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Line 6 Spider Valve MkII 212 40-Watt 2x12" Modeling Combo Reviews

4.5 stars based on 6 customer reviews
  • from Fargo,ND USA July 10, 2013Music Background:
    Guitar Player, Music Book Writer.

    Smooth as a Babys Butt

    Not only does this amp sound and look great the tone will put your new born babe to sleep. Line Six has laid it on the line one more time. While playing non-stop one night I had to force myself to quit because I had to work the next day. Believe me when your contemplating between playing or going into your job the next morning, you know they've got something red hot.

  • from columbia, MO April 4, 2011Music Background:
    Hard rock guitarist ala EVH for many years. Into computer based home studio recording and mixing.

    Better than ever--with firmware update

    i've had this amp a few weeks now and love it. At first I as disappointed because I couldn't seem to get the hard rock eighties-type distortion I like with the standard tube overdrive knob. The sound was too bassy and dirty for my taste--although I'm sure many def metal players would love it, as is. Recently, however, I downloaded the new flash memory/firmware update for the amp, which triples the number of effects you can access on the amp. Included in this new effects bundle are several different kinds ofstortion you can use to supplement the tube overdrive. The "classic distortion" for instance is brighter and crisper than the bass-heavy overdrive that is standard on the amp. There are also tons of high quality effects available. You can create virtually any sound you want with this amp, from standard clean and overdrive and killer distortion tones to far out wah-wah, vibrato, pitch glide harmonics, extreme delay and echo effects, various kinds of compression for extreme sustaion and spooky, cavernous reverb. One caveat: you should be aware that to get the most out of this incredible amp, you really have to buy the "optional" FBV shortboard footswitching device, and hook the thing up to your computer to download the latest updates and use Line 6's editing software to easily and precisely craft your own presets. You don't need to be a computer whiz to enjoy this amp--anyone under forty shouldn't have any problems--but you do need to have basic computer skills. This amp also requires that you be willing to actually read the five or six short manuals for it that are online. So, although it may require a little more effort to really get going with this amp, it's definitely worth it.

  • from Brooklyn, NY USA February 28, 2011Music Background:
    Rapper/Singer/Songwriter/Guitarist/Recording Engineer/Producer/Anything else?!?

    Best Kept Secret!

    I've owned this amp for about a week now. I first stumbled upon it in a local Guitar Center. Here is my impression:

    Sound (the most important thing!):
    AMAZING! There are millions of (QUALITY!) tones that you can get out of this thing. The amp models are very pleasing to the ear as well as plentiful. My style is requires clean tones all the way up to modern high gain. This amp delivers all of that without compromise. The effects are really crisp and cool. There are tons of different chorus', tremolos, reverbs, phasers, pitch shifters (can make a nice organ sound) and the list goes on. The pre-sets will get you started and then you can get busy after that in manual mode. I'm gonna let go of my Boss ME-70 once the FBV foot controller comes in (I'm happy with the effect selection that's built in the amp). The amp sounds great at bedroom practice volume and can get really loud if you need it to.

    I like it because the features are very easy to access. I'm sure there are a million products out there that have a million features, but they hide them and you need a college degree to find them. I haven't even read the manual yet (don't plan on it either) and I'm accessing all types of features! Just poke around on the Line 6 website and you will find that they have some cool stuff for all of their products including a custom patch exchange and software to configure your tones and presets.

    Due to the short amount of time that I've owned the amp I cannot comment on the long term durability, but I can say that it looks and feels very sturdy.

    Very attractive amp (sexy). Classically built with some modern fix-ins.

    There is not a matching 2x12 cab (I can get over it though).

    So in short, this amp is great for the money that you will spend on it. I'm gonna put some miles on and then do a follow up review.

    A little shameless Sweetwater plug:
    I had an opportunity to buy this amp (floor model) on clearance at a local store of a national guitar chain for a substantially lower price even after factoring in buying their insurance plan (which Sweetwater guarantees you for 2 years for free anyway). The last time I used that competitor's "hassle free" replacement plan, I felt that it was a big hassle trying to replace the item when it failed to perform... Long story short, I decided to roll with my rep. Robert Williams and The Sweetwater team because I know that they stand by the products they sell and they won't just sell me any crap to get my money. They stick by me so I stick by them. Bringing quality back to this great country!


  • from boise idaho March 26, 2014Music Background:
    engineer at ghettorok studios and guitar player for DEADLY SINZ.

    happy happy happy

    love this amp so much i have 2 of them. it has the best if both worlds. efects and sweet tube sound. the loop function on it is also very easy to use. (no switching in and out of loop mode). if you are the only guitar player in your band this allows you to loop sime riffs and show off your lead skills. the fbv floor board is a must have with this amp.

  • from Saint Augustine, FL December 6, 2013Music Background:
    Metal band in the '80s, hobby now.

    Awesome value and sounds

    I've had it a couple weeks now. Quality of workmanship is top notch, materials are heavy duty (covering, grill, wheels, faceplate, speakers, cables etc.) The sounds? unbelievable. I've always owned 4x12 cabs and Marshall heads so I wanted something more portable nowdays- this amp has amazing punch, power, heaviness, clean tones that ring like chimes and bells, effects that can do any sound you can imagine, the looper is fun to use when ideas spring up. Only reason I gave 4.5 and not 5 is that it's kinda pricey especially since a good footswitch is a hundred more.

  • from Over the hills and far away February 20, 2010Music Background:
    since I'm between commitments (as in: I ain't got a gig), I guess I'm a hobbyist


    This is a damn fine piece of engineering. I tried it out at the local musical instruments shop (which given the complete lack of customer service and basic social skill of its staff, shall forever remain nameless) and found myself to be very pleased with its tube warmth and response and the versatility of the onboard digital modeling. A very, very good choice for a real- world gigging musician that may have to cover a broad spectrum of styles, from blues, pop, roots, heavy metal and beyond. The 1X12 version of this might also make for a (very!) decent first amp for someone starting out, or a practice or recording amp. Too bad I ain't got the zamollians to buy one right now. I better start saving! (Maybe if I cut back on the Jack!)

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