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Fender Modern Player Starcaster - Natural Reviews

4.5 stars based on 8 customer reviews
Questions about the Fender Modern Player Starcaster - Natural?

Questions about the Fender Modern Player Starcaster - Natural?

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  • from May 28, 2017

    I didn't need to see that price to confirm it's perfectionist

    When I played with this guitar, I felt fender must've been sooo drunk when they priced this one. The neck feels so fast and awesome, you can't believe you're playing with a semi hollow. Stays in tune like crazy, sounds perfect for jazz to metal and in my opinion, it's gorgeous. Few people go to fender for semi hollows so you can be sure you have a lot of uniqueness by your side if you buy it. Want more uniqueness and rareness? OK. Take a load of that headstock. Maple neck on a semi hollow. Cool huh? And that waist. It feels super comfy when you play with this guitar seated due to that waist. The only trouble is, fender doesn't have a good case for it. I'm using a fender softcase for this but idk, it feels kinda too big for this guitar. Other than that, it's just so awesome. I'm not gonna say you can't find any better semi hollow at this price, no. What I'm gonna say is that you'll never find a better semi hollow at any price. Go for it.

  • from new jersey April 14, 2017Music Background:
    originally trained in classical violin at 7 yrs old to 15 then the guitar bug bit and have been infected for the last 50 yrsguitar for the

    stunning beauty and sound

    a re-introduction of a model from the 70's that warranted resurrection.I never had the opportunity to play one of those original starcasters but if they were as easy to play, and sound as good these I can't conceive why they were ever discontinued. It is versatile in how many genres it can accommodate,and is a dream to play.I read that the only con for those original starcasters was they didn't look like the other fenders.If that is true then it's time to put that puppy to rest,cause in a sea of guitars that all look the same, except for introducing new colors,it's refreshing to have a new look from the same makers that we have all come to trust and love.Just a note to all you guitar stores...in stead of having a hundred strats and telee's,why not take one down and put a starcaster up for customers to see and sample.I'd be willing to bet you won't be able to keep them in the store for very long.OHHH!!! and the price!!! No one will believe the low price making it obtainable for all !! Comes in three colors,all 3 finishes are stunning.Whether you're a collector or just looking for a guitar that will inspire you to play, you will not be disappointed.

  • from KC MO December 15, 2016


    I lucked out on this deal. The Starcaster showed up completely perfect. I'm guessing Sweetwater actually does the 50 point inspection on the guitars before they ship out. Also good communication from Sweetwater the whole way through. The Starcaster really blows me away. I absolutely love the look, feel, and design. I was not expecting it to be so nice at such a low price point. I got the guitar to take with me out on the road while I'm at work, but it's so nice and I have really taken to it, so I will leave it at home and take my old acoustic with. Something about this guitar just fits perfect for me. It's so much fun to play. I love the pick-ups and sounds that I get out of this Starcaster. It's doing a great job staying in tune also. I got lucky on this deal, I'm pretty picky about getting guitars and this one is perfect.

  • from November 24, 2016

    A must have for every guitarist

    I remember when I held this guitar in my hand for the first time and it felt unbelievably comfy. There's nothing I can say that this guitar doesn't have. It looks stunning, feels super comfortable, you can play anything from smooth jazz to black metal with it and most importantly, you shouldn't sell your house to buy it!
    And it's just so unique in some ways. Maple fingerboard, set waist (which makes it feel super comfy on your lap), fender wide range z type humbuckers, where else can you find all these? I was going to buy a casino but I was really to lucky to accidentally find this in some guitar shop and yeah well after 5 minutes of playing I realized I'd pay for 5 casinos to get my hands on one of these , though I didn't have to.
    The headstock also looks super cool. Definitely check this baby out.
    It would've been better if there was some specific guitar case designed only for this due to its unique shape

  • from December 29, 2015

    Awesome guitar

    This guitar is awesome and I was blown away by the quality. It is a lot nicer in person the pictures don't do this beauty justice. It plays nice and the neck feels great with the nice c shape. The pickups are awesome and all and all this is a great guitar for the money.

  • from August 27, 2015

    What a value. What a guitar.

    When I saw this funky guitar I knew it was for me. I have owned a couple 335's but could never bond with the neck. The Starcaster is a semi with a a nice modern C shape neck that fits perfectly in my hand. In fact I haven't picked up an another guitar from my collection since it arrived last month. Not even for an overdub because this beast, and it is a beast is a tone master, a bit of a Swiss Army Knife. Fit n' Finish great. I would give it a perfect 5 stars but one of the volume pots is sticky. But I'm planning on replacing the pots and pups and getting it closer to its 70's glory. Stock from the factory it's still just an amazing guitar. I can't believe how affordable the Starcaster is. Get one while they last

  • from Tampa, FL February 13, 2017

    Love my Starcaster

    Came fully set-up and ready to play. Great tone and sustain. The wood block in the center of the body greatly helps reduce feedback from this semi-hollow gem.

    Just wish a case was available.

  • from San Pedro, CA December 4, 2013Music Background:
    occasional pro, mostly casual

    Great value and super fun

    This Fender Modern Player Starcaster is made in China (same factory as Squire but MP series seems a step up in unique model features and quality), and is a really good value for the money. You get a high quality, seriously fun instrument for $700. It is not equivalent to a US nor quite Mexico made Fender in build and quality, but pretty good nonetheless. And it is not a substitute for a ES-335 (Gib or Epi) as it is built differently, different pickups, and has a sound of its own. The FWRH pups are obviously not comparable to the '70's vintage pups, but they sound very good - a mellower humbucker somewhere between PAF and single coil, that has a very cool creamy quality when overdriven via amp/pedal. The guitar's tone is lively and resonant. Decent quality fretwork, good nut cut (no string tunging pings) and nice neck feel (although you can see the fret ends quite visibly through neck finish, but it is smoothly finished over, no rough edges). Some parts are of lower quality - guitar shipped with a cracked tone pot, fell out of its socket - my repair tech said it was overtightened at factory - its a chepaer 3/4" pot, not the 1" US pot variety; since replacing it, and with a couple neck set up tweaks, all is good. Inspite of these quibles, this quitar is a high quality axe, great (different) tone, very giggable, and a blast to play, and its a head-turner.

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