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Aspen Pittman Designs Spacestation V.3 - 280W Stereo Monitor Reviews

4.5 stars based on 73 customer reviews
Questions about the Aspen Pittman Designs Spacestation V.3 - 280W Stereo Monitor?

Questions about the Aspen Pittman Designs Spacestation V.3 - 280W Stereo Monitor?

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  • from June 18, 2017

    Love it

    When I need ultimate portability and great keyboard/organ sounds I use this every time. I use it with a Neo Ventilator for B3 clonewheel organ Leslie simulation, as well as synths, pianos, etc. I do use it with a small powered sub. Seriously loud.

    I also do a lot of fills with trumpets, saxes, strings, etc. It is wonderful with stereo patches!!!

  • from St. Louis metro May 19, 2017Music Background:
    Musician, engineer and producer for 40 years

    Amazing Stereo Sound With Superior Definition

    I took the chance and preordered my Spacestation when the company announced its release. I was concerned by the claim of a true stereo simulation. However, not only did this amp deliver on its promise, the simple tone controls were very powerful indeed. It especially shines when I use my Kurzweil KB3 (Hammond B3 samples) and the accompanying Leslie cabinet simulation. It fills the room with the best sounding B3 simulation ever. Before I purchased my studio monitors, I ran my mixer mains into my Spacestation and it sounded great. This is a very well made amp with excellent tone no matter what your input source is. I'm glad I too the chance on this product two plus years ago. It has been a great investment.

  • from Juneau, Alaska March 1, 2017Music Background:
    Weekend warrior


    Bought sight unseen based simply on reviews, and happy I did. This amp is perfect for a type of gig I do often, jazz and blues in small-to-medium venues. Replaces a K12 or K12 pair (also great but considerably more cumbersome) for that purpose. I was pleased to find it held up against a very loud jam band the other night without distorting. The other players actually told me to turn down, which is unusual. I attribute this to the curious way the sound seems to travel along the walls. Experiment with positioning -- I currently have it pointed into the corner in my reflective practice space.

  • from Texas January 27, 2017

    Keyboard Magic!

    Better than expected.

  • from January 20, 2017

    So CLEAR

    *couldn't type this in experience: professional commercial keyboardist. I support my family playing.

    So... I love this thing -- and I see they are making a bigger one now!! I use it daily for everything from acoustic piano to pop synth and organ. It really does Leslie sims well!!!!!

    It's durable as snap, too. It got knocked off its stand when the ship rolled and hit the concrete paint hard. Picked it up, still good. Gets tossed around in a truck in 110 degrees in Cambodia, still good. Thrown into the belly of a plane? Still good

    It's like a Roland KC ... But it sounds good! (Yes, I'm a long time user of KCs and fully understand the role they play in my rig)

    It doesn't kick bass wonderfully... But there's a sub out for that. This thing is awesome

  • from December 1, 2016

    Good Fit

    I chose 5 stars, because this box is really surprising for what it appears to be-a little combo that wants to sit in the corner. I am currently doing a jazz gig on a Yamaha MOXF8 (using primarily AP,Rhodes and some layered voices using strings) with an electric bass player. I had a stereo setup with 2 powered PA cabinets previous to the Spacestation which sounded great, but I didn't want to travel with a lot of gear, and wanted to keep the footprint small. Our venues are small (25-100) at pubs, restaurants and small gatherings, and the Spacestation has plenty of power, and a nice clean full range sound that really does 'bloom' with the speaker array and processing. This is especially evident with the Rhodes and Hammond voices using tremolo or rotary speaker settings. The AP voices do a very cool thing also. The ambient effects ( like hall reverb) and the side firing speaker makes the instrument image much larger to your ears, especially when it is a few feet away and near a wall or corner for reflection. The two speaker set up I was previously using (Yamaha DXR, QSC Kseries) sounded really sweet, and this review is not to say that the Spacestation is superior sounding to those. It sounds great, and is amazing for what it does for it's size. I have considered a sub for some of the synth sounds,( I miss some of the bottom the 8" can't quite muster) but for what I am doing with just a bass player, the unit by itself is just an all good fit. Very pleased.

  • from St. Johns, FL August 22, 2016

    Dialed It In On Pa4x!!

    Well at first I was not impressed with the SSV3. Turns out I had some adjustments to make with my Korg Pa4x and needed to change some cables. For anyone using this with Korg Pa4x this is what I learned.

    Use high quality cables!!! For best sound, I use 1/4" TRS cable from the keyboard to my Yamaha MG10XU mixer. Output from mixer I am using high quality 1/4" TRS cables into the SSV3. I coupled a Behringer B1200D-PRO sub to add some lower end for the arranger styles. The SSV3 sounds great for straight keyboard sounds and acoustic instruments but for drums and bass on the arranger the addition of the powered sub makes it all come together. I have the sub connected using a 1/4" TRS to XLR from the SSV3 sub out. The stereo width control makes the sound come to life.

    Very important.....Make sure you use the MaxxAudio EQ to get your levels set for best sound. This made a huge difference.

    The other big piece of advice I can give you is manage your gain structure between the KB, Mixer and SSV3 to make sure no distortion is being sent. I have mine set where I have plenty of headroom to get very loud.

    I now have a single stack compact speaker arrangement that is light weight and easy to use.

    Thanks to Aspen Pittman and Joe Copenhaver for their advice and technical help.

  • from Herndon, VA July 3, 2016Music Background:
    Keyboard Player - Cover Band

    The Right Amp for the Right Venues!

    So far Iíve used my SSV3 for two outdoor gigs with a Nord Electro 4D. The first was a church social where the band staged on a concrete floor under a large outdoor pavilion, and the second was at a wide-open vineyard with rolling hills where the band staged on the ground under canopies. I need every type of sound from B3, to Rhodes, to grand, e.g., Out In The Country, Riders on the Storm, Rocket Man. The first thing I learned was that this amp disperses rather than directs sound. If youíre in the habit of sitting in front of your amp, then you get a lot of sound directed right to your ears. For people to the side of you to hear that much volume, you have to turn your amp or turn up Ė both those options can be negative because it can hurt the mix not to mention your hearing. The SSV3 seems to send sound out at an equal volume at a very wide angle. All my band mates and everyone in the outdoor crowd clearly heard the keyboard even though volume was lower at my ear. Our bass player said I was ďabove the mixĒ and easy to hear. Although I was not in the mains at this gig, listeners that had been sitting a couple hundred feet away came up and talked to me at the end about my great sound.
    So is it loud enough? It may not seem as loud at first, but it is. Part of that may be the way it disperses sound. Clearly itís loud enough for the venues I described. Could it have more bass? I tried the subwoofer out at home with a larger amp and that worked fine. Of course you can put the subwoofer out in your PA if you need to. But again, it was great by itself for the venues described. Itís more compact than any powered cabinet I have, and although it has less RMS power out and smaller speakers, it delivers a more accurate and spacious sound for most of my onboard patches and IN TRUE STEREO. This box is a keeper and I give it 5 stars.

  • from NE Washington April 2, 2016


    Love the tone for organ and love the ability to dial up the width when needed. Really surprised at how nice the acoustic piano comes through. I am very compact, playing gigs with a Nord Electro 4, and this is such a great companion for what I do. Small, easy to pack, plenty of punch when needed... I am a believer!

  • from March 2, 2016Music Background:
    Semi Pro

    Owned all three versions

    I can't remember how I first heard of this technology, but I think I started out by drooling over groove tube guitar amps, saving to buy one...(sadly, no longer in production before I could afford it), then seeing the SFX Spacestation (former designation) on the groove tube website. I bought a Mark I (again old designation) and was stunned by the surround effect. When Mark II came out, I was again saving, and groove tubes closed it's doors. For a long time I searched eBay, Craig's list, etc. hoping to find a Mark II, and although not so occasionally a Mark I would emerge, never a Mark II. Eventually I remembered the company owner's name (Aspen Pittman), so after an exhaustive research, I stumbled upon an obscure website named Aspen and associates which had absolutely no reference to groove tubes or space station SFX whatsoever. There was a phone number however, and upon calling, a gravelly, gruff voice answered which I knew to be Aspen Pittman from watching old YouTube NAMM videos. He explained to me why he had closed down his companies, and had no intention of starting back up. But upon learning of my exhaustive search for a Mark II,and that I was an aficionado of his amp technology,I was stunned when he offered to sell me one of the six remaining Mark IIs he had on hand to demo in case a large company came along and wanted to start producing them again. I immediately bought one and greatly enjoyed finally owning one and noticed a big improvement over the sound and loudness of the original. I stayed in touch with Aspen, and a couple of years later he informed me that he decided he was going to produce a new and improved model of the Spacestation. A year later, after it came out, of course I bought one and it truly is a dramatic improvement over the earlier models. I use it with guitar and keyboards to great effect.For guitar, I use it with an Axe-fx in combination with an Eventide rack processor. I am constantly being blown away by the mind numbing combinations that I have experimented with, and how good they sound through the ssv3. If there is a spacestation v4, I will be first in line to get one. After quite an extended history with this technology, I am still blown away by how good this technology sounds with stereo imagery. By the way, the 60 Hz hum another reviewer complained about will go away completely with an Ebtech Humx.

  • from February 19, 2016Music Background:
    Professional musician


    Just to let you know, I gave this unit a 5 so it would show up it the top listings on Sweetwater's ratings. Mine arrived this afternoon and the power supply has a 60 Hz hum that is so loud that it overpowers most of what I can get out of it and will be shipping it back to Sweetwater on Monday and try a replacement but will insist that their technicians open the box and fully test the unit for flaws especially after a few hours since that is what I did to check out the unit. The buzz only got worse over time. It's a great idea and works great on it's side on a guitar stand for me but until they improve the electronic build quality I recommend against this product.

  • from January 10, 2016

    Nice product!

    I use this for wind controllers(yamaha modules) and sax-love it! I can setup behind myself in most small venues and using a Behringer BD1200 sub I get plenty of volume and presence.The sax is run though a mackie mixer with reverb first and some equalization sounds great!

  • from Pomona, CA December 28, 2015Music Background:
    Worship Leader

    Simple Elegance

    Crystal clear sound...love it

  • from Oskaloosa, IA December 26, 2015

    Great PA/Monitors for small to med cubs

    I was hesitant but finally decided to give it a shot. Definitely glad I did, I'm in a 2 piece guitar/keys band that plays small to medium sized places(coffee houses/some clubs). We use this for not only mains but for monitors as well! I don't know how many times I've had to play a smaller place that didn't have monitors but it's not fun, this takes care of things quick and easy. 300 degree coverage is just insane but it delivers. All I can say is there is a reason there isn't a bad review of this product, it works, is well made, and delivers on what it says it can do.

  • from December 3, 2015


    I will never use anything else than this to play my keyboards. I love it.

  • from NJ November 12, 2015Music Background:
    Serious player

    The Next Step in Keyboard Amp Technology

    Fantastic Keyboard Amp, especially for any keyboard with a B3 module - like the NORD or Hammond keyboards. Great tone and the the Leslie effect is very realistic. This 40lb., small footprint, powerful little amp will permeate any sound situation. You need to watch the video on the Sweetwater product page where Aspen Pittman explains how this new sound technology works. This is the new cutting edge technology that represents the next step in keyboard amp technology.

    One important consideration is that this amp is dedicated to one pair of stereo inputs. It has very little EQ manipulation and no effects. It is very different from the Roland amps where you have three input channels, re-verb - or even XLR inputs for a mic.

    Additionally, Sweetwater customer service and tech support was fantastic in support of this product. The first unit that was shipped developed a high pitch hum when next to a computer. They immediately shipped a replacement and were very attentive in making sure that the amp I received was up to spec.

    Bottom line, if you are dedicated to getting the best possible sound for one particular keyboard, this is the amp for you.

  • from Massachusetts November 4, 2015Music Background:
    Semi-Pro for 45+ years

    works as advertised

    Spacestation delivered on Friday, gigged on Saturday night at a local bar with a LOUD rock and roll band.
    The Spacestation held its own....all settings at 12:00 o'clock. Keyboards used were Electro 4sw and a Kurzweil Pc3....plenty of volume and the sound was enveloping. As others have reported, the EP, Synth and Hammond sounds are spectacular. I found the AP piano (the silver grand large) on the Electro and the Horowitz on the Kurz to be expressive and inspiring to play as well....I did tweak those sounds on the boards to boost treble and bass and scoop a bit of mids.....I used a Bose L1 for 10 years (great sound!) and recently I have been using a Line 6 L2t which I still love for its clarity and studio monitor sound, but the dimensional quality of the Spacestation has them beat.
    If I have to play a louder gig (I hope not) I would use both the spacestation for the fullness and Line6 for extra support. If you are on the fence about the spacestation, just buy it. You won't regret it.
    Kudos to Tim Harrington of Sweetwater for his expertise and support!

  • from Old Bridge, NJ October 21, 2015

    Big power amd punch in a small package!

    I just got this unit last night. Plugged it in and connected my Nord 4HP. WOW. The sound is incredible! First gig with it tonight. The sound is big, and as read, the electric pianos and B3 sounds are excellent through this unit. Fills the whole room!
    On a different note, thanks again Sweetwater for prompt and courteous service and delivery! I had an issue with a defective board in my keyboard. At the point of failure, I had the board for 22 months. If not for Sweetwater doubling the one year warranty, I'd have been on the hook for big money. Wouldn't buy anything anywhere else--regardless of price!

  • from Herndon, Virginia October 12, 2015Music Background:


    This amp is just as described in the reviews. Plugged my new Nord Electro 5D and began adjusting the controls starting at 12 o'clock positions. Playing with moving the Spacestation at different lengths really helped hone in on the sweet spot. Organ sounded great. My favorite was playing the EPianos with tremolo and pan. The sound was coming from everywhere. I had to purchase this through Sweetwater since my local store does not carry it. My conception of Sweetwater was just another online store. After working with Aaron Smith and checking out the website, I'm totally blown away. Aaron's time and attention made me feel like I was dealing with a local brick and mortar store. Of course, if I lived in Fort Wayne, I would be. I hope to visit the facilities. Sweetwater is now my #1 go to. Check it out.

  • from McRae-Helena, GA October 5, 2015Music Background:
    Pro, Performer, Project Studio Owner

    Follow Up - Awesome....

    Just had to share this follow-up story. After a rehearsal this week, I opened the back of my suv, and BAM... Onto the concrete driveway fell my CPS. (I didn't know whether to cry or go berserk & start hitting & swinging at any nearby objects.) My heart was sinking. Lesson learned - stack it on its side so it won't fall over / out of my suv.

    SO, I was scared for the hour-plus drive to rehearsal that it may not work (I did have a cheap backup monitor if needed.) The CPS took a solid wallop from 3ft. up, landing directly on the front corner. It made a huge 'thud', even bouncing and hitting hard on the back corner, showing visible scuffs and an oh-so slight tear on the tolex cover, so my head was telling me that this was bound to be tragic. I knew that cheaper gear would not resist that kind of impact.

    Until... (Drum roll, please.....)

    I got to rehearsal and plugged in my CPS. It powered up, and worked like a charm!!! The knobs were all intact, no external noise, and nothing was loose. I was ecstatic! Relief would be an understatement. Yeah, this was totally my fault - a musician throwing all his gear in the back of his suv and headed to a gig / rehearsal, not thinking that sometimes things get shifted around in the back. We've all done it, but not anymore. Lesson learned!

    I just thought y'all would like to know how solid this thing is built. I love this keyboard amp. I've recorded my Nord organs through it, and it definitely sounds better mic'd up than being run direct in stereo into my Pro Tools rig. Nothing like moving air when recording. I've used on a couple dozen or so gigs now, and it works like a charm. Thanks to Aspen for a great product worthy of 5-stars!

  • from Seattle October 1, 2015

    As advertised

    Really works as advertised.

  • from Nashville, TN September 29, 2015

    Insanely Great

    I think one can always trust Aspen Pittman to come up with something cool, and this is no exception. I bought it for my GR-55 guitar synth, and its absolutely spectacular to run it through for full stereo effects of the patches. Small, light, sounds great, best keyboard amp ever.

  • from SF Bay Area September 25, 2015Music Background:
    Pro Pianist/Vocalist

    Magic Little Box

    So maybe the first couple gigs I didn't "get it," but after dialing it in and altering some presets on my keys and fx I'm totally hooked. Many thanks to Delvin Wolf for recommending it to me and getting it out here super fast.

    I notice I don't use eq at all with the spacestation, I used to turn the bass almost all the way off on my behringer 212d. My pianos are beautiful and not muddy at all- the bandleader's face said it all when I played a piano intro on one of the songs. The photographer at a wedding said the organ sounded amazing in the crowd.

    My first mistake was having it too close to me, put it a little bit away from you for best 3D sound. Then you get to enjoy it as much as the audience. Lastly, don't even think about playing bass heavy stuff thru it, pair it with a sub for true full-range bliss. Get one!

  • from Florida September 14, 2015Music Background:
    Semi Pro

    Amazing Speaker

    I just revived my CPS 3 from Sweetwater, all I can say is AMAZING! I am using it with a BOSS GP-10 and an ios device running midi orchestra all thru the Space Station,. Stereo spread is better than when I was using two powered Pa speakers. I used it live for the first time this weekend on a small corner stage, I had stereo field coming off the wall and ceiling it was as if I had Dolby Surround.

    Small, powerful. pristine sound, light weight and great looks it has it all. I am curious to run our band thru it to see how it handles it (Behringer XR18 digital mixer) 2 guitars, bass and 4 vocals.

    Thank you for an amazing speaker system. Call Mike Arango at Sweetwater for great service.

    P.S. The only thing I would like to see is a black grill with silver logo so it would blend into the stage much better and look great...

  • from Florida, United States August 20, 2015Music Background:
    Weekend Warrior

    Many months later ... still great!

    This is my second review after using one for many months. All the core attributes that make this product so compelling are still in evidence -- so much so that I now have TWO of them (long story).

    A few pointers that come with experience?

    In tight venues, you may not be able to position it far enough away from your ears to let it "bloom". The result is that everyone else hears wonderful sound, you not so much. It's useful to have someone else play for a bit while you walk around -- the sound changes a lot with just a few feet of "bloom room", but that's not always available.

    I bought the Behringer B1200D-PRO subwoofer, which works as advertised, but find myself leaving at home for most gigs -- the native power of the unit is more than enough for what I do. Less is more.

    Learning to calibrate levels takes a bit of practice. If you're used to sound levels dropping dramatically with distance, this doesn't. So if you set your levels as you're used to, you'll end up toasting everyone's ears, and your next request being "please turn down".

    The side-firing speaker is not pleasant to listen to on its own -- make sure it's not firing directly at a bandmate. One of the more popular orientations is using a small amp stand, placing the unit sideways with the side speaker firing down on the floor and bouncing off. The sound is much more even up close, which is great for all those super-tight venues.

    Use a good pair of cables. Due to the technology used, even small cable problems can be greatly magnified. There have been some reports of hum and buzz being picked up from dodgy electric power; a cheap hum eliminator takes care of that.

    I have met keyboard players who have tried this and not liked it. Many of them didn't take the time to understand how it works fundamentally different from any other amplification system. Can't help that.

    A few had a legitimate preference for full-range, self-powered PA speakers, which cost more, are heavier, take longer to set up, don't provide enveloping sound, etc. I still use my self-powered PAs for some gigs, but -- most of the time -- it's the SSv3 doing all the heavy lifting.

    If you gig frequently, are responsible for your own sound, and love stereo -- this is the only real game in town.

  • from S C August 14, 2015

    Space station V.3

    Great keyboard amp!!

  • from Jacksonville, Illinois August 5, 2015

    Center Point Stereo Spacestation V3 Review

    I have owned a Berhinger keyboard amp, a Roland KC 500 and KC 350. I have played through powered speakers of all sorts. But nothing could have prepared me for this amp. My sales engineer Nick Church told how great this amp was, but his description could never fully explain this amp. I have nothing but great things to say about the amp. But, here are a few things that really grab me about this amp.

    1. The size

    Whatever you do, don't let the size of this amp fool you. It's packed pound for pound with more power than any other keyboard amp I have ever heard. The Size of the this amp I'd great because of the small amount of real estate it takes up on stage or in the studio.

    2. Controls

    I love the fact that there is no equalizer on this amp. You simply have a level control for volume. You havd a mid control which is nothing more than a volume control of the mids, a "width" control which is a control that just balances out the signal from the side firing coaxial speaker and the 8" woofer and super tweeter facing forward. Finally you have a high frequency control that control the amount of treble coming from the super tweeter. Other than that, the keyboard amp has a completely flat response like a studio monitor.

    3. Unparalleled Sound Quality

    This is the most stunning attribute of this amp. It literally does everything it advertises to do. The sound that comes out of this amp is unreal. You get crystal clear sound that no other amp on the market can provide. You get a sound quality that is unfiltered and fully responsive.

    I'm conclusion, I would have to definitely say to ALL professional keyboard players, get this amp. You won't be sorry.

  • from parma Ohio July 28, 2015Music Background:
    player since 1967

    Buy it now

    Buy it now. Your keyboards will come alive and you'll be inspired by how great they sound. When inspired you play better. All the guys in the five bands I've gigged with this month were blown away by this amp. You will be too!

  • from Burbank CA July 22, 2015Music Background:
    Life long musician

    WAY more than a KB amp. I'm a guitar player.

    I got mine straight from Aspen and that was an enjoyable experience on it's own but this is about the Spacestation V.3. Obviously this is a top Keyboard amp but it is far, far more than that.

    First, this is my live rig: Feeding the Spacestation is a Behringer QX1202. Into that I have my Taylor 210CE and an SM57 mic. For an acoustic singer/song writer gig the sould is perfect. Just dial in a little compression and reverb on the mixer with a little panning Left and Right and you get a full clean ever-present sound you've always dreamed of. Note that it's valuable to tweak the panning a little to generate differences in the side channels. More on that later.
    Also feeding into the mixer I my Fender Mustang Floor. One could debate on if this is the best or not but I've found a way to get it sounding great in no small part due to the Spacestation. At first, I ran the Fender Floor into the mixer via a single stereo channel. It sounded very mono directional so I tweaked pan and got a better sound but not great. It took me a while but I started thinking about how the Spacestation works as explained to me by Aspen. One important fact is that it decodes mid/side info and it occurred to me that simple panning may not be generating the right differences in the Left and Right signals. So I plugged in the Fender Floor (set to PA output for cab sim) into the two remaining mono channels. I set small differences in compression and a +5db/-5db difference in the high band EQ with additional small differences in EQ mid and low. I then panned the two channels 50% left and 50% right. Note that I had the "Width" on the Spacestation set to about 2 o'clock. Then with subtle changes on the board while strumming my guitar I was able to dial in a full room, easy on the ears, come from anywhere sound that I'd be confident to play against almost any amp I've heard. Seriously, you'd need twin stacks to beat it. I know it sounds like I'm full of it, and I haven't actually done a direct comparison but... well, I'm super happy with the sound. I have heard the Line 6 Amplify at that major national Guitar dealer's showroom and I like this set up better.

    Last but not least, this thing will blow minds at your next party. I ran some 'SRV and Double Trouble' into it from my MP3 player and holy cow! This thing arguably sounds better in the next room! Really, it will fill you house with wide sounding music, people will be able to still talk and hear each other without screaming, so they can dance anywhere they want.

    The Spacestation V.3 is a highly valuable piece of kit for anyone who plays music, live or recorded. No stereo system, PA or HiFi, produces sound like the Spacestation does. As with any sound system you do have to tweak it a little for different spaces but it's probably easier with bigger results with the Spacestation than with a typical PA system. And it's one box. Set up is half the work... literally.

  • from SW Ohio June 25, 2015

    This one has become the sound system for our trio

    Have always used keyboard amps for my acoustic guitars. After e-mail exchanges with Aspen re the Spacestation, I became one of the "early adopters" last fall, finally getting delivery on one in February '15.

    This is not just a great amp for keys! We immediately put it to use as the sound system for our acoustic/electric trio. Right now, we run two acoustic guitars (or sometimes one acoustic & one electric); an electric bass; two vocal mics + a stereo effects loop from one of the acoustic pedalboads through separate channels on a Soundcraft mixer and then into the Spacestation. The sound this amp puts out is AMAZING. Great sound no matter where you're sitting in the room being played, and it seems to us that the more spacious the room, the better it sounds.

    Whether at a gig or practicing, using this setup, we have no need for band members to bring anything but their instruments & pedalboards . Haven't had the need for a sub either.

    Got to be one of the best equipment purchases I've ever made. Center Point hit it out of the park on this one.

  • from Detroit, MI June 16, 2015Music Background:
    13 time Detroit Music Award winning keyboardist for SWEET CRYSTAL

    Stellar Sound...At Last!

    I've been looking for that "perfect" live keyboard amp for over 40 years, one that would do justice to all my synth, organ and piano sounds while competing with the sometimes loud levels of other players on stage. Been through Motion Sound, QSC, Traynor, small pseudo-PA systems, BOSE...all had some good points, none were great. My never ending gear merry-go-round just came to a halt with my new Spacestation V.3 from Sweetwater. Used it live last week for the first time and not only did I get to finally hear all the nuances of what I do live, but I looked up to see my guitarist smiling at me from 30 feet away on stage - he actually called out" wow - "that amp sounds huge!". And it did. Even without a sub (which I ended up getting just in case...but it seems rather superfluous so far), this puppy is the very definition of sweet; so much so that I'm using it in the studio for rehearsal instead of firing up the whole studio sound system just to hear my keys, it's that impressive. One last note of interest for other..er vintage musicians such as myself: you can lift it with one hand. Thank you Center Point Stereo. Job extremely well done.

  • from June 10, 2015

    CPS v.3 is THE BOMB!!!

    Based on the strength of early reviews and Keyboard magazine, I decided to take a leap of faith and buy a Spacestation V.3....I mean, the early reviews were so good that I figured I could always sell it on eBay if I didn't like it. Also, because I sometimes play left hand bass, I decided to get a Behringer B-1200D.
    This weekend was the first time that I had them on stage...all I can say is "WOW" !! Together with my NORD C2D, I actually felt like I was playing a tone wheel organ...it sounded very rich...bass tones were very rich...and it really sounded like a Leslie (in fact, better). I set the Leslie sim in the NORD to be a close miked 122, and it sounded like a million bucks. The power of this little unit is nothing short of incredible. With both amp and organ set at 50%, I sounded great not only on stage, but in the back of the room as well. Given that it was a medium sized hall, I was overwhelmingly impressed to say the least. This speaker, when paired with the Behringer B-1200D subwoofer (also very highly recommended) gets the job done.
    My only words of advice...lean it against a wall, and place it a little distance from you onstage. Highly recommended !!!

  • from Bothell, WA May 22, 2015Music Background:
    30yr Pro church musician; Office house band member

    The Demo Videos Don't Do It Justice...

    Because as impressive as the videos are, your ears won't really hear what this system is capable of LIVE, and in person. The unidirectional wave of sound from the front speaker clearly does not disperse well on its own (side speakers turned off), and the quality is muffled when standing anywhere except directly in front of the wave. This isn't as obvious in the video as it is when I began testing mine as soon as I got it. As you turn up the side speakers, the stereo field begins to fill in and round out the shape so the sonic quality is crystal clear everywhere you stand.

    Most impressive for me was the lush, wide ripples of tones generated by my Korg Triton Extreme 88, specifically the "Suitcase & Stage EP 1" patch. Also absolutely loving all the classic organ patches (okay, so my Korg's no Hammond SK1, but it's got some killer B3/C3 patches nonetheless) as well, letting the Leslie slay me as it swirls up.

    Thank God for Aspen Pittman and the SpaceStation V.3 - It's the keyboard amp I've been waiting for ever since I've played church keys for services and teen/college/young adult groups.

    1. Compact size / weight - at a little less than two feet tall and about 40 pounds, this is an amazing design for its size
    2. Power / amplification - at 50%, this system is LOUD. It gets LOUDER without distorting, too.
    3. Sonic quality - without the Stereo engaged, this system sounds just as plain-Jane as any other amp; turn up the controls, and it puts everything around it to shame

    1. Price - on par with most high-end / high-quality amps; videos I've seen on YouTube disappointingly have Aspen Pittman advertising them at NAMM for $599 on Sweetwater, unless I misheard him. Still, you get what you pay for, and then some. I don't know if everyone is willing to plunk down 8 bones for one item (until they get to use one - then I'm sure they'd be quite willing!)
    2. Appearance - not flashy, kind of looks like a...a...well, a Space heater...But who cares if it's a little utilitarian - it just WORKS.


  • from Central California May 6, 2015Music Background:
    36!+ years of gigging (full time until my "real" career kicked 25 years ago)

    CPS Spacestation V.3....In a word, "PHENOMENAL"

    After reading all of the fantastic reviews (and getting frustrated with making the Leslie sim sound sweet away from the "sweet spot"), I decided to pick up one of these while I could...I figured with the demand for these, I could always sell it if it didn't sit well with my ears. And since I sometimes play left hand bass, I decided to mate it to a subwoofer. For the money, a lot of players are mating it up to a Behringer B1200 sub. So, a quick call to Jeremy at Sweetwater got me on the reserve list.
    Very soon, the V.3 and sub arrived. I immediately hooked them up together....and....it was terrible. The sub didn't work...the V.3 seemed very brassy and noisy....get ready eBay, here it comes. But rule (1) Read the manuals, and (2) call Aspen at CPS. Even though busy with a recording session, Aspen patiently educated me in sound, physics, and how to mate the V.3 to the sub. With my notes, I picked up the proper cords and proceeded to follow what he had told me.
    All I can say is "WOW"...now it works, and my Kronos has never sounded so fantastic, nor has my C2D organ ever sounded so real. the entire room is alive, for lack of a better term. Aspen is a genius with sound, and he really cares (and takes the time to educate you)...truly a nice guy who wants people to use his gear right. A++++
    And while I'm at it, major kudos to Jeremy Clifford at Sweetwater....another person willing to help who seems more concerned about your satisfaction than dollars. Also, A+++++
    So, IMHO...if you're a keyboard player, call Sweetwater and get one. Does it make sense to have great gear, yet use a P.A. system to voice it ??

  • from Northern VA April 24, 2015Music Background:
    Classical and Be-Bop

    CPS Spacestation V.3

    Best amp I've ever owned and I've owned quite a few over the last 40 years. Sounds like there's a real piano in the room due to the surround sound. Volume level is deceptive when you're close to the SS. Recently played a room with about 400 people and I had to turn down because the piano was too loud!

  • from April 17, 2015

    Best keyboard/band monitor money can buy

    You can hear everything clearly without that ear block syndrome you get when you're down with a flu. I use it with synthogy ivory 2, scarbee rhodes and some other vst pads. Brought it up for gigs and everyone commented that it makes them feel like having a "real piano" next to them. I play mainly jazz, blues but did an "acoustic" pop gig with this the other day.

    They dont feel the WOW factor at first but when i turn down the stereo control (width) and compare it again when i turn the stereo to 12 o'clock everyones faces was in disbelieve.

    Get this is you need a perfect monitor for yourself, or the whole band. Beats all keyboard amps.
    Im trying to find a best powered sub to pair with this beauty to try and use it as a FOH for small venues.
    Still have not gotten the results i wanted.

  • from April 8, 2015Music Background:
    Pro player and composer

    It Exceeded my Expectations

    Yep. I play jazz, funk and blues, mostly on my Hammond SK1 and sometimes a Yamaha S80. I knew it was going to be impressive, but I wasn't prepared for how it filled up those 50 to 150-seat rooms in a rocking blues band. My keys sound better than it did before.

  • from March 21, 2015Music Background:
    Worship leader.


    Sound quality is excellent. It may take a while to adjust the right sound, but once you go it is superb. Volume is huge. I played my Yamaha piano thru it in a 300+ people church and had no problem filling the place. The other keyboard player was going out thru the main PA and I had to turn down the volume so he could be heard. For the first time I hear my Kurzweil PC2 as it was meant to be heard.

  • from Caledonia, MI March 21, 2015Music Background:
    Music degree; registered piano technician; composer; keyboardist

    The stunning reviews are true!

    Due to the growing popularity of this keyboard amp, I had to wait over 2 months to receive one. However, now that I have tried it on several different genres of keyboard music, I can say the over-all sound is exceptional.
    Don't let its little size fool you! It has plenty of power, and then some, to spare.
    Besides its other-worldly stereo separation, its more-natural sound allows a lower level of reverb in the mix, which I prefer. And even though my voice is, at best, average, running vocals through it is a treat: clear and distinct reproduction.
    For a single box stereo keyboard amp, this little guy is remarkable!

  • from March 16, 2015

    Better than expected

    I received this over the weekend and took it to a gig that night. This thing is GREAT. the stereo separation is incredible. There is more than enough power for where I was at(club seated 100+). I have used MANY different systems over the years for my keyboard set-up. The Spacestation is small, and LOUD. You will not find a better system for your keys. I play mostly small bars and clubs and this is going to be more than adequate. I might add a powered sub woofer for some of the low synth sounds I use. If you play keyboards and are tired of dragging around your own personnel PA, this is for you. I used this with my new NEO Ventilator 2. You would have thought I had a B3 on stage. I am beyond happy with my purchase.

  • from March 16, 2015

    Can you hear me now? YES!

    Ok, let me start by saying that the Spacestation I'm talking about here is my Keyboard player's speaker. Not mine. I'm am the drummer. We had rehearsal yesterday and he brought this speaker in for the first time. We are a straight up rock band. We play loud. When he said he was going to replace his 2 QSC K12s on stage with this little thing, I laughed when I saw it. Well, I'm not laughing now. OMG, this thing is unbelievable. It fills the room (somehow) with full, rich stereo sound. I'm not sure how it does this but it is just as loud and clear on the opposite side of the room. Bottom line, it impressed me so much I wanted to share my thoughts with you here. Get this little speaker ASAP!

  • from Los Angeles, CA March 5, 2015Music Background:
    Pro Musician


    This thing is amazing! I'm completely blown away by how this amp fills up a room. My Leslie effects are really impressive. In addition to keyboards, I also play accordion. I own a Roland digital accordion. It affords me the opportunity to play and walk around the room while playing. The cool thing about that is that I can really experience the way the cabinet fills up the room with stereo sound. No matter where I go in the room, the full stereo sound follows me. It sounds great.

  • from United States February 21, 2015Music Background:
    pro musician, recording/live sound Eng. hobbyist

    beyond expectations

    I had misgivings when I ordered this.....I figured due to it's small size it would lack "punch".
    One thing I fully understand is MID-SIDE stereo recording, so seeing this as a reverse engineered M/S array, it peaked my curiosity enough to pre-order one.
    It arrived and I've been putting it through its paces.
    I was using an ancient "Audio Centurion" 2ch 200w wedge monitor as my stage amp. It's big, heavy as hell but sounds nice and goes deep.
    So here is the new Spacestation sitting next to it now...it's 1/2 the size and weight. Really, my microwave is bigger than this speaker. It's got some heft, around 40lbs...with a big handle on top for portage.
    The spacestation has plenty of output. It's damn loud, ...and not anemic sounding at all. I'm sure w/a sub it really kicks ***...but dont let the small size fool you. It packs some power, and you can feel the impact.
    Stereo affect is surreal. Wurlitzer w/a heavy tremolo is creamy sounding. Rhodes w/some stereo chorus.....to die for. Clavinet w/some phlanger is excellent. But the cherry on top is my Hammond XK-1 > Neo Inst. MiniVENT for organ. Holy ****! It is the best sounding fake leslie I've never heard. The magic of the speaker mixed w/the kick *** simulation from the miniVent is what YOU WANT if you're playing a lot of organ.

  • from Sterling, VA February 18, 2015Music Background:
    Pro Musician

    SS V.3 is a great speaker/amp

    When you first hear the stereo it's amazing. EPs sound great, organs sound great. APs sound great when the width control is turned up a little.

  • from February 16, 2015

    Not just for keyboards!

    Okay, so well, I am NOT a keyboard player. I do however play an electric harp running with a stereo output, utilizing various stereo effects, and have been greatly underwhelmed by the Bose L1 in this application, as well as the puny sounding Lucas Nano, and other amps more suited for guitar. No set up I have ever satisfied my snootiness for a clear, detailed and warm sound for my instrument in a live setting, especially since I have been spoiled by JBL monitors at home...


    The Space Station is perfect for me. And I've even heard that JBL had a hand in designing the Space Station, and if true, it shows. I truly feel like I get to take my expensive monitors from home and use them in alive setting, retaining most of the things I love about my home monitors, but in a compact, single monitor stereo package...Before get g the Space Station, I dreamed about bringing my good monitors with me everywhere I play, and now, thankfully, I feel like I can do the next best thing, but with more convenience!

    Truly awesome!

  • from Boise, Idaho February 6, 2015Music Background:
    Pro Musician


    As a pro musician, I can tell you that everything you may have heard or read about the Spacestation V3 is all true. I've had mine since October of '14 and am truly in love with it. I use mine in conjunction with a Casio PX-350M and a Roland BK7m backing module. I've used it in a very large room with over 500 people without having to use more than 25% of volume. If my DB meter reads 95 at the speaker, it reads 95 at the far end of the room as well, all in full, mind-blowing stereophonic sound. I re-cently experienced a technical problem with the unit. I called Aspen Pittman, the genius inventor of Center Point Stereo and explained the problem. He went out of his way to correct the problem and I was back in action within 24 hours. I rate the service at 10 stars. Don't wait...order one of these bad boys today. ...Johnny Downing.

  • from Florida, United States January 23, 2015Music Background:
    semi-pro musician

    Yeah, it's all true

    I've had mine for several months now. It quickly has become my go-to keyboard amp, and my more expensive amp gear is now gathering dust.

    It does take a while to get used to what it does, as it's fundamentally different than any amplification system out there, but it really does the job. Once you learn to place it well, etc. you find yourself preferring it to other keyboard amps and/or self-powered PA units.

    Don't be fooled by the 8" woofer, there's plenty of bass, even without a bass coupling effect with the stage. You may think you need more watts, but you don't -- plenty of headroom in this unit. The sound dispersion means you don't have to play as loud, and everyone can still hear you fine. The more "stereo" your signal (leslie, chorus, pans, reverb, etc.) the better.

    Also good as a small PA for smaller acts in smaller spaces. Great stereo sound everywhere, you can be heard, and patrons can still have a conversation without shouting at each other.

    Built like a tank, and supported by Aspen Pittman, who's a great guy. There's a growing community of keyboard players who now swear by it, and I'm one of them.

    Place your order and get in line -- this one's a winner, and destined to be a classic.

  • from NC December 18, 2014Music Background:
    Pro Jazz Musician and Teacher


    If you use stereo sounds/effects then you need this! It is really more than a keyboard amp but that is the best place to categorize it. I use this for my Hammond SK2 and the Leslie simulation is unbelievable. The bottom end is way better than the size of the speaker would suggest and the sound actually 'blooms' as you get away from it. Stereo in all points of a venue--this is it. You have to hear it to really understand it. Should be a $900 'amp.'

  • from Saugerties NY November 19, 2014Music Background:
    51 Yrs. Pro Musician, A&R, Project Mgr.


    I bought these units some time ago. I have been using them in my live Stereo set up as well as in my Project Studio. They have a pronounced, warm, clear, sound. They handle equalization well. The Stereo effect is perfect because you don't notice it until you realize the sound is around you. This is made considerably more of an experience if you are using BBE Max Coms for processing. These units may be employed in any number of sound configurations. They handle Base well but for that thump they have a Sub out which is also beneficial when feeding other units. "Gotta Luv me I'm The Babie" You'll Love this dinosaur to.

  • from Brooklyn, NY November 12, 2014Music Background:
    Keyboard Player

    Great Amp, Excellent Build and Sound

    IMHO, quite possibly my favorite keyboard amp yet. I have previously used 3 different types of setups with my keyboards. I'm now using a Yamaha MOXF-8 with the CPS Spacestation V. 3 and an 8" Sub. WOW, what a difference. I have the CPS sitting on top of the sub to the left of the keyboard, and I can adjust the width control so that it actually sounds like there is another speaker cabinet on the right side of the room. What I really enjoy is the headroom the amp allows for, especially for the tone wheel voices, I don't get the muddy bass notes that I had before or the rattling and buzzing of the speakers. It is clean and solid, and the stereo imaging is as good as I've ever heard. Now, I'm sure that a great sound can be had in other speaker or amp configurations, but this is 18" tall and 11" by 11" square and only $599.00. Try getting this kind of sound in a footprint that small for that price, it just is not going to happen. I am glad I took the chance on this and pre-ordered mine. I've had it for a few weeks now, and I'm loving it. In conclusion, I would like to thank Aspen Pittman for not giving up and bringing us a Version 3 of this amp, and to Sweetwater for bringing it to us.

  • from Bonney Lake, WA November 5, 2014Music Background:
    Lifelong musical enthusiast / composer / performer

    Solid - Wonderful Tone

    I have had mine for a few weeks now. This is by far the most solid amp I have ever owned ... built like a tank ... and the tone coming out of it is absolutely wonderful! I run my Roland V-Combo VR-09 keyboard through it and have found everything Aspen has said about it to be true. Thank you Aspen! I don't know how you did it ... but am glad you did. Try one for yourself and see if it makes you as happy as mine has made me. And thanks to Sweetwater for bringing it to market!

  • from Phoenix, AZ September 27, 2014Music Background:
    multi instrumental hobbyist

    You need one!

    I have the version 2 of the Spacestation that I bought from Sweetwater, and ridiculously useful it is. I use it for a bass amp when I'm playing small rooms with a drummer and a strong piano player. It's a must have for guitar stereo FX (for once, chorus and reverb aren't just mud on the stage). Makes a nice PA box for small band that wants an actual stereo presence around the room and not just the sweet spot.

    If you are a guitar modeling player, GT's and Line 6 pedals, why haven't you bought the thing already?! This is made for you! Sounds better than anything out there at low volumes, and may be all you need for everything but blistering volumes!

    The thing the surprised me the most was that it is pretty damn loud if you need it to be. I've never had it cranked, and never felt even slightly underpowered. I put it on top of my little tube amps (5-20watt) for my time-domain stuff, and it easily keeps up with the guitar amp.

    I was sad when GT stopped making it, glad to see it's back on the market. No matter who you are, this will have several uses in your musical career!

  • from United States September 23, 2014Music Background:
    Professional keyboard player, and lead vocalist.

    Small, well crafted, and best of all a sound all of own

    I have watched Aspen's video describing his invention and I was very interested to say the least. I was so impressed with the concept I pre-ordered two of them! Last week they came. I was impressed right off the bat with the Tolex covering, and overall quality of the cabinet. I hooked it up to my IPod and played a Galactic song "Blue Pepper". This song has organ, horns, and great drumming. I invited my band in to hear this new marvel. All of them were just as amazed as I was. We all agreed we heard parts in the song we never heard before. We walked around the room as Aspen described in the demo he gave,walked through doorways and still we heard everything. The next day we had band practice. I have always had some of the best keyboards around and my rig is first class. I set everything in my EQ flat, and plugged in the left/right inputs. I played an organ patch on my Nord Electro 4D, and the Leslie and overall realism was astonishing. I new heard the Leslie spin up like that. I used to gig with a B-3 and two 122 Leslies so I really know what they sound like. Next was a Rhodes, and Wurly patch on my Nord Stage 2. Again the grit of the Wurly, and the tines in the rhodes sounded like I was sitting in between the sweetest stereo I ever had. Last but not least was the Grand piano patch. Why was I not surprised but the shear realism of this patch because of the Space Station. Between the width control, the mid control, and the tweeter control this speaker can sound anyway you like it to. I was so impressed I personally congradulated Aspen Pittman himself. His passion and genius has really shown through, and the next step is equip the band with more of these and do so real exploring with the sound of the future. Maybe playing out again will be fun and uncluttered with out a thousand overtones competing for space on the stage. I can't wait to try it out live!!

  • from April 22, 2017


    Great tone, nice size.

  • from Pacific Northwest April 19, 2017Music Background:
    Occasional performer

    The Only

    The great thing about Aspen's Spacestation is that you can have stereo sound in one package for under 40 lbs. The down side? Well, the stereo image depends on having something to reflect the sideways speaker, which isn't the case if you're in a practice room with loud guitars and carpeted walls. Still -- it beats lugging in two amps. And I can put my vocals through this instead of the PA at the rehearsal room. It sounds better & I can actually hear myself (tho I do have to watch where I point the mike).

    While I sometimes wish the low speaker had a bit more resonance to it, I can't say it's actually necessary unless a strong low-frequency presence is desired. I'd rather have the higher quality that Aspen insisted on than a bigger but cheaper speaker. I bought mine two years ago, and I've never regretted it.

    Thank you Aspen, and thank you Sweetwater.

  • from Minnesota June 4, 2016Music Background:
    Part time gigging musician

    Love It

    Great sound and clarity. I've been using my SSV.3 for some time now, with my Yamaha arrangers at smaller gigs. The SSV.3 does the best job yet of my PA's, of defining the voices and styles of my arrangers. It also makes it much easier for my audiences, mostly seniors, to hear and enjoy my music.

    My other PA system that I regularly use are two Bose Compacts. They are excellent but I get every bit as much stereo definition out of my SSV.3.

    I probably should have rated my SSV.3 five stars but tend not to rate anything as perfect, although this PA/amp is just super.

    Many have said that this amp is lacking a bit on the bass end. I find that somewhat true. However, when using my SSV.3, I EQ more bass on my arrangers which works well playing live. Most of my gigs are smaller in a more intimate setting for which the SSV.3 is perfect. When I play larger gigs, I will also use a sub from time to time.

    One other thing, a little width goes a long way I've found in defining stereo effect. I find I don't need a lot to get a good sound.

    I highly recommend the SSV.3.

  • from April 28, 2016


    I finally get to hear my motif xf sound like it suppose to sound..... And when I hooked my Hammond xk1c up to it. The Leslie effect just blew me away. The only down part is I had to buy a mixer with it. Probably will add a subwoofer too. But overall this is a great amp.

  • from San Diego CA March 9, 2016

    A step forward in Keyboard Amp Experience

    I sing and play an SV-1 88 Korg connected to my SV3 when performing in a small venue environment. I have received very positive feedback regarding the clarity and the "surround" feel of the sound. Yet I have noted that I can achieve this quality of sound, at much lower sound volume (in comparison to my previous amplifier). This in turn has helped my singing, as my voice now cuts through the mix with very little effort (i.e.; at a lower voice volume). I have found connecting a subwoofer to be highly desirable to optimize the bass experience. Since I sit within a couple of feet from the SV3, I do hear a hiss/hum, which seems intrinsic to the amp (i.e.; present when disconnected from all other equipment) and this was not remedied with a humX. The hum is not noticeable at the intended hearing distance of the audience, particularly at a moderate volume or higher.

  • from Annapolis January 26, 2016Music Background:
    Long time rocker.

    Great solution

    I've been looking for a good keyboard amp that can handle the differing dynamic ranges of acoustic pianos, synths, organs, etc. The reviews I had read of the Spacestation were excellent but I'm not inclined to buy anything without hearing it first. In this case I took a chance and I couldn't be more pleased. It is a different experience with sound delivered from three sources but it's an amazing amount of sound and the stereo depth is wonderful. I did get the Behringer 12" powered subwoofer which adds great low end. I'm still experimenting and haven't even scratched the surface of its potential but I'm looking forward to the process.

  • from December 18, 2015Music Background:
    Professional Musician - Keyboardist


    After reading a number of reviews on this Amp, I decided to bite the bullet and get one. I would not have normally bought an amplifier without first hearing it. However, as a keyboard player I have never been satisfied with any combo amps on the market. I have in recent years used QSC speakers and a small mixer and have been happy with that sound. However, I have wanted a small combo amp to use for smaller gigs rather than hauling a P/A rig.
    This small package amp not only met my expectations but significantly exceeded them. Great sound on stereo piano and electric pianos. But, what really sets this apart is playing an organ through this amp. It takes a simulated rotary effect to a different level.
    The only reason I did not give this a 5 star rating is the first unit I received had a distortion on lower notes even a low volumes. However, the replacement that I promptly got from Sweetwater did not have this issue, and as I said above performed above my expectations.

  • from Frazier Park, CA December 2, 2015Music Background:
    Week end warrior

    Spacestation v.3

    I was not new to CPS when I purchased the spacestation v.3. I also own the MKII. The units enhance the keyboard stereo experience. There isn't anything like it. But there is a learning curve. Don't expect it to be like all the other keyboard amps on the market. It is completely different. If you crave 132 dB sound pressure levels all night long, this won't do it for you. If you run your keyboard amp at "11", you will be horribly disappointed. Not to say the unit cannot get loud, for it can. It's accumulative wattage is 280 real watts. But this unit uses an 8" front speaker and a 6.5" side speaker in a small cabinet. I think it puts out about 118 dB. But like I said, you can't compare this unit to other amps. It's apples and kumquats. It would be best to go to his site and watch all his videos. When you use this amp the whole room gets enveloped in a sonic experience that only "being there" could bring understanding. It livens up any stereo patch and makes it float around the room at equal levels throughout. It also causes your keyboard to mix well with the rest of the band and everybody can hear. It would be almost the perfect monitor. Also, a friend who plays acoustic guitar wasn't liking the sound of a lot of amps he was plugged into, but he liked this one. I had to pry his fingers off of it so I could take it home. I think he liked it. So like Aspen said, it's for small to medium sized rooms (but with a subwoofer all bets are off). But like I said, there is a learning curve. It is not like all the other amps out there, even the supposed stereo amps. With a little experimentation and a subwoofer, this amp is nothing but amazing.

  • from July 31, 2015Music Background:
    audiophile mix master and performer

    get it

    Honestly, better than the hype for real.
    If i had to have a negative, it would be that the eq control is a bit too sensitive making it tricky to get my highly anal retentive tone perfect as quickly as possible

  • from McRae, GA July 16, 2015Music Background:
    Performer, Producer, Instructor, Multi-Instrumentalist


    With all the hype, I had to take the plunge. I just received mine Spacestation V.3 yesterday & immediately took it to the studio & gave it a test run on my old Nord Electro 2. Let me say, it's pretty much everything I expected from the rave reviews. Solid build, big sound, stereo image, and sound purity. When you read other reviews of how the amp sounds great throughout the room, even while standing in other rooms, it's true. My musical partner can attest - I walked in the next room while he was playing an organ patch, and I came back in with a big grin on my face and an internal giggle. This thing really does sound consistent and maintains a stereo image no matter where you are located. My first gig with it is tonight, and from what my test run revealed, it should have no problem keeping up with our 9-piece show band in an outside setting. I'll run a direct out to our house system and sit back & enjoy plenty of my own sound, and with the 300* spread, the band will be able to hear exactly what I'm hearing. There is really no need to run my keyboard rig into the monitor system anymore. The evenly dispersed stereo spread is incredible.

    Here is something that seems to be apparent to me. When adjusting the frequency sweeps, if you will narrow the stereo width, you will probably be able to hear the adjustments better, or at least that's my impression running organ patches with my Nord. The adjustments are not major - no huge EQ sweeps, so you will have to get used to dialing in your taste.

    Just a couple of observations - I heard the rotary emulations on my Nord better than I have on any other system, including running stereo into my Pro Tools rig. The low rotor & high rotor were much more detailed. There seems to be more than enough power for most gigs. The size & weight is awesome for guys who want to downsize. One of my earlier keyboard amps was a box-shaped Peavey KB300 on casters - a beast to move around, so the small footprint, weight & manageability of the CPS is awesome. Don't let the diminutive size fool you - it has some power. I'm eager to try this amp out at a coffee shop gig as a small PA, and letting my buddies & studio guys run stereo guitar effects through it. I'm also eager to try it on stage pianos, other keyboards, and I'll even run some VI's from my DAW. Perhaps my 5-star rating is premature, but after my quick test drive, I really think the 5-star rating will hold.

    Very happy with this purchase, and thanks to Dennis Konicki for his awesome (as always) help, even on his birthday!

  • from Iowa USA February 9, 2015Music Background:
    Keyboard player 40+ years Iowa rock and Roll Hall of Fame Inductee

    Keyboard Review

    This amp is a great product and is well worth the money. I have in hooked up to my Nord Stage 2 88 and the sound is amazing like nothing I have ever heard!!

  • from San Jose, CA USA November 10, 2014Music Background:
    Earned a living in Vegas style duo for 5 years.

    Very interesting speaker.

    This speaker sounds really good. Now for those who have time to read more, I will say more. A sub speaker is highly complimentary for certain kinds of music. If you need to sound big and full, you'd better add a sub.
    A sub is clearly recommended by Aspen Pittman in his Youtube demos.
    Now, that said, the speaker is plenty of fun to listen to by itself. Maybe EQ in more bass or pull back the built in high and mid EQ. I initially listened spellbound to several classic favorite albums and heard them with "3D" depth like never before. The speaker does have front to back depth as well as side to side depth. Now. to be critical, side to side depth is not as wide as a pair of PA monitors set 15 feet apart. But who cares? This speaker is touted as a really great setup for an intimate stage environment, and with a sub (I have a somewhat entry level Behringer 15" keyboard amp that puts the lows where they should be) it sound big and full. I want to be fair, that putting some mp3's that are at 128kbps will not produce alchemy. If you want to sound big and full, you best put WAV quality through it for live playing in my humble opinion. If you want an at home mp3 companion it does QUITE nicely. The only reason I did not give 5 stars is because I was sort of hoping to get away with not using a sub for live playing with rhythm tracks. "Any cheap sub" is the claim, and I will go along with that. Thank you Sweetwater and thank you Aspen Pittman.

  • from Athens, Ga. July 9, 2016Music Background:
    pro -keys, guitar, bass


    Great amp for organ sounds, haven't tried anything else besides keyboards. Plenty of power for such a small amp. Added a small mixer with XLR outs to house makes this a great rig for shows.

  • from September 8, 2015

    Love my Spacestation

    The only reason I didn't give this a 5 star rating is that I wish it had another stereo pair of inputs so I could run 2 keyboards without an additional mixer. I also purchased a Behringer subwoofer when I need to play keybass. The Spacestation itself will work great when I have a bassist and simply need to provide piano/Rhodes/Wurly sounds. The sense of stereo in the room is awesome. Very clean sound and is loud enough for the gigs I play. I'm not in any R and B or Rock bands at this time. If and when I play a gig like that, will see if it's loud enough.

  • from Merritt Island, FL March 23, 2015Music Background:
    Pro live and studio

    Delivers as advertised

    I am a keyboard player (think 80's) with a strong background in piano (classical / jazz). I have a large keyboard rig with a Motif XS8 at the heart of it, so needed full range monitoring for myself when with the group, and for small venues as a PA. This monitor fits the bill perfectly, but not without some teething troubles.

    The unit itself has a lower frequency range of only 100 hz as stated by the builder. Apen Pittman himself recommends adding a small sub-woofer. I bought one simultaneously with the unit, knowing it would need one for keyboards. Since the Spacestation has it's historic origin with Fender, I thought I would be clever and buy a Fender PS-512 powered sub to go with. Although it is a nice sub, it tips the scales at 66 lbs and costs about $500. The problem I had was that when connected to the Spacestation as per design (stereo signal into Spacestation, sub out into sub) I was getting low end distortion in the Spacestation through the 8" woofer as it was being forced to carry lower mids, lows and extreme lows.

    What I did was switch the sub to a Behringer Eurolive B1200D-Pro powered sub (about $300 and 43 lbs, same power). The difference with this sub is that it has a built-in stereo crossover with a 100 hz high pass filter, the 100 hz being the same as the low end of the Spacestation. Now I run stereo signal into the subs inputs, and the stereo outputs of the sub (with < 100 hz cut) into the Spacestation inputs. The difference was very obvious. It also gives me better control as the Spacestation sub-out is post input gain, and any change of the Spacestation level control changes the sub with it. In addition the Behringer has filtering controls to adjust the upper corner of the sub envelope as well as a sweep-able 10db boost that can be defeated. Of course it also comes with a phase inversion switch. It is nearly identical to the weight of the Spacestation, making the combo much more portable than with the Fender amp.

    I would highly recommend adding this sub to the Spacestation to make this monitoring system complete.

    The only other negative I have noticed with the Spacestation, and the only reason for not giving highest points, is that the unit 'colors' the mid-range frequencies a bit. I made up for this with some selective EQ. I was not happy having to do this (I'm spoiled with some of my other gear) but over all when looking at the price, purpose and how it performs, I am very happy with this unit.

  • from Phoenix April 11, 2017Music Background:
    Professional musician

    Space Station Center Point Stereo

    Great when combined w the Behringer Urolive Sub. On the third gig w it, it amp just quit in the middle of a tune....no power, but no fuse or breaker. Sweetwater guys had me a replacement in under a week. Will see how this one does. Great stereo keyboard amp. Great for guitar solo or duo if you use a little mixer. Since the sub out is full range, you can use as a DI.
    Pretty small footprint. Designed to be on the floor and preferably tilted back.

  • from November 25, 2016

    Word to the wise

    Like many keyboard players I was THRILLED to read about the acoustic magic the SS V.3 was said to be capable of. Having owned one for the past year I'm not as thrilled.

    Just as a speaker it has noticeable shortcomings. Compared to a QSC k10, around the same price, I get neither the volume or bass I want. I need a second speaker to add to the bass, which I really don't like having to do. And the volume output doesn't come close to keeping up with a loud band. The K10 has neither of these problems. But also for just straightahead sound quality, the SS V.3 comes up lacking compared to the K10: I do a test with my Nord stage piano sounds, going chromatically up the scale to listen for honks, volume blaring and other undesireable speaker reproduction qualities as well as general pleasantness of sound, and the K10 passes this test (unlike most speakers I've tried), the SS V.3 does not do so well.

    But as far as the 3d sound- it definitely works, but not without a fair share of caveats. It's pretty easy to blast out another musician because of the side firing speaker, but that is manageable by doing things like having the side speaker facing down and reflecting off the floor. However, I must be in the minority I suppose of people who rarely got the 3d effect the way I wanted it. Either drowning in a wash of new age-y sound, or not enough to really notice. I know alot of guys have had great results from their SS v.3, so I chalk this one up to my ears and the places i tend to play in.

    But beyond that, there's a transparency of sound with the k10 that is 3d in and of itself (when used up close as a personal monitor in my room), it's like no frequencies are over or under represented, Once I realized I finally had a gold standard to judge speakers by, it made my life much easier.

    Aspen Pittman is a great guy and offers as much after sale support as you could want, but I wouldn't have bought this speaker knowing what I know now. I'd possibly buy it if: 1) It was lighter, at 42 pounds it's in the same weight range as many 12" boxes and still requires a separate bass speaker 2) Was at least on par with the K10 for fidelity, inherent spacious sound 3) Had at least a 10" front firing speaker for more bass 4) Had a higher spl. For what it is I think its a worthy effort, but this isn't the 70's and 80's where personally designed speakers pass muster. There's entire teams of engineers that work on speakers these days with alot of computer assist, and you can tell, modern speakers are several big steps up in sound quality, weight and overall output.

  • from Gap, PA May 20, 2016


    I had a need for a good keyboard monitor that would be particularly good for organ and the stereo rotary (leslie) effect. The reviews on the Center Point Spacestation V3 are overwhelmingly positive as are the comments you hear on various music-forums and that is what convinced me to purchase the SSv3.

    The SSv3 is indeed loud and really does project in a wide range of directions (clearly much better than a typical wedge/monitor or keyboard amp). Unfortunately I personally find the SSv3 to be completely underwhelming in sound quality for the price compared to the overall sound quality you get from a comparably-priced powered PA speaker such as the QSC K12. The bottom end is non-existent and the highs sound very brittle to me. Although there is adjustment for the mids and highs, they don't make much of a difference. With my Keyboardpartner.de HX3 organ expander going through a Neo Ventilator II, adjusting the highs on the SSv3 have no perceivable effect in my ears; however, with an MP3 player going through the SSv3, I can hear the slight changes with the eq adjustments. I have also found that the stereo rotary effect of the Neo Vent II does not give me the spacious, stereo effect I was expecting from reading the reviews. Last thing is that there are no balanced inputs or output(s) and that is very unfortunate. I do have a powered sub woofer that goes with my TV surround system and when I added the subwoofer to the SSv3 it really made the SSv3 A LOT more satisfying - the issue is that I now have to cart a sub with the SSv3 which removes the convenience of the fairly small and portable package. Additionally, if you are using the only output to drive a sub woofer, you now don't have an additional output(s) to go to the PA!

    Bottom Line - if you need the wide listening range, this is great; however you sacrifice sound quality and dynamic range over a similarly priced powered PA speaker.

    - loud
    - listening range is really amazingly wide
    - fairly small/portable package

    - extremely expensive for what you get - (the benefit over a similarly-priced powered PA speaker is the listening range but the sound quality is just not there)
    - no balanced inputs/output - should have a separate sub woofer output and additional "stereo" outputs to go to PA
    - mid and (particularly) the high adjustment knobs have little effect
    - requires a sub woofer if you want to feel any kind of satisfaction out of playing an organ or playing music from an MP3/CD player
    - stereo imaging for the rotary speaker is really not what I expected based on the reviews I read

    I decided to keep the SSv3 because it did work quite well with my acoustic guitar. With the TC Electronic BodyRez pedal, the acoustic guitar does sound very satisfying. With the pre-amp on the acoustic it is easier to roll off the brittle highs and does not require a strong bottom end.

  • from Sacramento March 29, 2016Music Background:
    42 years professional keyboardist

    Overpriced and underperforms

    This systems cannot handle the bass so a sub is a must. Considering that, and the price, and the limitations on the back panel and it gets 1 star.
    If you are playing with acoustic drums and amplified guitars this systems cannot keep up. With a sub it does better but that obviates the ďall-in-oneĒ package that it pretends to be. If you want to move and set up a two speaker mini P.A. then there are better options for less money.
    For living room rehearsals and coffeehouse guitar and vocals it would probably be fine but, again, with the back panel offering only stereo 1/4" inputs there are much better offerings.
    The system is also very finicky about the inputs. I had a compressor/limiter/gate between my audio source and the V.3 and that caused a host of intermittent issues. All was sorted and solved but it still is not all the hype stated. It may work for many but not for me and my needs.

  • from January 12, 2016

    Got to Crank it Up

    Purchased for use with a stage piano as a practice amp in an apartment. Unless the volume is turned up (at least half-way), the bass response is muddy,the treble is flat and the 3-D feature isn't audible. Not useful as a practice amp (with neighbors) which was my main reason for purchasing it.

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