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Creative Tunings Spider Capo Universal Partial Capo Reviews

4.0 stars based on 5 customer reviews
Questions about the Creative Tunings Spider Capo Universal Partial Capo?

Questions about the Creative Tunings Spider Capo Universal Partial Capo?

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  • Skiye Sounds
    from The Berkshires December 13, 2015Music Background:
    Multi-Instrumentalist, Composer, Inventor and Innovator of musical instruments and winner of the Louis Armstrong award in '99

    Wonderfawesome! Highly Recommended...

    this is a genius device. as a musician who plays in alternate tunings, whether i start in an alternate tuning and use the SpiderCapo to return to standard or start in standard and use the SpiderCapo - or even Multiple SpiderCapos, a Spider in combo with a regular capo, etc - to create open and alternate tunings the capo-bilities of this device are seemingly endless. I own three currently, two with the Harmonik Mutes. the SpiderCapo is probably the most handy accessory I have owned since the sick-on plectrum holder (thank science for those too! haha). don't go anywhere without it and believe it should be a part of every string instrument player's arsenal - they come in "regular", mini and XXL as well as custom sizes tailored to your specs! C'mon: you can't beat that! with the holiday season coming up, this is a GREAT gift for the musician on your list, or any time of year for that matter, absolutely adore this device!

  • SkiyeSounds
    from Berkshires, MA November 22, 2015Music Background:
    Live, Studio and Home musician, multi-instrumentalist, composer and inventor.


    Stellar product, brilliant idea and fantastic capo-bilities. Highly recommended. Use for going from standard tuning to alternate and vise-versa. Recommend to all my musical buddies - only full and partial capo on the market: especially with the Harmonik Gloves. Live, Studio or just at home playing, this is a great tool. Beginner through expert, useful to any and all. Many I have seen call it "cheating" - to me, it is another tool in my musical toolbox for reducing limitations and expanding imagination. Love love love this nifty little genius device.

  • Bruce Satinover
    from Oak Park, IL USA September 19, 2011Music Background:
    Pro Musician

    Amazing Capo

    The Spider Capo works as stated. If you experiment with exotic tunings you'll love this Capo. If you want to do modified G or drop D tunings the Spider Capo will easily do them and allow you to change between whatever configuration you like quickly. No matter you neck size there is room (and individual spacings) to get an excellent fit. It is even posssible to create John Cage style mutes and ringing sounds.

    The Spider Capo does the work of a unique and utilitarian capo and is well worth it's price. The frame is metal with six heavy duty plastic tuners. You are able to change neck size and string placement.

    Lastly, you can design tunings that allow you to play below the Capo's placement for some mind blowing dual tunings. Lets say the Spider is placed at the 5th fret with open A and B strings. Above and below you can create all kinds of chords and unique string placements otherwise impossible.

  • James Antes
    from Bradenton, FL USA January 11, 2012Music Background:
    Professional Musician & Recording Engineer I've been playing guitar, bass, mandolin,banjo and violin professionally for over 45 years and that is not my age.

    What a great idea!

    I never use a capo. I can play in any key at any time. Where this thing comes in handy is when I'm playing slide on my dobro. I actually use two of them at once. This keeps me from having to have more than one dobro on stage with me at a time. Or having someone re-tune it to a different tuning for me while I'm playing. Just put it on the neck where you need it, select the notes you want to use and your done. It could not be any easier.

  • David L
    from Northeast Ohio October 30, 2013Music Background:
    Hobbyist who writes records and produces original music.

    Good Concept Poor Execution

    Through Sweetwater's outstanding service I ended up with two of these. Here are the issues common to both. Itried these on two electric and two acoustic guitars.
    1) The contact pads are glued to the plastic. Good enough design except too much glue was used so parts of the pads are stiff with glue. The stiff glue comes into contact with the neck. This resulted in the pads not seating correctly on the guitar. And when tightened the capo actually lifted up away from the guitar. So the two little tabs on each edge of the guitar
    would not stay flush with the fret board. Therefore the fingers would not correctly engage and press the strings downward far enough.
    2). The thumbscrew was stiff to turn and started binding. The first one I received was so stiff I felt like I was going to break it as I turned it. With the second unit I received I got smarter. I removed the thumbscrew and cleaned and oiled the threads. After doing that I would say the turning was acceptable but still not smooth.
    Even though I could overcome issue #2 I still could not properly fit the capo of either unit due to issue #1 and was also fearful that further tightening would damage the finish of my guitars. I read about someone else on the internet damaging their finish and assumed they had improperly positioned the tabs which had then contacted the finish surface. But now I am thinking it was actually the glue on the pads that caused the damage.
    Too bad b/c I think this design has merit but is poorly executed.

Questions about the Creative Tunings Spider Capo Universal Partial Capo?

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