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Magix Sound Forge Audio Studio 10 Reviews

3.5 stars based on 10 customer reviews
  • Bibi
    from New York January 3, 2016Music Background:
    Music Producer

    Professional Tool

    It's been about 15 years that I've been using Sound Forge for audio editing purposes.
    I can not imagine anything better and handy than this software...
    Love my new Sound Forge 10!!!

  • Customer
    from March 27, 2015


    Much more user friendly than Audacity.

  • Albert Sekely
    from Johnstown, Pennsylvania December 6, 2013Music Background:
    Musician, Project Recording Studio Owner, Mixing, Mastering

    Works as Advertised

    For the money, this product works very well. I use it for the "mastering" phase of my projects.

    I am still looking for a way to place and save a chain of plug-ins, otherwise, everything is good.

  • Patrick
    from Las Vegas March 19, 2014Music Background:
    Pro Musician, Record Producer, Song Writer

    Just What I Needed

    Just what I needed. I'm using it to master and normalize my own backing tracks for my shows and projects. The included iZotope Audio Enhancer is a sweet deal. My only regret is that it doesn't come with a detailed manual for reference and support. Maybe coming soon?

  • Ted G.
    from Mesa, AZ July 2, 2013Music Background:
    Music Hobbyist

    Cool Deal!!

    I, occasionally, like to edit some of my favorite dance tracks to my own specs. With Sony Sound Forge Audio Studio 10 and a small amount of time and effort, it's all possible.

  • d.j. bradley
    from west plains, MO May 8, 2012Music Background:
    guitars acoustic and electric, singer, keyboard, engineer

    An Oldie Still A Goodie

    Six years ago I used to record artists like Broadway types, folk people and opera singers direct to Sound Forge. I used a rack reverb and rack compressor to a Mackie mixer on the fly. It was quick because these kind of musicians try to get it right on the first take.

    Wham. Done. The new Sony version has the same nice spacial good looks and logical pull downs. It makes imported media sound good for reasons unknown.

    The included simplified Izotope sweetening plug-in is a trip. I just did a folkie on Audacity then dumped it into Sound Forge. Brought up a Greg Brown number for an "A" reference then tweaked my folk number with the Izotope to sound like the reference. Izotope is muy powerful and the simplest plug in I have encountered. Like, master city!

    Fun, fun, fun. Four stars because of Sony's maddening registration process. Good luck on that horror. And the Izotope registration is worse. Copying long strings of numbers in 4 point type. Programs will not work if you don't get it right. Give me a break, some strong reading glasses and some Ibupropin. Idiots.

  • Buford Smith
    from Red Level, AL. August 15, 2011Music Background:
    Pastor, Musician, and Recording Engineer

    Sony Sound Forge 10 is great!

    It does exactly what I need and without complications. Easy to use and efficient. And the 24 bit and whatever khz. you need to do your mastering is great.

  • Byron Marks
    from Port Orford, Oregon October 15, 2011Music Background:
    Hobby banjo player

    Sony Sound Forge

    Rating this product on the basis of my use so far is not really fair, seeing that this is my first experience with a sound editing program. But be that as it may, my experience so far is that the program is way over-weighted with computer slang (cut-and-paste, user interface - etc.) and should have, instead of the talky but seemingly incomplete "ask me how" prompts, a step-by-step task oriented instruction manual that starts with the simplest tasks, referring to a chart with numbers assigned to the various software "buttons" and a pathway chart referring to the numbered buttons to be used in sequence to accomplish various tasks. As it stands now, I'd pay an extra $20 for a copy of that book!

  • Jeffrey Williamson
    from KS April 28, 2017

    Games with Activation codes

    You purchase the software and then one day in use you find that portions no longer function. Then you try to get a hold of Magix (used to be Sony) and they send you new codes that don't work. In the meantime you're wasting hours of your own time. Beware!!!

  • jd
    from Denver, CO USA April 14, 2014Music Background:


    "Sound Forge works on a mutichannel basis but is actually a single track editor."

    "You can record instruments from Sound Forge but all of the audio files coming in will be mono."

    Great if you want to revamp a vinyl or take vocals out of songs. Otherwise not impressive at all.

    The customer service from Sony is also lacking.

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