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Line 6 Sonic Port Reviews

4.0 stars based on 25 customer reviews
Questions about the Line 6 Sonic Port?

Questions about the Line 6 Sonic Port?

Or call us at (800) 222-4700

  • Rusty
    from June 21, 2017Music Background:

    Great for capturing line-in audio for videos

    That Sonic Port works great for adding line-in audio to an iPhone video, out of the box with no other software. Just plug it in after you start the camera app. Records stereo audio with the videos too. One caveat (not the products problem), videos uploaded to Instagram will be converted to mono, so keep that in mind. (I haven't tried FB yet). But, yes, this is a great solution to getting good audio to go with your videos.

  • combatcameraguy
    from July 24, 2015Music Background:
    Former music major. I own and play guitar, bass, drums, mandolin, cautro, pedal steel, keyboard, trumpet. I also record, mix, and master. I've played guitar for 24 years. I own 13 guitars: Gibson, Fender, Martin, Ibanez, Squire, Epiphone, Aria Pro II. I

    Sonic Port - Line 6

    I own a Line 6 Live X3 pedalboard. Because of this I think could almost sell the X3. I use this with my iPhone 6 and iPad mini Retina. The processing power of Apple products is literally years better than the X3. The Line 6 app is free to use once you own the sonic port. YOU DON'T HAVE TO BUY ANYTHING ELSE FOR TONES. If you have a guitar, amp, and iPhone/iPad, you're good to go. IT DOESN'T NEED TO BE POWERED. Plug it in and it works! Clean too. No pops or hums, or lags. It technically has two outputs. The main guitar output and the headphone output. You could get a headphone adapter and use this to split the same signal into two separate amps.

    With that being said, I purchased Jam Up Pro through the Apple app store because I prefer the interface over Line 6's. You wouldn't have to though. The line 6 app has tons of tones all free if you own this. More than the Jam up pro app, I think. You're able to share, modify, create, download, save tones in this app and Jam up pro. For me, I just do it faster with Jam up pro. I go back and forth between the two apps because really, "Who owns one single pedal?"

    Now the sick setup:
    I own a bose color speaker. It has it's own built in rechargeable battery. I put my guitar on, have my phone in one pocket the sonic port in another pocket and bose speaker goes in the small pocket of my backpack that i'm also wearing. I can walk around playing guitar. ANYWHERE. It's like i'm walking around with a digital futuristic pignose amp! But with THOUSANDS OF POSSIBLE TONES LITERALLY IN MY POCKET!

    If you like to street perform, here it is.
    If you like to edit tones, here it is.
    If your amp sucks, but the clean channel is ok, here it is.
    If you own an iPad/Iphone, here it is.
    If you own anything Android, It's totally not here.

  • J.m.
    from Queens, NY USA May 10, 2014Music Background:
    Pro Musician.

    sonic port

    This thing is so much fun. Nice, solid, substantial build. I use it with ampkit+ and it's so much fun. Has a small footprint. I am very happy with this purchase. I am also very happy with Sweetwater. Thanks.

  • Damian Urquidi
    from Rosemead, CA USA May 8, 2014Music Background:
    Composer, Guitarist, Music Teacher

    More than what is expected.

    I was just happy being able to practice at bedroom volume with this thing. But, when I went to rehearsal the other day I thought I'd try bypassing the amp and cabinet simulation in the mobile pod app and run a parametric eq, delay and reverb through the FX loop of my boogie rectifier. And it sounds great!!! Money well spent man!!! I don't need to bring my rack FX with me anymore, the iPad and the line 6 sonic port is all I need dude!!!

  • Dane Stokes
    from Dublin, Georgia April 28, 2014

    SonicPort Interface

    I have been using the SonicPort for about a month now, and WOW... so much better than the Irig or other cable rig devices available. No latency issues at all. I have been using it live with JamUp ProXT. the only complaint I have is in the design, It sucks to have to adapt 1/4 to XLR to go to PA when playing live. I think it would be an exceptable sacrifice in making the SonicPort a little larger to have a XLR and 1/4 output. Increasing the size of the unit to that of a standard DI box would be totally acceptable if you gained the extra connectivity options. Another nice option would be a MP3 in port.. But as is this is the best interface unit for iOS users there is..

  • Will C.
    from Yuba City, CA USA January 27, 2014Music Background:

    As good as it gets!

    I ordered the Line 6 Sonic Port after doing plenty of research on iOS connectors for guitar. I am NOT disappointed! It comes with connectors for 30 pin and Lightning(I use the Lightning on an iPad) It is small and easy to use. Setup is a snap. Within 5 min, including download of the free app, I was filling my headphones with a cacophony of 6 string noise. Yes, noise... The reason I say noise is because the free LINE 6 app is horrible. The effect and models are VERY synthetic and harsh. I tried a few other free apps and found the JamUp app to be the best sounding with more options, better controls, the ability to jam with your favorite songs, recording features and looping feature. But stop taking my word for it. If you need an iOS plug in device buy this one!

  • Mitch
    from Santa Cruz, Ca December 10, 2013Music Background:
    Hobbyist / Student

    Sonic Port Rocks!

    The Sonic Port is an awesome little gadget! This thing really rocks! I have been using the Sonic Port for about 6 months now and it functions and sounds as great as it looks. This thing is really well-built. I really appreciate the variety of interface options and the great sound you can get with it. I use this primarily for practicing utilizing my iPhone and I have this set-up to either play through my amp or just with headphones. Sounds great through my amp, btw. I am not using the supplied POD app as much, although it works great, but prefer the JamUp app, as this has a "jam" feature which I found useful for practicing new songs. In short, the Sonic Port looks, works and sounds great! I would definitely recommend this to anyone needing a high-quality iOS interface for their guitar.

  • Perry D
    from The Big Apple, NY August 16, 2013Music Background:
    Guitar Lover & Video Editor

    Line 6 Sonic Port

    The Sonic Port is a rock solid interface that works well with any and all Core audio guitar apps out there. For those of you disappointed with the Mobile POD app by Line 6, try AmpKit, Amplitube or JamUp ProXT, etc. These are much better than the free app Line 6 put out because they had to. Can't sell an interface if you don't have an app to use it with, is probably the reason Line 6 put one out. As you can see there are no upgrades or in-app purchases to Mobile POD, which means you can do better! The others all have pluses & minuses depending on user preferences but blow away the POD app.
    I have all the interfaces, iRig, iRig HD, AmpKit Link, Mobile In & Sonic Port & I think this one is the best all around.
    I bought the iRig & AmpKit Link when they came out because they were relatively inexpensive. Then I got the Mobile In which was cool but not practical because you have to plug it into the 30-pin connector. It would fall out a lot & if you have a case on your iOS device, you need an extension cable. So I got the iRig HD only because I had some Jam Points saved up on IK Multimedia's site and it cost me a lot less. I like it but I think the Sonic Port sound better. It probably has a limiter built into it but with most apps you can adjust the input level so I think it''s cleaner.
    Sorry, Sweetwater, I got it locally for a few dollars less.
    I hope this info helps. Rock on!

  • San Anders
    from Duson, LA July 22, 2013Music Background:

    Line 6 Sonic Port

    Most excellent interface. I use it with my iPad offshore and it is easy to use with an otterbox on he iPad. Works much better than the Line 6 Mobile In and works well with my Ampkit and Jam Up pro apps!! Also, it's nice to be able to plug it into a practice amp... It can turn a practice amp into something much more magical on the clean channel.

  • Jim Mosley
    from Kentuckiana April 7, 2016Music Background:
    Amateur Songwriter/Guitarist

    Quick and Easy iOS Interface

    I'm extremely happy with the Sonic Port. I was looking for something easy to use for practicing and capturing riffs and song ideas on my iPad 4th gen without firing up my whole guitar/recording rig. Works well with Ampkit, and the mobile Pod app has a lot of sounds, most of which I'll have to tweak to suit my tastes. It would be nice to monitor through the iPad speaker, but that is a minor quibble. Seriously considering trying it in a live setting, too. Thanks to Joel Helton for his help in choosing great piece of gear. As always, he and the entire Sweetwater team provided top notch service.

  • Josh
    from Pemberton, New Jersey January 6, 2015Music Background:
    Recording Engineer, Pro Musician

    Plug it in, make music. Perfect!

    Got this guy to use with my Iphone 6 and IPAD. Does the job. Digital, clean and 24/48k. I have noticed no real latency issues. No drop outs just clean guitar. I love the seperate output to drive an amp or pa which is why I picked this model. I haven't tried the pod software.(have many other Line 6 products) I mainly use Bias/Jamup.
    Only things that could take this purchase over the top, would be a mic pre, and pc connectivity. Not a deal breaker since I knew this going in. Try it you'll love it.

  • Wayne F.
    from Tulsa, OK November 7, 2014Music Background:
    30+ Year Garage Band Veteran

    Sonic Port

    Outstanding little piece of hardware! Works great with my passive and active basses. I use this for practice only, mostly with headphones, but The output represents to my bass amp really well, at least to my ear.

    The Sonic Port is much better than my iRig headphone jack interface, which I keep in my gig bag, and much much better than the iRig Stomp that I sold about 10 days after I bought it. I found the Stomp to have a pretty anemic, signal, but I digress...

    The Sonic Port is small and convenient. Really like that there are no batteries to keep up with. - I did withhold 1/2 star ont the Sonic Port because the 1/8" input defeats the 1/4" guitar input. Would have been nicer if the two jacks worked simultaneously. Not a huge problem, but I was hoping to practice along with an audio track, external drum machine, etc without having to also use a mixing board for the second input signal. Having said that, the remaining aspects of the Sonic Port are 100% right on.

    Also, and for whatever it's worth, I use the Sonic Port with Jam it Up Pro Interface Software on my ipad. Have used the Line 6 free software, Garage Band, Amplitube, Ampkit, and even Tone Stack. As a bass player, I think the Jam it up pro gives you a great set of effect options, a polished and put-together interface that is not overly complicated and is very stable. The Line 6 software isn't bad, and you can't argue with free, but I would have been disappointed if I had paid something for it. The others mentioned all have their plusses, and It probably just comes down to personal preference. Hope this helps. Good luck with your buying decision. In this price range, I don't think you can go wrong with the Sonic Port.

  • Chad McAlexander
    from Fort Wayne, IN June 10, 2014Music Background:
    Session musician, 20 years guitar, 35 years piano/keys

    Perfect Interface for Practice and Small Gigs

    Bought this to replace the older style iRig Guitar interface I had been using for some time with my older iPad 2. I love the multiple input and output options. It also fixed some trouble I was having output signal levels with Amplitube for Ipad. Using this primarily for practicing with others feeding my signal through a PA. It works great. I highly recommend it for anyone wanting to make use of a simple but robust guitar interface for their iPad.

  • DetroitBlues
    from North Detroit Metro January 27, 2014Music Background:
    Semi-Pro Musician

    Great Things come in Small Packages

    After using a few other iOS interfaces that were marginal, I wasn't sure what to expect from the Sonic Port. This was the first unit that did not use the headphone jack, but instead the data port on my iPad. To my surprise the setup couldn't be easier, the rig is simple to use, and the sound?... Excellent! After using the Sonic Port as a recording/practice tool, I went one step further and added the Tech 21 Power Engine to it. Now my iPad with the Sonic Port can be a rehearsal and gigging rig. I've been really pleased using it as an electric and acoustic/electric setup. The tone is fanstastic, the setup is simple, and this seems to be a very rugged tool. Its compact size allows me to toss it in guitar case and go. I'm looking forward to the long term use of the Sonic Port and hope to use it live soon. The only reason why I don't give this five stars is there is no way to charge iPad while using it.

  • Brad
    from Dallas, Tx October 29, 2013Music Background:
    Live sound, location audio, musician

    Best bang-for-your-buck iOS guitar interface

    I've checked out several iOS guitar interfaces lately, and given the quality and features for the price, the Sonic Port is the clear winner. I tried a few of the IK iRig devices as well as the Apogee Jam. The analog iRig devices (the ones that use the headphone jack of your iDevice) are noticeably more noisy than any of the devices with built-in conversion. The noise level isn't terrible. If you just need a device for practicing silently, then it's perfectly acceptable, but I found that the line-in interfaces just don't cut it for recording.

    After deciding I needed something with it's own converter, I spent some time with with the iRig HD, Apogee jam and the Sonic Port. First, let me say that they are all great devices that perform admirably. The "best" one depends on what you need out of an interface. About ninety percent of the time, I'm using the Sonic Port for silent practice or recording, but I also wanted something I could use with an amp. Being that the Sonic Port is the only iOS interface with its own converter that also outputs an instrument-level signal, it won big points with me from the start. It also accepts a line-level stereo signal via an 1/8" inch input and a dedicated headphone output. Add a battery-powered mic preamp and you have a solid location-recording rig.

    But, like is said, I'm mainly wanted a high-quality guitar input. The Line 6 works great for this. I love the flexibility of having an instrument-level output, and the input levels are loud and clean. The conversion on this thing is totally acceptable for pretty much everything short of studio recording, and it would probably work great for that too. (Although I still think you just can't beat the sound of a good mic in front of a good amp.)

    Listening to the iRig HD, Apogee Jam and the Sonic Port side-by-side, I couldn't noticed any difference in converter quality. I love Apogee products, and wouldn't be surprised if the Jam has a better converter than the iRig or Sonic Port, but you would have to have incredible ears and a perfectly-tuned listening environment to hear a difference. The iRig and the Jam do have a preamp built in to boost the signal of lower-output guitars. This would be a great feature to have on the Sonic Port, but all of my guitars have humbuckers, so it hasn't been an issue for me. This might be something to consider if you're a single coil guy or gal. Also, the Jam can be plugged into a regular USB port and used as an interface on a Mac. It's another one of those features that would be really nice to have, but isn't something I would use very frequently.

    The hardware itself seems pretty solid. Not as small as it's IK or Apogee counterparts, but still way too small to ever be considered inconvenient. It has just the right amount of heft to it and seems like it could take some abuse. Of course, you always just take proper care of your gear.

    As far as the software goes, sure, Mobile POD isn't great, but don't give the HARDWARE bad marks because you don't like the SOFTWARE. This interface works with any modeling software, and there are tons of great emulation apps out there, many of them free, so don't slam this device just because you didn't like the FREE app that comes with it. You have choices, people!

    All in all, the Sonic Port is an incredible, super-flexible device. I gave it 4.5 stars because the Jam and iRig HD have a leg up on it with the preamp, and I would love the option of being able to plug it in directly to a Mac. If Line 6 includes these features in a future model, I'll buy it all over again.

  • Joe Pompeo
    from Charlotte NC August 15, 2013Music Background:
    45 years as a total guitar geek

    Sonic Port

    I really like this little box. My main use is for rehearsals when I don't want to load my whole rig. Just plug this to my iPad, then the board and I am ready to go. Easy to navigate, edit and store patches. Sound quality is great. I could see using this on a gig. My only complaint is the effects selection. There are no overdrive, distortion or fuzz pedals available. While there are some great effects that can be added or taken out of the chain, and there are some great distorted amps to choose from,you can only control the gain from the amp panel. So if you are using this on a song that requires clean and dirty, you need to program two seperate patches rather than just toggle the distortion on or off. However, it is easy to edit and save the patches so switching between settings is just a quick tap of the screen. As always, Line 6 totally rocks, get one!

  • Michael J. Musto
    from Boston.MA/Southern NH August 15, 2013Music Background:
    Pro musician Home recording Engineer

    line 6 sonic port review

    Sounds great I like it for on the go and for a scratch pad you can also use it in your chain for your live rig or in your recording host and you can search the web for tones. However it can not be charged as you use it and there is no mention that you have to use Audio bus to connect to an Audio core host on your IOS device on you tube reviews. Over all it is very nice and has lots of options but we can't have our battery go dead if you are playing live to bad for that but a very nice sounding piece of gear for your tool kit. And Sweetwater is very helpful and has a wide variety of product.

  • Allen
    from Dallas, TX July 4, 2013Music Background:

    Great Hardware for any iOS Guitar Amp Software

    The Line6 Pod software is only okay, but this interface will work with them all - Amplitube, JamUp Pro, Garage Band, etc.

    It is better then any of the devices that plug into the headphone/mic jack. It comes with cables for the old 30 pin and new Lighting connections.

    It has other inputs and outputs, and seems to be built like a tank.

    I think this is the best of the small guitar oriented interfaces, so far.

  • David Blake
    from Copen, Wv USA January 21, 2014Music Background:

    Sonic Port

    Works great with every music app I have.

  • Mark
    from USA July 23, 2013Music Background:
    Part -time musician

    Beware iPad4 users !!!

    Overall very satisfied.
    Compact and perfect for person like me who is one-man band.

    I tested it for ipad 1, iPadMini, iPhone 5. No problem.
    Tones are acceptable for my standard.

    Big disappointment against iPad4. App crashes very often. Maybe in 5 minutes if you tap here and there.

    Just relaunch app and re connect to Sonic port will fix this but this could happen in the middle of playing.
    You are in a deep shit, then.

    So.. if you only have iPad4, do not buy this until they claim it was fixed.
    For iPhone, the viewer is too small so I won't recommend in the live situation.

  • Customer
    from March 29, 2015

    No power option

    Works well, but use time is limited to the battery charge in your iOS device. And it draws a LOT of power quickly. Not practical for long term use.

  • Customer
    from Grand Rapids, MI USA June 11, 2013

    high marks for the interface, but...

    I like the interface a lot. Rock solid connection to the ipad (2), and a nice solid connection to the guitar and to the board. My issue is with the Mobile Pod software for the iPad. HUGE disappointment. There are two choruses, two flangers and NO OVERDRIVES! huh??? Why would i possibly need a volume pedal (seriously, it's there) on an iPad app, and NOT an overdrive? It is also about impossible to control the harsh clipping.
    So, i will hold on to it, and hope Line 6 wakes up regarding the software... With good software, this would be a HOME RUN. As is... ground rule double.

  • Doug
    from August 2, 2013

    Would not recommend

    Was looking for something to use in conjunction w/ my iPad for travel and practice. Particularly wanted to play with songs in my music library. In all, the sonic port itself is great, but the mobile pod app needs a lot of work! So in levels change from song to song, and the lack of controls makes it difficult to get the song/guitar levels just right. Also, link to the music library is HORRIBLE - must deselect the artist, album, etc each time you want to move to the next song. Returned it and bought the iRig HD, which is way better!

  • Bernie C
    from Franklin, TN September 25, 2013Music Background:
    guitarist, singer/songwriter, producer

    Not what I was expecting

    To be honest, I'll start by saying that I returned this item. Not to say it didn't sound good. I've owned a couple of Line 6 Pods for years and it certainly sounds comparable to those. But I was disappointed at the stereo line in port. I was under the impression that this would allow you to feed a music source in so you could play along. But when you plug in an outside source it actually mutes the guitar in. It's an either or thing. Why you would want to plug a stereo guitar in is sort of beyond my needs. I think Line 6 missed the mark on this. I line in for an external source would have been much more useful for me. I will say that Sweetwater was great about taking it back. Thank you!

  • Shannon L
    from Las Vegas, NV June 22, 2013Music Background:
    Pro guitarist

    Solid chassis. Weak tone.

    Hoped that the tone improved over previous Line 6 interfaces but doesnt sound better to me. Some effects are passable but the amp modeling sounds like very old POD. Thin, weak dynamics. At least the construction is solid.

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