years. All the tones, control, power, everything anyone would ever need is in this pedal. I have owned many amps, many pedals, many guitars, This pedal completes what I have wanted.

  • from Flat Rock, Mi. October 16, 2014Music Background:


    Bought this to enhance my Orange Micro Terror which is paired with an Egnator Tweaker 112 cab. I own the VOX VT100 amp, and I do believe I like the sounds of this VOX Stomplab as much or more than the VT100. Also Sweetwater still shines in providing great service.

  • from Shelbyville, TN June 19, 2013Music Background:
    Lifelong musician!

    Great Box!

    Great little box, would be even better if the power supply was included!

  • from Boston, MA December 18, 2012Music Background:
    20 year guitar hobbyist

    Great pedal

    I couldn't believe my ears for this price. I had to plug into my line 6 hd500 to make sure I wasn't crazy. I am not saying you can't tweek the pod alot to get your sound, but this vox sounds great without tweaking.
    I don't know exactly what amps they are supposed to emulate (they don't say). But the sounds of the amps and cabs sound awesome. And the effects are great too. No wonder Guitar Player raved about this pedal.
    You can't tweak your sound like more expensive multieffects, but the sounds are great so you may not have to.
    I plug it into a tube poweramp (spidervalve I power amp in).

  • from Texas October 21, 2016

    Solid Two-Button Switching w/ Quality Sounds

    I find this pedal to be distinctive in the amp model zone, fully a Vox vibe. Excellent tone;running a VOX amp-model setting alone, in front of a clean tube amp opens up the barn door. Quiet pedal,works well as a line in recording modeler/FX module.Superior head-phone practice unit- A worthy addition to any level user's pedal library. It is nice to have an actual on/off switch! Not a pro unit,but you have 20 user-preset locations to duplicate your live stage rig, for practice and just-in-case. This pedal does a lot,sounds original model-wise,and has an OG-quality build and appeal.I will probably buy another, it is like the dbx goRack...always good to have an extra.

  • from December 5, 2015

    Versatile Multieffects Programming for the $$

    It's got a powerful DSP, and really the only issue with this box is how to approach programming, The presets are garbage, and even the user slots came preloaded with a variety of garbage so you're launching into an editing process from somewhere you don't want to be.

    I found that a good approach is to take the first user slot, taking the time to program it clean, and then copy that into the other 19 user slots (easy to do). Then you can build each one from scratch and it's pretty easy to get great patches and also move appropriate ones adjacent to each other in sequence for quick switching into a solo or song segment. All the effects function well. The delay, reverb, equalizers, pedal effects, noise reduction all fine, and overdrive is perfectly functional but I prefer more adjustable nuances in distortion so I'm still chaining this with a higher-end distortion pedal to punch on for some uses.

    As others have said, the box seems a little noisy but not out of bounds. I guess the only other things I would wish for is a true analog bypass - the bypass is still impacted by the global volume settings, for example.

  • from United States May 2, 2015Music Background:
    Professional player and sound designer

    Exceptional value for money

    I've had very good experiences with Vox modeled amps and FX, and so when I was looking for a battery-powered multiFX device to take to jam sessions I decided to give this a try. The Stomplab IG has a lot going for it at its price point of $70: a metal case and two metal footswitches, four bands of EQ on every patch, good FX, including nice delays and spring reverb, a decent pitch shifter, a rotary speaker effect that sounds very good, and a broad selection of good-sounding amp and cabinet models, including plenty of crunchy stuff. I really like the echo models, which have a big fat sound that adds a lot of depth to the tone.

    The most difficult omission to accept is the absence of a USB port and computer backup and restore for single patches and the entire user memory. Editing and saving patches is also more complex than it might be--you will definitely need to read the manual, and maybe have it in your hand while programming, to figure out how to program your sounds. (In fact, without the manual, I don't know how anyone would decode the 2-digit display that's the only source of information about the settings of every effect parameter.) Did I mention that you can't save your setups to a computer for quick loading when you need them? I docked the score for this thing 1/2 point for that reason.

    That said, the price is amazing considering what’s in the box. The thing is rugged and sounds very good. It'll fit easily into many a pedalboard, and it adds dozens of FX to a rig, each of which would cost as much or more than a Stomplab if purchased separately. All that plus battery power. For a jam session, it's absolutely ideal, and a lot of players will find that running a line out from this to a PA is all they need for many gigs. I'm sure it'll work well for recording too, though a USB out would really be nice for that purpose--without that, the signal has to go through two more sets of D/A converters before it's recorded. That aside, at $70, this box is a solid, gig-worthy purchase.

  • from Austin, Texas December 17, 2014Music Background:
    Started playing in 1959, ex-Nashville Studio Musician, Guitarist/Singer

    Great Box - Need to Have a Guitarist Write the User's Manual

    Great stomp box, with great chaining for the very reasonable price. But the User's Manual is not written for a musician -- boggling. There are some basic scenario's that could be included in the Manual.

    Select Amp Model, Input Stuff, Effects, Output parameters.
    Inputting into an amp, Effects

    The Manual is not up to the Line 6 Quality that I have experienced since my first Vox Super Beatle Amp.

  • from United States January 23, 2014Music Background:
    Playing guitar for longer than any group of three people reading this review

    Great value for the price

    I've had this for about four days now, and bought it on a whim. Full disclosure, I have two Vox modeling amps, so I'm predisposed to liking this type of sound.

    Depending on your facility learning new User Interfaces, this might take you a couple of hours to grok, or you may get so frustrated that you can't stand it. We each have our strengths- so if you're a "one pedal, one sound" type of person, this is NOT the pedal for you. Move along, nothing to see here.

    If, on the other hand, you don't mind (gasp!) reading the manual and taking some time to learn how it wants to talk with you, you'll be rewarded with some very nice warm sounds.

  • from VIRGINIA BEACH,VA. December 30, 2012Music Background:



  • from Ephrata, PA February 23, 2017Music Background:
    Worship Guitarist

    Great Little Modeler!

    How much you enjoy this pedal probably depends on what you're looking for. As best as I can tell, Vox kind of intended this to be a "catch all" solution for guitar players. However, in my opinion, this thing really shines as an amp modeler.

    In the church I play, we need to keep stage volume low, so I don't use a traditional amplifier. I had been using a POD HD300, but it was just too big and I needed to downsize. I picked up this little thing not really knowing what to expect. Conveniently, it fits right on my board, so not having a second device beside my board is very nice.

    You'll want to make sure you read the manual. The controls on this are a little obtuse, and it's not very clear what you're actually doing just by reading the little display. And I may as well address this while I'm talking about it: yes, the factory presets are atrocious. I'm not sure who they hire to make these things, but most of them have WAY too many effects on them and are just totally unusable.

    I really didn't experiment much with the various effects available. They're decent, I suppose, but why bother when I already have pedals that do it better and without the clunky controls? The amp models on this thing are very good. I've always used Vox amp models even on my HD 300 and this unit does them justice. The models sound great, and add some much needed life to your tone!

    I didn't spend much time messing with the other amps, because some of them sound so crazy that I don't know why you'd ever want them in an amp modeler. If you want crazy distortion that destroys your tone, wouldn't you just buy a real amp? Regardless, I'm happy with it. It serves as my "faux" amp at the end of my chain, and I highly recommend it to anyone in a similar situation as me.

  • from November 16, 2015

    Good Pedal

    The Vox Stomplab is a good pedal. I am using it to replace all of my single effect pedals which were noisy when hooked together. This pedal seems to have an almost unlimited number of effects along with many amp models. It has a little bit of a learning curve but there are some excellent videos on YouTube to help figure it out. It is well worth the small pricea

  • from Blair, NE July 26, 2015Music Background:
    guitar enthusiast

    Price check?

    This is my first Vox product. Sounds great through headphones. Have not played through and amp. Don't let the user interface scare you away. The chart of effects and parameters is the best part of the manual. I made a clean, hi gain and lead patch without too much effort. If you are on an endless quest for the perfect tone this pedal has it's limitations but it is more than a bargain for $69. If you are on a budget and looking to buy your first multipedal buy this!

  • from Indiana December 21, 2013Music Background:
    Gigging Guitarist

    Great Backup for your Pedalboard!

    For the money this unit works really well. It doesn't compete with the $400 modeling units but it could get me through a gig - no problem. I added this to my pedal board in case my amp or pedals die during a gig, great back up and practice pedal.

  • from MD! USA February 11, 2013Music Background:

    Really Nice Pedal

    I'm rating this pedal at its price point. For $70 this pedal is well worth it. I also bought a Zoom MS50G pedal earlier which I lke better because its easier to use (user friendly). But the Vox pedal seems to be more sturdy and the sounds are great. There are 20 locations for storing your own presets but it is not a "without manual" affair. A bonus is that you can use this pedal with headphones only if you wish.

  • from Deer Park January 24, 2013Music Background:

    Stomplab Effects

    Very easy to use. I used to have a Large DigiTech Pedal Board and trying to find my sound on the board was a nightmare. Way to complicated for someone that is not sure what each setting is for. This stoplab you just plug and play. This box is perfect for the casual guitar player vey easy to use and produces a great sound.

  • from Bremerton Wa. USA April 10, 2013Music Background:
    Playing 30+ years.

    Cool little pedal CHEAP!

    Comes nicely packaged, four 2A batteries included. Any standard 9v adapter works too (I used one from an old zoom). Very simple to operate, manual only needed for ciphering LED readout. Check out the Vox website forum for a pdf a good soul has posted with the parameter list you can print out on one page-otherwise you have to flip to the end of the manual all the time.

    the PDL stuff I haven't messed with much. Mostly stuff that would be useful with the other version. Wish they would have put in a way to plug your own expression pedal in to control some of these functions. They pedal on a unit this small is useless (no throw). Have not had a pedal with this cool little feature since my old 505, could use an insert cable and an old (non powered) full size volume pedal to control wah-wah, etc.

    Amp/Drive section - Vox amps are named, others you gotta guess at (not too hard). I liked the low to med gain models and the 'AC-30 BM' model with the gain down.

    Speaker section - 12 models go thru them all when starting a new sound.

    Modulation - No mix control, will not be using this section. Mix set too high for me.

    Delay - Mix control! Can set time and mix 3 presets for each type. Works fine for me. Sounds good.

    Reverb - Sound fine, not gonna ever use em.

    Noise Reduction - Did not mess with it.

    Global - Output select (A2 has sounded best on my own patches, so far)
    Master volume, turn it up.

    Too many factory presets, too few user slots. Can't get a patch of each amp model. 20 is a measly amount of user presets.

    Decent little unit for the price, took a bit of tweaking to get a sound I liked, but worth it.

  • from Sacramento, CA February 5, 2015Music Background:

    has issues

    This pedal has potential as an all-in-one if you can dial in the sound/effects you want. The pre-sets are very weird and nearly impossible to identify (so as to select) - the controls are not intuitive and there is no useful manual - you just need to try ALL of them and figure out (and document) which you want for what purpose. Also, the built-in tuner makes noise when the unit is on "mute". Some effects change depending on if you switch from another setting or just adjust the one you are working with. Takes quite a bit of effort to control this - at the moment, I am favoring individual pedals - easier to control.

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