Mic Signal Splitter/Combiner with Phase Invert Switch, Direct Out and Transformer-isolated Out
ART SPLITCom Pro image 1
ART SPLITCom Pro image 1
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A Handy Mic Signal Splitter/Combiner in One Box!

The ART SPLITCom Pro can be used to split or combine low impedance mic signals, and it's packed into a tough, compact enclosure that's easy to pack into your sound-reinforcement toolbox. Use the SPLITCom Pro's direct-coupled output and isolated transformer output to split a mic signal into two, or use it as a combiner to bring in two mics and pass one signal. It's a great way to conserve mixer inputs! This unit's rugged metal enclosure means it's built to take the rigors of day-in/day-out live use. You get two units in one with the SPLITCom Pro!

ART SPLITCom Pro Mic Signal Splitter/Combiner at a Glance:
  • Splitter
  • Combiner
  • ARTcessories

The SPLITCom Pro provides one direct-coupled output and one isolated output from a single microphone. Applications include sending the direct output to the main or FOH mixer, and the second isolated output to a monitor or recording mixer. The MAIN MIC OUTPUT passes phantom power from the main mixer to the MAIN MIC INPUT for use with condenser microphones. Phantom power is blocked from passing to the ISOLATED MIC OUTPUT.

The SPLITCom Pro provides one output from two microphone inputs. The PHASE switch can be used to invert the relative phase of the ISOLATED MIC INPUT. Applications include dual micing of percussion instruments, choirs, and instrument amplifiers. Phantom power passes through each output to their respective input, (MAIN to MAIN, ISOLATED to ISOLATED), however phantom power is blocked from passing between the MAIN and ISOLATED signal paths. Only the audio passes between the MAIN and ISOLATED signal paths (it is present on all inputs and outputs).

Onstage, in the studio, in your living room, ARTcessories are easy to use and are built to last. For those times when you need a little box to fix a big need or to make more out of a smaller project, ARTcessories has you covered. You'll discover a robust line of useful tools which include a complete range of direct boxes, headphone amps, small mixers, mic cable combiner/splitters and much more. ARTcessories are designed to deliver affordable solutions for a multitude of audio needs for any size project.

ART SPLITCom Pro Mic Signal Splitter/Combiner Features:
  • Low distortion with wide frequency response
  • Two functions in one box: combines and/or splits
  • Phase invert switch for subtractive combining
  • Galvanic isolation to block phantom power between channels
  • Ground lift switch to reduce noise due to ground loops
The ART SPLITCom Pro puts a mic signal splitter and combiner in one rugged, compact package!

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Tech Specs

Manufacturer Part Number SPLITCOMPRO

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This was exactly what I needed. What was truly amazing was that the quality of both mic's were awesome. The sound wasn't altered at all! And of course the service at Sweetwater is always the best there is! Thanks!
Music background: Professional Musician

This was what I needed!

Quiet. Enters no extra into the signal. Allows a mic line to split cleanly to two destinations. Trouble-free!
Music background: Home Studio Musician/Audio Engineer

Split house mic to my in ear

Bought this based on Matt' recommendation. I need to split house main mic to my in ear. Works as advertised, no pop, no noise, no issues.

Very useful product

I have only used it to split dynamic mics so far and that has been terrific. No indication of noise, and no problem with loss of strength on the original signal. I'm sure it dropped a little, but that was easily within range of the preamp. It should work fine with condensers needing phantom power too, but I just haven't done that. (The box does not supply phantom power, but it is designed to pass phantom through to the mic.) I also have not used the combine function yet. Because there are no mix levels, I assume this would work best when combining identical mics that have the same sound level going in. After the first one worked so well, I bought three more. If I had these last week, I would have tapped into a club's piano mics. For the house system, they had two identical dynamic mics at different parts of the soundboard on a grand piano. That is a good case for combining those onto one channel. That would take three of these units -- two to tap into the two house mics, still leaving the house system with 2 separate channels, and then a third unit to combine those tapped signals onto one channel for my recording. (The house board was 24 channels and my recorder has only 8 channels.) Lots of combinations possible. I am keeping four of these with my recorder. It definitely simplifies live recording when there is already a house system in place. And you never know when you will need a ground lift in an emergency.
Music background: Brass player and amateur recording engineer

Well Pleased

I wish I had one of these year ago. Split going in or going out in the same unit. Why didn't I think of that? Great features for a great price.
Music background: Weekend Warrior
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