Phonic Sonic Station 32 No Longer Available

32-channel Mixer with 30 Mic Preamps, Digital Effects, and Four Stereo Aux Returns
Item ID: SonicSt32

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Phonic Sonic Station 32 image 1

Sorry, the Phonic Sonic Station 32 is no longer available. We've left this page up for reference only. Check out the great alternatives on this page or call toll-free (800) 222-4700 to speak with a Sweetwater Sales Engineer about similar products.

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Phonic Sonic Station 32
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Incredible Mixer Quality and Value!

The Sonic Station 32 is bursting with inputs! Every channel has a Mic preamp with phantom power, balanced line inputs, a 3-band EQ with swept-mid (4-band EQ on stereo channels), and six AUX sends (two with pre/post buttons). Mono channels have insert points for connection to external processors and direct outputs with pre-fader switches for multi-track recording. But that's not all. The built-in 32/40-bit digital effect processor has 16 awesome programs, main parameter control, foot switch control and tap delay. A built-in talkbalk Mic makes communicating with the talent easy, and a 12V lamp socket provides all the light you need when working in dark environments. And if you get any sub "Sonic" noise in your Mics just hit the low cut filter to get rid of breath pops, stage rumble and wind noise. Top it off with a variable low pass filter for use with subwoofers, four true subgroups and Record Out with trim control, and you've got a perfect mixer for live events or studio mixing.

Phonic Sonic Station 32 At-a-Glance:
  • Great for Live or Studio Use
  • Built-in Effects
  • Flexible Routing Options

Great for Live or Studio Use
The 30 mic/line channels on the Sonic Station 32 provide enough inputs to track an entire band without the need to submix. You've also got 30 insert points to integrate external effects into the mix. The Sonic Station 32 is great for both live or studio work - or a combination of the two. The recording outputs have a trim control for record level matching. There are also direct outs to connect to a multi-track for added recording capabilities.

Built-in Dual DFX Effects
The Sonic Station 32 is loaded with effects to add the finishing touches to yoour mix. The 24-bit digital multi-effects processor offers 16 different effects. Phonic's DFX utilizes 24-bit signal processors to produce real time stereo effects. The Dual DFX processors come with multiple preset programs like delay, reverb, symphonic, flange and user-defined options. Give your mix the digital edge with Phonic's DFX.

Flexible Routing Options
The Sonic Station 32 is loaded with options for routing signal to and from the mixer. Between the insert points, the 28 direct outs for recording, the aux sends and returns, and the recording outs with trim control, there are tons of paths for audio. Whether you're looking to create monitor mixes, headphone mixes, or mixing down tracks, the Sonic Station 32 can handle it all. It even has a built-in talkback mic for communicating with the talent in a studio setting.

Phonic Sonic Station 32 Features:
  • 30 Mic preamps
  • Dual digital effect engines, each with 16 programs plus one main parameter control, tap delay and foot switch jacks
  • 28 direct outputs with pre-fader switch for multi-track recording
  • Rec out with independent trim control
  • Talkback Mic built-in
  • Four stereo Aux returns, each with switches to route signal to AUX 1-4 (effect to monitor)
  • Groups 1-4 and Aux 1-4 can be swapped for monitor console use
  • Variable LPF on mono output for subwoofer
  • Six 12-segment level meters for main, group or Aux
  • Independent solo level control
  • 3-band channel EQ with swept mid-range on mono channels, 4-band EQ on stereo channels
  • Six Aux mixing bus, two pairs with pre/post switch
  • On, Signal and Peak/Solo LED indicators on each input channel
  • Pad switch on mono channels
  • Stereo channel with XLR, 1/4" and RCA inputs
  • 12V gooseneck lamp socket for dark working environments
  • Main stereo and mono out with XLR jacks and inserts
Phonic's Sonic State 32 - Great sound and affordable, too!

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