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64-bit Spectral-FX Plug-in - Mac/PC, RTAS, VST, AU
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Sorry, the iZotope Spectron is no longer available. We've left this page up for reference only. Check out the great alternatives on this page or call toll-free (800) 222-4700 to speak with a Sweetwater Sales Engineer about similar products.

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iZotope Spectron
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A Whole Spectrum of Effects for Your Tracks!

The iZotope Spectron effects plug-in gives you a creative way to shape and morph your sounds! This 64-bit spectral domain processor gives you an incredible degree of control; you can tweak as broadly or precisely as you want. Add delays, panners, morphs, and more, all from a very intuitive onscreen interface. Spectron lets you chain together multiple effects for astounding new sounds, and its 64-bit architecture and 192kHz resolution means your audio remains clear and free of aliasing issues. Since it works in virtually every DAW, Spectron is perfect for your setup!

iZotope Spectron 64-Bit Spectral Domain Processor at a Glance:
  • Exciting new sound shaping using spectral domain processing
  • Multiple effects can be set up in combinations
  • Pristine sound with 64-bit internal processing and 192kHz resolution

Exciting new sound shaping using Spectral Domain Processing
iZotope Spectron is light years beyond most other software effects! More than just a series of effects, Spectron uses spectral domain processing to provide control over selective frequency bands. With iZotope Spectron you can delay effects, for example, with the added ability to selectively delay, feed back and modulate specific frequency ranges. The possibilities for exciting new sounds are limitless.

Multiple effects can be set up in combinations
With iZotope Spectron you've got a multi-effects processor in a single plug-in! Spectron features delays, morphs, and panners to set your sounds in motion. In addition, Spectron lets you chain effects together to create entirely new sounds.

iZotope Spectron Includes:
  • Delays - Spectron can create spectrally delayed signals with independent control over the delay and feedback of individual frequency bands. From ambient echoes to modulated buzzing, you'll never look at a delay the same way again.

  • Morphs - The Morph module lets you perform real-time spectral modification of one signal based on the spectrum of another signal. It can be a powerful tool for creating rhythmic textures, vocal effects, morphed synth sounds and more.

  • Pans - In normal effects, panning is pretty boring. Pan to the left, pan to the right-that's about the extent of it. Spectral panning, on the other hand, is an entirely different story. With Spectron you can grab regions of frequencies, pan them, modulate them, or envelope trigger them.

  • Combinations - Each of Spectron's modules offers nearly unlimited possibilities on its own, but imagine what you can create when you start chaining modules together. Spectron makes it easy to combine modules, and here are some unique sounds created using several Spectron modules at once.

64-bit internal processing and 192kHz resolution for pristine sound
Thanks to iZotope Spectron's 64-bit internal architecture, your sound creations will be pure and free of aliasing. And with Spectron's support for up to 192kHz audio files, your high-resolution recordings will stay high-resolution right through to time to burn to CD! Even though Spectron operates at such high bit rates and sample rates, it's remarkably CPU-efficient. So get some new sounds to liven up your audio tracks - get Izotope Spectron!

iZotope Spectron 64-Bit Spectral Domain Processor Features:
  • Mac/PC, RTAS, VST or AU
  • 64-Bit internal processing
  • Up to 192kHz sampling rate
  • Spectral domain processing
  • Incredible, never-before-heard sound-shaping possibilities
  • Quickly create new sound transformations
  • Elegant, easy-to-navigate interface
  • Includes variety of excellent presets
  • Morphing for vocoder-style effects
  • Delay with independent feedback control
  • 4-stage chorus/flanger effects
  • Fully-automatable, triggered filters
  • Frequency-selective panning
  • Superior stability
  • CPU-efficient
  • Supports automation
  • Comprehensive preset library
  • Excellent documentation
Get a whole new spectrum of effects with iZotope Spectron!

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