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Mesa/Boogie Rectifier Traditional 4x12" 240-watt Angled Extension Cabinet Reviews

5.0 stars based on 6 customer reviews
Questions about the Mesa/Boogie Rectifier Traditional 4x12" 240-watt Angled Extension Cabinet?

Questions about the Mesa/Boogie Rectifier Traditional 4x12" 240-watt Angled Extension Cabinet?

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  • from Edmond, Ok. September 28, 2016Music Background:
    guitarist, composer

    Mesa/Boogie 4x12 Rectifier Traditional Slant Cab

    Recently received this 4x12 cab and connected it to my new Mesa/Boogie Triple Rectifier amp and it sounded great. The tone spectrum is fantastic! I am very happy w/ my new rig

  • from NJ August 10, 2016Music Background:
    15 years


    This cab has excellent construction and sound. Any amp I plug in to this cab not only sounds great but the cab let's the amps character still come through and be distinct. This amp is a standard for a reason. It is just as good as an engl or and orange 4x12. Best part, it only sounds better with age and playing. I would buy this cab over and over.

  • from Wichita, KS February 6, 2016

    The last Cabinet you'll ever need!

    Sound quality is amazing, if you play rock/metal or anything like that, you will never need another cabinet, as this one goes above and beyond! It's also built like a tank, indestructible pretty much. Love the design as well. Definitely recommend, would buy again if it was stolen.

  • from Denver, CO USA January 6, 2013Music Background:
    hobbyist/off and on band member

    sweet sounds

    This cabinet shows great versatility. Provides incredibly sweet, full clean tones as well as nasty bite and growl on the high gain modes. A perfect combination with the RA-100.
    The removable casters are a great feature allowing even a runt like me to easily handle moving this 100# unit.

  • from Dallas, TX USA April 29, 2012Music Background:
    20 Year Music Professional; Writer, Performer, Recording Engineer

    Sonic Heaven!!!

    Playing through this cab is pure heaven!!!
    I run my Boogie Mark V head through this thing, and it just sings! The tone is just amazing! Clean, tight sound... especially in the lower frequencies... much quicker, tighter response from my bass strings. Chords ring out beautifully, and the sound is just amazing. It's the perfect match for the Mark V head, as it really compliments the tone of the head!! Being a prog metal guitarist, I couldn't have asked for a better combination!

  • from windsor ontario August 12, 2009Music Background:
    CEO of "teh br00tz" club

    This should help

    My first mesa cabinet I bought was an oversized one which I knew wasn't what I wanted exactly (wanted this) but my cab before hand was a behringer and the dude I bought it off of wanted 850 and it was in perfect condition so I jumped on it. I later sold it because I was disgusted by it's boomy bass and bought this cabinet and I couldn't be happier, tighter mids, more focused. THE BOMB. I would buy the straight version of this cab if you can... you get more depth!

Questions about the Mesa/Boogie Rectifier Traditional 4x12" 240-watt Angled Extension Cabinet?

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