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Line 6 Spider V 120 - 120-watt 1x12" Modeling Combo Amp Reviews

4.0 stars based on 13 customer reviews
Questions about the Line 6 Spider V 120 - 120-watt 1x12" Modeling Combo Amp?

Questions about the Line 6 Spider V 120 - 120-watt 1x12" Modeling Combo Amp?

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  • Geoff H
    from Phoenix, AZ February 9, 2017Music Background:
    40 year player, gigging and teaching.

    Line 6 does it again!

    Bought this amp to see how far things have gone with amp modeling. All I can say is WOW! Holy Guacamole Batman! This amp is worth 3X the price without the floorboard. The FBV3 floorboard is the perfect companion, and perfect for live playing. The iPad/Droid controls are great and easy to use. The amp controls are the easiest yet and very intuitive. It was easy to start making and editing tones within about 10 minutes of tinkering around. The instructions are very well written and clear. The metronome and drum loops are great for noodling around with ideas or practicing. The aux input works great and sounds like you are playing on the track/ipod etc... the sample riffs are a stroke of genius for dialing in the exact tones you want. Give the guy/gal who created that feature a huge raise! Now I don't have to have a friend play my guitar while I work the tone.
    The volume is great for anything from a small practice room to a large club. The direct outs really remove the upper limits of gig size with balanced signal to the PA. The Relay G10 receiver was another flash of genius. It works flawlessly and needs no effort to set up and use. It is so quiet that my friends didn't think I was plugged in and ready to jam!
    The iPad/iPod/iPhone control app is amazing and done right. It gives you the ability to modify ANY aspect of any tine from the app. YOU CAN ALSO DOWNLOAD 1000s of tones from the cloud too! I can't even imagine needing another amp, unless it is to get the 240W stereo version! Get this amp and get ready to play the blues, classic rock, jazz, metal, southern rock and even country! Bob Mondok was very helpful and responsive to my many questions and changes to my order. Bob truly ROCKS! Just like Sweetwater!

  • Adam
    from Colorado January 25, 2017Music Background:
    Full time pro

    Awesome versatile great sounding amp. HELIX lite ???

    I am a tube guy with my main rig but have had various modeling amps over the years for stage, studio, practice e.t.c. I have had a couple Line 6 amps starting with the original AX212. Boy have they come a long way.
    This Spider V has all the amp models, FX, and parameter tweak-ability that i so far could desire and probably more as i continue to explore it. I keep finding new things to love about this amp. (Dare I say HELIX lite???)
    It sounds good, and it "feels" pretty good too!
    Relatively easy to program especially if you are familiar with this type of architecture. i have yet to use the software program for my I-pad to edit but that will probably make it very easy to tweak
    I quickly set up a bank of 4 presets to emulate my main gigging rig and pedalboard and have been highly satisfied with the sonic results.
    I am using this primarily at church (we use in ear monitoring) and am getting great sonic results. The XLR direct outs on this model are a godsend (or is that with a capital G? :-))
    Cant wait to do some recording with it.
    The acoustic patches sound really good with my Taylor so at some point I will probably use this as an acoustic amp as well (perk!)
    I think one of the coolest features is the built in wireless receiver. Since I already use the Line 6 G-50 systems they interface perfectly. Just set my TBP12 transmitter to RF2 and away you go. I haven't had any dropout issues so far (my church has multiple channels going on so that is impressive)
    I cant say enough about the tone, versatility, and features of this amp at this price and compared to others modeling platforms I am so far confidant that for my applications as a live stage amp, practice amp, rehearsal amp, recording amp, acoustic amp it will be just what i wanted and needed.
    PS-I will add that you should buy the FBV3 board with this amp to give you control of the features with your feet.

  • Jon House
    from Vancouver, WA January 25, 2017Music Background:
    Guitar Novice

    Great Amp!

    The Line 6 Spider V120 is an amazing amp for the money. There are a lot of effects, and many features that will come in handy with any musician at any level.

  • James
    from Woodstock, GA January 4, 2017Music Background:
    Cover Bands

    Rough Start - Great Amp

    So, right before Christmas, I ordered a Spider V 120, a G10t Wireless relay and the FBV3.

    Let's get the bad stuff out of the way. The FBV3 AND the G10t were defective (DOA).

    The FBV3 was stuck in a diagnostic mode, like it had a bad BIOS flash, and the G10t wouldn't charge on my amp or the one at guitar center.

    Sweetwater immediately and promptly replaced both - props to their CS team for being amazing and solving my issues at lightning speed.

    Now to the good stuff.

    The Amp sounds incredible. The wireless works effortlessly, and the footboard is simply genius.

    The EXP pedal onboard covers volume and wah with a toe switch, and can run an entire pedal daisy chain which is color coded for ease of use and memory.

    The iPhone/iPad app is completely insane. You can pick from thousands (millions?) of sound combinations and setups down to the way/angle the digital cabinet is mic'd up, literally, and the type of mic used. It's really over the top, honestly.

    There are every kind of pedal you can think of, and so many factory defaults, you might never have to make your own tone.

    However - if you do have to, the app couldn't be simpler. Pick your amp, pick your cab, dial in the knobs, add your pedals, and your're off to the races.

    However again, the coolest feature is one I never see anybody talk about. I play covers in a cover band.

    Let's just say someone shouts out "Mississippi Queen." You open your phone, hit "Cloud Tones" and search for the song. I just did this and there are about 15 available, I picked the first one, and started to play the song, it's nearly flawless. There's a rhythm and a lead tone someone else has already done the leg work on.

    Message on a bottle? Done. Layla? Done. Velvet Revolver? Done.

    There are community sourced cloud tones for nearly every artist and/or song I could think of off the top of my head.

    I'm not an expert at diagnosing what makes someones tone sound the way it does, and I could spend hours trying to get the right combination of amp/cab/effects chain.

    Or, you can just search cloud tones and be playing the correct tone setup in about 5-7 seconds.

    As someone who is still learning, and mostly playing other peoples work, this feature is worth every penny, seriously. The amount of fun I can have in one night is orders or magnitude greater than any other amp I've ever played on, even ones that sound better.

    My buddy has like 15k in Fender amps, and don't get me wrong, they sound amazing, and I would take them if I could, I'm not suggesting you buy this instead of a Fender deluxe. What I am saying, however, is that since I own only a couple inexpensive pedals, my range of available tones on a given amp that doesn't do modeling is **fairly** limited.

    On the Spider V, I don't need any stomp boxes, and I can have almost any sound my heart desires in a matter of moments.

    I can't swear to how accurately or faithfully the amp reproduces a fender, or an orange, but I can tell you that I love the sounds/tones and they all sound pretty much like I expect them to when I am playing a custom tone for a particular song.

    I had a rough start with the brand in general, with the DOA parts, but overall I've loved and will continue to love the amp.

  • Erik
    from Wisconsin December 27, 2016Music Background:

    Put it to Rest

    I selected a 5 rating based on the amp itself and what i expected from it. It would be silly to compare it against some 4x12cab with a 200w head. Ok l have seen some low reviews of this amp over complaints of tone and speaker tone. I dound this amp to be easy to dial in tones and effects much faster and easier than the Spider series amps, also the color coordination is pretty cool especially withe the FBV board. I dig lights! Haha. I think the tones are great on this amp. Digital tone has come along way since the 80's. So lets put it to rest....If you cant dial in a great tone that suits your sound range then just hang your guitar back up on the wall.

  • Customer
    from January 31, 2017

    Good practice amp

    The Spider V is just what you'd expect from Line 6. The distorted tones are awful, and the speakers aren't too good either. But this an amp for the bedroom guitar player (currently me), and for that it does its job great. Lots of effects to choose from such as different distortion pedals, wah, noise gate, pitch shifting, flange, all that stuff. The 8-bit preset is a little disappointing though, it doesn't register notes past a certain octave and just treats them as if they were the last octave, and chords make no sound on it. This is not the amp for you if you're trying to do 8-bit covers. ;)
    Anyways, if you're a practicing musician, or if you're a parent of one, or if you just want a cheap versatile amp to mess around with, buy this. You can finally have the 3 max gain distortion pedals signal chain of your dreams, or even split your pitch shifter to 50% of the mix and sound like Rings of Saturn.

  • Richard
    from November 22, 2016Music Background:
    Playing for over 50 years in bands and solo.

    Spider V 120 Watt amp

    I wanted more special effects for recording, as well as a new amp generally. I started reading about these modeling amps and ordered one. Great choice!. I have two acoustic guitars with piezzo type pickups, this amp makes them truly sing with great sounds. As far as the electrics, get ready to rock and roll, everything from heavy metal to clean jazz built right in. I love this amp overall.

  • Ron
    from Mid west May 8, 2017Music Background:
    Played drums over 50 years, why not try guitar.

    Nice amp

    Nice and light and has all the sounds I will ever need.

  • Jay
    from Tennessee April 22, 2017

    App Needs improvement

    Ok I love line 6 I got a valve mk2 I use the pc program to twerk my sounds as far as modeling amps go line 6 is king since they started off doing it . but the 5 is a great idea and it sounds good and the wireless has yet to fail but here is my complaint the app which is supposed to run the edit well dosent work crashed my tablet and my phone it's the app I got the complaint about but as far as the amp goes it's great I just have to twerk through the amp

  • Chad
    from Blooomington, IN April 6, 2017Music Background:
    20+ years self taught hobbyist

    Great amp! Does what I need it to do!

    I'm very happy with this purchase and Sweetwater's customer service is top notch bar none! First off I play praise and worship for my church so that's the angle from which I write this review. I need to be able to have access to a wide variety of tones and effects and stay within my budget. I'm not an expert but giving you my experience with the Spider V.

    The Spider V does an excellent job modeling the 78 different amps and 23 cabs it advertises. For example, I have a Fender Champion 100 2x12 and I can come pretty close to mimicking the Fender Champ sound on clean and dirty channels. It's not perfect but very few people will notice the difference.

    The on-board navigation and controls are intuitive and easy to understand and gets the job done very well. If you are playing out, I would suggest the addition of the FBV foot pedal. It makes life a whole lot easier to call up your tones/effects, do volume swells, wah pedal, and tune your guitar.

    Don't judge this amp based on the pre-programmed tones!!! Be willing to dive into the many, many parameters and adjust and tweak them to your liking. That's where this amp really comes alive! Although Line 6 did a decent job on the pre-programmed tones, most of these tones were created to show off the features of the amp. I use them as a starting point when I am trying to create my own tones.

    The built-in G10T wireless transmitter is awesome but you will need to purchase the G10T wireless transmitter for an extra $100. For me, it was worth it just to not worry about a guitar cable anymore. I have had absolutely ZERO problems playing wireless. No noise, no cut outs.

    This amp has the option to play along with pre-recorded drums tracks or a metronome. I haven't used it much but it seemed to work just fine for what it is. You can control volume of the tracks/metronome independently of the guitar so you get a good sound.

    It has direct outs so you can connect to a house mixer/PA. I'm using this setup at church and it sounds great. It does not shut off the amp speaker when you do this so you can still use the amp as a stage monitor if need be.

    Connects to a PC for recording purposes and does a decent job of recording and playing music back through the amp. The full-range speaker sounds great! There is NO tone/effect editing software for the PC or Mac!!! I was highly disappointed Line 6 did not include this feature but it wasn't a deal breaker for me. You can ONLY edit on your iPhone or Android phone or tablet which has it's own set of problems or directly through the amp's on-board interface.

    NOTE: The Android connectivity is quite finicky. You must buy an OTG adapter in order for it to work. I initially had Android Nougat 7 on my Nexus 6p phone and it wouldn't connect at all. I then downgraded to Android Marshmallow and haven't has any issues since. So if you have an Android, PLEASE do your homework if the phone connectivity is a necessity!!!

    Overall, this is a great amp at an extremely affordable and fair price. I would venture to say that you won't get all that the Spider V offers with other amp manufacturers. Also, don't depend solely on the reviews of others to make your decision...visit the Line 6 website and read about the amp in their forums, listen to YouTube reviews/demos, and above all, go play one and see if it's right for you!!!

  • Dallas
    from December 26, 2016

    Nice gift! Amp sounds good. There is no Win or Mac editor support

    I've been hitting this amp hard since Xmas Eve. I Really do like what it sounds like. I like the wireless ready G10. That works and is nifty. The sound of my guitars isn't lost on the amp or wireless either. I recorded a couple bits with the built in usb audio interface and that works. Good feature if you don't have one. The amp can get really loud. FX in it are good. I used the drum jam loops and was able to just play a couple hours easy. A nice touch is a loop of guitar playing samples. You push play and then you can edit sounds without having to play your own guitar. Free hands that makes adjustments easier. The looper is good. I think the quality is there too. I like the material they covered the amp with. It seems durable and looks good. Should I decide to keep it, I would have to get the FBV3 too to use it live for a gig.

    I won't give it a 5 star awesome rating though. I even consider giving it a 3 because the ads and product videos are misleading stating it has "connectivity" with Windows and Mac. It does for USB recording but not the editor. The editor is only ANDROID and iOS so that has me thinking about other amps that do. Sweetwater needs to write that in the description of these amps. I can only imagine how P.O'ed people may be when they discover they have to buy a tablet to edit and use the community presets. I had my brother's tablet he doesn't use to get the editor app. The app works, but then it doesn't always connect. I had 5 disconnects in 4 hours just tinkering. It would not load the user community presets. Ones I did get working were not that great. It's an amp you need to adjust for your guitar and your own styles. The community sounds made for the Spider V 30 as an example probably will sound off on this amps version.

    In all, it's a good amp. I like the sound. It is loaded with more effects options than other amps. The biggest drawback is the editor. If you want Windows or Mac editor, than you probably should look at other amp brands that have that. If you don't have a tablet with Android or an iPad 3 or newer then you need to buy one. If i read Line 6 community right, you also need to buy extra cables for the USB to work. If Line 6 knew this was the better app route than Windows or Mac, they should at least have a list of what you may need to get things working on the apps. Just because it can record USB audio does not give the reason to suggest everything works with Windows and Mac.The Spider App is Android and iOS only, so know that when you buy it because the site does not say that anywhere.

  • Steve
    from June 4, 2017Music Background:
    Experienced guitarist

    Really this?

    i had a spider 2 which sounded like crap then i saw this and bought it i was going to give them a chance because the reviews were good but they fail to impress every time . it was even worse when it comes to sound, big waste of money, so i traded my spider V for a fender champion 100 sounds a millon times better. Overall just stay away from line 6 in general there's so many more options than this like BIAS FX great computer program. hope this helps you oh i know i said this but dont touch any amps made by line 6 trust me they fail you every time

  • Customer
    from January 28, 2017Music Background:

    Sounded Awful! Returned it...

    I thought this amp sounded awful...absolutely horrific. No wow factor to the tones at all...just completely and utterly generic cheese whiz. I returned it, and got a 65 Deluxe Reverb that was much more expensive, but is an absolutely amazing amp. You get what you pay for. My best advice...steer clear of Line 6 altogether...even the Helix stuff isn't as good as some good pedals through a nice Tube amp. Modeling is just a complete waist of time if ya ask me. It's no substitute for the real thing...not even close. Case closed.

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