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K&M Spider Pro - Black Reviews

4.5 stars based on 17 customer reviews
Questions about the K&M Spider Pro - Black?

Questions about the K&M Spider Pro - Black?

Or call us at (800) 222-4700

  • from Vista CA June 12, 2017

    Happy & Sad

    I am very happy with the K&M keyboard stand but was a little heartbroken when the accessory attachment: sheet music holder was not really available. I had to purchase another music stand which made my work and study space cluttered, but over-all I like the way I can attach a three pedal from Roland under the stand.

  • from Georgia April 5, 2017

    Beautiful & Functional

    I love this stand. Very sturdy and great looking.

  • from Tampa Bay, FL March 28, 2016Music Background:
    Musician, Song Writer, Recording Engineer enthusiast, Gear Maniac

    Best Mobile Multi-Tier Stand

    The K&M Spider Pro is the second multi-level stand I have purchased in the last year for live performance as well as an easy stand to tote back and forth to rehearsals. I will not need to look for another stand to try out. The Spider Pro is it! Like automobiles and vintage microphones, German engineered products don't look past the little details in their design and material specifications. Besides looking cool, the Spider Pro is quick to set up, adjust, and breakdown.

    The moving parts are solid and seat firmly. The base of the stand is solid and stable. Being able to adjust the height and length of the stand arms is critical to getting your keyboards at the right height and depth. I find the less expensive stands that adjust by clamping down a wheel of notched 'teeth' to be lacking in the fine tune adjustments needed to have an ergonomically comfortable stand. The lower tier is probably where most musicians would place their main/heaviest board. I use either a heavy Roland Stage Piano RD 700 SX (50 lbs), or a Nord Electro 5 HP (25 lbs) - both work well and are stable and secure.

    The upper rack by itself does not adequately support small equipment like 37 or 25 key boards without the addition of a custom shelf as it is spaced too wide. A 49 key controller/keyboard should fit OK, but a 61 key board would fit perfect. K & M does have a special shelf you can buy from them that would solve the issue of a small board and/or mixer/module shelf, but you couldn't get a whole lot of gear on that second shelf with their available accessory.

    Google searching far and wide, finding shelves deep enough for music gear (16" rather than the standard 12") is like looking for ghosts or Bigfoot. Personally, I made my own shelf for the second tier with a raised wood trim lip around it to keep things firmly seated. I'm not a craftsman, but I have a friend who is. The shelf we built is 48" wide, 16" deep, and has a 1 inch tall piece of mitered wood trim screwed into an HDPE plastic board I custom ordered online to keep the overall weight down as well as stabilize the flimsy, but strong plastic sheet in that size and thickniess (3/8" thick). Plywood and spray paint would work just fine as a simple substitute. I use an Ultranova 37 key board/MIDI controller and next too it is an Ableton Push. I purchased the upper laptop rack for a MacBook Pro that I run Ableton with. It works well.

    Conclusion...Great stand. Worth the money. The upgrade for the black anodized aluminum is worth the extra $. A friend of mine who is a pro gigging keyboardist has the regular gray finish. It has black scuff marks all over it from being a working piece of equipment.

  • from New Jersey February 4, 2016

    K&M Spider Pro - Black

    I've had many stands over the years. Currently I have 2 QUIKLOK stands in my studio, which are great but they take too long to break down and put back together for shows. I've had my eye on these Spider stands for awhile and finally got one a couple of months ago. What a great choice. The quality is second to none (German engineering), it looks great on stage and set up / break down is about a minute. Currently I'm using a Stage 2 and a Jupiter 80 when playing out and the stand hardly bounces, even when playing a song like LA Woman. I've set it up at home with a Kronos (a pretty heavy keyboard) and it's as solid as a rock. If I loose my mind and decide to use 4 keyboards in a show, I'll buy another on of these tanks in a heartbeat. I also bought the travel bag...its nice with large straps so you can carry it over your shoulder. I highly recommend this stand.

  • from United States May 23, 2014Music Background:
    Pro Musician

    So flexible...worth the money

    Got this stand because I need to sing and play at the same time, which means I need to stand, and I'm 5'11". No other stands were cutting it for me. Now the height is so comfortable and no more bending down to play the lower keyboard. And not only can the arms be locked into any position on the column, you also have some flexibility as to how far forward you bring the lower keyboard so you can see the controls, even when it's very close to the upper keyboard. My only regret is not buying this sooner and suffering for as long as I did.

  • from HOUSTON,TX July 3, 2013Music Background:



  • from San Angelo, tx March 28, 2013Music Background:
    hobbyest, noise maker, with rare live performances,

    Spider stand, spider stand, does whatever a spider stand can...

    for a 2 tier stand, Its the best I've ever owned.

    No srsly, I love this thing! I read some people complained about how "tall it is", well I'm a person who likes having my keys relitively high or low, and this keyboard gives it to me, it features like guides and has wide stilt like legs which give me pleanty of room for pedals and controllers. What I've done with mind that might be worth considering for others is give it an MTT hub on velcro so I can rig up all my USB stuff without issue on one keystand. When I need to move gear, I just tare my MTT off it and It's good for transport, almost making a few straps to tote it around isnt too bad eiher. (flat webbing lashing and more velcro) I do want to try the laptop stand accessory with this and see how they go together. It adjusts to what i need, its rather lightweight, portable, and sits well in my thick carpeted studio without any threat of falling over., sturdy and adjustable.

  • from Cincinnati, OH February 16, 2013Music Background:
    live performer, engineer, trainer, logic pro certified


    This is the best keyboard stand out there. It is unrivaled in stability, ease of use and aesthetics. I have been playing live for 17 years all over the country on every type of stage imaginable. Another reviewer gave this low marks and explains why quite well. A solution to this involved a quick trip to the local hardwar3e store where I purchased a plain old shelf. Remember, the top arms are adjustable. I put the shelf on the top arms and then used two-sided velcro and was able to put my laptop, an APC 40 and a pad kontrol on the top and an akai mpk61 on the bottom arms....awesome and impressive looking. Plus, I am pretty tall, 6'2" and this is one of tghe few stands that accomodate a tall person. I love it....Also, buy the bag for travel....it's worth it for $50.

  • from California May 15, 2012Music Background:
    Composer, Musician

    Great for Tall Musicians

    Great stand - very high quality. Things I like:

    1. I am 6'6" and I can stand up and play two keyboards comfortably. Even the bottom tier is high enough to play with correct hand position

    2. fit and finish is high - this is quality German engineering

    3. Padded keyboard arms are nice

    4. built in cable management keeps it neat

    5. Clean look on stage

    6. Packs up very quickly - I bought the bag they sell for it.

  • from CT January 17, 2017Music Background:
    Gigging pro

    Worth the money

    Keyboard stands (and amps) are the bane of my existence. Awkward, heavy,, parts go missing, too many bolts get stripped, too much bounce, keyboard spacing wrong. And I HATE spending money on things that don't make or improve sound.

    I've been using A, Z and X stands for decades. Z's are best stability/flexibility option, but still not quite there. I wanted something simple and stable for a 2 keyboard standing rig, and I, like others here, am tall, and like to play standing. And I wanted to reduce my setup time and stage footprint, as a singer and sometime guitar player in addition to keys. I've been looking at the less expensive columns - but all seemed like an expensive compromise.

    I've been eying the K&M for a while, and saw the price drop. Which is still a lot, but... Got it, and the mic boom attachment. After 1 time trying setup dry, went live. Easy and quick. Keyboard spacing is just right. The boom holds, even at almost full extension - no sag.

    Why not 5 stars? There is a little more bounce than I'd prefer - I'd rather have my keys on granite tables, like most of us! Not bad, just not perfect. And 2 niggles. At this price, the carry bag should be included - they cost nothing to manufacture, so $ bag seems excessive. Also as others have noted, the mic nipple adapter is European thread, with a plastic 5/8 adapter - invitation to stripped threads. Metal adapter quickly sent by Devin Cunningham, my rep - who I recommend - he's knowledgeable, admits when he isn't, and is more and more responsive over time.

  • from USA August 10, 2016

    Stable as heck

    I needed a stand for my new Korg Kronos 88. As you probably know, the Kronos is a very heavy keyboard, listed as 53.13 lbs (a little over 24 kilos). I liked the looks of the column stands by K&M as well as the "other" manufacturer, but the K&M stand opened up the floor directly under the keyboard, where my feet go.

    However, I was worried if a column stand would be a stable platform for the Kronos, or would it wobble, etc. My fears were groundless; the stand is very stable and it shows no evidence that it wants to tip over. (The K&M web site says that each tier can hold 35 kilos.)

    I haven't used the microphone stand, so I can't complain about it. If you want to use the microphone stand attachment, read the other reviews.

    My only criticism for the stand has little to do with the stand itself. If you go to the K&M site, you'll see that there are additional accessories for the stand, such as a third tier, flat platforms, and a music stand, that aren't listed on the Sweetwater web site. If you want to expand your stand you'll have to search for some other vendor. Right now, I'm looking for the music stand. It looks like I'll need to buy them via the large general online retailer from a vendor in Germany. It would be much simpler if I could just call Sweetwater and get it here. (And it's quite possible that this situation will change for the better.)

  • from Western USA April 18, 2016Music Background:

    Rock solid piece of gear

    I bought it, and set it up with an additional set of arms that I purchased separately.

    Adjustment is easy, installation wasn't a huge problem, and when I've had to fold it and move it to studio and home, the only gripe I had was that the third set of arms doesn't fold up nicely with the first two. That's just a structural limitation.

    It's not the cheapest keyboard stand, but given the price of all the kit on it, it's cheap insurance in the name of stability - and yes, it is stable, even with big, bulky things. Two sets of arms have keyboards on them, the third takes a tray with desktop synths and other kit. The Spider Pro doesn't care. It keeps it all safe and secure, off the floor. The cable management loops are a nice bonus (but not necessary it you've invested in some velcro cable ties).

    Solid purchase, would buy again and absolutely recommend to anyone who needs a solid keyboard stand.

  • from Chester, NY October 11, 2015Music Background:
    Gigging Musician

    K&M Spider Pro

    The K&M Spider Pro is an outstanding keyboard stand. Very sturdy construction. I know this stand will last a long time. I like that the upper tier tilts down, thus making it easier to view the touch screen on my keyboard. You don't have to over-tighten the bolts on the tiers because once the arms are lowered, they lock in the tier at that level. Also, I use a volume pedal and damper pedals, and the Spider Pro allows for setting the pedals on the floor unlike another (unnamed) brand.

    There is one factor, however, which prevents me from giving it a 5, and that is the mic boom connector. As others have reported, if you tighten a mic boom on it, the bolt will unscrew and fall down the column when you try to take the boom off. You then have to take out 5 screws at the top to retrieve the bolt. Happened to me the first time I put a mic boom on it, but I DO HAVE A SOLUTION! K&M has a plastic threaded sleeve at the top for the mic boom that is totally useless. Get a metal 3/8 to 5/8 metal adapter. They sell them at Sweetwater, or you might have one already. If you've ever bought a mic, a lot of times they already come with the adapter. I had one for years never knowing what it was for, and now I do.

    Take out the plastic threaded sleeve and screw on the metal adapter tight onto the rubber "O" ring at the top of the stand, but don't overtighten. Next, get a Quick Release Mic Adapter - Sweetwater sells them too. Screw the top of the adapter into the boom mic stand. Release the bottom part, and screw it onto the Spider Pro, but don't tighten it or else the bolt will come loose again. Just screw it down until it reaches bottom, then connect the mic boom to it. When you finish a gig, disconnect the mic boom from the bottom half of the connector (push button), and then, depending on the size of your carrying case, either leave the bottom on the keyboard stand or unscrew it and attach it to the mic boom until the next gig. My carrying case is a tight fit so I unscrew the bottom after a gig. It may seem like a lot of instructions, but it all takes less than 15 seconds to do once you get used to it. Sorry for my long-winded directions. Anyways, now the keyboard stand is perfect for me.

  • from Clearwater October 14, 2015Music Background:
    Playing for 30 years.

    K&M spider keyboard stand review

    Although the K&M spider is probably the most expensive keyboard stand I have seen I believe it is also the best one on the market right now. I've own several other stands from X style to Z style to the old invisible stands, and for ease of setup, flexibility, and portability the Spider beats them all. I will probably purchase a second one in the next couple of years to have as a backup.

  • from West Chester, PA March 24, 2014Music Background:
    Semi-Pro musician with over 50 years experience (yeah, do the math).

    Does Any Keyboard Player Really Need a $ 360 Stand?

    Probably not, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't buy this one. I own several keyboard stands, from the less expensive (and less stable) "X" type to my former favorite; the OnStage "Z" type. The "Z" type is about as stable as they come, but if you choose to bring it to a gig in its carrying case, the setup, with the various pieces and knobs is a lot of work, and it's fairly heavy.

    I looked at different versions of a column-type stand from various manufacturers, but the stability seemed a bit questionable, and they all had a lot plastic parts. I bought this sight unseen because I knew I could send it back if I didn't like it. Well, I do, and here's why:

    Stability - If you play sitting down, as I do, my two keyboards are low on the column's center of gravity. Unless you're tall, play standing up, and have some very heavy keyboards, it shouldn't be an issue.

    Design - Very clever and almost infinitely adjustable both in individual keyboard height as well as their offset to each other. Compact footprint, lots of space underneath for your pedals, and nothing to bump your knee against. Also, it breaks down to a compact cylinder in under two minutes and can fit into a very limited space.

    Quality Materials - Almost entirely aluminum, well made and lighter than my steel "Z" stand.

    Yes, it is an extravagance, but likely a lot less than the cost of your individual keyboards, amplifiers and other assorted electronics. And it will give your guitar player a little more room.

    If it were $ 100 less, I would have given it 5 stars.

  • from South Orange NJ May 6, 2016Music Background:
    25 years of gigging and production

    Cool-looking, but has some real flaws

    I've gotten a lot of positive feedback about the aesthetics of this stand, and that does count for something. The functional strengths of this unit are well-covered in other reviews here, but I was surprised to see little mention of some important drawbacks.

    - The mic boom attachment is terrible, it is designed in such a way that the screw can drop into the top cap if you don't handle it carefully. There must be better way to provide this feature.

    - The angle of the upper tier can't be adjusted. If you like to keep two keyboards as close to each other as possible you may be perpetually frustrated by this.

    - Folding up the legs is rather counterintuitive, I'm sure I'll get more used to it over time but it is awkward to try to hold or balance the stand while folding the 3rd and 4th leg.

    - Forget using a 3rd tier if you expect to retain the mobility of this unit. This is a real problem. The arms store in grooves along the column, but when you add a 3rd tier, four arms have to flop around in a ridiculous manner. Removing a tier requires unscrewing a bunch of screws that keep the top cap on and trying not to have a bunch of small loose parts fall on the floor.

    - If you gig in a seated position, the bulky column will be a significant barrier between you and some of the audience.

  • from United States August 26, 2013

    A decent stand

    This stands works pretty well overall. Set up and breakdown is quick. Packs easily in the bag (get the bag it's worth it). Rides easily on a roller cart. Looks cool. Has room underneath the legs for pedals (the similarly priced and cooler looking Ultimate Support AX-9 doesn't have room for pedals). Stable.

    The mic boom attachment bolt is poorly designed. No retaining nut. Hard to get it tight enough to get the boom firmly attached. It needs some re-thinking by K&M. Also--The cable clips are not as useful as they could/should be.

    Overall--it works.

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