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K&M Spider Pro - Anodized Aluminum Reviews

4.5 stars based on 7 customer reviews
Questions about the K&M Spider Pro - Anodized Aluminum?

Questions about the K&M Spider Pro - Anodized Aluminum?

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  • from April 20, 2017


    Great quality and stable for 2 boards

  • from Cincinnati, OH February 16, 2013Music Background:
    live performer, engineer, trainer, logic pro certified


    This is the best keyboard stand out there. It is unrivaled in stability, ease of use and aesthetics. I have been playing live for 17 years all over the country on every type of stage imaginable. Another reviewer gave this low marks and explains why quite well. A solution to this involved a quick trip to the local hardwar3e store where I purchased a plain old shelf. Remember, the top arms are adjustable. I put the shelf on the top arms and then used two-sided velcro and was able to put my laptop, an APC 40 and a pad kontrol on the top and an akai mpk61 on the bottom arms....awesome and impressive looking. Plus, I am pretty tall, 6'2" and this is one of tghe few stands that accomodate a tall person. I love it....Also, buy the bag for travel....it's worth it for $50.

  • from Albuquerque, NM February 17, 2017

    Almost Perfect, Room for Pedals

    Sets up and stows away easily once you get used to the weird way the legs fold. Holds anything pretty well. Solid unit, for the most part, with an exception being the plate with the nut at the top - the plate is cheap plastic and bends easily, so don't attach any heavy mic kit up there unless you don't mind it resting on your forehead during a gig. As a cautionary note, while you're unscrewing any kit at the top plate, keep in mind not top let the rubber washer come off, or you'll have to fish the bolt out of the spine and that's a real pain if you've got your gear sitting on the arms, because you have to flip it upside-down to get at it. Since the 3/8 to 5/8 thread adapter you get with it is plastic, you'd do well to plan ahead and pick up a metal one if you plan to use it. The namesake spider legs lift the spine above the floor, so you can shove some pedals down there, and that's pretty nice. The tier arms are cool how they fit in the rails when not in use, and they're pretty solid even fully extended, but they do creak when you strain them and there is some play under heavy loads. Actually, I had the lower tier supporting an MP-11 for awhile before I decided 75lb of equipment that I frequently played hard was not good for the stand's longevity. I went ahead and picked up an Omega stand (also by K&M) for better stability under such a heavy piece of kit. I'm sure the Spider could stand up to the abuse, but I don't play like an angel and I don't like my rigs shaking like MJ Fox at an Oscar awards ceremony when I'm pounding out a solo. Yeah, the Spider wobbles quite a bit with heavy playing on heavy gear, and while it never slipped or tilted or even threatened to, I didn't feel safe with it supporting an expensive metal casket full of bones. Instead, I'll have this stand supply two additional, lighter tiers above the MP-11 that will be sitting on the Omega in front of it. And this setup can happen, because the Omega's dimensions are such that there won't be any conflict between it and the Spider occupying the same space. Imagine that, a company that makes their sh*t compatible! Bravo K&M for the foresight or lucky convenience or whatever. Besides, now have a legitimate excuse to buy another synth to fill an open tier. Can't have open tiers, now can we?

    Overall, this is a great stand for any board, but I personally think 70lb+ on one tier is a bit over the limit for playing accuracy and peace of mind here. Now something like an RD-800? Kronos? Stage 2? You likely won't have any tremor problems. A big, fat Motif? Well, I think that'd be a little jiggly. Maybe. MP-11 definitely doesn't rest easy on this stand, even though it fits fine.

  • from October 4, 2016

    K&M Spider Pro - Anodized Aluminum

    Sturdy, innovative and heavy, this stand and great because it looks fantastic an you can rest 2 keyboards no problem with a 3rd keyboard or other mountable options if needed.
    I love this stand but I think if the legs were a bit easier to set up it and the wait was a bit lighter I would be perfect.
    It is not a light stand to carry or and move so if it had some sort of handle that would help.
    This stand is a beast overall, I just with K&M would have thought of a better way to make it movable and lighter

  • from December 25, 2015


    I love it very much

  • from United States January 18, 2015Music Background:
    Semi-pro gigging musician

    Works great, looks good

    I've had this stand for a few years. I play a Nord Piano 2 below, and a Nord Electro 4D on top. Relatively easy to transport, set up and break down as compared to two-tier X stands, etc. I'm not into cheap stands :)

    Stability is good enough, but not amazing. The centerpoint design means that your 88-key boards may bounce a bit when pounding high or low. Nothing untoward, though, and nothing's going to fall off. Extremely adjustable for height and depth, but not tilt angle which is fixed. I use mine while seated, and like the built-in angles: flat below, and a slight tilt above.

    The best part is that it looks great on stage. There's a cable run to keep things tidy, which is nice. Seems to be built to last longer than I will.

  • from Raleigh, NC USA September 4, 2012Music Background:

    If it suits your rig, it's perfect, magnificent even! But if not...

    This product rates 5 stars or 1 star depending on your rig. I really wanted to like this stand. In many ways, I love it. But it has severe limitations of the kind of rig you can use it in. For that reason I have to rate it down to 2.5 stars.

    It's designed, engineered, and built beautifully. The setup/teardown is amazingly simple and fast. It's really nice that the arm positioning screws don't have to be tight -- they just hold the arms in position until the weight of the synth locks it in place. It looks fantastic. It's solid and secure, and I'd have no qualms putting serious weight on it.

    This is a magnificent stand, and if it suits your rig you should use this and no other. No question.

    But... I wanted to switch my stage rig to use three of these, instead of the X-stand and two Standtastics I'm using now. I bought one to try it out first, though, which is a good thing: it can replace only the X-stand.

    Here's why I can only use one of them instead of three:
    -- A Minimoog won't fit on the top arms. By the time they're pulled out to the depth of the synth, they're too wide to hold it in position. I used the contact on the company's website to ask them about solving this, but have had no reply. If I could fix this, I could at least use two of them. (Using flat arms for the top synth is not an option for my layout; I need angled arms on top.)
    -- Taurus 3 pedals will not fit with the feet. The descriptions says it will work with pedals, but they must mean some specific MIDI pedals, because the Taurus simply sticks out way too far. This is one reason I bought one to try first: I had suspected this was the case, but the product description gave me hope. There is no solving this.

    So if you don't want to put a wide synth on the top, and don't use a pedal synthesizer, this is the stand for you. No question, worth the money and then some, 5 stars and another star on top of that. But consider your rig layout carefully before you buy.

Questions about the K&M Spider Pro - Anodized Aluminum?

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