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Line 6 Spider IV 120 - Modeling 120W 2x10" Guitar Combo Amp Reviews

4.5 stars based on 16 customer reviews
  • from Phoenix AZ May 27, 2016Music Background:
    35 years jamming

    What an amp!

    Line 6 products are the best bang for your buck. This amp does so much. It has withstood punishing practices' and does not skip a beat. I switched to the hd400 pedal and use it through this amp. Great products.

  • from Kiln, MS March 27, 2015

    Line 6 Spider IV 120 2x10" 120-Watt Modeling Combo

    If your looking for an amp that does everything that you only imagined then you need to get aboard the Line 6 it will leave you stunned!

  • from Elkhart April 30, 2014Music Background:
    Working musician. 40+years

    Great amp !

    This is my third line 6 amp. I needed a "Mid sized" amp for medium to larger clubs. And this one foots the bill ! Sounds great night after night. The 10 in Celestion speakers sound good without breaking up. As with all the line 6 spiders, its built solid and performs well. And for the price, you cant go wrong.

  • from United States April 25, 2012Music Background:

    The Line #6 Rep on the video

    I just wanted to say how good the line #6 plays on this video. My favorite is right around 5:12. The large gain sound is sick! I played it over and over so I can play it. haha, sorry but I'm stealing that riff bro. Nice job. - Chuck

  • from Daingerfield, Texas March 26, 2012Music Background:

    Line 6 Spider IV 120

    Coupled with the Line 6 FBV Express Mkll it appears that nothing else is needed. This amp combo does a lot more than I will probably ever need it to. But if I ever need it then I'll have it. A seasoned pro friend of mine has a Line 6 tube combo and he showed me some set-up and adjustment pointers and I was off and running! GREAT. Although the instructions do not cover the 'noisegate' feature, I simply used the internet to find the details and printed it.

  • from Northwest, Pa. May 6, 2011Music Background:
    Active, gigging musician, 25 years experience.

    More than a modeling amp...

    I don't know why Line 6 is so compelled to market the preset tones this amp comes programmed with: this amp is about exploration, deeper so than any other modeling amp I'm familiar with, and at a price that made me swear off tube amps for good. I'm a Line 6 man now. If I could only get back the thousands I spent on effects and tube amps over the years...

    It could literally take me months to explore the deepest, most feature-laden combo amp on the market (I own the 120 watt), even with the interface so easy to navigate, but it's hard to break away from the sweet tones I dialed in for myself. That means there's going to be pleasant surprises for years to come, as I explore my own tonal and effects fantasies.

    It was easy to ditch my well-worn effects board and array of EQ's and rack effects, along with my bulky half stack in favor of the FBV Shortboard Mark II, and it's combo amp counterpart. To own a rig this sophisticated in such a small package is a blessing in itself. Pack amp, pack SBMK II, pack guitar and bag, and I'm ready to gig.

    Anyone wondering if this amp is road worthy, or sonically capable of gigging even outdoors can rest easy. I've done so, and the 120 watt version handles it, with even a bit of headroom. Ruggedly built, and simply constructed, it should last for years.

    But that won't stop me from adding another to my home, which is my next major gear purchase: The Spider IV 150 watt.

    I'll say this: I wish (after demoing it) I'd have got the 150 watt, only because the 12" speakers project a bit deeper sound in the new closed-back cabinet.

  • from September 1, 2015


    Great sound love the built in effects loud enough to rock the house

  • from Scottsboro, AL February 9, 2015Music Background:
    Guitarist/Beginner Producer

    Very good modeling amp!

    I just purchased this amplifier from another leading dealer and all I can say is this amp is really good at getting the right tone you need from clean to the brutal heavy tone. The cleans are very clear and also the heavy side too! Has lots of effects (I'm not big on FX) Haven't tried out the line out for recording but I'm sure its good too. I use my Ec-1000 and my C-1 Hellraiser on this amp would recommend it to anyone that likes to jam at home but the higher you turn the volume the less tone you get so I wouldn't recommend it for stage use.

  • from Seaford, DE USA November 3, 2011Music Background:
    Guitar hobbyist

    Very good sound

    This amp gives you the clean and the dirty all in one package. It's fairly simple to figure out and provides all the sounds i need. Especially paired with a Line 6 FBV shortboard Mkll which provides an expression pedals. It's a perfect amp for new players and experienced musicians. And for the price tag, it would be very hard to find an amp that competes with this. It is truly a very versatile piece of equipment that i would most definitely buy over again.

  • from Palm Bay, FL. USA February 4, 2011Music Background:

    Worth every penny

    Love this amp! Great sound from either the 2 x 10" or line out. Having a blast with the loop function, however the foot pedal is a must. If you take some time and learn the functions this amp has a lot to give. Watch the master volume it goes from moderate to holy cow !!!

  • from Palm Bay, FL November 8, 2010

    Line 6 Spider lv 120

    I have been using this amp for a couple of months now and find it to be a very good amp, especially for the money. There are plenty of different built in tones, but more importantly, enough room to find your own! I would have preferred the tone of a tube amp, such as a Mesa Boogie Mark iv, but again, for the money, this amp can not be beat. If you are going to gig with this amp, I would suggest the Spider iv 150, more volume plus the twelve in speakers instead of the ten simply push more air, in hind site, this is the choice I should have made but I am still very happy with the 120, even when it is not miked. If this is just for the living room or jamming with friends, the 120 is a perfect choice. I shattered my leg earlier this year making it hard to transport the amp, so from my perspective, it would be very nice if it came with a set of castors, this is the only real down side I have found. Do not forget to get the FBV pedal for it, you will simply end up getting it later. The only down side I have found aside from the lack of castors is you will spend a lot to time, probably to much, exploring all of the tones that come with it before you work on finding your own! I doubt you will regret the decision to invest in this amp, enjoy!

  • from St Louis, Missouri December 9, 2009Music Background:
    lead guitarist of a band, and a all out rocker

    line 6 spider iv 120 awsome

    This amp is awsome,i play a ibanez rg series guitar and i just got this amp and it really blow me away,right out of the box it seamed a little intimadating,but after a couple of hours i was rocking, and editing of the effects makes this a easy to use amp.i cant believe the killer tones you can create,i was playing through a kustom wav 210 modeling amp and it had one good amp model and it was the wav model,all 16 of these amp models have a awsome sound fully editable effects,I love this amp and for only $399.00 for a 120 watt digital stereo amp man what a price for such a awsome amp,this amp also has 64 user presets that you can customise to your likeing but most of the sound awsome just how they are plus it has 250 artist songs and presets when you put the setting on ozzy and play crazy train it sounds just like the cd(if you can play that song)
    if you are on the fence about this amp dont be scared to jump you wont regret it,at least i dont, thank you line 6 for putting out such a insane sounding amp at such a awsome price

  • from Leadville, Co. January 19, 2015Music Background:
    Garage/ basement bands, music hobbyist 30 years

    Tones of tones old to new

    I play a wide variety of music and this works great for me! The 2.0 update is very useful. I like the new reverb choices. The added distortion controls help as well. My only complaints are the sound gets mushy when you try to play with external music source playing at the same time(practice track). It's still better to use stereo to play practice/ backing track. It's also hard to get a perfect boutique tube amp sound, but it gets real close, certainly good enough for practice!!

  • from November 29, 2013

    4 out of 5 ain't bad.........

    Pro - There are many nice tones and sounds you can get if you get to know the amp. Each amp model has its own character and brings a different base sound to work with. Having such a wide variety of tones and effect for the price is impressive. Lots of versatility and customization.

    Con - Sometimes the amp will reset/reboot (turn off and then come back on, causing about a 5 second delay Ė only sometimes and only after changing a setting). I do not play for an audience so to me itís just an annoyance, otherwise it could be a big problem. Whether this is just a problem on this amp or a trait they all have I donít know.

    Pro - Plenty of volume available on tap with this amp (just be careful with the master volume knob.)

    Con - The master volume should ramp up more gradually as it goes from quiet to ear piercing loud with VERY little movement of the master volume knob. If you are going through the presets keep in mind some are set low on the channel volume, and some are set high. Use caution that you donít blow your ears out and set off fire alarms accidently when going from a quiet to loud preset, keep the master volume turned low until you test the preset. Donít say I didnít warn you.

    Hints - If you want a nice ďcleanĒ tone, be sure the drive knob and all effects are actually set to 0. When you switch back and forth between presets and manual modes, it might change a setting you didnít intend to change. Double check everything until you get to know it well. Unless you really donít care about the tone, and in that case why are you reading this? lol

    Observation - I often played with the volume knobs on the guitar set quite low, now I usually have all guitar knobs set at 10 and use the amp volume and tone controls to adjust, the tonal range and overall sound is much better. I can get most any tone I have tried for (Mostly rock - Pink Floyd, AC/DC, The Eagles, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Gunís-N-Roses type stuff and etc.) Despite some flaws, when all is considered I do not regret buying this. Read the manual and experiment with the settings.

  • from Texas April 21, 2013Music Background:
    I call it semi pro musician...short of $

    Happy enough

    The presets were not to my liking, I think they were geared to a younger bunch, I grew up on tube amps. Thankfully the presets can be changed without too much trouble and thank GOD there was info online to do so. The one thing I fail to understand is why Line 6 didn't provide an external speaker out or XLR out. My only minor quip is that I played an outside show and noticed some changes in the programs when the master volume was turned up..maybe it was me. Plenty of power.

  • from July 9, 2015Music Background:
    25+ playing the guitar (Rock, Blues, Jazz, Funk,Classical, Top 40's....)

    Distortion Not good at High Volumes

    I will try to be as objective as possible.

    The reason I give poor rating is because once you decide to go for a compo amp w modeling capabilities, you expect to have both decent Clean and Distorted tones as well. This amp only has good clean sounds, but the distortion left to much to be desired.

    I have tried this amp in the 120 & 150 watt version.

    *Good Clean sounds at any level. Tight, chunky and robust sound. Even when using delays you can have that "crystal" repeating sound. Pretty much a la Eric Johnson, The edge, The Police....just to give you an idea.

    * The FBV MKII is very user friendly and easy to program with the spider IV series. On the other hand, is very limited in assign functions.

    *The distortions sounds awesome at very low volumes , lets say from 1 to 2.5 or 3 at the most. But once you turn the volume up, the distortion get very trebly, looses body and definition, and there's not much you can do about it. We tried lowering the gain, the treble, play with the middles, but still remains very annoying . You can add an additional EQ but that's not the point of switching to a modeling amp. The rest of the distortions models are pretty much useless and there's very limited room for EQ.
    I have tried the 120 & 150 watt versions.....it happened the same in both situations.

    Unfortunately, at music stores you cannot crank the volume up, unless they have an isolated room, otherwise, you will have to find it once you are gigging or practicing w your band.

    * When using the FBV MKII pedal board, it has a very noticeable latency when switching from one preset to another.

    * Last thing, the tuner is very inaccurate, you cannot rely on it.

    Bottom Line

    * Great as a practice amp in your home/studio, good choice for the price.
    * If you plan to use it for gigging at garages, small clubs, etc, try it at volumes above 4 or 5 at the store BEFORE buying it, if you like it, take it.
    * All the mentioned above is my based on my personal experience. Its not in any way my intention to give bad publicity to Line 6 series.

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